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What to do in Sayulita, where to surf, where to eat and why is it such a magic place?

I’ve spent about 2 weeks in the area, exploring the hippie town and the cute little neighbor San Pancho, which, as a matter of fact, is almost taking over the scene, at least for the nostalgics who remember Sayulita right before it became so popular.

Not everybody liked the busy town it has become and, honestly, I lean towards San Pancho, for the peace and quiet and more laid back atmosphere. But I reckon why Sayulita  is still on top of the game and I will tell you in this post.

Backed by thick jungle on three sides, ocean on the fourth, Sayulita seems to have developed differently from the rest of Mexico. 


Where is Sayulita ? - Boundless Roads

Hope the map is useful to put Sayulita on the map of Mexico.

It’s situated on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, about 850 km (530 miles) northeast from Mexico City and 2500 km (1562miles) northeast from Cancun.


It was just a small fishing village back in the day until it was “discovered” in the 60s (some say “founded”) by a bunch of US and Canadian hippie surfers in search of good swells.

Here is where they found their paradise lost and where they have decided to stay and live the surfing lifestyle.

But you don’t need to be a surfer to appreciate Sayulita. The quirky area has now become the cool spot, the swanky town that, together with its neighbor San Pancho, is nudging up against Tulum and Trancoso, the celeb vacation resorts.

Whatever the style-conscious bohemian travelers and dreamers are seeking for, they will find it here between the swells of the Pacific Ocean and the lush green slopes of the Sierra Madre mountains.

Sayulita is a mix of boho culture, lazy beach life, original and authentic artifact shopping, night buzz and margaritas, yoga, and healthy food living.

A place for the peace and tranquility seekers and the laidback glamorous living. All this in an ex-fishing town of 5000 inhabitants.

It’s no surprise that the gypsy culture icon Lola Mignon and her handsome family choose Sayulita as their home after sailing for 10 years across the world. It seems that the magic of Sayulita was able to tame their gypsy soul, or probably the waves? I didn’t have the pleasure to meet them although I did visit the busy multicolored shop Pachamama, which was full of the most extravagant creative pieces of body and home decoration.

Their property, Petit Hotel Hafa, is in fact, what I loved the most when I visited the town, a cute tiny place, which, like a cozy home, welcomes the stylish crowds of travelers.

After I read about their story, I realized how they are everything that is Sayulita: sexy, straightforward, wild, captivating, laid back, and generous.


Things to do in Sayulita are plenty but you can even spend your day doing nothing and just enjoying the vibes fill your soul with fresh

Beaches and Surf…

…or watch the people swirling freely on the waves while feeling awkward for not being able to do the same. Damn, it seems so easy!

The main beach of Sayulita is the most crowded and I didn’t really like it, but if you love to lime and hang out where everything happens, that’s the place to be.

There are other beautiful beaches not suitable for surfing which I am going to tell you about in a bit. The longboard lovers go to La Lancha beach located about 10 km from Sayulita, past Punta de Mita right in front of a Pemex (gas station) and a surf shop, one of the most expensive I have ever heard of, to be honest. The beach is free, and you can rent a board or if you decide to surf for a few days, it would be more convenient to buy a used one and then resell it.

Hanging out on the beach or surf are certainly the best things to do in Sayulita for a big crowd.

Click here and go to the next paragraph to read about the beaches

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Enjoy the variety of cuisine

Sayulita offers a huge variety of restaurants, but the health food scene is definitely making its way up as much as Sayulita yoga spots. So popular now that you can find great creative and healthy dishes almost anywhere. Juices and smoothies are also getting popular, at least before dawn, … oh well, maybe before midday.

Seafood is obviously the most demanded plate, but the vegetarian crowds have their special spots as well. So, where to eat in Sayulita? Here some cool spots:

La Rustica

Italian cuisine popular for the crispy crust of the wood oven cooked pizza.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

La Rustica

Restaurant Yeikame

Very casual and cheap, the family-run restaurant caters traditional cuisine both pre-hispanic and Mexican classic. It’s a cozy little place, definitely worth a try.

