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The 37+ Best Digital Nomad Jobs to Work From Anywhere

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There are endless digital nomad jobs that you can choose from. The sky is the limit. You just need to know what you love to do and transform it into a profession that will allow you to travel and work from anywhere you want. I know it’s easier said than done. 

Hopefully, this list of digital nomad jobs will help you figure out what is the best path for you.

I have also interviewed some digital nomad ladies who have successfully gone fully remote and are excited to share their experiences, what they do, and their journey to a laptop lifestyle. 

The idea is to inspire and offer you some ideas and examples of what you can do to support the digital nomad lifestyle.

Therefore the following list of digital nomad jobs will also be supported by testimonials from the people who have made it. 

But before that let’s give you some general info about remote work and digital nomad life. 

Digital Nomad Stats 

Remote work has been a growing trend even before the pandemic. The forced or self-imposed lockdown, only accelerated what was already becoming our reality. 

Actually, if we can find one positive impact that this pandemic had on our society is to show employers that we are as much productive at home as we are in the office, if not more. 

In fact, a Stanford University study conducted over nine months reveals that “remote workers took fewer sick days and were 13% more productive than their in-office counterparts.”

“Research suggests that 23% of remote workers are more willing to put in extra time to complete projects when needed.”

Also, Digital Nomads Save Up to $7,000 a Year – Or More

It’s predicted that by 2035, the number of people holding digital nomad jobs will be approximately 1 billion. 

The majority of digital nomad jobs available are those for developers and programmers, holding 20% of the pool of open roles and the jobs with the best pay. 

But worry not if you are not a tech geek, there are millions of opportunities for us, creative junkies, as well, and even if you really have no idea of what you can do to support your digital nomad lifestyle, keep reading and I am sure you will find some inspiration. 

Consultant jobs were the second-most available roles, at 8% of the open jobs for this type of worker.

Data entry is also a common role requested, with 6%, and sales managers were at 4% of the open roles. 


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Are you sure you want to become a Digital Nomad?

Before moving forward with a list of available jobs that will allow you to work remotely and travel, ask yourself if this is the life that you really want. And to help you we wrote this article on the pros and cons of the Digital Nomad Life. Hopefully, it will help you assess your real needs. 

As I have repeated multiple times being a digital nomad is not a job in itself, it’s a lifestyle, the so-called “laptop lifestyle” that gives you the freedom to be anywhere in the world and work from your laptop. 

Anybody can do it, at any age. I started to work towards my financial freedom as a digital nomad at 45. It took me quite a long time and I have finally found financial stability by working hard and constantly striving to get where I want to be (and I am not done yet).

I have made a lot of mistakes, learned from them (not all the time), read a lot of books about business, mindset, blogging, you name it, and took lots of courses (not all of them worth the money, but you’ve got to take risks sometimes). 

But you need to be ready to invest, face some slumps, but also believe and accept that you can be successful. Because sometimes we don’t realize we are even scared of making it, for whatever reason. 

Also, you just need the right mindset and the willingness to put in hard work and long hours, at least at the beginning. 

Before moving on to the digital nomad job list, I would like to share a few thoughts about the Digital Nomad life, to put you into the right mindset. 

  • Keep your mind open to any possibility 
  • Anybody at any age can change and achieve the life that they want. 
  • You will only need a laptop and an internet connection and the right skills to develop your project or be good at your job, whatever that is.  

Also, keep in mind that the digital nomad life is not all rainbows and unicorns unless you have a trust fund and you never have to work in your life, but that’s another story. 

For all of us that have to support our travels, keep in mind that the pictures you see with people in their swimsuits working from the beach on their laptops are just not realistic.

First of all, you don’t want sand on your computer, second of all, the sunlight reflected on the screen will make it difficult to see and stay focused. 

Before making any rushed decision and ditching your 6 figure corporate job you need to have a clear vision of what to expect from a digital nomad life as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. 

In my case, every time I have a setback or a doubt I focus on the freedom I have now to decide when and from where to work, how many hours, and when to go on a tour instead.

And this is priceless and it’s way more important than all the negative sides of it, which for me are very little. I love what I do and I don’t care about working long hours (more than before) because I know my “Why” and that is what keeps me going. 

If you are determined to pursue the freedom that the Digital Nomad life can give you, you can read first my detailed guide on how to become a digital nomad where I talk about every aspect of it, or, you can just move on to this list of the most popular jobs for digital nomads.

