The 77 Most Instagrammable Spots in Palm Springs 2023 – (Includes Nearby Areas!)

Wondering where to find some of the most Instagrammable spots in Palm Springs? You have landed in the right place!

Known as the pulsing heart of the California Desert, Palm Springs is a city where colors, desert charm, and retro-chic vibes reign supreme, making it one of the coolest destinations for an incredibly Insta-worthy getaway.

Aside from the many photo spots in Palm Springs that you’ll find, this city in the Sonoran Desert is also an incredible hub to base yourself in order to explore some of the best the desert side of California has to offer.  

From colorful doorways to old Hollywood estates and deserts dotted by gigantic Joshua Trees, there are some of the best photo spots in Palm Springs you need to feature on your Insta feed.

View of downtown Palm Springs from the middle of the street with large palm trees on the sides.
Downtown Palm Springs – Photo from Canva

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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Palm Springs 

#1 Palm Springs Sign

Standing against a mountainous backdrop, this sign is a Palm Springs Instagram emblem, so much so that you could say your trip wouldn’t really be complete without snapping a picture here! 

You’ll find the Palm Springs Sign right next to the visitor center. As a tip, the best time of the day to shoot photos here is at sunset.

Close-up of the Palm Springs sign agaist a palm tree and mountains on a sunny day.
You can’t go home without a selfie with the iconic Palm Springs sign! – Photo from Canva

#2 That Pink Door

That Pink Door is one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Palm Springs.

As its name may suggest, the Pink Door is, well – a pink door!

The facade of this house in the Indian Canyons neighborhood got so famous on Instagram that it has an account of its own.

#3 Other Colorful, Mid-Century Doors (Indian Canyons neighborhood)

Aside from the Pink Door, there are plenty of other beautiful houses all over the Indian Canyons neighborhood where you can take some gorgeous photos. 

Most of the homes you’ll find here are painted in white and feature mountains in the background, so they make for some pretty quintessential Palm Springs photos.

#4 Parker Palm Springs Hotel

Pretty much every corner at The Parker is incredibly photogenic, but what has made it famous on Instagram is its facade, which features white walls and a grand statement orange-colored door. 

If possible, you may also want to book a night here.

Inside the hotel, you’ll also find a gorgeous pool backdropped by mountains as well as plenty of smaller Instagram spots all over the property.

#5 Saguaro Hotel

Known as the Rainbow Hotel for its multicolored buildings, the Saguaro Hotel is one of the most famous Instagrammable places in Palm Springs.

It also has a large pool where some of the best pool parties in the city are hosted.

#6 The Sands Hotel & Spa

This gorgeous hotel is known for its pastel-pink walls and incredibly photogenic cabanas.

Aside from that, you’ll also find spa rooms that will transport you into a Marrakech-style riad as well as some of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Palm Springs.

A photo of the Andreas Canyon under the blue skies - one of the most instagrammable sports in Palm Springs.
Andreas Canyon is another great place to do a photoshoot – Photo from Canva

#7 Hotel California

Tucked away in the San Jacinto Mountains, Hotel California is a place where desert charm reigns supreme. The entire hotel features pink walls, palm trees, cacti all over, and glorious mountain views.

#8 Moorten Botanical Garden

Open since 1938, this gorgeous botanical garden is one of the coolest places to take pictures in Palm Springs, especially if you want to capture the city’s desert vibes.

You’ll find a variety of incredible desert plants from the California desert as well as around the world, including trees and cacti.

#9 Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

This is the largest rotating tram car in the world.

It travels over two miles along the Chino Canyon and its cliffs and all the way to Mount San Jacinto State Park, giving you tons of opportunities to shoot beautiful pictures of nature.

#10 Salvation Mountain

Located about an hour’s drive away from downtown, Salvation Mountain is a man-made mountain that depicts messages of love and religious words in the middle of the desert.

The mountain is incredibly colorful, which has made it one of the most famous photo spots near Palm Springs.

An old couch and the windmill park in the background.
The Palm Springs windmill park will make for some really cool pictures – Photo from Canva

#11 The Colony Palms Hotel

A gorgeous boutique hotel spread over a three-acre property by celebrated designer Steve Hermann.

It features a beautiful pool with glorious views of mountains where you can take beautiful pictures, especially at sunset.

#12 Palm Springs Windmills

Even though their primary purpose is to generate clean energy, the Palm Springs Windmills are also a very iconic photo spot in Palm Springs.

You can book a tour in order to get to the windmills where you’ll also get to learn about their importance to the city.

