Italian Taxi App: 5 Best Taxi Apps in Italy

Wondering what the best taxi apps in Italy are? You have landed in the right place. 

I have been to Italy quite a few times and taxi apps have been a lifesaver when I had to move around in a highly-trafficked city such as Milan or Rome.

Especially when it’s hard to find a taxi to hail on the street, instead of getting frustrated, you can just open your app and find one available for you to pick you up in no time.

Taxi Apps in Italy work like UBER or Lyft, but they are more popular, especially because UBER in Italy is not so common, for different reasons that I will explain here below. 

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So, if you plan to visit Italy, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Taxi Apps in Italy. 

Italian Taxi Apps: What is the best Italian taxi app?

πŸš– FreeNow (for iOS, Android, Huawei)

Unlike other countries, Italy’s taxi services are still a top choice for transportation due to the powerful taxi unions that protect them against chauffeur services. 

Furthermore, recently, taxi companies have modernized their services, so rather than trying to look for a taxi while on the road, you can simply book one through their mobile applications. 

FreeNow is perhaps the most popular app in Italy. In fact, you can find it in more than 100 cities in Europe. In Italy, it operates in Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin, Catania, Palermo, and Cagliari. 

Through Free Now, you can request a ride, receive a fare estimate, manage your booking through the interface, and pay in advance through the app.

Therefore, the app allows you to know from the start the price range and not risk arriving late at the airport since you can secure your ride on time.

A taxi driver in the beige jacket is holding a cigar beside his yellow taxi.
Italian taxi driver – Photo from Canva

πŸš– ItTaxi (for iOS, Android, Huawei)

After thorough research and a desire to improve Italy’s taxi services, ItTaxi Network developed through a relationship of trust, courtesy, and transparency.

Today, ItTaxi has about 12,000 taxi drivers and operates in 95 Italian cities. Thus, it is generally locals’ favorite app, while for travelers, it is convenient due to the app’s feature of saving your favorite routes.

Additionally, ItTaxi focuses on technological innovation. Particularly it pays critical attention to social and environmental issues. So, it is undoubtedly one of the most progressive apps in Italy. 

Therefore, ItTaxi is constantly praised by customers thanks to its high-quality standards, eco-friendly attitude, unique service, and incredible experience drivers provide. 

A taxi driver smiling from his window on his yellow taxi.
Taxi driver in Italy – Photo from Canva

πŸš– WeTaxi (for iOS and Android)

WeTaxi’s mission is to provide innovation, passion, and the power of communication to Radiotaxi. And indeed, they managed to do it easily through hard work and imagination. 

Created in 2015, WeTaxi is one of the best taxi apps loved by Italians. It is an innovative network letting you immediately find a taxi based on your geolocation. 

Today, they operate in over 20 Italian cities, including Rome, Milan, Turin, and Naples.

So, while exploring these beautiful cities and finding yourself in need of a taxi, you can call the nearest taxi through the app. 

Furthermore, WeTaxi allows you to know instantly the amount you will need to spend, and if you share the taxi with other passengers, you can save up to 50%.

Traffic in Italy full of yellow taxis.
Grabbing a taxi is a great way to avoid having to handle the busy traffic yourself – Photo from Canva

πŸš– Apptaxi (for iOS and Android)

AppTaxi covers 18 Italian cities, including Bologna, Cagliari, Milan, Palermo, and Venice. It is operated with the primary Radiotaxi in Italy and is easy to use.

Specifically, you just need to turn on GPS or manually enter your starting address, and you can immediately find a nearby taxi. 

Furthermore, the moment you choose your route, you can get an estimate for your trip, and once you decide, you can choose whether you want to pay in advance or directly to the taxi driver. 

Additionally, travelers find it useful due to its feature of configuring the ride as they want.

In other words, the app allows you to select the date, the type of vehicle, the number of passengers, and if any animals will be traveling with you.

Also, AppTaxi is the only app that operates in Venice and allows travelers to call for a water taxi.

