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About Boundless Roads

This blog is the result of a long-lasting evolution and revolution that hasn’t ended yet and I believe it never will.

During our journey on this world, we strive, we learn and we make mistakes, and change is inevitable and, I believe necessary.

When I started this adventure I had a totally different mindset, the one of a 16 year old ready to conquer the world. Too bad I was already 45 and now, after 3 years on the road I realize how little I knew about myself. I was ready to sleep in a tent or, even worse, in a dorm room with other 10 people around me. Or to do volunteer work and give my time in exchange for a meal and a bed.

Fast forward 2 years I realized how different I am and how that stuff is not of my interest anymore at least at this stage of my life.

I wanted to climb all the mountain of South America and I just realize how hard it is for me to walk in the altitude so much that I cannot keep up with the group, so I have to take a private guide and other similar situations that you will find along with the stories in this blog.

So, now that I have made up my mind and have a clear picture of who I am and where I want to be, I can tell you what my blog is and will be about and to whom it is addressed.

I realized backpacking is not my style, but if you are looking for adventure, this is definitely your place. 

I am writing about travel, of course, but from the perspective of a clumsy, and yet well-traveled 46 years old, who is still finding her way home but never gives up on becoming who she is.

The majority of my posts come in the form of guides because I really want to help you craft your own itineraries. However, you will find a lot of personal note and comments which are meant to keep you entertained.

And if I can be a kind of inspiration, well that means that I reach my ultimate goal. So if you let me know I will be grateful forever.

Enjoy the reading and enjoy your own journey!

“Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities.” Tim Fargo


I write but I am not a ‘writer’, I take pictures but I am not a photographer.

I am not sure who or what determines when you have crossed the line between somebody who scribbles to a professional writer or the same for photography.

Sure is I will never declare myself such until somebody else with authority does it. Probably it will never happen but this is not my main concern.

I believe it suffices to know now that I pour my heart and soul into what I do and, most important, whatever you read and see, comes straight from my hand and when I hire collaborators, their names will appear as the authors.  

My drive and purpose are to communicate about the places I see and the emotions they stir within me.

The content of this blog will reflect who I am and what I do, a woman in her 40s that decided to live her life the way she wanted, embracing her ups and downs, her struggle and her joy, her fear of death, and love for life. 

My aim is to give information about hotels, destinations, things to do, and what to see, with a focus on responsible travel, adventure, culture.

And a special section is dedicated to vegan cuisine.

However, being a personal journey you will see a lot of me in the articles and some of them are mere observations on life and thoughts on this journey of ours.

What you won’t see here is an invitation to experience man-made-money-making attractions that are exploiting nature and people just for the sake of money ( like swim with the dolphin experiences for example).  I will also provide you with insights as to what I believe to be the best luxury boutique hotels, or if not luxury, very special, always based on my experience and taste.

As you will see  I am particularly fond of luxury hotels and resorts, I appreciate the architecture, the attention to details, the exclusive attentive service, and the fabulous, unforgettable experience they provide. And you will see a lot of that if you stick around.

But I will also talk about affordable and cozy accommodations and I will provide links where you can directly book your stay with just a click. Or you could ask for a personalized tailored itinerary. I will be happy to send you a quote.  

When I want to talk about something that I haven’t been yet, I will call out for help and bring in some other travel writer that are experts of the area.

Sunset @treasure beach  – Jamaica – South Coast


I am not a native English speaker, and yet I chose to write in English instead of my original language for many reasons.

First of all, I absolutely love the language and the figures of speech available;  secondly, the majority of my friends and my potential audience are English-speaking, and the rest can at least understand some of it; and finally, I will be excused more easily if I make any mistakes.:)

The posts are not proofread by an English native speaker for the sake of authenticity and budget, honestly.

However, I will do my best to make it simple and smooth with little to none spelling and grammar errors.

Random notes

What you will read here is only my point of view, I don’t expect to dictate and impose my perception of things, but simply to show you my vision.

In the itineraries, what to see and what to do sections, I will only make suggestions according to my personal criteria and preferences, but I am sure that after a couple of articles you will be able to tell if you can relate to that or not. If there is any specific information related to a destination (covered in the blog) that you feel I have omitted, please do not hesitate to ask; even if I don’t know, I might be able to find out for you, or steer you to the correct source, and it will be a pleasure for me to help. On the other hand, if I have been imprecise on any information please let me know. I can make mistakes and I will be happy to stand corrected.

When I write a review about a place, hotel or tour company, it is not because I get sponsored to do so. It is just because I truly love the place or the organization, and if there is anything I don’t particularly like, I rather not to talk about it. I strive to be trustworthy, and therefore wish the overwhelming themes of this blog to be: objectiveness, authenticity, and clarity.

The hotels are linked to Booking.com page (or probably other affiliation sites) for your comfort so that you are directly connected to the reservation page and I will receive a small commission, which is not added to your cost, but deducted from the hotel price. In this way I can make this page sustainable and I will be able to support my investigations on hotels and places of interests and bring to you more and more information.

If you are not comfortable with an online reservation you can contact me and I will be able to assist you personally with your reservation, for a small fee.

Also, the books and audiobooks I suggest are linked to the Amazon page through affiliation and I will get a very small fee when you purchase through my link but your cost stays the same.  I really appreciate if you use it; it won’t cost you a penny and it will be beneficial to me and this page.

The pictures are most of all mine and when it is not the case, I would mention the source.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at allProverb


Who’s behind the scene

I am Isabella, Italian by birth, Caribbean in my heart, a nomad by nature.

I had a late wake-up call on that, but I  have still managed to travel to many beautiful places, as I was ‘’lucky’’ enough to make the right decision at the right time, and consequently set serendipity into action. 

Since when  I have decided to leave my home country, I have been living (and working as a tourist assistant) in different countries: Mexico, Egypt, Jamaica, Seychelles, Antigua, Greece, Antigua (again) and then Mexico again…

Cancun, to be precise, which has been my sweet home for more than 7 years where I have been happily working in a travel company. I reckon I had an amazing job that took me to my office from 8 to 7, and very often around the Caribbean, too. In my leisure time I am reading, writing, editing my pictures and working on my blog, exploring the surrounding area, full of incredible secret spots which I want to bring to you.  

me with my huge backpack. I will never learn.

Also, I  love hiking,  although my body suffers when I do it,  there is something about it that makes me keep going, a fact you will see in my blog posts. The same works for running with which I have a love and hate relationship but as love is always the answer, well… I am still running. 

A couple of my favorite writers say that we have to live the moment, the here and now, I have decided that  I am very happy with my life as it is! Everybody should be happy with their lives or… change it, we are not trees, are we!?

That’s the most important value I live by. In fact, I started not to be happy with my work and to miss freedom. Therefore, after pondering over it for some times I decided to leave my awesome job and set of for an adventure.

If you want to know more you can read this post.

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, and leading to the most amazing view… where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder thank your deepest dreams waits for you.”Edward Abbey

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