Sayulita Fish Tacos:

Some say this is the best place for tacos and their shrimp ones are amazing. Plus, they have 300 types of tequila.

Don Pedro’s

An icon in Sayulita as the two cousins founded this popular restaurant and bar right at the beginning of the town history, “when it was only a dusty fishing village that time seemed to have forgotten, with one phone line in town at the Paleteria and hardly any other services ” as they describe  on their website. After the success of their restaurant and other business, the owners decided to give back to the community and they have been financing the restoration of the Malecon and fortification of the beach area beside contributing to the development of the growing town’s sewer system and financed upgrades to the local power grid. But it’s not all as they have also, and most importantly, employed at least one member of every founding family of the village and continues to be the largest employer in Sayulita.

On top of all that their food and drink are top-notch as the reviews confirm.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Organi- k 

It’s a healthy food place, with branches also in San Pedro and a new one in Nuevo Vallarta. They offer healthy juices and salad or breakfast bowls.

Cafe’ el Fortin

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

A small coffee’ shop that sells amazing juices, smoothies and of course coffee’.

Orangy Smoothies

A cute little place offering smoothings, vegan bowls for breakfast, salads and also natural vegan body-care products.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

La Esperanza

Healthy food with vegan options served in a beautiful spacious place with colorful decorations and great service

Los Corazones

Great international/Mexican food, beautiful presentations, and services. I love the space and its decorations.

La Esperanza Restaurant


Shopping is a must do in Sayulita.

Although it’s possible that you didn’t fly a thousand miles to shop, you might want to take a look to the variety of original artifacts showcased in the trendy Sayulita shops, which is in a way part of the local culture and one of the reasons why it turned from a fishing town to a trendsetter spot.

What stands out is the Huichol art, which from its humble origin has become one of the fashion icons of the region. The beautiful multicolored beaded works have taken over the jewelry scene and have become a precious exclusive gift offered in the coolest places.

Pachamama The iconic shop of the Mignon family, offering soulful art and crafts inspired both by Mexican tradition and the family travels. 

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Revolucion del Sueno (55 Calle Manuel Navarrete) artfully made clothing  accessories and gadget the owners strive for innovation and creativity always in search for new style, shapes, and color

Artefakto (Delfin #15) they showcase the most beautiful creations directly from the local communities from different regions of Mexico. Among their works of art, you will find Pillowcases, blankets, shawls, tapestries, rugs, bags, bedspread, hammocks, all handmade and embroidered.

Evoke the spirit The shop that best represents the Huichol tradition blended with the owner’s unique sophisticated designs. The shop has been created by the Newyorker Brittney Borjeson, who arrived in Sayulita in 2012 and fell in love with the town.  That’s how the shop was born and its fame continues to grow.  The shop and much of the merchandise are designed by Borjeson and made by local Huichol artisans. Stop by to admire the wall of skull “paintings” and even see some of the action as pieces are being made in the shop.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Evoke the spirit – Shop

 People Culture

Despite the cool-trendy fame it has made for itself in the past years, which has put Sayulita on the map of the boho-culture followers, the quirky, laid-back town welcomes any kind of character, whether you are a yogi-mama, or a health guru, a party seeker, an “Easter tourist,” whether you are a blue hair nostalgic hippie or a posh, wealthy millennial, whatever you are or want to be, here you are welcomed. No judgments, you will be received by just a happy, laid-back crowd that wants to celebrate life every day.

Holistic Healing

The well-being wave couldn’t lose its way towards the trendy cosmopolitan town of Sayulita. And in fact, for those seeking soul healing, body restoring, and mental purification, we have a place for you.

The Haramara retreat just outside of town offers all of that in a beautiful mystical setting in the heart of the Jungle overlooking the beautiful bay.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Sunset from Sayulita Beach

Perfect Location

Sayulita is strategically located in the south of the Riviera Nayarit, a few miles from the quieter San Pancho, which, by the way, is slowly taking over its title of the coolest place to be. It’s also close to the most beautiful beaches of Nayarit and a half an hour ride from the ever exclusive Punta de Mita; it is also one hour away from the lively Puerto Vallarta and its international airport. It could be useful to know that Sayulita is also 4 hours away and directly connected to the modern city of Guadalajara, the second biggest city in Mexico.