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How to use this Digital Nomad Jobs list

As I mentioned before, job possibilities are endless, and although I will be mentioning the most common digital nomad jobs and the ones I know of if you don’t find anything that you think it’s suitable for you here, worry not.

Many people have even invented their own path and can travel the world while thriving on their businesses.

Use this list and the interviews I will be including, as a way to find inspiration and ideas and create your own reality. 

I don’t want to sound cliche but I do believe that our possibilities are limitless and that if you are determined to achieve your goals, have a clear vision of what your goals are, and work hard you will make it, sooner or later. 

Since there are many jobs that allow you to work remotely I have classified them into groups to help you navigate through them

The 37+ best digital nomad jobs and remote works

Visual art


Many videographers that I know of have started to record videos of their trips and do simple editing realized that they loved what they were doing and decided to become professional videographers, such as Mariska, who kindly shared her amazing story of videography success in her interview.

How? It sounds easy but it’s actually not, it’s like learning a new language, basically.

However with lots of practice and dedication and willingness to learn you can become good at it in a year and the more you do it the better you become. Read Mariska interview to learn more.

woman on a boat on a blue sea

How do you make money as a videographer?

well, there are different ways. Youtube can be a great source of income if you are good and well known. It takes time but once you reach the minimum number to add ads, you can make really good money. 

Also, you can offer your videography service to travel companies or for weddings and other events, like local sports. You can create your own website showcasing your best clips, and reach out to different companies to offer your services. 

Obviously one doesn’t exclude the other, you can do both at the same time while you’re growing your Youtube audience you can work as a freelance for others. 

Once you become really good and you feel you can share your expertise you can even create courses or offer tutorials for those who want to learn. 

Platforms such as Udemy or Domestika, Skillshare are always open to having new teachers, their selective process is not very hard but of course, your success depends on how your students like your courses and the review they leave. So the better teacher you are the more visibility you get, and more money, consequently. 

Tools needed as a videographer

Besides the video camera and lenses and a good mic, you will need to master also the editing tools such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cuts, or other common video editing programs.

Online courses to become a videographer

Luckily nowadays you can find a lot of free tutorials on Youtube but if you prefer to have an organized course there are many platforms that offer great courses for any budget. 


To become a good and well-known photographer that stands out from the crowd is not easy. It requires a lot of practice and a good amount of investment in time and money. 

Nowadays we are all able to become mediocre photographers and take decent photos even without the latest iPhone. But to stand out and be popular is even more difficult than videography. I

t’s not enough to be a good photographer you need to know how to be seen, hence be a great marketer or, be in the right place at the right time 🙂

Having said that, if that’s your passion go for it. My photographer friend always tells me that taking photography is like writing with light.

So understanding how light works is adamant. Although taking pictures is fun, if you want to take amazing ones, you need to learn the art first. There is so much theory involved that having a good eye it’s not enough.

Also, keep in mind that being a photographer is very expensive too. The better quality is the camera and lens the more expensive it is.

However, my friend was also saying, it’s more important who is behind the camera than the camera itself.

And there are many professional photographers that made incredible jobs with the camera phone, just by playing with the light.

So, and I repeat, knowing how the light works with your camera, is basic. I feel like I am writing it to remind myself about those damn exercises! 

Another thing to remember is that the equipment is heavy so if you are a minimalist traveler and love to travel light, I suggest you shall change job 🙂 

woman looking at a bay

How do photographers make money?

Just like videographers, it depends on how good you are in photography and public relations 🙂 It doesn’t help if you have amazing photos and nobody sees them. 

Also, you can specialize in a niche and become an expert at it. For example food, landscape, fashion. Not that’s easy to tap into those fields but the more specific the easier it is to become an expert in that field. 

How to choose your niche? that’s the easy part. Find what inspires you in life and what you love to photograph the most and practice your skills by shooting as much as you can, and take specific courses of video tutorials. If you could find a mentor as well that would be a jackpot. 

It’s very important that you create your portfolio with the best photos and included them in a well-made website where you can also offer the options to sell prints. 

Also, there are specific websites like SmugMug, or Pixels where you can create your page post your best photos, and sell the product that they offer with your image on it.

Some of them, like pixels or society6, do all the marketing for you.

Others like SmugMug or Shopify only offer the platform but you will have to take care of your own marketing. 

The other thing you can do once you get confident with your expertise is to offer your services as a photographer for weddings, events, hotels.

Through your website, you can sell your presets as well. Instagram is a great source of marketing for photographers.

So you better learn also some social media marketing to promote yourself or pay some experts to do it. 

