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Top 13 Antigua All-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels: an honest review

If you are looking for Antigua all-inclusive vacations, here you will find my honest review of the best Antigua all-inclusive resorts and gorgeous self-catering properties

And if you are wondering, yes I have seen them all as it was my job when I was living in Antigua a few years ago. So my review is completely legit and most of all honest.

Antigua is considered one of the top Caribbean’s favorite destinations for honeymooners and couples drawn by the elegant romantic resorts, secluded beaches, and the exquisite Creole cuisine.

In fact, Antigua all-inclusive hotels are way above the usual all-inclusive standard and definitely ahead of the game, all of them competing to deliver the most incredible guest experience.

It’s really difficult to determine which one is best. However in this guide I am going to explain as clear as I can, what each hotel has to offer.

When I was living in Antigua I was working as a tour rep, looking after my Italian guests that were staying in different properties.

Therefore I had the fortune and the privilege to visit and inspect almost all of the hotels in Antigua.

In this post, I am sharing all I know about Antigua All-inclusive resorts and small hotels with the hope to provide a useful guide for your next stay.

As usual, should you have any questions, feel free to send me a message in the comments below.

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Antigua is open to tourism but there are some rules to follow.

“All arriving passengers by air must have a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR (real time polymerase chain reaction) test for SARS-CoV-2 using a nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swab taken within seven days of their flight. (This includes transiting passengers). Children below the age of 12 years, entering Antigua, DO NOT REQUIRE a COVID -19 RT-PCR test.

Passengers who knowingly present false declarations of Covid-19 certificates on arrival will be fined according to the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

Visitors may be required to undergo testing for COVID-19 on arrival or at the hotel or place of lodging as determined by the Health Authorities.

Passengers arriving by sea (private yachts/Ferry Services) are subject to quarantine according to guidelines issued by Port Health.

The wearing of face masks in public spaces is mandatory throughout Antigua and Barbuda and social/physical distancing protocols must be adhered to. Therefore, all passengers arriving in Antigua and Barbuda must wear a face mask on disembarkation, while on the airport compound and in all public places.”

Read more and updated information from the Tourism Authority site.

Also, keep in mind that some of the hotels are requesting proof of vaccination. So if you don’t have one make sure you check with the hotel before booking.




Hermitage bay hotel view from the plunge pool
Pool Suite @ Hermitage Bay – Photo courtesy of Hermitage Bay

Hermitage Bay  (photo in the header) is the perfect place for a romantic escape.

Among all the luxury resorts in Antigua, Hermitage Bay is definitely one of my favorite.

It’s built in a secluded bay just behind Jolly Harbour Marina.

With a total of 30 suites, 17 of which are located on the hillside, nestled in lush vegetation with spectacular views over the turquoise bay and 13 are situated on the beach, closer to the main area and the water, but still guaranteeing the much-needed privacy.

The main element is wood, brought from a sustainably managed forest in Guyana and bestowing a natural luxury feeling throughout the property.

The spacious suites present a simple and yet sophisticated decor with pristine white linen contrasting the dark wooden floor, the finest amenities and, a plunge pool right on the terrace overlooking the bay.

Oh Gosh! While writing this piece, I just picture myself in that pool sipping champagne (well I would prefer a natural fruit juice, but that wouldn’t sound that fancy) while looking at the gorgeous bay.

Oh, I was about to forget, the dining experience is also one of a kind, with a rich menu that blends international flavors with the tasty Creole cuisine using most of the time the local vegetables grown in the property. Veggie friendly and gluten-free options are also available.

Hermitage bay believes in the importance of a natural healthy environment and has a heartfelt concern for the well being of staff and guests alike and you can even feel the positive vibes running throughout the property.

Hermitage bay hotel overview panoramic
Sunrise at Hermitage Bay – Photo courtesy Hermitage bay  

Healing and restoration therapies are promoted by the luxurious organic treatments of the Garden Spa, certainly enhanced by the natural beauty of the surroundings.

This is really a dream place for me and I really look forward to spending a few days there, one day soon.