Breathtaking Sunsets

You can stay on the main beach and watch the sun disappearing behind Punta Sayulita on your left, or you can walk for a 1 km hike to Playa Carricitos and see the sun slowly being swallowed by the ocean right in front of you. Every day in Sayulita feels like a miracle.

Chilling Your Day Away

Although there are plenty of activities that you can do from Sayulita, e.g., surfing, horseback riding, hiking… you can also indulge yourself in dullness, and totally guilt free because that’s what vacations are for. Get yourself a massage if you feel like, or hang on a hammock in one of the bars or on the beach, read a book, or just watch the surfers swirling on the waves of the glittering ocean. That’s a way to rewire and reconnect with your inner-self.


Playa Sayulita

As I mentioned before Playa Sayulita is definitely not my favorite beach—it’s too crowded, and the water is dirty, but it’s great for surfing. Therefore, if your goal is to catch some waves or learn how to do it, that’s your place. Lots of surf schools there on the beach as well. It’s obviously close to restaurants, bars, and shops, being right in the heart of the towns, where everything happens.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Playa Muertos

Playa Muertos

Probably so called because right at its back there is a cemetery, a colorful one which is quite interesting to look at. It’s right on top of the hill overlooking the small secluded bay. In Playa de Muertos there are no restaurants or bars, but a great street stall where you can buy beverages and delicious fish and seafood on a stick, cooked right in front of you, typical of the area. The beach is tiny and most often busy but very pleasant.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Playa Carricitos

Playa Carricitos

To me one of the best beaches in Sayulita. If you are lucky, it may happen that you will find nobody else on this amazing tucked away beach, nestling in the lush and green tropical vegetation on the other side of the hill opposite of Playa de los Muertos. It’s not very well marked.

How to get to Playa Carricitos? From Playa de los Muertos you will have to take the uphill road through the cemetery and continue to walk until you come across a path with signs. Here, you will make a right and continue to walk uphill. You will eventually find a house and a turn to the left. There you will see a sign taking you to the most amazing beach that I have seen in ages.

Surrounded by palm trees, coconuts, and other spices of tropical foliage, as well as mountains on three sides, you can glimpse the infinity pool of a gorgeous swanky villa on top of the left cliff with, I imagine, breathtaking views of the ocean.

The sea is quite rugged here and currents can be unforgivable, so I didn’t take my chance and desisted from jumping in the water but enjoyed instead staring at the rhythmic pull of the tide echoing a silent refrain in my mind “how grateful I am”… for being in such a magical place in total freedom of mind.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Playa La Lancha

La Lancha

This is where Sayulita surf crowd hangs out most of the time, definitely when the swell is right. La Lancha is, in fact, a beautiful large beach suitable for surf lovers and surf watchers (or surfer watcher) like me; the surrounding vegetation gives you some shade also if you don’t want to stay in the sun, and, despite the swell, sea access is really easy and shallow. You can also walk all the way to the south and enjoy a soothing stroll on the shore. It’s totally safe and the views are stunning.

FOOD TIP: Right beside the shop there is an extraordinary restaurant if you love fish and seafood, that’s the place where you want to eat. The specialty is ceviche of all different kinds and flavors. The fish is fresh and the service is 5 stars.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Playa Distiladeras

Playa Distiladeras

About 10 km ( 7 miles) from La Lancha, direction La Cruz de Huanacaxte,  you will find another beautiful beach, this time with no surfers, and very easy access to the blue ocean.  There is a restaurant in the proximity for your convenience, but the beach is totally free and clean.

San Pancho Beach

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

San Pancho Beach

The tiny town of 1200 inhabitants is becoming the new cool, probably overtaking Sayulita in its competition with the trendy Tulum. San Pancho is tranquil, laid back, and super safe.

