The Best 11 Lavender Fields in Texas

Texas is known for its BBQ, country music, and the state flower, the bluebonnet. As the 2nd largest state in the United States, you are bound to find everything you could want, mountains, cities, hill country, and even the desert out west! One of the lesser-known things that are a must-see is the Lavender Fields in Texas.

In fact, Texas’ dry climate and the alkaline limestone soil of the hill country provide the perfect environment for lavender to grow wildly and you can not miss it. 

Looking to soothe your soul as the wind blows through the lavender fields? Look no further than my guide to the most beautiful lavender fields in Texas.

Traveling throughout Texas can be a bit daunting as the state is huge but no worries, I have broken this guide into three sections for you, the Texas Hill Country and West Texas, and North Texas.

Regardless of what part of the state you find yourself in, you will find incredible scenic views in all of these farms as well as multiple annual lavender festivals that are hosted in many different farms.


When is lavender season in Texas?

The best time of the year to experience the Lavender Fields in Texas is from May to July, which is the blossoming season, however because of the climate, you can still see some Lavender blooming all the way through September.

During late spring and early summer, you will have the opportunity to see lavender in its full effect as it loves the sun, and rarely is the sun not shining in Texas.

Do be aware of the Texas weather as it does begin to get hot towards the end of May with temperatures in the 90’s in July and August. 

You will find everything you need to know for visiting the Lavender Fields in Texas in this guide as well as which farm is best suited for your desires and inspirations.

Some of these farms are close enough that you will be able to visit multiple farms over a weekend and decide for yourself which is the best. 

Map of Lavender Fields in Texas

Lavender fields texas map
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Best Lavender Fields in Texas Hill Country

The first and most prominent area in Texas for Lavender fields is the Hill Country, also known as the lavender capital of Texas, with its dry soil and hot sun, lavender really thrives there.

You will also find a few Lavender Festivals in the area if you plan your trip at the right time which I have included at the bottom of this guide to the best lavender fields in Texas.

Hill Country Lavender Farm

Hill Country Lavender is a small boutique lavender farm right in the heart of the Hill Country, whether you are in Austin or San Antonio this is about a 30-45 minute drive.

The property houses two different farms of 2,000 Lavender plants. This farm has neatly placed rows for you to walk through and even cut your own lavender should you be visiting at the right time of year. 

With handmade lavender gifts and cocktails, this boutique experience will make you feel like family.

They are open Thursday through Sunday and allow you to bring a picnic and enjoy the afternoon. They are already preparing for their 17th annual Blanco Lavender Festival next year, a three-day event with live music, vendors, and distillers for you to sample and enjoy out in the field. 

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Purple Cactus Lavender Farm 

Looking for a relaxing day in the fields? Look no further, as this is my favorite Lavender field in Texas and always seems to reduce my stress levels. Not sure if it is the lavender or if it’s the atmosphere. I’m sure a bit of both!

Located in the small town of Weimer, it is at a 1-hour driving distance either from Houston, Austin, or San Antonio.

As you make your way to the Texas countryside you will feel all the stress of the big cities wash away, you will be able to explore the fields and relax as the wind blows through the blooms. Enjoy a nice beverage and a snack on the deck that is located right next to the lavender fields. 

If you are a planner and really want an in-depth experience or this is your first time, I recommend reaching out to the Purple Cactus Lavender Farm and setting up a tour.

It is five dollars, and you will be learning all the ins and outs of owning a lavender farm, as well as getting acquainted with all the techniques for distilling the essential oils and creating soaps and oils.

You will also receive a complimentary lavender lemonade and a taste of lavender confection when you buy the tour. 

My favorite part of this Lavender Farm is that, if you request it, they will prepare lavender S’mores around the fire pit! I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is a better end to a day. 

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm 

In Southwest Texas, along the Texas trail, you will find yourself amongst the peaceful fields at Chappell Hill Lavender Farm. Just eight miles away from town, in the city known for its bluebonnets, you will find yourself being able to relax and unwind. 

This farm will give you the opportunity to cut your own fresh lavender, as they have a cutting season twice a year. You will be able to stroll along the paths and pick out your own fresh lavender for free of charge. 

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm, right in the heart of bluebonnet country, has become one of my favorite stops throughout the years because they have incorporated so many other things into their farm along with their panoramic views of the fields.

On a hot summer day, you can try some of their homemade lavender ice cream made fresh each week! They also host one of my favorite summertime events.

Their famous Lavender and Wine Fest will give you an opportunity to enjoy the property and its lavender but also meet other lavender farmers in the area and enjoy some Texas wine.