If there is one thing I have learned from my mistakes is that to be successful in any career you need to be willing to invest, even making sacrifices on other stuff, but investing in your own business will help you to grow faster and better.

You can invest in courses, and tools, and hire freelancers to delegate the things that you are not an expert in and are not interested in becoming one. 

There are many valid free video tutorials on Youtube, or you can check creativelive courses.

Create a YouTube Channel

I know I have talked about it already in the videography section but I would like to go more into detail here.

Creating a YouTube channel can become a profession even if you are not an expert videographer. 

If you are an expert in anything, you can just learn the basics of videography or even hire a videographer to record and edit your video about your expertise. For example, any “How to” videos about anything are always a hit, you just need to find a hot topic. I am following an artist that creates video tutorials on youtube and sells her procreate brushes and promote them by offering free video tutorials. Just to give you an example. 

You can teach how to cook, how to gain traffic with SEO, How to install a program or use it, but also history classes, motherhood, politics, health, economy, you name it. The sky is the limit. 

Obviously, there are some topics that are more successful than others and you need to do your search. But my point is that through YouTube videos, if you can build a good and faithful audience you can make good money off ads, without even being good at making videos The important is the content, providing useful information that solves a problem. 

And of course, there are courses and video tutorials that teach you how to monetize your Youtube videos. 

Keep in mind that most of the time people love to see the vlogger’s face, what she’s up and what she has to say, and if you are genuine and honest about who you are and what do you people will be curious to follow you.  

Besides the traditional youtube ads, you can also make money with companies that want to reach out to your audience and sponsor your video.

If you have any ethical concerns, keep in mind that once you are clear and straightforward about your sponsors there is nothing wrong with it. After all, you are providing value and you are not stealing anything. 

computer on a table

Become a Visual Designer or graphic designer

What’s the difference between a visual designer and a graphic designer?

I have recently approached the world of graphic design taking some courses here and there to find out which side of it I am better at.

The entire world of digital art fascinates me and learning a little bit of everything doesn’t make me an expert but it allows me to understand the difference between the different professions. 

Although I have it in my mind, it’s difficult for me to find the words to explain it to you so I want to share this graphic that I have found online and that explains it very clearly. You can link to the picture and get to the article if you want to know more about it. 

InfographicInfographic by Toptal

In short, the visual designer focus on creating visuals for websites apps, and digital platforms but nowadays visual designers also combine the esthetical vision with technical abilities to actually create a website to offer a complete service to the client. 

To have a better idea of what a visual designer does you can check out my interview with a visual designer Madeline who explains her process and how she become a successful designer, her favorite tools, and more practical tips.

The graphic designer is only part of the visual designer’s scope of operation but focuses on a wide variety of designs print advertising information branding and sometimes web designs.

Here some visual designer tools

  • Sketch photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe XD

Graphic designer tools

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Affinity designer
  • Affinity photo
  • Procreate

How can you make money as a graphic designer or visual designer? 

Working as a freelance or for a company as a remote worker would be the best way to make money as a graphic designer. Or you can also create your own works and sell them on Etsy or Pixabay, Society6, or other similar places.  Create your portfolio on a nice website to showcase your work and advertise through SEO or if you like teaching you can create courses and sell them. 

amazing views from a mountain girl looking

Calligraphy and Lettering 

I have grown fond of calligraphy and lettering and bought some courses and enjoyed my time exercising. It’s a practice that requires lots of time and work if you want to do it at a professional level, but if you are an artist already you may have an advantage and get good faster with the right courses and tutorials. 

This kind of art can also be done digitally which is easier and faster to sell. 

Here are some tutorials and courses:

  • Loveleighloops lettering course 
  • Udemy Calligraphy courses
  • Alaina for Procreate courses and brushes. I love her and her art. She provides free tutorials and you can buy her brushes for Procreate but they are very cheap and beautiful. 


The field of writing is quite extensive, incredibly profitable, and full of opportunities if you know where to find them and most of all if you are good.

You can either write for yourself and set up your own blogging business (see below in the entrepreneur section) or you can work as a freelance writer and provide content for other sites.

Nowadays all the most authoritative sites need writers to provide content because good content that is SEO friendly helps their site to appear on Google SERP and therefore attracts readers and potential buyers to their business. 

Where do you find writing gigs? I will talk about it here below.


The copywriter is a writer that writes with the intent to persuade the reader, normally to buy a product or a service. That’s why the copywriter job is very valuable and can be very lucrative, for the value they provide to the company sales. 