Everybody watches over each other, and you feel like somebody has always got your back.

If you live there, it’s kind of awkward to know that everybody knows exactly all your movements.

I will talk about this town more extensively in another post. If you are staying in the busier Sayulita, you must pay a visit to this town and check out the gorgeous beach. Probably is not very much loved by surfers as waves break too close and it takes away the fun, or so I understand.

However, it is paradise for swimmers and sunset watchers.

The beach is huge, and although in the middle it’s quite busy there are quieter spots on both sides, far from the noisy crowds. You can rent a beach chair and umbrella, or you can just lay in the sun or bring your own equipment.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Playa Carricitos

Quimixto, Yelapa, Las Animas

Those beaches are located south of Puerto Vallarta and they are reachable only by water taxi. I have been to Quimixto so far and in this article, I have written everything about it.

If you want to go to any of those beaches from Sayulita or San Pancho and you don’t have a car, you will need to take the bus to Puerto Vallarta. Once you are in the Bus terminal, get an Uber or a bus to the “Centro” in Puerto Vallarta and go to Calle Badillo with Calle Constitution. Over there you will find white and orange buses to Boca de Tomatlan. It’s about 30 minutes. In Boca de Tomatlan you will walk down to the pier and ask for Quimixto, Yelapa or Las Animas.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

In Yelapa, where I haven’t been yet, you can choose between staying there for the day or book a hotel for a couple of nights.

In Quimixto there is only one hotel which is actually a yoga retreat, called Xinalani Retreat. From the boat, you see cute little private cabins nestled on the mountain slope overlooking the ocean. It must be soothing for your soul to stay there.

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Playa Muertos


Marieta Islands

Worldly famous spot for a vulcanic conformation that leaves a hidden beach underneath a crater. They are only accessible through a watery tunnel.

It’s a dreamy place from a natural point of view.

Because of the fast deterioration of the natural environment, due to uncontrolled hordes of tourists, authorities had kept it close for a while and then reopened for a limited number of visitors. Sadly enough it’s a bit of an elite selection because, in order to control the access, they raised the prices to 2600 pesos versus the 400 in the past.

Therefore who can afford it can see it. SAD. To get to Marieta Islands from Sayulita you need to go with an organized tours with authorized companies.

There is another tour that is cheaper, about 1600 pesos which takes you around the islands without having access to the most interesting part though.

Las Cuevas and Mal Pasos

Those beaches are quite secrets spot north of Sayulita, heaven for solitude seekers. Las Cuevas is formed by massive rocks that had been erased by the ocean– Mal Pasos can only be reached by a passageway through the rocks. Although these beaches are accessible by land, it’s much easier to look for a local water taxi. Be careful of the strong rip tides here but it’s all worth it.


Sayulita surf spots are among the most popular in Mexico. Here I am listing a few of them. If you don’t want to bring your surfboard, consider that there are planty of surboard rental in Sayulita. So you don’t have to worry about.


You can reach this beach by a quick boat ride from San Pancho or Sayulita however if you like to walk in the woods, you can get there through the jungle. Make sure you ask very well for directions. It’s a very secluded beach really worth checking out. Surfer will enjoy big swells here. Remember to bring water and food as there are no facilities there.


Located right in front of the Hotel Cinco in Punta Mita, Anclote is the perfect surf spot for beginners and longboard lovers. keep an eye on the rocky bottom and the reef, though!  From this beach, you can get boat rides to El Faro beach, The Cove beach, and the Marieta Islands.


Located directly in front of the hotel La Quinta del Sol and to the left of a jetty used by fishing boats (from which the name), to the south of Anclote (in Punta Mita), Stinky’s break is slow and steady, perfect for beginners and longboarders. However be careful because just like the Anclote, the bottom is rocky and you can get hurt.

El Faro (The Lighthouse)

This is not a good place for beginners, but if you are experienced whether on long or shortboard you can definitely enjoy this place.


Deciding where to stay in Sayulita is easy as the town offers a variety of accommodations from hotels in the busy town center to luxury villas tucked away into the jungle with breathtaking ocean views. Here’s my choice.

