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Who’s behind the scene

hello traveler!
welcome to my journey!

It is an honour and pleasure to have you here!

This is Isabella, the one in the pictures here on your right. Italian by birth, adopted by the Caribbean but always a nomad.

I have been travelling for the past 15 years for work.

One year ago I have decided to leave my awesome corporate job and live my dream of a vagabondic and adventurous life, travelling as much as I can, at a slow pace. This blog was born to inspire you to travel fearlessly wherever you want and to help you build your adventurous trip, choose the best hotels and live your experience to the fullest. I will talk about my journey thorugh the Caribbean Mexico and Latin America.

Thanks for sticking around!

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I am beyond excited for this  opportunity to share my best  pictures with you. Here on the left a slide shows with some of them, but there are many many more and I will keep adding my best photos. You can click on the button below to browse through the catalogue and choose your favourite. I look forward to seeing you there 🙂 . 



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A modest guide on how to stay healthy and have a veggie based diet while you are travelling around the world!