Glamping Packing List – What to pack for a glamping trip

In this detailed glamping packing list, I am going to share the most important items you should carry with you when you go glamping, what to wear and more practical tips.

Glamping combines the two best things about vacations. It gives you a comfortable, hotel-like environment while also allowing you to be close to nature. And the best part is that you don’t need to pack your own tent.

But if it’s your first-time going glamping, it can also be quite confusing. What supplies do you need to bring? what should you wear? How will the experience differ from camping? And what should you include on your shopping list?

Questions like these are quite common among those who are new to glamping. And I’ll answer all of them today so you can have a perfect glamping experience.

Udoscape glamping hill country Texas
Photo © Udoscape from some of the best Glamping spots in Hill Country Texas

What is glamping (vs camping)?

Some of you might already have experience camping and are wondering what exactly glamping is. Glamping is short for “glamorous camping”.

In short, glamping aims to enhance the charm of the great outdoors while getting rid of the minor nuisances that are usually associated with camping.

That means you don’t need to go through the hassle of packing your own tent and then setting it up when you arrive. Your tent will be ready for you the moment you arrive, complete with a comfy mattress. Some glamping resorts will have full safari tents whereas others will have bell tents, tepee, or domes.

Some are simply furnished some others are stylish and fancier.

Treebone Yurts View
Photo © Treebone Resort some of the best Glamping spots in California

Depending on the camping site you’ve picked, you might also have electricity, a kitchen, running water, a private bathroom, and more.

Do keep in mind that the availability of amenities varies between different glamping sites, so inquire about the accommodations at your chosen glamping site.

Some sites only provide you with the bare necessities, and you might not even have electricity there so you’ll have to bring power banks and flashlights. Others will be luxurious so you won’t need to bring a ton of extra things.

In this post, we will cover what you need to bring with you during your glamping trip in different situations.

The coolest glamping resorts in the world - Ecocamping Patagonia
Photo credit Timothy Dhalleine – Eco camp Patagonia – Top Glamping spots in the world

Ultimate Glamping Packing List: Glamping Essentials

To know what to pack for your glamping getaway, you should first find out what the glamping site will already have for you.

For example, you might not need to pack an extra blanket in winter if your tent will have electricity and heating; some luxury glamping sites even provide you with heated blankets. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more barebones glamping site, you might need to pack a sleeping bag.

Make sure to inquire about your accommodations beforehand so you can have a good idea of what you’ll have available once you’re there.

That being said, let’s get into our glamping checklist.

First aid kit

Nobody goes on a camping trip planning to get hurt, but those things can happen out of nowhere. Safety comes first. Pack a first aid kit containing bandages, anti-biotics, burn cream, etc.

Common OTC and prescription medications

Medical emergencies that require a first aid kit might not happen very often, but nuisances like a headache or a cold can ruin your dream glamping vacation just the same. Take common OTC medications that you usually keep in your home. Also, if you’re on any prescription medication, it’d be a good idea to take those as well.


Luxurious glamping sites will usually provide you with shampoos, body wash, soaps, paper towels, etc. in your private bath, but it’s still a good idea to bring your own. In addition, also pack sanitary products like deodorant wipes; they come in handy during and after outdoor adventures.

Linens and towels

As I’ve mentioned before, not all glamping sites will provide you with amenities like towels or bed linens. In cases like these, make sure to bring your own. Make sure you check with the owner of your glamping spot, before booking.

Slippers or flip flops

You should bring hiking shoes and other outdoor footwear, but, unless you plan on tracking dirt inside your tent, I recommend bringing a pair of comfortable slippers that you can wear around the tent.

Weather appropriate clothing

When packing clothing items, you should consider two variables: the weather (what time of the year it is) and the kind of activities you’re planning (or will be available to you).

If you’re vacationing in winter or somewhere cold, you’ll need to pack plenty of layers. Remember that it gets chilly during the evenings and nights. Remember to pack clothing for both outdoors (when you’re hiking), and indoors (when you’re relaxing in your tent). You might also want to pack a swimsuit or two if the glamping site has a hot tub, pool, rivers, or lakes.

Here below some clothing ideas: click on the image to read prices and details:


Chances are, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time between excursions to rest and relax in your glamping tent. It’s a good idea to bring some books, audiobooks, board games, deck of cards, and maybe download some content in your Netflix app so you can binge-watch in peace.


I know, glamping should be a chance to disconnect from the outside world. But how else are you going to share your glamping adventure on social media? Here are some things that’ll come in handy.

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Cooking supplies

Camping sites will usually provide you with grilling equipment, as well as pots and pans, but you don’t know the condition they will be in. That’s why it’s a great idea to bring your own along with fire starting equipment for campfires (in case your site has a fire pit).