You can easily find copywriting gigs on Upwork and Fiverr or other similar platforms. It’s most likely that if you prove your skills as a copywriter you may be able to find multiple gigs for the same company while still remaining in your privileged position as a freelancer working from anywhere.  

digital nomad jobs

Freelance writer

As I mentioned earlier there is a high demand for writers in many different fields. Actually, if you are specialized in any discipline and you cannot practice while traveling you can always write about it.

Think about lawyers, medical science, biologist, psychologists, you name it.

There are many niche sites that are always in need of a technical writer that is particularly knowledgeable on specific topics. 

There are also many e-commerce sites that need writers for product reviews. I find it kind of boring but it can be a good starting point. 

Writers can make from 10 USD a piece to 500 it really depends on your skills, expertise level, and also the financial possibility of the employer. 

I would suggest you not be demanding at the beginning unless you can prove your writing style through previous successful publications, so you can build your own portfolio and after a few successful gigs, you can increase your price. 

It’s also useful to create your own blog that you use as a business card or CV to showcase your work where potential clients can check out your writing style. 

I have just hired writers both on Fiver and Upwork and in both cases I selected the writer based on their professionality, meaning, great writing skills and initiative, understanding SEO, timely responsiveness, and of course a mutual agreement on the price point.

Places where you can find writing gigs 


Many don’t realize that the translator is a real profession that requires skills, the first one being writing! Who would have told, right? 🙂 Deep knowledge of the language you are translating into is another basic requirement for this job.

Usually, you would translate from a foreign language into your own native language but if you are fully confident that you know another idiom so well you can give it a try. I wouldn’t risk it though. 

On any freelancer work site, you can find these kinds of gigs. 


Again, you need to be a good writer first in order to be an editor, actually even better than a writer because as an editor you are supposed to make the writers’ works shine!

Hence, you must be really good in grammar, rhetoric, punctuation, and tone, you need to be able to understand if the structure of the phrase flows and you need to have a good eye for details. 

And, surprise surprise, it’s not enough to be a native speaker of the language you editing in order to be a good editor. I have had texts edited by native English speakers and I had to correct many mistakes. (and English is not my first language) 

Proofreaders and editors are real careers and I found many people on Fiverr making lots of clients with a waiting list of weeks. So if you are good, you can even create your portfolio of repeating clients and have consistent work while you travel the world.

Also, read my interview with a proofreader, editor and transcriptionist

Self-published author

I know it’s easier said than done, but if writing is your biggest passion and you want to wake up every morning and spend all day writing, you have a story to tell and you master your language, why not?

I was taking a creative live course by Jeff Goin on how to become a writer. He’s a best-selling author and he was mentioning that some of his successful students are unknown to the general public but they managed to create their audience for their specific genre and they are now making a living with it.

If you don’t know where to start you can get his course on creativelive, it’s very affordable and it will give you an idea on how to move forward besides writing of course.

There are also many inspirational books about getting read of the writer blog or the impostor syndrome and starting your “damn book”. Here below I am including the one I loved.

Beginner jobs

I call them beginners’ jobs because those may not be your ultimate dream job for a lifetime but they will help you get by and pay for your trips while you are figuring out your real calling.

Also, they may be quite boring but don’t really require specific skills. It’s indeed a good starting point if you don’t really know what profession makes your heart sing.


It may be a creativity killer, but if you are an English native and you can type relatively fast it can be a good starting point in your digital nomad career.

It’s not very well paid but if you put in the work you can make enough money. The good part is that there are websites where you subscribe and you check a dashboard with all the jobs and you can pick the ones you want as many as you want.

That is great for flexibility as you can decide when and how much work you want to do, according to your needs. 

Complete Surveys

Another side hustle can be filling out surveys. is one of the sites that pay people to share their reviews and opinion, lifestyle, habits, and more.

Only people from the US, Canada, and Australia can participate and they investigate your identity before crediting your points. 

You won’t get rich but it’s nice pocket money while you travel. 

Teaching Languages

Becoming an English teacher is one of the most common digital jobs that you can do from everywhere you are if you have good wifi.

Usually, the most demanded are native English speakers for English teaching but sometimes even non-natives with a very good knowledge of the language are accepted. And sometimes even other languages are requested (see ITALKY)

There is plenty of online platforms where you can apply as an English teacher. Some of them have set rates others let you set your price based on your experience. It’s up to you to make yourself a name and be requested. 

Here are some platforms where you can find English teaching jobs online:

  • Skooli
  • DaDa
  • QKids
  • iTutorGroup
  • Gogokid 
  • Whales English
  • English Hunt
  • Italky

On this site, you can find more information on each school.