#13 Marilyn Monroe Sculpture

Officially known as “Forever Marylin”, this is a giant statue depicting Marylin Monroe’s famous picture (you know, the one with the blowing white halter dress).

#14 Cabazon Dinosaurs

The Cabazon Dinosaurs are a famous roadside attraction near Palm Springs where you’ll get to see two gigantic dinosaurs: Dinny the Dinosaur and Mr. Rex.

A lit courtyard with a small pool with a tree in the middle and several doors on the side.
If you plan it well, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shoot cool pics in your hotel – Photo from Canva

#15 Roadrunner Statue

Originally installed in Coachella, this art installation is a humongous metal bird located in downtown La Quinta at the intersection of 52nd Avenue and Jefferson Street, about 30 minutes away from Palm Springs.

#16 La Serena Villas

Offering an outdoor pool with views of mountains, las Sirenas Villas is a beautiful hotel where you’ll find gorgeous colonial architecture and white walls highlighted by colorful pieces.

#17 Lykken Trail

The Lykken Trail features some of the most scenic spots in Palm Springs and is a perfect trail to hike in order to explore the beautiful scenery that surrounds the city.

The trail is 8.8 miles out and back and features plenty of interesting flora and fauna, including cacti, roadrunners, lizards, and Bighorn sheer.

Close-up of a white building with an orange double door and several cacti around.
There are many colorful doors waiting to be photographed in Palm Springs! – Photo from Unsplash by Don Stouder

#18 Sofia Enriquez Mural: Las Tías.

There are many wall murals all over Palm Springs, and a favorite one is “Las Tías” By Sofía Enriquez.

The mural is meant to depict the matriarchal life figures the artist has when growing up and comes in pastel colors.

#19 Andreas Canyon

Set within the Indian Canyons in the outskirts of the Indian Canyons, the Andreas Canyon is a relaxed hiking trail that will take you through the desert. 

All over, you’ll get to see rock formations that look like they’re from another planet, palm trees all over, and gorgeous vistas perfect for snapping photos.

#20 Les Cactus Hotel

Les Cactus Hotel is one of the newest boutique hotels in Palm Springs and a place where every single corner feels as though it came straight out of Pinterest. 

Featuring pastel color walls and boho chic style furniture, you can spend several hours shooting photos here as you’ll find beautifully-designed corners and nooks all over the hotel.

#21 Sunnylands Center & Gardens

Located in Rancho Mirage, Sunnylands is a 200-acre estate and an extremely historical place. 

Since it opened to the public in 2021, the biggest draw for visitors has been the property’s desert art gardens, where you’ll get to walk amid 70 species of stunning arid-adapted plants.

#22 The Shops At Thirteen Forty Five

A collection of shops where you can find just about everything ranging from vintage furniture to handmade rugs and rustic decor, The Shops At Thirteen Forty Five has become a Palm Springs Instagram Star thanks to its outer pink wall that is framed by mountains and palm trees.

Close-up of 9 palm trees against a pink sunset sky
The sunsets are stunning in Palm Springs and often make your pictures extra Instagrammable! – Photo from Canva

#23 The Ace Hotel and Swim Club

Once a neglected mid-century motel, the Ace was splattered in color and covered in beautiful wall murals and turned into a must-do photo spot in Palm Springs. 

You can grab a day pass to access the Ace, or you can simply take pictures of its colorful sign from outside.

#24 Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is located exactly where the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet. 

The landscape you’ll find within the park is incredibly photogenic, with miles on end of terrain featuring unique rock formations and gigantic Joshua trees.

Sunsets here are truly splendid, making this time of the day ideal for taking photos.

Moreover, Joshua Tree is surrounded by unique accommodation options, be it teepees in the middle of the desert, bubble hotels, and even hotels featuring renovated vans as rooms. 

If time allows, spending at least a night in Joshua Tree is highly recommended as it is one of the best places in the world to watch the night sky, not to mention you will have more chances to take pictures.

A unique tree in the middle of a park surrounded by rocks and plants.
Joshua Tree National Park – Photo from Canva

#25 Palm Greens Cafe

A breezy coffee shop that offers a menu filled with health-conscious, organic food for breakfast. You’ll find several cute corners here as well as very photogenic dishes.

#26 JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

A humongous resort that features gigantic pools lined by palm trees and encircled by mountains.

The bridges that connect the lake with the pool are a great photo spot!

#27 Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Canyon Drive is Palm Springs’s main street and taking a picture here is pretty much a must during your trip. 

