15 Magical Sunflower Fields in Texas (And Farms!) To Visit This Year

The thing I love about sunflowers is that they follow the sun. They come into full bloom and then never stop following the light. There is something so inspiring about that and I am so happy that there are so many sunflower fields in Texas for me to chase! Pick a weekend and check out some of the farms in this guide to the best sunflower farms in Texas.

Sunflowers are such unique wildflowers and native to North America. They grow abundantly in saturated soil that drains well without the water pooling and maximum sun, for this reason, sunflowers grow really well in Texas.

One sunflower can produce up to 2,000 seeds making this a popular wildflower to reproduce. Each sunflower head can have up to 2,000 petals and is made up of a lot of smaller flowers.

You can find sunflowers of all heights with the average being around six feet, but the world record is 30 ft high from a farm in Germany.

Surprisingly enough there is more than one sunflower season.

In fact, the best time to see sunflowers in Texas depends on the weather and the type of sunflowers you are looking for. You will find tall bright yellow sunflowers in the summer, thriving in North Texas heat.

Sunflower fields in Texas

During September and October, the smaller sunflowers with red and yellow petals will thrive in South Texas. A few of the sunflower farms in Texas have crops in both late summer and fall while others only have crops in one or the other.

In this guide to 15 Texas Sunflower fields, you will be able to plan your visits according to the farms that have crops in season.

Now that we have established when the best time is to visit sunflower fields in Texas and all the important facts, let’s move to where to find the 14 most magical sunflower fields and farms to visit in Texas in 2021!

Texas Sunflower fields map

Sunflower fields map
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15 Magical Sunflower fields in Texas and farms

Lone Star Family Farm

What better way to enjoy the Lone Star State than at the Lone Star Family Farm! In the North Texas town of Stephenville, you will find the perfect sunflower field in Texas. What naturally started as a pumpkin patch for families to enjoy in the fall has turned into a large sunflower farm full of six feet high yellow flowers!

Lone Star Family Farm is one of the only sunflower fields in Texas that grows sunflowers in both the summer and fall seasons.

Lonestar sunflower field
Photo © Lone Star Family Farm

Head to the farm in late June for their summer sunflower daze festival with the fully bloomed sun-seeking flowers. If you miss the summer months, no worries, you can always enjoy the autumn festival, when they will have a second round of blooms waiting for you to enjoy. They also have many fall activities including pumpkin patch picking and a hayride!

No matter what time of year you decide to go, you will find the perfect blooms for the best sunflower family photos and be able to pick and create your own sunflower bouquet.

Wild Berry Farm

Wild Berry Farm is the perfect day trip from Dallas, Texas. Only an hour’s drive away from the city you will find one of the most stunning sunflower fields in Texas. They no longer allow you to pick your own sunflowers but I think that is what keeps this farm so beautiful for longer!

The best time to visit Wild Berry Farm is in the summer when the blooms are at their full opening. I know when I travel solo the hardest thing for me is to get someone to take a decent photo of me, the Wild Berry Farm has made this easy for you.

For just 25 dollars you can have a professional photographer taking photos of you in the sunflower fields.

After enjoying the bright blooms head to their cafe on site for some lemonade and farm-fresh snacks. A day spent at this sunflower farm is a day well spent. Make sure to stop by their nursery for some pre-picked sunflowers for you to take home.

Check out their Facebook page for updates and info.

texas sunflower fields

Robinson Family Farm

It is a whole family affair at Robinson Family Farm. As one of the only family-owned and operated sunflower fields in Texas, you will find a uniquely warm, and cozy ambiance. Located in the heart of Texas, the Robinson Family Farm is only 40 minutes from Waco, making it easy access from Dallas or Austin.

The Farm is only open during certain seasons, so check online to make sure they align with your dates of visiting! The farm hosts an Easter event, Summer weekends, a Fall Festival, and Pre Christmas Tree Cutting there is plenty of opportunity for you!

Robinson family farm - model in a sunflower field
Photo © Robinson Family Farm

With sunflowers standing six feet tall, this is one of the best places to pick your own sunflowers for just three dollars and to enjoy some Texas tea while listening to some live music. Robinson Family Farm is your perfect weekend escape from the city and the closest corn maze to Waco, Texas.

Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm

The name is misleading, but trust me, Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm is one of the best sunflower farms for sunflower family pictures or a solo photo shoot. Located in Amarillo, Texas this field has acres and acres of sunflowers and starting September is open for your own picking and photo ops with the flowers.