Last but not least, AppTaxi is committed to Green Mobility, thus you can choose to travel in hybrid or electric vehicles to respect the environment.

A woman holding her phone is hailing her taxi using one of the taxi apps in Italy.
You can book a taxi with the app, or you can still just hail one in the streets – Photo from Canva

πŸš– Scooterino (for iOS and Android)

Scooterino is an innovative and ingenious app for travelers to explore Rome or Florence more quickly and enjoyably. However, rather than a taxi service, it is transportation with the local’s favorite method, a Vespa.

Specifically, Scooterino is a scooter-sharing app where passengers can hitch a ride with an expert scooterist and experience the Italian “dolce vita” fantasy. 

Still, Scotterino is indeed a transportation app, meaning drivers will take you to your destination on time. For instance, Scooterino allows you to request a ride on demand.

Otherwise, you can book a ride in advance to increase your chances of finding someone who will accept your request. 

The advantage of this service is splitting the journey’s cost with the passengers and drivers. However, all payments are completed in advance through the app. 

A yellow Vespa on the street in Italy.
Riding a Vespa is one of the must-dos when in Italy; they’ll also make for excellent Insta-worthy pics! – Photo from Canva

Does Italy have Uber or Lyft?

Both Uber and Lyft operate in Italy but are not as popular as taxi apps. As mentioned previously, taxi services in Italy are protected by law thanks to taxi unions.

Therefore, there is a lack of Uber and Lyft drivers due to the resistance of other taxi drivers. 

Nevertheless, Uber and Lyft can be found in several cities in Italy, including Milan, Rome, Catania, Naples and Bologna among others

Also, these apps function like everywhere else in the world, but with Uber, you can call a Yellow taxi, UberXL, and UberFamily.

However, the Taxi apps in Italy are the most valid Uber equivalent in Italy.

How to Get a Taxi in Italy

No matter where you are, the endeavor to get a taxi is pretty similar. So, the usual ways to get one are through car services, radio taxis, a taxi station, and hailing one that has its roof light on. 

However, an essential thing to be aware of is taxi scams, which usually are easy to detect.

To be more precise, you can realize that a taxi is reliable from its exterior. For instance, most taxis feature a city emblem, while their fares are displayed at the taxi stations or even on the taxi’s window. 

Also, when entering a taxi, check the meter to be sure the “Tarrifa 1” is on because that indicates you are driving within the city walls and has a lower rate.

Otherwise, if “Tarrifa 2” or “Tarrifa 3” is lit up, it means your driver is trying to cheat you with double or triple rates. This is because “Tarrifa 2” or “Tarrifa 3 are used only for trips outside the walls, in the suburbs, or the airport.

What are the rates of taxi rides in Italy?

Overall, taxis can be quite expensive. In fact, travelers are often overcharged.

Furthermore, rates in Rome can be very high compared to other European capitals. But still, taxi services in Italy are of a higher quality compared to other countries due to the laws on taxis. 

A customer pays bills to the taxi driver - with taxi apps in Italy you can just pay through your smartphone.
The most common way to pay for a taxi is with cash, but other methods are available too – Photo from Canva

πŸ’° Common fees

Here is a list of the minimum fares and rates per kilometer:

  • The minimum fare on weekdays from 6 am to 10 pm is €3 
  • The minimum fare on public holidays from 6 am to 10 pm is €4.50
  • The minimum fare at night is €6.50
  • The rate per kilometer for Tariffa 1 is €1.10 
  • The rate per kilometer for Tariff 2 is €1.30 
  • The rate per kilometer for Tariff 3 is €1.60

πŸ’° Supplementary fees

Here is a list of supplementary fees:

  • The surcharge for each additional suitcase per passenger is €1 
  • The surcharge for telephone reservations is €3.50 
  • For one hour of waiting time, the supplementary fee is €27 

Other Ways to Get Around Italy

πŸš„ Trains

If you want to travel around Italy, the train is the easiest and cheapest way.

They operate and connect every region and city in Italy, and in fact, high-speed trains link the major cities such as Rome, Bologna, Milan, and Florence.