There are shops, hotels, and restaurants all over this street, so walking is a great way to find cute spots.

Another great way to explore Palm Canyon Drive is by renting a bike to get around (it can also act as a photo prop!)

Palm Canyon Drive signage hanging on a post.
Bike to Palm Canyon Drive and get a shot with the Palm Canyon Drive sign – Photo from Canva

#28 PGA West Private Clubhouse & Golf Courses

This is the most beautiful golf course in Palm Springs and a place where you’ll feel like you’re in some sort of Jurassic Park setting. 

The entire area is as lush as it gets, with lots of lakes spread all over the views of arid mountains in the background that create a unique contrast.

#29 Boozehounds Palm Springs

Need a drink? Boozehounds Palm Springs is a place as fabulous as it gets to grab a cocktail or two.

The decor here is all about pastel colors, soft lights, plants, and boho chic details perfect for shooting photos.

#30 Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate

Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate is one of the most iconic houses.

The house is what you’d call a historic mid-century masterpiece, with plenty of old Hollywood charm in every detail as well as a piano-shaped pool! The place is available for rent on Airbnb.

An empty road through the desert landscape of Joshua NP - - this truly is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Palm Springs.
The stunning Joshua Park is one of the most Instagrammable spots in the area! – Photo from Canva

#31 Desert X

Desert X is an outdoor contemporary exhibition in Coachella Valley that features works by artists from all over the world in the middle of the desert. 

The artworks are different every year, but you’ll find installations featuring themes like local environment, gathering, and more.

Desert X starts taking place annually usually around the beginning of March, but even if you don’t happen to be visiting Palm Springs at that time, you can usually still visit the area to see works from the past year’s exhibition.

#32 Aloha Hotel

Another beautiful hotel in Palm Springs, the Aloha Hotel is more low-key in terms of decoration compared to other hotels, but it does feature a vintage sign on the front that is perfect for a tropical-style photo.

#33 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Held in the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert every year, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival is one of the most famous events in the entire world. 

Aside from getting to see some of your favorite arts playing live, the entire festival is located in a gorgeous setting and there’s art everywhere you turn.

Dressing up in creative outfits is a must during a Coachella festival, so make sure to blend in (it will make your pictures look even cooler, too!)

#34 Grand Central Palm Springs

This is one of the best brunch spots in Palm Springs. The café’s interior is minimalistic and has plenty of photogenic corners as well as a menu filled with incredibly Instagrammable dishes.

Two-story hotel with colorful walls
There are so many colorful Instagrmmable spots in Palm Springs! – Photo from Unsplash by Zach Vessels

#35 Coachella City Limit Sign

Even though this may look like just any other street sign, the Coachella City Limit Sign became a popular Instagram spot in Palm Springs after it was featured in Beyonce’s and Nicky Minaj’s viral music video. 

You can find it on a gritty desert road at the intersection of Avenua 54 and Grapefruit Boulevard.

#36 Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel

Earthy aesthetics reign supreme at this incredibly photogenic hotel that celebrates the desert through its decoration. 

Aside from taking incredibly chic shots at its pool that overlooks the mountain, you’ll also find plenty of spots all over the property, especially if a minimalistic aesthetic is what you’re after.

#37 Yellow Bar

The Yellow Bar is the bar of the Parker Palm Springs hotel.

As the name gives away, the entire bar has been decorated in the color yellow which makes it a fun spot if you like to photograph monochromatic color schemes.

#38 Rancho Super Car Wash (Pink Elephant Sign)

While a carwash doesn’t sound like a place to take pictures, this one features an adorable pink elephant sign that is an icon of vintage Palm Springs.

#39 The Wesley Palm Springs

A beautiful hotel surrounded by mountains that features pastel hues, pink details, and a few neon signs here and there.

A straight, empty road leading towards mountains in a rocky desert landscape.
The Palm Springs Tramway is another photogenic spot! – Photo from Unsplash by Jeremy Gullman

#40 The Marley Hotel Palm Springs

Cacti, pink floors surrounding a pool, and that Palm Springs aesthetic is what this hotel is all about.

The best part? Because it only has 9 rooms, finding spots empty for full-blown photoshoots is easy as pie here!

#41 Palm Springs Visitors Center

Located in what was once a gas station, the Palm Springs Visitor Center is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Palm Springs because of its unique architecture and its “Palm Springs” sign backdropped by mountains.