7 lunas

Located on Sayulita beach at a walking distance to Restaurants and bars, the hotel Siete Lunas is the perfect hideaway, soothed by the piece and tranquillity of the jungle surrounding the cozy stylish property. A laid-back luxury place with beautiful elegant finishes where natural elements dominate the scene in total harmony with mother nature. The stunning views on the ocean are the cherry on the cake.

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Hotel Vogue

Right in the town center where everything happens, you have this cozy little hotel, artfully decorated with local art and crafts in the bright Mexican colors with an elegant touch. The manicured garden embrace the comfortable chaise lounge around the pool where you really feel like in your home. This cozy elegant place is your warm tranquil nest when you are tired of the busy town. The lovely owner, who proudly showed me around is there to help with any question or needs you have.

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Hotel Vista Oceana


Conveniently located right on Sayulita beach, Hotel Vista Oceania offers nicely decorated rooms in a minimal- chic style using mainly natural elements and local art. The rooftop terrace with chaise long and hammocks offer a lovely place to chill after soaking up some sun and sand.

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Casa Love 

Casa Love is considered one of the best places to stay in Sayulita. It’s a beautiful home created by the love of the Mignon family, an icon of the Sayulita boho chich community of surfers and dreamers.  It consists of seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, small yet convenient kitchen, and huge common areas to relax and share thoughts or just read a book. It’s located just above their creative boutique Pachamama in downtown Sayulita and it was created with the same inspiration and stylish ideas.

Every room  boasts simple and yet tasteful decorations in different color patterns

From the house, you can enjoy beautiful views of the beach and surf breaks and walk to local shopping, bars, and restaurants. It’s also possible to have meals prepared in the house kitchen at an extra cost.

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Sayulita - Boundless Roads

Villa Amor

Located right on the ocean on the way to playa Muertos beach and at only  900 meters from the popular and tucked away Carricito beach, Villa Amor offers spacious ocean views rooms surrounded by the lush hills of Punta Sayulita

Villa Amor is a collection of 23 oceanfront villas creatively designed and individually decorated with Mexican art and worldly inspired creativity and charm.

You are at a 10-minute walking distance from town and 1 step from the beach, but if you don’t want to leave, and that can happen when you are in such setting, worry not. You can enjoy an oceanfront restaurant and bar, a saltwater pool, yoga studio and a jungle spa. Everything you need at an easy reach.

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Hotel Peix Sayulita

sayulita -Boundless Roads

This cute little hotel, located right on the beach of Sayulita, is an outburst of bright happy colors. The property has been recently renovated and has no pretense but to offer the Sayulita lifestyle: simple, laid back, worry-free.

Each room shows its own personality and is gracefully decorated with local artifacts and stylish pieces of furniture and all offer stunning views of the ocean and magical sunsets. You can enjoy the local cuisine in the restaurant of the property or walk to the nearby restaurants and check out the culinary offer of the quirky town.

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor




International flights arrive directly in Puerto Vallarta from different cites of Canada and US. Here below I am giving you all the city with the respective airline (source

From the airport, you can either book a private transportation to your hotel directly or a transfer to the Central de Autobuses in Puerto Vallarta(bus station) and catch a bus from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita (1-hour distance).