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You should be aware that in some cases you won’t have any grocery stores or restaurants nearby. The glamping supplies that your site provides rarely cover everything you need. First things first, find out what supplies you’ll be getting during your stay (and how much); then bring your food accordingly.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Wine
  • Beer (also include a cooler to keep it cold)
  • Ground coffee (if you’re a coffee person)
  • Oatmeal
  • Dried fruit
  • Protein bars
  • Cheese
  • Bread
  • Simple soups and stew
  • Snacks that you can take with you during hiking
  • Apples
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Other supplies

Water bottles, mugs, kettle, etc.: A lot of people bring disposable cups and plastic bottles for their liquid.

Instead, I recommend a metal refillable water bottle that you can also carry with you while hiking. Also bring a portable kettle, mugs, and a French press coffee maker to make your mornings extra special!

Lighting: Even if your glamping tent has electricity, you might need to use headlamps and flashlights, especially when it’s dark.

Prickly pear tentrr
Photo © Prickly Pear Tentrr Hill Country Texas

Insect repellants: Insects are most people’s least favorite part about camping. That’s why you’ll want to bring plenty of mosquito and other insect repellants so you can stay safe not just outdoors but also indoors.

Glamping Equipment & Outdoor Gear you want to pack

The list above contains things for general use. What about outdoor equipment and gear? That’s what this section is for. I’ll briefly cover the outdoor gear you’ll want to pack.

  • You’re going on a glamping trip so you’ll want to pack clothing for hiking. For this purpose, I recommend wearing something that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. Jeans are a good option.
  • Take sturdy hiking boots with you, preferably waterproof but you can carry a separate waterproof pair.
  • Bathing suit
  • Hammock
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella
  • Hat
  • Water bottle (preferably reusable to protect the environment)
  • Insect repellant
  • Sports equipment
  • Mountain bike and helmet
  • Snorkeling gear (for those of you who are fond of watersports)
  • Climbing/abseiling gear (if the site has options for rock climbing or rappelling)

This is not a comprehensive list of outdoor gear by any means and you can always add stuff depending on your interests and where you’re going.

The key to having great outdoor adventures while glamping is doing plenty of research beforehand so you have a clear idea of the activities you’ll be engaging in.

Photo © Base Camp Terlingua – Texas

What not to pack for a glamping trip

When you start packing items for your glamping trip, almost everything starts looking important. It can be hard to decide what not to bring in your bid to have the best camping experience possible. Let’s briefly cover things that seem like a good idea to bring on a camping trip, but aren’t very practical.

  • For starters, you won’t need to bring your own tent. That’s the biggest perk with glamping. Glamping sites will already have a tent ready for you to move in to.
  • Leave any expensive jewelry at home. Your tent isn’t exactly the most secure place to leave valuables lying around, and wearing them while hiking doesn’t make much sense either.
  • The same goes for expensive electronics. Only bring the essentials.
  • You won’t need any formal clothes on a camping trip, so there’s no need to pack those. Although somewhat glamorous, glamping is supposed to be fun, relaxed and laidback environment away from social duties and conventionalities. Just enjoy the present and nature.
Glamping dome on the beach
  • When you’re adventuring outdoors, it’s generally not a good idea to pack white clothing; it gets dirty very easily. At the same time, if you’re going to be under the sun for extended periods you don’t want to look like a ninja either because black clothing will absorb more heat.
  • The bibliophiles among you might be tempted to carry their whole library to the camping trip. You’ll only need 2-3 books at most. Pack an e-reader if you can or use your tablet for reading.
  • It’s a good idea to bring perfume, but stick to subtle scents as strong fragrances can attract wildlife like bears.

Glamping must-haves

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what to bring to your glamping holiday, and, more importantly, what to leave at home. Before I wrap things up, I’ll use this section to recap the must-haves on your glamping getaway. Here are the essential things you must have with you.

  • First aid kit
  • OTC and prescription medicines
  • Toiletries and personal care items
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather and climate (remember to pack layers, especially during colder months)
  • Different clothing for indoors (when inside the tent) and outdoors (while out hiking)
  • Travel washing line
  • Flip flops or pair of sandals to wear inside the tent
  • Sturdy boots for hiking
Luxury Glamping interior
  • Waterproof shoes (if your hiking boots aren’t waterproof)
  • Entertainment (cards, books, movies, etc.)
  • Necessary tech to document your trip and stay in touch with your loved ones
  • Portable fan (if you’re going glamping during summer months and your tent doesn’t include air conditioning)
  • Picnic table
  • Mugs and a reusable water bottle
  • Portable kettle
  • Plenty of snacks
  • Insect repellants

And, that’s a wrap! I hope this list helped you plan your vacation.

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