Golf course with a pond on a sunny day with red flowers in close-up.
If you’re looking for a lush green background for your pictures, try heading to the Palm Springs golf course – Photo from Canva

#42 Cafe La Jefa

Café La Jefa is a Latin-inspired coffee shop and restaurant where you’ll find delicious food.

Their outdoor terrace overlooks the mountains and features beautiful decorations perfect for pictures with a hippy-ish twist to them.

#43 Palm Springs City Hall

While it may not seem as much at first, Palm Springs City Hall is an architectural gem from the 50s that features a mid-century modern design.

The building will take you back to Palm Springs 70 years ago!

#44 Robolights

If you love all things quirky (and somewhat kitschy), you’ll fall head over heels in love with Robolights.

This art project is a display of craftsmanship where you’ll find all sorts of whacky characters and scenarios, ranging from UFO parking sights, dinosaurs, plastic aliens, gigantic robots, enormous candy canes, and much more.

#45 Art Hotel 

Like many hotels in Palm Springs, the Art Hotel is incredibly Instagrammable, but this one is different from the others as it features plenty of retro decor and artwork all over.

Think pops of bold colors, vintage record players, playful pieces from local artists, and polychromatic details everywhere you turn!

A colorful room with a rainbow headboard in Palm Springs.
There are plenty of colorful hotels and bars in Palm Springs – Photo from Canva

#46 Azucar Palm Springs Restaurant

Azucar is one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Palm Springs because of its rooftop deck, where you’ll find boho chic design combined with Palm Springs charm in every corner, not to mention gorgeous surrounding vistas of the San Jacinto Mountains.

#47 Kreem Ice Cream + Coffee

This ice cream shop features minimalistic white decor with pops of bold color all over, not to mention its artisanal ice creams are also incredibly photogenic. 

#48 The Three Fifty Hotel 

A small boutique hotel with a pretty minimalistic decor and a central pool that boasts beautiful pictures of the landscape around Palm Springs.

You’ll find green pops of color all over the hotel, making it a perfect photo spot if you like minimalism with a twist.

Close-up of a yellow classic car in front of a bungalow.
A yellow classic car would make for an awesome picture! – Photo from Unsplash by Taylor Simpson

#49 Desert Riviera Hotel

Another gem of a hotel, the Desert Riviera looks a bit less modern in comparison to other lodging options in Palm Springs, but it still has plenty of fabulous photo spots.

The chairs at the pool at sunset are a particularly cool spot for pictures.

#50 Palm Mountain Resort

A bigger hotel that features quintessential Palm Springs architecture and mountain views all over with pops of red all over, be it chairs, umbrellas, or the bougainvillea that lines the courtyard.

#51 Bootlegger Tiki

A Hawaii-inspired bar that not only serves fabulous author cocktails but also offers plenty of unique spots to capture Palm Spring’s nightlife.

#52 Ice Cream & Shoppe

An ice cream shop to grab delicious frozen goodness, all while being surrounded by neon lights and colorful floats.

Close-up of a big cactus.
Cacti are a popular tool to make your pictures Insta-perfect and as Palm Springs is a dry and warm destination in the USA, you’ll find plenty of them! – Photo from Canva

#53 La Quinta Resort & Club

Located on the foothills of the Santa Rosa mountains, this resort is full of incredibly Instagrammable spots for that perfect Palm Springs shot. 

The decoration of the rooms is gorgeous and minimalist, while its pool, golf course, and spa feature glorious views of mountains. 

#54 Purple Palm Restaurant

Located in the courtyard of the Colony Palms Hotel, The Purple Palm is one of the most Instagrammable places in Palm Springs.

Its decoration will take you all the way back to the 30s when the Colony Palms was the “it” place in town.

#55 Korakia Pensione

Korakia Pensione is a quaint resort inspired by Moroccan and Mediterranean architecture.

Being here will make you feel as though you walked into a riad in Marrakech, all while having the mountains of California acting as a backdrop.

#56 Palm Springs Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum is one of the most important museums in the area and a place you can visit to enjoy art exhibitions, most of which feature 19th, 20th, and 21st-century pieces that focus on art from California, Native American pieces, and classic western works. 

The museum itself is absolutely gorgeous and will definitely inspire you to create more art within its walls!

Aerial view from downtown Palm Springs.
Downtown Palm Springs – Photo from Canva

#57 Monkey Tree Hotel

Nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains, the Monkey Tree is a renovated mid-century hotel with plenty of modern amenities all over.

You’ll find several incredible Instagram photo spots here, be it at the pool or the rooms.

