Azores Ferries: The Best Guide to Azores Island Hopping [2023]

Wondering about Azores ferries to move around the islands? You have landed in the right place.

I have been traveling around the Azores for a month and enjoyed hopping from island to island by ferry, when available.

You should know that not every island is served by ferry transportation and also that many routes are only seasonal.

If you are planning your trip to the Azores islands and you want to know how the inter-island ferry works look no further. In this post, I will tell you all about it in detail.

Azores Ferries from Pico to Sao Jorge

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Ferries Azores: An Overview

Are there ferries in the Azores Islands?

Yes, there are. Some of the Azores islands are connected by a very efficient ferry service. When I was traveling around the Azores, I went from Pico to Faial and Sao Jorge.

But I had to fly to Terceira because the ferry to that island is only available in the Summer, just like many others. I will tell you more about it here below.

However, if you don’t have much time, you can hop on the Direct Ferry site, the booking platform where I got all my ferry tickets. It’s very easy to book and they will show you all the real-time availability.

I leave their booking widget here below for your convenience as well. Fill out every box and include the details of your trip and click on search.

Ferry to sao jorge from Pico
Getting to Sao Jorge by car on the ferry

Can you take a ferry from Portugal to the Azores?

No, you can’t unless you are on a Tourist Cruise. They usually leave from Boston or from the Caribbean and sail across the ocean with a stop to Ponta Delgada or Terceira or both.

Some of them move on from Ponta Delgada to Lisbon and then continue in the Mediterranean Sea, others go straight to the Mediterranean.

But this is not what we are talking about here so I will leave it for another post.

I am afraid there is no ferry from Lisbon to the Azores and if you are leaving from Portugal’s capital city, (which I recommend visiting) you must book a flight.

Pico Madalena Ferry Terminal
Pico Madalena Ferry Terminal

Azores ferry routes & schedules

Only one company connects the Azores islands, the Atlanticoline, but I prefer to book on direct ferries for some reasons. Maybe I am just used to it.

Here below I am going to share all the available ferry routes.

Keep in mind that in some of these schedules, you can board your car rental with you. Just make sure you check with one who is available and book some time in advance as they don’t have a lot of slots.

On the contrary, if you travel without a car, you can book last minute and find space, maybe except for the month of July and August.

1. The blue line (Route between Faial and Pico)

The blue line connects the island of Pico (Madalena) to Faial (Horta) but while from Pico you have two Ferry terminal options in Faial you can only arrive at Horta.

Pico has two ferry terminals, one in Maddalena and one in Sao Roque, and while both work regularly, sometimes they have to reschedule a departure from one port to another depending on where the sea condition are more favorable and safer.

This is why when you make your reservation make sure you give them an active phone number so that in case of any changes they will be able to inform you.

Madalena Pico Ferry Terminal
Madalena Port – Pico Azores

2. The green line (Route between Faial – Pico – Sao Jorge – Sao Roque)

The green line is the one that connects Faial to Pico and to Sao Jorge.

However keep in mind that there are 4 different seasons, September through December, June through September which have different schedules and also that schedule change each day of the week almost.

From January through May this particular route is not available, however you can still reach these islands by ferry.

3. The pink line (Route between Flores and Corvo)

The pink line that connects Flores with Corvo, takes only 40 minutes but it’s only available form June through September and in December.

Also there are only 2 ferries available per day. Make sure you book in advance. Cars are not accepted.

Port in Horta Faial
Port in Horta Faial

4. The purple line (Seasonal route between Faial (Horta) – Pico (Madalena) – Sao Jorge (Calheta) – Terceira (Prahia da Vitoria) and back

The purple line is similar to the green line but includes terceira island and goes to different ports in Pico and Sao Jorge so in the summer you can choose between the Purple and the green line.

However this line is only seasonal as in winter there is no ferry that connects Terceira with the other islands and you can only fly there.

Actually the only islands that are connected by ferry all year round are Faial and Sao Jorge with Pico.

5. The orange line (Seasonal route between Sao Roque and Velas)

Operating only from June through September the Orange line connects Pico (Sao Roque) with Sao Jorge (Vela). It’s only seasonal and operates only in the summer from June 15th through September 15th.

However, if you want to take this ferry route during the winter, worry not, because there is always a ferry that connects Faial and Sao Roque with Pico, all year round.

6. The white line (Seasonal route between Faial – Sao Roque – Velas – Graciosa)

The white line only operates from June through September and connects Faial (Horta) with Pico (Sao Roque), Sao Jorge (Velas) Graciosa, Terceira Praia da Victoria, in this very same order and back.

Boarding the ferry from Sao Roque to Pico
Boarding the ferry in Sao Roque – Pico on my way to Sao Jorge

Azores ferry prices

Ferry prices vary by season and by route of course. Also it depends on whether you travel alone, car, bike or scooter.

If you carry bags you need to let them know when you purchase the ticket but you don’t have to pay for it.

For example if you travel from Pico to Sao Jorge it will take 1 hour and cost about 14 USD/10 EURO. If you take the car with you it will be 14 extra USD, while a scooter will be an extra 9 USD.

The longer is the trip the higher is the cost, obviously

From Sao Jorge to Terceira it would be 27 Euro, about 34 USD but you don’t have the option to take the car with you and the boat time is 4 hours.

I would rather fly there to be honest. It lasts 1 hour and cost about 60 to 90 USD. I know it’s 3 times more but you save 3 hours and avoid seasickness.😜

How to buy Azores ferry tickets

There are different ways you can purchase your tickets. I always do it online because it’s more convenient and faster.