Since they allow you to pick your own sunflowers they stop doing photo shootings once the farm has become bare. Try your best to get out to the farm as soon as the sunflowers bloom to ensure you don’t miss this perfect background for all of your sunflower Instagram photos!

Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm has over 30 attractions making this your perfect stop for a full-day affair. Discover the winding corn maze or take a ride on their magic carpet, a huge slide they have built into the hill of the property.

Due to the high volume of people visiting this farm, it is best to buy tickets online. This is one of the more pricey farms but well worth it considering all of their attractions. A weekend pass is 14.95 when you purchase online and 17.95 if you walk in.

Wildseed Farms

For over 35 years, Wildseed Farms has been operating as one of the biggest wildflower farms in the United States. Located in Fredericksburg, and not far away from San Antonio, this magical farm is spread out across 200 acres in the Texas Hill Country.

They are open seven days a week and welcome over 450,000 guests per year. Among their fields is a collection of five different sunflower breeds, including Autumn Beauty, Chocolate Cherry, Grey Stripe Sunflower, Lemon Queen, and the Maya Sunflower.

You will find yourself on their stunning walking trails that are surrounded by some of the biggest and brightest sunflowers in south Texas.

Their trails are wheelchair accessible and give you the ability to mosey the farm at your own pace. Take in all the sunflowers and decide which ones you want to grow in your own backyard and purchase some of their seeds in their gift shop.

Along with their sunflower patches, they have recently opened a wine tasting room with in-house wine from the variety of grapevines they planted in 2015. For the best evening, make sure to stop in and grab a glass to accompany you on your stroll through the fields of sunflowers at sunset.

texas sun flower fields

Mainstay Farm

As one of the biggest sunflower farms in Texas, Mainstay Farm always has something going on! Located just 30 minutes from Dallas in Cleburne, Texas this is a great place for an afternoon in the Texas country.

Their sunflowers start to bloom in September making this an exceptional place in the fall. “The biggest backyard in Texas” is this farm’s claim to fame and it fits the bill.

Mainstay has wide-open land with over 30 attractions for you to enjoy. Check out their house made out of pumpkins, go for a hayride, or enjoy some lemonade at their onsight cafe!

Don’t miss the Haymarket to pick up some of your own seeds to plant some sunflowers in your own backyard!

Froberg’s Farm

Froberg’s Farm is one of my absolute favorite farms in Texas. This farm is very accessible if you are in south Texas, with just a 30-minute drive from Houston or an hour drive from Galveston.

This sunflower farm is open year-round and boasts many different activities depending on the season. If you find yourself here in the spring you will see heaps of bright red strawberries.

Froberg Farm originally started out as a strawberry farm, the sweet juicy fruit thrives in this kind of soil and climate. As the strawberry season comes to a close and the summer months approach their 5-acre trail of beautiful sunflower fields will come alive.

As a farm favorite, visitors return year over year to walk the trails and pick their own sunflowers at Froberg’s annual festival.

The sunflower festival runs from the last weekend in September to the first weekend in November. Enjoy their corn maze and pumpkin patch picking, and if you plan your trip just right you can enjoy a nighttime corn maze to really challenge yourself.

Yesterland Farm

Yesterland Farm is a blast from the past! Get ready for some 90’s nostalgia at the newest field of sunflowers in Texas! Regardless of how recently this farm developed, it is competing as a crowd favorite with its large producing sunflower crops.

If you are seeking some adventure along with nature then this is the place for you. The farm has retro rides at their mini amusement park and a classic Texan shootout in their saloon! Yesterlands sunflowers bloom in early September, but the farm has events all year round for you to enjoy.

Make sure to purchase general admission tickets online before going to the farm for a heavy discount. It is $13.95 online and $27.95 at the farm. This ticket will include access to the sunflower fields, corn maze, unlimited amusement park rides, and plenty of other activities. This is a really great price for the 30 plus attractions Yesterland has.

Also, if you are here in October, do not leave early. Every Friday and Saturday they host a spooktacular night with fireworks, and some spooky adventures.

sunflower fields

P-6 Farm

What started as a working cattle farm, P-6 farm has turned into one of the funniest places to visit for families and solo travelers. P-6 Farms is located about an hour from Houston making it the perfect day trip from the big city.

My favorite time to go is in the fall for their fall festival and explore their pumpkin patches. However, sunflowers are starting to dwindle this time of year. Try to schedule a trip to this farm in September to be able to experience the sunflower fields as well as the beginning of the Autumn vegetables.