#58 Monster Shakes Palm Springs

A place you can head to for delicious (and incredibly photogenic) shakes.

While the place may not seem like much, the shakes they serve are very Instagrammable and will definitely have your followers wondering where you got them from!

#59 Brandini Toffee Palm Springs

Head over here to tour a toffee factory and learn the entire process behind making handcrafted toffee in Palm Springs for some seriously entertaining Insta stories.

Afterward, you’ll also get to taste delicious treats.

#60 Gabino’s Creperie

A pink window-serve nook that serves delicious crepes and has a few outdoor tables in case you want to grab a seat. 

#61 Gypsyland

A wonderland for vintage lovers, Gypsyland is a shop where you’ll find mid-century furniture, clothes, and accessories.

The entire place is extremely colorful and is also a great stop to make to grab fun props for your Palm Springs photos!

Pool with 2 floaties and a woman in a red bikini chilling on a sunchair.
Pools with floaties will get you some fun pictures! – Photo from Unsplash by Kevis Turcios

#62 The Pink Cabana

The Pink Cabana is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Palm Springs for food lovers. 

On their menu, you’ll find Mediterranean dishes with Moroccan influences that you’ll get to enjoy inside a gorgeously-decorated place where pastel pinks and greens and boho elements are the stars.

#63 The End Vintage Store

Owned by local artists, The End is a vintage heaven in the middle of the desert in the Yucca Valley where you’ll find all sorts of second-hand goodies.

The exterior of the shop is covered by wall murals handpainted by Kime and Elena Stonaker which makes for pretty distinctive photos!

#64 The Lemonade Stand

Located inside the Parker hotel, The Lemonade Stand is a poolside bar where you can grab a drink from a yellow-striped stand (there’s also sitting available).

The color yellow predominates here and the general feeling of the setting is very tropical.

Note that this Instagram spot is only available for guests of the Parker.

A close-up of a road with large palm trees on the side and a mountain in the background.
Palm Springs Road – Photo from Canva

#65 The Integratron

The Integrator is a historic cupola-shaped machine created by ufologist George Van Tassel in what is believed to be a geomagnetic vortex in the Mojave Desert.

It was meant to be an electrostatic generator for time travel and rejuvenation! 

These days, you can shoot pictures outside the unique-looking structure, or you can book yourself a Sound Bath inside!

#66 Bump and Grind Trail

The Bump and Grind Trail is a 4-mile look that provides some of the best places to take pictures in Palm Desert as it provides tremendous vistas of the surrounding mountain ranges.

#67 Shields Date Garden

Just outside of Palm Springs, you’ll find a gorgeous 17-acre date farm that visitors are welcome to stop at in order to walk around its lush garden path filled with Biblical-themed sculptures.

During your visit, you’ll get the chance to tour the farm and garden at your own pace, where you’ll find plenty of scenic photo spots to take amazing pictures at.

#68 ARRIVE Hotel

A stunning boutique hotel in the heart of Palm Springs where design and eclectic furnishing reign supreme.

A palm-fringed pool surrounded by mountains, outdoor boho-style lounges, and beautifully-decorated rooms are just a few of the incredible photo spots you’ll find here.

Martini against a pink background
Order yourself a drink and create an amazing Instagram-worthy pic – Photo from Unsplash by Taylor Simpson

#69 Kaufmann House

A house designed to be the desert retreat of Edgar J. Kaufmann that was made famous for being the setting of Julius Shulman’s photos in 1947 and later on for Slim Aaron’s “Poolside Gossip” photo in the 70s.

You can’t visit the house, but you can take photos outside!

#70 Pioneertown

Founded by a group of Hollywood investors, Pioneertown is a community near Palm Springs that makes for a pretty cool (and insanely photogenic) day trip. 

Here, you’ll find plenty of Old West charm, desert vibes, and incredibly unique settings for photos with a Western theme to them.

#71 World Famous Crochet Museum

A green roadside attraction that looks like a simple drive-thru stand but actually contains plenty of incredible crochet creations.

The draw for photographers is the stand in the middle of the road, but going inside is recommended as well to fully appreciate their collections.

A colorful crochet product in rainbow colors.
Crochet piece – Photo from Canva

#72 The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage

Tasteful luxury, beautiful golf courses, pools, and balconies that overlook the valley are all the staples of this incredible hotel in Palm Springs, with beautiful photo corners that scream luxury to be found in every corner of the property.

#73 Hadley Fruit Orchards

An establishment where dates, nuts, and fruits are grown and sold.