I recommend packing a snack and a blanket as this farm will give you some of the best views. With rolling hills, a pond, and a gazebo for you to shade yourself from the Texas heat you will find yourself wanting to spend all afternoon here. 

Lacey Farm 

I first learned about Lacey Farms at a wedding I attended, with beautiful outdoor seating we were able to smell the lavender every time the wind shifted and an incredible scenic hillside view.

It is one of the prettiest wedding venues I have seen. However, this isn’t a farm that I would go out of my way for as they are more catered to weddings but if you happen to be in Brenham, home of Blue Bell Ice Cream, then it is worth stopping by.

This farm has done an incredible job of turning their own lavender into soaps, oils, lip balm, body lotions, and creams.

If you are seeking to buy some products, then Lacey Farms is the place for you. They sell directly at their own farm store or they have partnered with Kroger and you can find their products there.  

Becker Vineyards and Lavender Farms

I used to just love the aromatic lavender farms and the calmness they brought to me, but after visiting Becker Lavender Farms I have a new appreciation for the plant. If you enjoy history and learning the origins of things, then I cannot recommend Becker Farms enough. 

The owners have been in the business since 1998 after going to France to explore the capital region of lavender. Learning its history, how it grows best, and how to use it most effectively today.

To them, this isn’t just a hobby, but a real passion and you will feel that the moment you step onto the farm. 

Becker’s impressive winery is what they are famous for, and you can find their wine in many stores across the United State.

However, they have stayed the course to growing the best Lavender Field in Texas for all of their guests to enjoy while they sip their wine. Make sure to book a driver if you are headed out this way so you can enjoy the full experience with a wine tasting. 

If you are curious and want to learn more, they host an annual Lavender Farm Festival on the first weekend in May.

You will hear from lavender educational speakers and plenty of vendors that have perfected their lavender process and product.

You will be immersed in gardening tips, cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, and the popular vintner luncheons. This is a can’t miss event in the Hill Country.

Rough Creek Ranch and Lavender Farms

When I think of Texas I think of blue skies and horses, and that is exactly what you get at Rough Creek Ranch and Lavender Farms.

While the main attraction is the ranch where you can feed and ride horses, over the years this ranch has turned into the largest Lavender Farm in the Hill Country.

You are free to walk to the oldest and largest farm here, enjoy the gift shop, or just grab a lemonade and enjoy one of the many benches among the fields. 

As a solo traveler myself, I am always looking for the best new products to make my long journeys more bearable. Here you will find a neck pillow stuffed with lavender and it is a must-buy!

Trust me when I tell you this will change your long train, car, or plane rides. Lay your head to the side and let the lavender bring you comfort and peace on your next journey!

Best Lavender Fields in North and West Texas

Now that we have covered Central and South Texas it is time to move up to the north as well as to west Texas to explore some of the Lavender Fields in the area! 

If you are traveling the north or west part of Texas, the weather is a bit cooler here so the type of lavender to thrive in the area will be a bit different than in the south. The biggest difference will be in the size. Lavender grown in cooler climates is smaller and more compact. However, the plant will last longer and you will still get rows of lavender to stroll through and enjoy!

Imagine Lavender Farms

Imagine Lavender Farms is the perfect place to go and explore your imagination in real life. In 2006, Bernadette, the owner of Imagine Lavender decided to follow her dreams and open up this magical farm and I am so thankful! She has created an atmosphere like no other, with incredible rows of lavender and so many little special touches. 

Along with lavender, you will find an official Monarch way station for the butterflies, where she and her partners have created a space to preserve the Texas land and a conservation area for the monarchs to live and thrive as they migrate across Texas. 

The most unique thing you will find at Imagine Lavender is little spaces for fairies to reside in the farm. As time went on Bernadette began to notice magic happening around the property, little tools that she believes fairies are using.

These fairies are living and bringing energy to the farm. She has cultivated spaces for them and the more she does for them the more she believes they give back to the farm. Open your mind and allow yourself to explore the magic Imagine Lavender has to offer you. 

*At the moment the farm is closed but you can check on their website if they will reopen and their shop locations in Johnson city to purchase their products.

Lavender Ridge Farms

What used to be a strawberry and melon farm with plenty of fruit trees has since turned into one of North Texas’ most famous Lavender farms, Lavender Ridge Farms has been in operation since 2006 and has created a beautiful place for anyone to enjoy. It is located just about ten minutes outside of Gainesville.

This farm is the perfect place for you to spend a spring afternoon. Start your exploration by walking through many of their gardens and lavender fields. You can cut your own lavender bushel if they are ready for cutting.

Once you have your bushel you can visit their rescued animal farm. Full of birds and furry creatures that the owners have adopted and taken care of. This is definitely my favorite thing on this Lavender Farm. 

