The 12 Best Luxury Resorts in Jamaica to Check out in 2023

I have traveled all around the island and seen almost all the hotels and this is my selection of the 12 best luxury resorts in Jamaica. If you are ready to splurge in the best luxury experience you have ever had, read on.

With a rich history, tropical forests, white-sand beaches lined with tall palm trees, delicious food, and world-class restaurants, there are many reasons why you should visit Jamaica.

And if you do, you should plan to splurge on one of the gorgeous resorts and boutique hotels located in the most spectacular areas around the island.

In this post, I will help you choose among the best luxury resorts.

But first thing first, I guess you are wondering how I can possibly know all the hotels in Jamaica.

Let me explain. Before starting this full-time traveling and blogging adventure, I was working as a hotel contracting manager for an international travel wholesaler.

Part of my job was to travel to these beautiful destinations in the Caribbean Islands and visit every single hotel from the budget one to the top luxury property.

I loved every bit of it. And now I am happy to share what I have learned.

Ready now? here I am honored to present to you the best luxury resorts in Jamaica by destination. If you are planning a trip to Jamaica you should bookmark my complete guide to Jamaica and the top things to do.

The top Luxury hotel in Negril, Jamaica

1. The Caves

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A romantic dinner at The Caves – photo © Expedia

This amazing all-inclusive boutique hotel belongs to the group of luxury hotels “Island outpost” created by Chris Blackwell, the famous former record producer known for forging the career of Bob Marley and bringing Reggae music to the world. (You might want to read this interesting article he just wrote about its successful story

Well, he is a visionary and not only for the music world but also in tourism.

He created three amazing luxury properties, all of them in Jamaica and all of them differently classy, sophisticated, and elegant. I will present them to you in their respective location.

The Caves is located in Negril, in the hip zone of the west end, on the cliff, overlooking the intense blue water of the Caribbean sea and the most beautiful sunsets ever.

The hotel boasts private cozy cottages, all of the different shapes, locations, and decorations, with incredible ocean views.

A fine restaurant within the premises offers full board services, access to the water, and a pool for the less adventurous.

A luxury experience in privacy and relaxation is totally granted.

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2. Tensing Pen

Tensing Pen hotel
Tensing Pen – photo © Expedia 

We are still on the cliff here, with this cute little property with only 9 cottages, scattered around the lush garden as you can see in this aerial stunning picture. 

This is not all-inclusive, which leaves you free to try different other restaurants outside the property although the 2 options you have at Tensing Pen will definitely exceed your expectations.

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3. Idle Awhile Cliff

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Idle Awhile – view from a suite – photo © Expedia

Located at the very end of the West End cliff of Negril, this colonial-style stunning property is your perfect Caribbean home nestled in tropical vegetation with stunning views of the ocean and unforgettable sunsets.

The beauty of the interior merges local design pieces, such as bamboo furniture, with modern comfort and elegance. You can choose between villas or suites.

All of them will guarantee peace tranquillity and privacy.

It belongs to the same owners as the Couples Negril, and Couples Swept Away but this one is not an all-inclusive property, and it’s smaller and more intimate.

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4. Couples Swept Away

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Couples Swept Away evening view – photo © Expedia

Although I am not a fan of ALL inclusive resorts, I have to say that Couples Swept Away has to my heart.

I love this all about Couples Swept Away, the location, and its superb fitness center, the lush vegetation surrounding it, its delicate and diverse cuisine, and the style of the rooms.

Everything is looked after in minimal detail.  I used to spend my free afternoons, training at the gym and playing squash.

It’s, in fact, open to external clients but there are always few people.

Despite the beautiful and fully equipped gym immerse in a lush tropical garden, everybody prefers to spend time on the amazing huge equipped beach or float on the comfortable mattresses on the water.

How can you blame them? Couples Swept Away is in fact located in one of the best stretches of beach of the seven miles beach.

For the fitness lover, the resort offers a variety of activities from yoga, pilates,  tennis lessons, and so forth, besides an array of water sports, including scuba diving, which is included in the rates.

The spa also is one of the best in Negril. The rooms are grouped in different blocks of villas scattered around thick and lush tropical vegetation.

The restaurants offer a variety of meals from healthy to “differently” healthy. Once you enter Swept Away, you will never want to go out. It’s a luxury experience tout court. 

The hotel is only for couples and doesn’t accept kids below 18. For singles, you need to make a specific request to the hotel.  

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5. Idle Awhile Beach Hotel

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Idle Awhile Beach Hotel – photo © Expedia

The sister property of the Idle Awhile cliff property, but this time you are on the beach. The concept is the same, the beautiful bamboo furniture and the pastel colors evoke the beautiful garden surrounding you.

You will love these places and will feel at home. Located on the popular 7 miles beach you can enjoy morning walks and you can try different restaurants on the beach beside the fancy one on the property.

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The top luxury hotels in Montego Bay

6. Round Hill Hotel and Villas

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Round Hill from above – photo © Expedia

This iconic hotel is actually comprised of guest rooms and villas, scattered around the huge park which includes also tennis courts and a golf club.

Besides the luxury experience, you will be brought back in history as the 100-acre peninsula was part of Lord Monson’s Round Hill Estate – a sugarcane plantation that later grew coconuts and pimento (allspice) and ultimately pineapples whose fruit became the logo of the exclusive resort.

Round Hill was conceived by Jamaica-born entrepreneur John Pringle, whose vision was to take the ’boutique’ concept both onto another level and so he did, indeed.

The property is considered one of the most elegant and exclusive resorts in the Caribbean, welcoming you with exquisite Jamaican hospitality, award-winning seaside dining, an exceptional spa, and a private beach. 