Also, some trains connect Italy with other countries and foreign territories like Vatican City, San Marino, Switzerland, Austria, and France.

Train in Italy at the train station.
High-speed trains connect the major Italian cities – Photo from Canva

🚌 Buses

Similarly to trains, the bus network in Italy is an excellent choice both because it is cheap and connects all regions of Italy and beyond.

However, even though it is the most cost-effective choice, the journey from one place to another by bus can be slow and agonizing because of the narrow streets, which are often congested.

πŸš‹ Trams

Although trams are rather outdated, they are still in use in major cities like Rome and Milan. It is a convenient method of traveling and transferring since they are cheap.

Furthermore, they are quite an exciting way of traveling for travelers due to them creating a picturesque image.

A yellow tram in Italy.
Taking a tram is a cheap way to move between the major sights in Rome – Photo in Canva

⛴️ Ferries

Of course, ferries are not used in every city in Italy, but if you are traveling in Venice or other islands, ferries are constantly on schedule transferring travelers and locals between the mainland and the islands.

Also, if you have a car or a motorbike, you can have it on board the ferry.

πŸš— Ridesharing

Recently, ridesharing has become a popular method of transportation from one place to another, quicker, safer, and cheaper.

Specifically, ridesharing apps are an innovative taxi method where you can book a ride to share with other passengers and split the price between them and the driver.

A famous app used not only in Italy but also in other European countries is BlaBlaCar.

πŸš™ Driving

Italian drivers are infamous for being reckless, so it might be a little bit risky to drive around Italy.

Nevertheless, driving is an excellent choice for those who want to discover Italy’s beautiful countryside.

But remember that unless you have an EU driving license to drive in Italy, you need an international driver’s permit. 

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🚲 Cycling

Cycling within a city might be a bit challenging unless you are already adept at cycling in an urban area.

However, Italy is known for its green hills, coastal path, and lakeside retreats, so what’s better than cycling in such marvelous landscapes?

For those wishing to experience such a beautiful way of traveling, you can find plenty of bike rentals across Italy.

A man in the suit is cycling on a street in Italy.
Hop on your bicycle when you’re out of the city center! – Photo from Canva

🚢 Walking

Walking is the greatest method for exploring Italy’s stunning tourist attractions, such as historical and cultural sites and beautiful nature paths.

However, it is also necessary to be prepared for Italy’s scorching summer, so if you plan to discover Italy on foot, remember to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 

How to find the best place to stay in Italy

Here is a quick bonus. Finding where to stay in Italy can be daunting as there are so many unique places for all budgets and styles.

But this map is a great way to find out the best accommodation for you, close to your favorite attractions and at the right price. Check it out.

How to use the map: Zoom in to the specific city you want to go to and click on the hotel price you want to check out. You will land on the booking site you selected where you can read all the details of the place and the final price before making. your booking.

FAQs about taxis in Italy

Is there a ride-share app in Italy?

Yes, there are two ridesharing apps. The best app in Italy for sharing with others across Italy and beyond is BlaBlaCar, while Scooterino is best for exploring the cities of Rome and Florence.Β 

Are taxis in Italy cash only?

No, you can use a variety of payment methods, especially if you book it in advance. However, if you hail a taxi, then you can use either cash or a card.Β 

Do you tip taxi drivers in Italy?

Tipping in Italy is not mandatory, so you can simply use the tradition of “rounding up.” For instance, if you’re charged €9.50, you can hand over €10 and tell them to keep the change. Furthermore, if the driver is helpful, friendly, and overall has excellent manners, a €1 or €2 tip will be much appreciated.Β 

Final Thoughts: Italian Taxi App

Italian Taxi Apps are undoubtedly excellent for finding a taxi immediately or booking in advance to be sure you won’t miss your flight, train ride, or appointment.

Furthermore, they are all easy to use, allow travelers to be less stressed over transportation, and avoid crowded public transport at the peak of the tourist season.

About the Author: Lydia Michael

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