With an outdoor seating area for their cafe, this is the perfect place to enjoy a lavender incorporated meal or a hot tea.

My favorite is the Lavender Honey Chicken Salad and their famous Lavender Lemon Gooey Butter Cake.

Rockin H Lavender Farm

Rockin H Lavender Farm is one of the newer farms on this list, however, this is one of the most special farms in my book.

Husband and Wife, Rick and Leslie, decided to start a lavender farm and bed and breakfast in 2016. Through trial and error, they were finally able to see their lavender farm flourish in 2019 and currently enjoy a peaceful life.

With rows of lavender for you to walk among and four beautiful casitas for you to pick from this will be the perfect weekend getaway. With a mini plunge pool and one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen, Rockin H Lavender Farm stole the show for North Texas Farms. 

You will be able to cut your own lavender bundles if it’s the right season or purchase some freshly dried bundles from their store. If you are looking to enjoy the feel of small-town Texas, then this is a must-stop.

Currently, it is by appointment only, so make sure to give a call before heading towards San Saba, Texas. 

Thistle Dew Lavender

Thistle Dew Lavender Farms is a bit off the beaten path. Without a website and minimal exposure, you have to know about this best-kept lavender secret.

Down the road from Lubbock, Texas, a retired firefighter got a hold of some of his wife’s lavender extracts she had purchased at the market. After learning more about the plant he decided to start growing his own lavender.

With little knowledge of the lavender plant but a figure-it-out attitude, the owners of Thistle Dew Ranch now host over 2,500 plants. They sell their products on-site as well as in many flea markets.

You will find a few day-trips out to the farm to enjoy lunch and have a chance to purchase their spices and oils. Just stay on the lookout for these special days.

The Lavender Farm

This is the newest lavender farm in Texas, with their first harvesting in 2020. Don’t let the youngness of The Lavender Farm fool you. They are coming in hot and already finding their products all over Texas. 

They have plenty of bushels to choose from and an array of products for you to test and try.

Although they are newer, the owners have done their research and visited the most popular lavender festival in the US to learn from the best! 

Make your way out to this farm to be able to say you were there from the beginning because I see this becoming one of the most popular farms in West, Texas over the next few years.

The Best Lavender Festivals in Texas

Because Texas is so big, be aware of the distance between some of the farms making it a bit less likely to travel to multiple farms in a day or weekend. If you are on a tight schedule it might be best to attend a festival

Over the years I have seen lavender farms becoming more and more popular in Texas. With the farms popping up all over and people traveling from all over the country to enjoy this soothing plant and learn about its magic properties, many towns have begun to host festivals.

I’ve listed my favorite lavender festivals throughout Texas and what you can expect at each festival!

Blanco Lavender Festival

This is the oldest and most popular festival. Usually hosted at the beginning of June but it changes year over year. You will find everything you need here with plenty to do over the three-day time span.

In the great Texas Hill Country, you will be among the wildflowers, lavender plants, and rolling hills. Listen to live music, hear from lavender experts and make sure to stop by the wine and beer tent for a refreshment. It will cost you five dollars round trip for the shuttle from Blanco High School. 

Check out their website for exact dates. 

Becker Vineyards annual Lavender Festival

This is my personal favorite festival as they host so many artisans from all over the state and really showcase small businesses, beautiful, handcrafted items, and a lavender market! Along with live music and a lavender and wine pairing from the Becker Vineyard, this is a not-miss event. 

You will be able to cut your own lavender and participate in demonstrations of how to create your own essential oils and purchase a variety of products. This is a two-day event, every first weekend in May. 

North Texas Lavender Festival 

As Lavender is just now becoming more popular in North Texas you will only find this one festival for the time being, but I am sure more will be coming in the future. 

The North Texas Lavender Festival is for many local lavender farms and is currently being hosted towards the end of June when the Lavender is ready to be cut.

You will find plenty of craft vendors and artisans at this festival. My favorite part of the festival is the alpaca yoga. Get yourself centered while playing with these fuzzy friends!

It is currently only a two-day festival with live music on both days and distilling of oil demonstration. As this is the only one in the area you can imagine the crowd, it will be easy to make friends while enjoying the lavender fields. There is a fifteen-dollar admission charge. 

This concludes my guide to the best Lavender Fields in Texas, I know you are going to enjoy your time in this state! 

I loved my travels through Texas, with so many places to go and see you can be certain that whatever area you find yourself in you will find everything you want!

I hope you enjoy the Lavender Fields as much as I do and you find yourself relaxed amongst the aromas with a cool glass of lavender lemonade in hand. This trip will leave you refreshed and recharged for your next adventure! 

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