Additional information

  • Adult only property
  • All-inclusive
  • Watersport, private candlelight dinners, tours, and airport transfers can be organized by Hermitage bay.

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Carlisle bay hotel room
Beach suite – Photo courtesy of Carlisle Bay

Among Antigua luxury Resorts, If Hermitage Bay is the perfect romantic hotel, Carlisle Bay is the ideal high-end option for a perfect family vacation.

I had the privilege to spend a couple of nights at Carlisle Bay and I appreciated the elegant look of the pastel tones and the modern feel of the spacious room, decorated with the finest features and amenities.

The long stretch of beach and the shallow waters of the sea is perfect for kids to swim in tranquillity, and adult as well.

The dining experience offered by the four restaurants offers top-notch options among local and international cuisine.

The healing center,  located in a tranquil space nestled in the beautiful garden, comprises of a Spa, for soothing massage therapies, a Yoga pavilion for private or group yoga session and a fully equipped gym, for a complete rejuvenation program, as desired.

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Carlisle bay overview aerial
Carlisle Bay Aerial View © Carlisle Bay


Located on a private island at 15-minute rides from the Antiguan coast, this spectacular luxury property includes 30 suites scattered around a manicured garden on a 300 acres land. The guests can enjoy top-notch dining in the 3 international restaurants, sweeping with sand beaches suitable for kids and adults alike and a wide range of watersport activities.

The hotel prides itself for providing exceptional personalized service for its guests that get to be pampered from the very first minute they arrive at the airport until they leave.

I have to say though, that when I visited Jumby bay it was run by Rosewood Resorts, a family owned hotel group that is a guarantee of great service and charm, but they have recently changed management and although I would want to think that they have maintained the high standard, I cannot guarantee that, as I don’t know anything about this new company.

If you go, please let me know 🙂 I really hope they are up to the standards because  Jumby bay was really a gem. They also have private villas with butler services if you feel like splurging, that’s the perfect place.

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Curtain bluff beach

Curtain Bluff prides itself on being one of the few 100% all-inclusive in the world, with exceptional service, top-notch cuisine, and a wide array of activities, such as diving, tennis, and much more that are completely free for their guests.  They are so much pampered that they cannot help but return every year.

To add up to the magic, Curtain Bluff is also blessed with a strategic location. The exquisite Caribbean-styled suites are in fact located along a bluff towering over the blue Caribbean sea and facing on both sides amazing views of the sea and pristine beaches.

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Sandals Grande Antigua overview
Photo courtesy of Sandals Grande Antigua

I have to make a preliminary remark here. Sandals Grande Antigua is the least of my favorite hotels in Antigua. I am mentioning it here because one of my lovely readers was wondering why it was not included in my list since it has such an amazing beach. You can read my reply in the comments below but I also wanted to give it justice. Sandals hotels in general are not hotels where I would spend a vacation. They are too big, too crowded, and too standardized, and it’s way far from my idea of luxury.

There, I said it. But you should know that I have worked at Sandals Grande Antigua for 9 months as Director of Guests’ services and although it was a great experience, Sandals is just not my place. I would much rather stay in more intimate boutique hotels, such as Hermitage Bay or Cocobay, to name a few, which I find much more elegant and exclusive with personalized world-class service.

And if you are wondering about the beach. Yes, Sandals beach is unarguably amazing, but it’s not difficult to find a great beach in Antigua, including, but not limited to, the beaches of the above-mentioned hotels.

If you like these kind of hotels, by all means go for it. Sandals is a great hotel overall, food is great and service too, just not my gem. 😉

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The Inn hotel room
The Inn Suite – Photo Courtesy The Inn

Proud Member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World brand, The Inn at English Harbour is a real gem, and quite unique in Antigua.

The elegant colonial style harmoniously blends with a modern luxury feel and makes it an exquisite hideaway for a romantic escape or a rejuvenating vacation in bliss and tranquillity.

From the restaurant terrace, you can admire the spectacular views over the pristine private beach and the manicured gardens, while enjoying a top class dining experience.