Although some platforms don’t require a certification, I believe it’s important to get one, for yourself and for your students.

Nowadays it’s very easy to get certified online and there are many institutions that provide the tools to prepare yourself and take your exams. 

Check out Aisha interview where she gives advice on how to become an English teacher, among other resources.

Online institution to get certified as an Online English Teacher

woman sitting on a cliff looking at the landscape

IT / Computer science 


Programmers are basically computer savvy that creates software, websites, and apps. 

This kind of job has its pros and cons as any others. The main challenge is that it has a very steep learning curve for the complexity of the subject and most of all the fast-changing environment.

On the other hand, thanks to the fast-growing pace of the digital world there is always a high demand for software developers and the stronger is your expertise the higher your salary. 

Also, it’s a job that you can do independently and sometimes you don’t even need to be online. So it’s perfect for digital nomads as there are many places where good WIFI is not so easy to find. 

Website developer

Website developers can be either programmers or digital designers with a basic (or deep) knowledge of programming.

To be honest nowadays, in order to create a good website a knowledge of programming is not enough. You need to develop artistic skills and knowledge of the basic rules of design.

The perfect web designer is called UX Designer, which stands for User Experience Designer. There are even specific courses on that. 

The UX designer creates compelling sites that aim to enhance the user experience for successful interaction with the user. 

It is an interesting profession that combines technical efficiency with creativity. Basically, you never get bored but your level of knowledge must be very broad and an eye for aesthetics will help.

There are many courses where you can start from. Some of them are free others are relatively cheap. But if you want to get certified you may need to enroll in schools or institutions and those are more pricy but you get more support as well, like in a real school.

Other IT-related jobs:

  • App Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Shopify Developer


The marketing field is vast and gone are the days when you can only work in marketing if you work for a marketing agency or the marketing department of a corporation. Nowadays everything can be done online and remotely. 

Also, there are many different specializations within the marketing arena, and although it is necessary to be knowledgeable in every aspect of it, specialization is nowadays one of the keys to acquiring the necessary expertise to stand out. 

Here below are some of the main marketing specializations where you can really thrive as a marketing consultant and work as a freelancer and remotely.

SEO Specialist

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Nowadays it’s one of the most valuable skills and great SEO Specialists make tons of money because they provide unique great value.

But what is SEO exactly? It’s the “art” to make a post rank on the first page of google search (SERP), even better if it’s among the top three positions.

Basically one of the skills you should master even if you are a blogger. It’s not so easy although the rules are pretty basic, it’s not a perfect science because lots of variables are at play, including finding the right keywords, structuring the blog posts the way google likes it (and the readers), and building backlinks. 

And since nowadays many online business owners understand the importance of SEO, and study it, it is even more difficult and competitive to be featured on Google’s first page.

And that’s why the higher is your level of expertise, the higher you position yourself in the SEO Consultant Market. 

SEO experts either create their own SEO consulting companies even as a solopreneur or work for big corporations as freelance or external consultants. The better you are the easier will be for you to set the rules. 

There are many SEO courses available but my best advice is first to read all the material that google offers online for free. Backlinko is a website with lots of SEO resources.

Also, there are free Youtube Video tutorials such as The income school and many podcasts among which the Theory of content (which is also a FB group) and The Blogging Millionaire.

There is a lot online about blogging but also a lot of fluff. So make sure you look for authoritative authors.

Social Media Marketer

Because basically every brand must have a social media presence, and many of them are old school and don’t understand how it works and doesn’t have the time or the resources to learn, they would hire an external social media manager (or marketer).

Social media marketing helps create and grow the social media presence of the company brand through the most adequate channel for the kind of products.

Sometimes the social media manager besides taking care of all the social media posts also acts as a community manager administering comments and messages from the community and making sure to keep the brand well-positioned in the market. 

Marketing manager

The marketing manager takes care of all the aspects of Marketing of a company, including but not limited to social media.

Her tasks include assuring that the company’s brand is “seen” and well-positioned in the market, which must lead to an increase in sales.

I spoke with Sarah, the marketing manager of an online startup and she shares with us what her job is like and her daily routine and how she can do it while on the road. Read the interview with a Marketing Manager

Affiliate Marketer

An Affiliate Marketer is a little limiting as a definition but it’s basically somebody who promotes products and services and gets a commission from every sale.

It can be done through youtube videos, social media, or through a website. The affiliate marketer is a solopreneur and acts independently from the companies she promotes. 