P-6 farms consider themselves a  “u-pick-em” farm. You will be able to choose and pick your own sunflowers and pumpkins straight from the patches. Not all farms allow this, so take full advantage and pick the biggest and brightest sunflower you can find!

With the first-ever corn maze in Texas, and rows of sunflowers and pumpkins you are guaranteed to have a full day of fun at P-6 Farms. Make sure to be in the fields at sunset for the perfect sunflower picture!


Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Even though Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is known for their fresh berries, they are one of the best sunflower fields in Texas to visit. Their sunflowers stand as high as 14 feet, making this the perfect place to watch a sunflower field sunset!

They have two sunflower festivals a year, for 10 days each. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. Make sure to check their website for the exact dates as each year the festival dates change to when the flowers are in full bloom.

At Sweet Eats Fruit Farm they let you pick and cut your own sunflower, you can even grab one of the 14 footers. They are open seven days a week and are located in Austin, Texas. This farm has some of the funniest festivals in the state including their Easter extravaganza, sunflower picking, strawberry picking, and their famous Christmas festival.

This is a must-stop farm any time of year. If you are a Texas Native I recommend getting their annual pass. This allows you to visit all of the festivals year-round and pick your own peaches and strawberries during their picking season. Enjoy their Oktoberfest during the fall, and grab a real Christmas tree during winter!

Calhoun Flower Farms

Calhoun Flower Farms is located in El Paso, Texas. I found out about this farm as one of my friends used them for their wedding flower arrangements. They have a beautiful greenhouse and smaller fields of many different flowers planted.

It is worth a stop if you are in west Texas, but a pretty long drive if you are not. They are open for appointments only at this time.

It is a really unique experience to see the sunflowers go from the fields to being made into a beautiful bouquet. You can even meet the florists and have her design something special for you to take with you!

Dewberry Farms

Ready for some Texas-sized fun? Look no further than Dewberry Farms. Four acres of everything you could want for a day on the farm. You will find their sunflowers in bloom from May to July with the opportunity to pick your own sunflower stem. They also have a variety of other wildflowers waiting for you to explore.

This is the perfect farm for solo travelers or families alike with plenty of activities for every age, including

I highly recommend reserving one of their fire pits at night time. Grab some marshmallows for s’mores and the pits are conveniently located next to the brewhouse for you and your crew to really enjoy your night! You can make your reservation on their website.

Dewberry Farm is only open on the weekends during their festival seasons, spring, fall, and Christmas. So make sure to check their website for exact dates before heading out to this farm.

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Wild sunflower fields in Texas

Texas Highways are known to have wildflowers blooming beside the roads. During the spring you will find the brightest bluebonnets and some fiery red Indian Paintbrushes.

If you are driving through Texas at the right time and in the right place you are bound to see some sunflowers without going to a farm! Below you will find some of the highways that have spectacular views of sunflower fields in Texas and the best times to see them.

Interstate 35 in Hillsboro Texas

You will find these sunflowers in full bloom in late June and early July. This highway makes it very easy to either take the feeder road for less traffic or to pull over on the shoulder to park and get some photos in the sunflower fields. Over the year more and more have started to pop up making it a beautiful backdrop for some sunset sunflower photos.

Highway 287 in Ennis

Two large sunflower fields are located in Ennis, Texas. It is unconfirmed who planted them. They stand about five feet tall and are growing free in the wild. Pullover on the side of the road and make an adventure out of exploring these fields. Make sure to be respectful of the sunflower crops as we want to see these continue to expand and come back year after year.

Whitewright, Texas

Whitewright is located a little bit more off the beaten path and requires a bit of searching but it’s so worth it. You will find an incredible sunflower field in Whitewright, Texas off of Fiddlers Road.

Trek through the grass and be among the wildflowers in the Texas country. This is probably the least accessible field on the list but worth the adventure if you are up for it. These sunflowers begin blooming in early June through July.

Texas is such a special destination with its southern charm, bbq cuisine, and its array of landscapes. It is the perfect state for a visit and our sunflower fields are just the cherry on top.

While visiting make sure to be respectful of the sunflowers and the farm owners. They work very hard to cultivate the acres of sunflowers for our enjoyment and we want to continue to have these special flowers pop up year after year!

I hope this guide has inspired you to visit a few of these picturesque sunflower fields and attend a festival or two!

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