The beach bar and restaurant offer great lunch options and generous breakfasts, while a variety of external excursions are offered to complement the tranquillity experienced in the property.

The lovely spacious suites scattered around the beautiful property are attentively decorated with original pieces of art, brought from all over the world by the owners, and furnished with the finest linen and top quality amenities.

Also, privacy and tranquillity are guaranteed

Other Services:

Tennis courts
Water shuttle to English Harbor
Swimming pool
Fitness Centre
Concierge Service

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Keyonna Beach is a relatively new luxury boutique hotel right on Turner Beach which is one of the best beaches in Antigua. An all-inclusive adult-only property is the best luxury getaway for a couple searching for an intimate and high-end getaway on the beach. Unfortunately, they don’t accept single travelers or groups. Just couple. Oh well!

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Galley Bay overview of the room and the beach

Galley Bay is another one on my list of favorite hotels in Antigua. I was debating whether I should have actually moved it among the top luxury hotels, but I chose this category instead because it’s a little less pretentious than the above-mentioned luxury resorts.

It’s an adult only all inclusive with a spectacular almost private beach, only shared with a beautiful house on the cliffs at the end of the beach, owned by the Italian stylist Giorgio Armani.

The hotel boasts extraordinary service and a top-notch dining experience. The comfortable rooms are nicely decorated with a Caribbean feel and you can choose among different categories and locations. 

A lovely beachfront yoga pavilion and boardwalk have been recently added always with the final purpose to enhance the guest experience.

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Cocobay hotel view from the pool

Small and cozy, this cute property offers the best value for money all-inclusive on the island.  Chic but not pretentious. When I was there the food was not what they were shining for, but the location, on a bluff with spectacular views and the cozy rooms definitely make up for it. Its beach, close to Fryes bay is also amazing. While I was away the hotel has been refurbished and upscaled to make it even more beautiful. Definitely, still, the best value for money, especially if you are not fond of too sophisticated an environment. This is the laid-back luxury that we love.

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The veranda beach hotel- beach aerial view
Photo courtesy of Elite Island Resorts – The Verandah beach

The Verandah hotel belongs to the Elite islands Resorts group which owns Galley bay and other hotels in Antigua and other Caribbean islands. The hotel is especially suited for families and it actually has a great kids program. 2 semi-private beaches with watersport activities are great for kids to swim for their shallow waters. The hotel is located just at a few steps from Long bay beach, which is one of the best beaches in Antigua

What guests appreciate the most about this resort is the exquisite dining experience and the exceptional service.

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Hotel aerial view of the beach and rooms
Photo courtesy of Elite Island Resorts

This cute hotel has recently undergone a full facelift after being acquired by the Hotel group Elegant Resorts. I haven’t visited the hotel after the remake, but I noticed from the pictures that rooms have had a nice revamping and it’s not a family hotel anymore, but for adults only. The pool also has been redone, however, this is not really a concern when you are on one of the best beaches of Antigua, Long bay beach.

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JOLLY BEACH (not taking reservation at the moment)

Jolly beach overview

Among Antigua all-inclusive family resorts Jolly Beach is definitely the most affordable, on one of the best beaches in Antigua.

It’s located right at the back of one of the Marinas, lined with a nice boardwalk and nice restaurants. 

You don’t need to have any expectations on the hotel, though, as the property it’s pretty basic.

The kindness of the staff and the beach will make it up for the old and tired structure that definitely needs a facelift.

I lived at Jolly Beach for one year and I loved it but understand also the disappointment of an unwary tourist with too high expectations.

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HALCYON COVE (closed at the moment)

It’s Hawksbill sister property but it was closed and very run down when I was there so I couldn’t see the refurbishing works’ results and tell you my opinion. However, I will live you with a link to other guests’ reviews for your convenience.

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Hotel aerial view of the bay and lush vegetation of a hotel
Photo courtesy of The inn @ English Harbor – aerial view  



Besides the above-mentioned hotels, you can find this cute little property with lovely self-catering apartments, with a fully equipped kitchen and 1 or 2 bedrooms.

The units are nicely decorated and face a beautiful garden, a nice pool, and with a spectacular beach at a few steps.