CANADADirect flights
CalgaryAir Canada  Air Transat  WestJet Airlines
ComoxWestJet Airlines
EdmontonAir Transat  West Jet Airlines
KelownaAir Transat
MontrealAir Transat
ReginaAir Transat
SaskatoonAir Transat
TorontoAir Canada  Air Transat
VancouverAir Canada  Air Transat  WestJet Airlines
VictoriaAir Transat
WinnipegAir Transat
U.S.A.Direct flights
AtlantaDelta Air Lines
ChicagoAeroméxico  American Airlines  Frontier Airlines  United
CincinnatiDelta Air Lines
Dallas-Fort WorthAmerican Airlines
DenverFrontier Airlines  United
DetroitDelta Air Lines
Kansas CityFrontier Airlines
LansingFrontier Airlines
Los AngelesAlaska Airlines  Delta Air Lines– Interjet – United – Volaris
MemphisDelta Air Lines
Minneapolis/St. PaulDelta Air Lines  Sun Country Airlines
New YorkAeroméxico  Delta Air Lines  United(Newark/Liberty)
PhoenixUS Airways
PortlandAlaska Airlines  American Airlines
RockfordFrontier Airlines
Saint Louis, MOFrontier Airlines
Salt Lake CityDelta Air Lines
San DiegoAlaska Airlines
San FranciscoAlaska Airlines  United  Virgin America
SeattleAlaska Airlines  American Airlines
London GatwickThomson
MEXICODirect flights
Cabo San LucasAéreo Calafia
GuadalajaraAeroméxico  Interjet (starts July 17, 2014)
La PazAéreo Calafia
MazatlánAéreo Calafia
Mexico CityAeroméxico  Delta  Interjet  Magnicharters VivaAerobus  Volaris
TijuanaAeroméxico  Volaris



How to get from LAX to Sayulita?

To get from Los Angeles airport (LAX) to Sayulita, there are many options, but you won’t get directly to Sayulita. LAX airport is directly connected to Puerto Vallarta airport, situated at 1-hour bus from Sayulita. Therefore it is very easy to connect.  Here you can check out all the flight information.

What time is it in Sayulita Mexico?

This is a tricky one, and I’ll tell you why. Sayulita is located in the Mexican State of Nayarit which is on an MDT time (-6 UCT). However to make thing easier and be in line with the bigger neighbor Puerto Vallarta, which is on a CDT (-5UCT), both San Pancho and Sayulita and the entire Riviera Nayarit use CDT time. Therefore make sure your watch and phone are set at the right time. I would suggest you should set it on a manual mode because if in automatic it can switch to the Nayarit time. Especially if you are going on a tour or just have an appointment, or, more important you need to catch a flight, you run the risk to miss it.

What about surfboard rental in Sayulita? 

There is plenty of choices to rent a surfboard. Both in Playa Sayulita and in the nearby roads you can rent a surfboard and ask for classes as well. However, if you are going to surf for more than a week, you will probably be better if you buy a second-hand surfboard and resell it before you leave. This is what a friend of mine did. You should check out prices once you get there.

Is there an airport near Sayulita, Mexico?

Of course, Puerto Vallarta International Airport is at 1 hour south from Sayulita. Getting to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta is very easy and you have a bus every hour.

Is there a car rental in Sayulita?

Yes, there is only one car rental in Sayulita, that I know of, it’s Budget Car Rental located in Calle Jose Mariscal s/n, Sayulita, 63734 Sayulita, Nay (check out the map at the bottom of the article)

What kind of weather in Sayulita?

There it’s a tropical weather, which means hot and humid in summer with more risk of abundant rains in summer from June through October and drier and cooler in the winter.

You talk about stylish hotels, but what about Sayulita hostels?

Of course, there are plenty of hostels in Sayulita. I haven’t check them out but here a few of them:

La Redonda Hostal

Manuel Navarrete 14, 62734 Sayulita

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Atico hostal

33 Calle Jose Mariscal 33, 63734 Sayulita, Mexico

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

The amazing hostel Sayulita

Pelicanos, 102, 63734 Sayulita, Mexico

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Is hotel Cielo Rojo in Sayulita?

No, Hotel Cielo Rojo is in San Pancho, a cute little town at 5 km from Sayulita and I definitely recommend it, as I have actually stayed there. It’s really cute with an organic restaurant in their manicured garden, a peaceful oasis.

Check rates & availability: or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Here you go, I hope I was exhaustive enough and helped you a little bit, with useful information on Sayulita. If not, please shoot me a question in the comment below and I will be happy to reply.

Otherwise, you can still comment and let me know what was useful, what you liked, what you didn’t, or just to say hi! I’ll be happy to hear from you.

If you found this article useful and /or interesting, may I ask you to share it on your favorite social? I would really appreciate it.

And I hope to see you around here.

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