There are platforms (such as CJ, Awin, Shareasale, Rakuten) that are aggregators of multiple brands where you can subscribe, get an affiliate link, and suggest it to your reader. 

In order to succeed it’s very important to build an authority in your field of expertise and become trustworthy so that your reviews become valuable to the reader and they buy your suggested products.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the ways bloggers make money. 


I believe being an entrepreneur is the best job for a digital nomad because although you still put many hours into it, it’s your business after all and you want it to thrive, but you don’t have the burden of reporting to a boss or having to stick to a fixed schedule.

As an entrepreneur, you are free to make your schedule and it doesn’t matter how tight it can be, it’s your own company and, supposedly, you do it with love. At least, I do. 🙂

Blogging career

Blogging as a profession is a beautiful business. First of all, because you are your own boss and you can manage your time as you please, but most of all because you can decide the topic you want to write about and you learn a lot of blogging skills and interesting strategies that you never get bored.

The downside of blogging as a career is that it’s a long process and it takes a while before you become successful and can support yourself financially.

This is true in general but there are bloggers that have made it in a relatively short time, with the right strategy and the right niche. There are blogging courses and tutorials for this but I will talk about it in the next post.

It really depends on many factors. I am a travel blogger, as you know, and it took me forever to be where I am now, with many setbacks and downfalls, but I never gave up. I lost battles but continued fighting for my ultimate purpose.

I love writing, I love sharing my experience when I know it’s helpful to others. And I wanted to make money blogging to be able to do it full time and support my life on the road.

Although I knew that the travel blog market is saturated, I hustled as if I had no other choice. I had to win or die trying. 

I won the latest battles but it’s a continuing struggle, but I like it. Actually, I am not sure I have used the right metaphor. Because I love what I am doing so it’s not really a war zone.

I don’t feel any difference in the level of happiness between when I travel and when I work. And that’s basically what each one in this world should achieve, no matter what we do. 

Anyway, if you are willing to put in the work and learn the business, of course, I recommend blogging. If you have enough savings you can just focus on blogging and living on your savings while building your business, if not you can find some side hustle such as writing for somebody else like I did. 

Now, if you want to blog you must know that blogging is not just about writing. There are tons of other things that you must learn about. Starting from SEO, to Social Media, and some other technical stuff. You don’t need to be techy and you can outsource most of the things.

But probably at the beginning, you want to learn it all so that when you outsource you know what to look for. 

I started by myself with the help of a techy friend, who was really a blessing. Now that I have two blogs and an income I hired more writers and bought tools that are helping me achieve my goal and I will probably hire a virtual assistant in the future.

But still, there are many aspects of blogging to consider.  

I will share my blogging tools in a different post but here below are three courses that I personally took and I find them beneficial if you are starting off just now.

Blogging fast lane – for very beginner bloggers who have ZERO ideas on where to start. This course will give you a blueprint of what blogging is about and a step-by-step guide that takes you by the hand through your blogging process every step of the way.

Not suitable for those who are already blogging and know the basics. It’s kind of pricy and I have to be honest I believe you can find what they teach online for free.

However having everything at hand without having to look for it on the expansive web, is a blessing. 

Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson is a life-changer for those who have been into blogging for a while but want to get to the next level. It focuses on a specific strategy to find keywords on AHREFS that you can rank for starting from your competitor analysis.

Besides that, it gives you other useful tips to take your blogging business to a different level. I am halfway through the course and I need to implement everything I learned but it’s already mind-blowing for what I have learned. 

Travel Blog Prosperity – by Jessy from Jessy on a Journey. I loved this blogging course for the way it’s structured with monthly payments while you have access to the entire course immediately.

With this link, you can take a free course and at the end of the course, you will be offered to enroll in the course for as little as 9 USD for the first month.

Then you can decide if you want to continue at a full rate of 49USD or quit. No questions asked. But Jessy is awesome and will provide you with so many great insights and tricks about blogging besides my favorite weekly appointment with Q&A questions.

This is definitely my favorite course if you need general advice about blogging and not only related to SEO.

I may be biased but I find blogging a fascinating journey and for me one of the best jobs you can do online if you realize that it’s not only about writing.

The best part of it is that you can really manage your time as you please and that’s for me is priceless.

Audio Producer

This is a broad field that not many people know about and yet can be a great career if it’s something that may interest you. It includes jobs like voice-over, audio software/ producing music, and video.

It would be ideal if you already knew the basics of audio production and software for sound design, mixing, and mastering. But if it sounds like something that appeals to you, you can always learn from scratch.