The place is run by a good friend of mine, Simonetta, who looks after her guests with attentive genuine care.

Check rates & availability: | VRBO |
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Located right in the Marina, this modern hotel offers spacious rooms nicely furnished and decorated with great views over the harbor.

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I have to say this hotel was built after I left the island but I have heard from local friends that’s a really good stylish and elegant property. Located right on the marina but further uphill, in a tranquil area.

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Saturday 7th of August 2021

You did not mention the all inclusive resort, St. James Club. Can you tell me anything about that resort and how it compares to Pineapple Beach Resort?


Sunday 8th of August 2021

Hello Jayme, thanks for writing in. Both resorts belong to the same company Elite Island Resorts, which is a guarantee of exceptional service. Both resorts that you mentioned have quite the same standard which I would call "laid-back luxury". The main differences between them lay in the fact that Pineapple is a couple-only resort, while St. James Club cater also for families and solo travelers. The second big difference is location. Pineapple is located on one of the most popular beaches in Antigua, the Long bay beach, also great for snorkeling and open to the public. In fact, it gets busy on the weekends. However keep in mind that it's a very long beach so normally external tourists don't stay in front of the resort, even if they could because in Antigua all beaches are public. St. James' Club is located in a more secluded area, and, if I remember well, in order to have access to their beaches you have to pass through the resort, which means that both beaches are basically "private" in a way. For other differences in layout and decor, I would suggest you check out both hotel pages to have a better idea as they have great realistic pictures! And yes, the color of the sea is exactly how you see it in pictures. Oh my! I miss Antigua! :) All in all, wherever you decide to stay you are going to have a blast! Please let me know how you loved Antigua! :) Happy travels!


Sunday 27th of June 2021

You are being paid promo fees to name these places and receive money from them This is not an independent review !!


Sunday 27th of June 2021

Hello Li, thank you for bringing this up. As clearly stated on top of the post, I receive a small commission from and at no cost for you. I don't get paid by the resorts themselves because I like to be free from any biases. So my reviews about each resort are indeed genuine and state exactly what I think of them, with no pressure from anyone. In fact, if you read the entire post I speak about my favorite ones, and I clearly state when I don't like a particular resort and explain my reasons. I hope this clarifies. Enjoy Antigua!

Lily Taverna

Sunday 13th of June 2021

Hello Isabella

I am curious, given the popularity of Sandals Grande Antigua, why it was not mentioned at all. I have been told the beach is gorgeous. The beach is extremely important to us.


Monday 14th of June 2021

Hello Lily, thanks for writing in, and for the great question. Ironically enough, I have worked at Sandals Grande Antigua for 9 months as Director of guests' services and although it was a great experience, Sandals is not the kind of hotel where I would go on vacation, too big and crowded. I prefer 10 thousand-fold smaller and more intimate boutique hotels, such as Hermitage Bay or Cocobay, to name a few. There you get the essence of Antigua. At Sandals, you could be anywhere. That's why I didn't mention it in my list of favorite hotels in Antigua because it's not. But now that you mention it, I will add it to the list, with my honest review. The beach is undeniably amazing but not more beautiful than the beach in the above-mentioned hotels and many others. The thing is, it's not difficult to find a great beach in Antigua. I hope I answered your question. If you have more I will be happy to answer. I miss Antigua so much and I love talking about it. I am sure that wherever you decide to stay you will have a blast. I would appreciate it if you could book through one of my links so that I will get a small commission from the booking platform at zero cost for you. :) I would be eternally grateful. And please let me know how your vacation goes. I would love to hear and live vicariously through your experience. I hope to be able to visit again soon as well. :) Happy travels

Lionel Thompson

Friday 2nd of April 2021

Hello thanks for your review but can you help me pick the best one for my buck Looking to take the wife for her birthday


Friday 2nd of April 2021

Hello Lionel, I am glad you liked my review. I'll be happy to help you further, but I will need to know more about what kind of property you like and your budget. You can send me an email at [email protected] with more info and the date of your trip and I will be happy to research the best option for you. :)

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