The luxury experience is an understatement here.

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7. Half Moon Hotel

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One of the beautiful rooms at Half Moon – photo © Expedia 

Another icon of Jamaican hospitality history is the luxury hotel Half Moon beach, located just outside the city of  Montego Bay on the way to Ocho Rios, it is a destination in itself with its 400 acres of extension along 2 miles of beach and stunning gardens.

The resort includes 197 rooms and suites and 31 luxury villas some with private pools,  an award-winning spa, and an internationally known 18 holes golf course.

But it is not it. An equestrian center with 28 horses to offer horseback riding to the guests but also to host the private horses of the homeowners.

And a dolphin center, where dolphins are free to go in and out of the natural swimming pool. Tennis courts, jogging trails, well-equipped gym and yoga classes; and finally the so popular restaurant Sugar Mill probably complete the picture.

Bicycles are available to stroll around the property and feel at home. The numerous restaurants offer a sufficient variety of meals to keep your palate satisfied all through your stay.

Despite the busy activity option you can also enjoy the tranquillity of the resorts and the numerous private areas and forget about everything else.

You can get more detailed information and check out rates and availability here.

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Ocho Rios

8. Goldeneye Hotel

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Goldeneye – view from the patio of a beach front room – photo © Expedia

Useless to say this is another favorite of mine but as you might have noticed they are all my favorites. 🙂

You are probably familiar with the name of this resort for being one of the 007 series of movies and in fact, this is where Ian Fleming had his house built from where he wrote his world-famous James Bonds novels.

You can also book to stay in the house as it is for rent but very much in demand. The hotel luxury cottages are built all throughout the expansive property some on the beachside others in the garden or you can choose the lagoon villas with a fascinating unique atmosphere.

You are assured that your tranquillity and privacy won’t be interrupted.

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9. Jamaica Inn

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Jamaica inn – view from a room – photo © Expedia

The beautiful colonial-style luxury rooms and their stunning location, are scattered around an immaculate garden or right on the water. 

The friendly staff, who will make you feel like you are home, and the exceptional dining, will make you want to go back every year, as 80 % of the guests do.

The Spa is another important landmark of the unique identity of the historical Jamaica Inn.  There is something magical about this hotel and you will tell me what it is after you have stayed there.

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10. Couples Sans Souci

Best hotels
A room at Couple San Souci – photo © Expedia

The sister property of Couples Swept Away in Negril, Couple Sans Souci is another landmark in Jamaica, one of the oldest hotels in Ocho Rios, known as the “Jewel of Jamaica”

The hotel blends old-world charm with modern style. One of the things I love the most here is the natural mineral grotto, a mineral spring pool, and one of the spa cabins in a tower on the water.

Of course, you can count on the kindness of the staff and their genuine Jamaican-style hospitality. You will love this top all-inclusive luxury property. (Couples and adults only) 

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Luxury hotels in Kingston, Jamaica

11. Strawberry Hill

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View from the infinity pool at Strawberry Hill

If you are in the area it is a must to go and enjoy at least a cup of tea and the famous cheesecake while enjoying the beautiful view.

Even better if you can stay there for a couple of nights after hiking over Blue mountain peak. That would be my ideal vacation. This is the best you can have in Jamaica for me.

Oh! I have already said that. I know !! But Strawberry Hill is a unique place and its glorious past resonates in the wooden walls of the newly restored buildings that Mr. Blackwell has rebuilt after hurricane Gilbert’s devastation in 1988.

In the 70s Bob Marley used to come here to revitalize and relax, and so many other artists appreciated its location, thinkers, and doers, continue to return to Strawberry Hill, time and time again, for revitalization and renewal.

When you go you will understand why. The iconic hotel sits on the hills of the blue mountains overlooking the city of Kingston glancing at the blue bay during the day and watching the sparkling city lights at night.

While enjoying silence and tranquillity, resting in the beautiful colonial rooms where the spirit of the past meets modern luxury and elegance is a unique experience.

Strawberry Hill is the exact definition of a luxury experience for me!  You can read more of its fascinating history here.

Treasure Beach

12. Jakes

luxury experience
Jakes – view from the rooftop of a cottage – photo © Expedia 

This cute little jewel is located in one of the less beaten parts of Jamaica and yet the most interesting. The south coast is about to boom so hurry up and check it out before it happens so you can enjoy its peace and tranquillity.

There are many cute little places but Jakes beat them all and if you want even more privacy you can rent one of their marvelous villas. 

This place is really unique in its genre.  From the location to the colored furniture and service, it is pure magic.

Especially I loved the honeymoon suite, a little isolated with the rooftop terrace as you can see in the picture,  heaven on earth.

The food is delicious too and the spa will take you to the moon. They also have a yoga pavilion where they offer yoga classes in the mornings and evenings.

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Port Antonio

13. GeeJam

luxry experience
GeeJam – -the view from a room – photo © Expedia

Talking about iconic places, this is another precious property that couldn’t miss from the list. More than a luxury hotel, it is a luxury retreat that was built first of all as a recording studio.

The rooms were built to have the singing stars stay directly in the resort close to the recording spaces. So everything had been built with this purpose in mind, even the glamour, the peace, and tranquillity.

The restaurant is popular for its delicate and healthy dishes based on both Jamaican and Asian cuisine and the stunning view which will inspire you to write your next song.

Of course, an exclusive spa for massages, facials, and aromatherapy treatments is in the peaceful lush premises and a fitness center.

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So, which one will you pick? Please let me know your favorite hotel in the comments below!

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