Among the tools you will need are a good audio recording setup, like a microphone, and an ability to communicate clearly but also to use your voice and change it according to the clients’ needs.

Probably an acting course would help. It is indeed not for everybody.

There are many voice-overs and other audio-related gigs on Fiver. But I am sure there are more platforms out there.

Once you get started and find your way into this world you may be able to build a list of clients for whom you can work while you travel. It can be quite lucrative.

Strategic Consultant

The Strategic Consultant or Brand Strategist works at a very high level of business helping companies to generate or transform new ideas into business assets.

I have interviewed Penelope Sloan a Brand Strategist and entrepreneur who says “I’m a concepts generator and extractor of ideas! I really love helping my clients take their ideas or visions to the next level.  I’ve worked with many types of entrepreneurs and businesses, including tech start-ups as their design director – where I took a very vague idea (what he wanted the brand to be known for) and presented my ideas on how to model the concept and company.”

This job requires a broad level of skills and know-how but also the ability to market yourself and find the right clients. Check out Penelope’s interview to find out about her journey and what you need to succeed in this field.

ECommerce owner

Having an e-commerce business is quite common among digital nomads and it can be very lucrative if you find the right product and learn how to market it correctly on the right sale channels.

Many e-commerce owners have a dropshipping business which means they sell products from their platform and they buy them from another platform that provides the shipping to the original buyer.

Or you can have your own product and sell them on Amazon or your own website, and make a deal with a company that provides storage and shipping of your products.

Very easy to set up in the US. It can be quite lucrative if you know all the inside-out of the business, including laws and technical aspects.

This kind of business require also a good level of customer service and being active when you receive the order but also you need to treat your website as a blog, optimize your SEO for clients to find you and master email marketing funnels, build backlinks, and your social media presence.

In my opinion, is much more fun and totally hassle-free to create a digital product and sell them online, which is something I want to do in the future. Especially if you are an art lover or graphic designer or photographer, all activities that I have already talked about. You can sell them online either on your own website or on third-party platforms.

Here are my favorite platforms where to sell online

Fitness Coach

I just discovered that you can be an online Fitness coach following Meaghan exercise program. She is offering lots of valuable content through her YouTube Channel on how to stay fit by smart eating and fast doable exercises that you can do even from home.

She caters to all kinds of women of all ages who want to get fit.

And she also offers personal training programs where she follows you (always online) step by step through your journey towards the kind of body that you want to achieve.

I am not saying this to advertise Maeghan, although I highly recommend her if you are in need to change your regimen and want to get better eating habits, she is an example to follow if you are into fitness and you want to transform your regular business into an online one.

Business Coach

Business coaches are highly skilled entrepreneurs with a broad knowledge of business building, organization, mindset, and more.

They have the ability to vision and understand what you need to succeed with your business goals and help you take action.

The business of coaching, in general, has become quite common because it’s very lucrative. However, not all business coaches are legit and have the knowledge that it takes to lead somebody else to success.

You must be mindful of your level of knowledge and expertise and know if you can really help somebody else to achieve their goals. You need to have proof of success and have walked that talk.

But also not all successful business people are cut to be coaches. Teaching/coaching is not for everybody it requires a high level of empathy, and understanding of people’s psychology besides technical skills.

If you think this is your path, I would recommend taking some coaching sessions yourself and assessing your ability and skills.

When you are ready to start helping others, offer some free sessions to test your abilities on the field and also acquire new clients who can leave you a review.

That will help first to be more confident and refine your method and also acquire more clients with your reviews (if they are good of course)

Career coach for remote work

I didn’t know that was a thing until I have interviewed Juliana.

As a career coach for remote work, she helps other digital nomads like you to find their online job and offer you great advice on your career.

Juliana transformed her career as human resources manager into a profession that he can do from wherever she is, leveraging on skills that she already had and becoming her own boss while helping many people like you to become digital workers and travel the world while making money.

Now, of course, if you are struggling to find an online job Juliana can help you.

But I am also sharing her experience to show you that you can do it too. If you have a degree in psychology and experience in the human resources field you can indeed turn your experience into a digital nomad job.

But it should also inspire you to turn whatever you are doing into an online business that you can do from everywhere.

Life Coach

A life coach has a huge responsibility, to help those who are lost and can’t figure themselves out and give her some direction, some safety space where to develop their own inner being.

As I said, a huge responsibility and definitely not for everyone.