But if I am around the port and at the ticket counter there are no people in line I also love to purchase my ticket in person, especially if I have questions to ask.

Since you are reading this guide, I am hoping you have found all the information you were looking for and had all the question answered. 🙂

Leaving pico from Sao Roque port
Leaving Pico to Sao Jorge Port

Buy directly at the ticket counter at the ferry terminal

If you are in the area, you can easily get to the ticket counter in their opening hours and purchase your ticket.

You will need to have an ID with you, whether it’s a passport, or a driving licence, it doesn’t matter. You can pay by card or cash.

Buy your tickets online

If you want to purchase your ticket online you can do it either on the Atlanticoline site in Euro.

The site is in Portuguese but you have the option to switch to English if you click on the Brisith Flag (sorry US people🤣).

Or you can also buy your tickets on the popular Direct Ferry site.

Azores inter-island ferry tariffs for every passenger

Adults (above 13 years old)

  • Required documents: Any ID would work, as long as it’s current, from Passport to US ID, or driving license
  • Luggage Allowance – 2 pieces per person/ 25 kg each max
  • Hand-carry luggage allowance – Up to 6 kg per person
  • EXTRA LUGGAGE: €1.5/extra bag


50% discount for passengers ages starting at 3 to to 12 years (included).

View of Pico mountain from Sao Jorge hotel
View of the Pico Mountain from Sao Jorge

Tips for Planning your Azores Islands ferry routes

1. Always check the ferry schedules online (they change most of the time)

If you go on the platform on this page you will see all the last minute communication including any changes of route or time.

2. Booking routes online is so easy

It’s very easy to book online on directferry, however keep in mind that if you book directly with the ferry line, you can get the full refund if you cancel more than 24 hrs from the beginning of your trip.

4. There are different departures every day

Summer is the high season in the island since the beautiful weather makes it one of the best time of the year to travel to the Azores.

5. You can choose port locations that are more convenient for you

In the summer there are more schedules and departure location options. In winter not so much.

6. Book your tickets in advance if you’re bringing vehicles

You can bring your own car rental from one island to the other if you are traveling from Pico to Faial or to Sao Jorge and vice-versa.

However, since there is not so much availability in the ferry you should book that way in advance, especially if you are traveling in June July and August.

6. Sit outside in the front

I would suggest you should sit in the front of the boat outside, especially if you suffer of seasickness, the fresh air and looking at the horizon will help you stay well.

Also, you may have the chance to do some free whale watching in the Azores and see some whales breaching or nose-diving! It’s rare to see them on a ferry ride, but you never know! 🙂

Approacing the port on the ferry Azores

Cancellation and refund of Azores ferries tickets

100% refundable for the first 24 hours after ticket issue, as long as the ticket has been issued days or more, before the trip.

After 24hours of ticket issue and until the trip date the refund is 90% of the total cost.

For tickets with a cost of 10€ or less, Atlanticoline will retain 1€.

After the trip date, the passengers are not entitled to any refund.

Keep in mind that if you book your ticket with you will still have to pay an administration fee of 10USD. So this is something to take into consideration.

Best time to visit the Azores

Usually the best time to visit the Azores is considered the summer because the weather is nicer, and the water temperature more bearable.

However, in this time of the year, you will find a lot of people around and everything is more expensive.

You need to book way in advance to find a tour, or a place to stay that fit your needs. But most of all you need to book the car rental in advance otherwise you risk to be left without car.

If you are heading to Sao Miguel, you may want to read my post on renting a car in Ponta Delgada for more detailed information.

My favorite time of the year to get to the Azores is May, because you get the best of both world.

The weather is starting to get warmer but the prices are still low and there are not many tourists around and if you love to hike is not extremely hot so you can enjoy some walks in nature.

I believe May is just the perfect month to go to the Azores.

Lagoa do fogo Sao Miguel Azores islands
Lagoa do Fogo – Sao Miguel Island

Frequently Asked Questions about the Azores ferry system

How do I get to the Azores by ferry?

You cannot get to the Azores by ferry. You need to fly to the Azores and then take the ferry to move between some of the islands. Refer to the first section of this post to learn about the different ferry lines.

How do I get from Portugal to the Azores?

The only way to get from Portugal to the Azores, is by plane. I love traveling by Azores Airlines, for the comfortable seat and kind staff. I never had an issue with them.

Otherwise you can use also TAP and Rayanair, the latter is not very much reliable but it’s still an option.

How far are the Azores from Portugal?

The Azores are about 1000 miles from Portugal, whichis 1600 km.

How do you book a ferry in the Azores?

I would recommend booking it online on or

How much does it cost to take the ferry to the Azores?

There is no ferry to the Azores, however the inter-islands ferries fare varies depending on the length of the trip. it can go from 13 USD to 36 USD approximately.

What month is the best to visit the Azores?

My favorite month to visit the Azores is May, because it’s already quite warm but it’s not as busy as the summer, yet.

It’s not so expensive either and you can enjoy great weather. So to me May it’s the ideal month to travel to the Azores.

Pico Island Bird sanctuary

Final Thoughts: The Best Azores Ferries Guide

I hope this post helped you understand how to move around the Azores by ferry.

As you could see, it’s more convenient to use the ferry as an inter-island service when the islands are at a close distance with each other, like for Pico to Faial or Sao Jorge or Corvo to Flores and vice-versa, (summer only).

Otherwise it’s recommendable taking the flight to the Azores and move around by Azorean Airlines interisland flights, which are relatively cheap and fast.

Before you go…

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