Unfortunately, the original store has moved and is not that photogenic, but the original (and incredibly nostalgic) sign still stands on the 10 Freeway and it’s worth stopping there to snap a few photos before it’s taken down.

#74 Desert Hills Premium Outlets

An open-air shopping mall where you’ll find dozens of outlet shops perfect for a day spent shopping in a desert landscape.

#75 Sherman’s Deli & Bakery

A Kosher-style family restaurant where you’ll find a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and brunch.

The design of the place will remind you of a New York-style deli.

A landscape image during sunset with a group of white windmills and a mountain in the background.
The windmill park is a very popular photo location in Palm Springs, especially during sunset – Photo from Canva

#76 Salton Sea

A shallow lake located in the California Desert that is larger than Lake Tahoe and saltier than the Pacific Ocean!

The lake is located in a beautiful setting and provides plenty of impressive photo spots, like the abandoned Bombay Beach, which was once a popular getaway that turned into a ghost town.

Is Palm Springs worth visiting?

Yes. Palm Springs is an incredibly unique city unlike anywhere else in the world.

Its beautiful mountain views, variety of recreational activities, luxurious resorts, towering palm trees, and a vast array of museums, art galleries, fine-dining restaurants, and artsy establishments make Palm Springs a favorite destination for many.

What is the best month to go to Palm Springs?

October, November, and December are the best months to visit Palm Springs for pleasant temperatures and low visitation levels (the best of both worlds!)

January, February, March, and April are also good months to visit for hospitable weather, but you should expect larger crowds, especially during April when the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is held

A busy street with large palm trees on the side and mountains in the background.
One of Palm Spring’s most scenic roads – Photo from Canva

How many days do you need in Palm Springs?

You could spend months in Palm Springs and still never run out of things to do, but 3 days is ideal in order to get a good feeling of the city and fit in a few day trips to Joshua Tree and other nearby destinations as well.

How to get around Palm Springs?

Walking is a great way to get around downtown Palm Springs as the city is very walkable.

However, renting a car is recommended in order to explore the rest of the Coachella Valley as many of the top Palm Springs attractions are located there.

Tips for visiting Palm Springs

✔️ Rent a car. While exploring downtown Palm Springs can be done on foot, a car will allow you to visit more attractions outside the city.

✔️ Weekdays are ideal to visit if you’re traveling on a budget as most hotels and resorts boost their rates on weekends.

✔️ You’re in the desert, so drink lots of water and wear lots of sunscreens.

✔️ Avoid visiting during the summer months. Not only is the weather scorching hot and will make it hard to explore, but during July and August, many establishments shut down or limit their hours.

FAQs about the Instagrammable spots in Palm Springs

What is Palm Springs best known for?

Palm Springs is known for its sunny weather, fine dining restaurants, natural hot springs, quirky art scene, golf courses, natural hot springs, and incredible art museums. It’s also known for being a favorite getaway destination for Hollywood celebrities since the 30s.

What is the nicest part of Palm Springs?

The nicest part of Palm Springs is Downtown Palm Springs, especially for visitors. Most hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants are located along Palm Springs Canyon Drive and its surroundings.

What are quiet hours in Palm Springs?

The city has a strict 24-hour noise ordinance. Guests should keep the voice and entertainment volume at a reasonable level throughout the day.

Where can I take pictures in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is one huge outdoor photo studio! You will find incredible places to take pictures all over, be it on the street, inside hotels, at restaurants, and at many museums all over town. 

Moreover, there are plenty of attractions located on the outskirts of Palm Springs that are wonderful setting to take pictures at as well, ranging from vast deserts to quirky roadside attractions and just about everything in between.

Where do celebrities hang out in Palm Springs?

It’s not rare to spot celebrities all over Palm Springs as it is a very popular getaway destination for Hollywood stars. 

The Parker Palm Springs is a go-to for many famous people, as many of them book their Palm Springs stay there and also hang out at the property’s restaurants and bars.

Summary: The Most Instagrammable Spots in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is not only a wonderful destination, but it’s also a wonderland for photography lovers and those who want to create beautiful content for their social media channels.

All over Palm Springs, you’ll find a plethora of incredible photo spots, be it at luxurious pools with mountain views inside hotels, gorgeously decorated restaurants, and even hidden corners in most streets and alleys.

Moreover, thanks to Palm Spring’s location in the heart of the desert, you’ll also have the option to drive outside for more incredible photo spots in the desert or at quirky roadside attractions and more.