What skills do you need? I do believe you need a strong set of skills and deep knowledge in different areas, from psychology to holistic healing, the laws of the universe, and some business as well.

But first of all, you need to have proven success in helping others achieve their goals and because of that, you must have gone through the same process that therapists do, you need to know and understand the in and out of human psychology.

I would recommend this kind of career to only those who have been certified therapists and want to expand their field of expertise.

Think that people are putting their life in your hand. It’s a big responsibility. You have to be prepared if you want to do it ethically and responsibly.

Long distance therapist

I have been on psychotherapy for 6 years and all the time through online sessions. I have a friend who is a healer and she does it online. I take other holistic therapies online.

The pandemic proved to us that it is possible to transform the majority of our activities into an online business.

However, you cannot just invent yourself as a therapist. You need to be one first. So whether you are a psychologist, a holistic therapist, or anything else that doesn’t require physical contact, you can do it online.

Feng Shui Consultant

I am sure you are asking yourself what is a Feng Shui coach now. Maybe you have never heard of it. But I am sure you know, even vaguely what Feng Shui is.

Well, if you are interested in knowing more and how you can do it too, I let you find out through the words of Charlie herself, a Feng Shui Consultant.

In his interview, she kindly shares her journey how she becomes a feng shui consultant, and what she actually does in her day-to-day job.

Virtual Assistant

I have included the virtual assistant in the entrepreneurial activities because it is possible to be both at the same time. But what does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant is usually a freelancer that helps other entrepreneurs with many different tasks that they want to delegate and outsource.

A virtual assistant can specialize in specific tasks or can look after many different activities. It is like being an assistant but online. You don’t need to be in the office to be a virtual assistant, of course. Hence “VIRTUAL.

There are courses to become a virtual assistant but I am not sure how good they are and how much they teach you about technical stuff, that’s because being a virtual assistant (VA) is not actually a job per se. The job of a VA is defined by what she actually does.

For example, there are VA specialized in Pinterest management, others can do multiple tasks, such as editing posts in WordPress(in the case of Bloggers) responding to emails, managing mailing lists, Ecommerce customer service, for example, and other different jobs that require assisting the owner of a business in multiple assignments and tasks.

Even a social media manager, somebody specialized in managing any social media channel, can work as a virtual assistant for brands or bloggers and help them manage their social media channels.

I still consider it an entrepreneurial job because once you have acquired the expertise and if you are good at acquiring clients you can set up your own VA company and manage a team of VA or make a partnership with other VA with complementary expertise and work as a team. This for me is part of entrepreneurial work.

So if you like the idea of working as a virtual assistant I would suggest you pick a task at a time and be the best at it. For example, start managing Microsoft office very well.

Mastering excels, Word and PowerPoint will definitely give you extra credits in your search.

If you like the blogging world but you don’t want to have your own blog you can still learn about affiliate marketing, editing, Pinterest management, and SEO, and look for jobs as a VA for other bloggers.

You can search in blogging groups or platforms such as FIVERR or UPWORK.

Other remote jobs ideas

Didn’t find anything that you can relate to? here are some more ideas to help you transform your skills into a new reality.

Nowadays, thanks to the power of the internet it is very easy to turn our skills and know-how into a completely new job opportunity or an entrepreneurial venture.

You just need a little bit of creativity and be open to some revolutionary ideas. And remember that in order to succeed in anything you do you need to know your WHY.

Here below are some more remote work ideas.

  • Are you a chef? create a food blog
  • Are you a lawyer? Choose a niche and become a law consultant (maybe for digital nomads?)
  • Do you like teaching? Are you good at it? master a skill and create an online course
  • Are you an artist? sell your art online and create online courses for wannabe artists
  • Do you have accounting skills and do you know the law? Be an online Bookkeeper
  • Would you like simple tasks that you can do at your pace? Search for Data Entry jobs
  • Love your actual job but want to do it remotely? Ask your boss if it’s possible.
  • Do you have problem-solving skills? Become a customer service agent

Top sites where to find freelance jobs / remote work

Final thoughts

Here we have arrived at the cheesy part. I do believe that we can really achieve what we set our minds to and we cannot do it alone, we can ask for help.

As long as we are open to change there is a world full of possibilities out there and it is our duty to find what makes us happy no matter how high is the price we have to pay.

This site that you are reading is proof that it is possible. And I will share everything I know to find your path to freedom and happiness.

End of the cheesy part. Please do let me know if you have any questions and if you think I have missed an important job that you can do remotely.

I’ll be happy to add it. Good luck in finding your amazing remote job!

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