Ecuador National Flower: The Flower of the Andes (Chuquiraga jussieui)

Did you know there is an Ecuador national flower? Read on to learn everything about this interesting flower of the Andes!

With unique climatic and geographic characteristics that allow for robust plant growth, Ecuador is known all over the globe for its orchids, summer flowers, and most notably, its huge variety of roses.

Ecuadorian roses have remarkably full heads and are considered to be some of the best in the world; which is why many believe them to be the country’s national flower.

However, they’re not actually the national flower.

In this post, I’ll tell you all about the national flower of Ecuador along with some interesting tidbits related to it. So let’s get down to it!

What is Ecuador’s national flower?

The national flower of Ecuador is called The Flower of the Andes, also known as the walking flower or chuquiragua.

It’s a flowering plant with light orange/bright yellow flowers endemic to the Andean region of the country.

ecuador national flower
The Chuquiraga is the Ecuador national flower

❓ What does the flower of the Andes (Chuquiraga jussieui) symbolize?

The Flower of the Andes is believed to symbolize true love because of how difficult it is to pluck one and only those who are truly in love will make the effort to do it.

The process of getting a chuquiragua involves risking your hands getting scratched.

This represents the challenges and sacrifices that people make in order to express their love and affection for their significant other.

Therefore, giving a chuquiragua is a sign of the depth and sincerity of one’s feelings for their loved one.

Characteristics of the National Flower of Ecuador

The national flower of Ecuador is a flowering plant species belonging to the family Asteraceae.

Its characteristics include being a small shrub that grows up to 75 cm in height, with numerous branches and leaves that are thorny at the tip.

The plant produces bright yellow or light orange flowers in clusters, which bloom twice or thrice during the year.

It typically grows in high-altitude regions, such as the Andean mountains, and is known for its medicinal properties.

the flower of the andes
Chuquiraga, or The Flower of the Andes, is found up in the mountains of Ecuador.

Medicinal Properties and Health Benefits of The National Flower of Ecuador

The national flower of Ecuador has many medicinal properties, including being a sudorific and diuretic that can be administered as an infusion to help with fluid retention.

Additionally, the plant also helps regulate the digestive system and protect the liver.

It’s also been noted that this Ecuador flower strengthens the immune system to provide enhanced protection against infections.

Moreover, the flowers and leaves of chuquiraga also have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Other Popular Native Flowers in Ecuador

Something Ecuador is known for is its rich species of flowers thanks to its conducive climate for flower growth.

The array of orchid species grown here lends Ecuador the nickname The Orchid Capital of the World.

Its roses are some of the best in the world because of their fuller blooms and longer vase life.

Other flower species of the country include sunflowers, carnations, daisies, sea lavenders, Lily of the Incas, as well as many varieties of summer bloomers.

Ecuadorian roses are known for their beauty and long life.

FAQs about the flowers of Ecuador

🌹 What flower is Ecuador known for?

An interesting fact about Ecuador is that it is known for its orchids and roses.

The country is home to thousands of orchid species, hundreds of which are only found here.

Moreover, the roses grown here are highly valued for their large bloom size, vibrant colors, and long vase life.

🌸 What is the most common flower in Ecuador?

Orchids are the most common flower in Ecuador.

You will find over 4 thousand species of these flowers in Ecuador, which is why the country is also called ‘The Land of Orchids’ sometimes.

What’s more, over a thousand of the orchid varieties found in Ecuador are endemic to the country.

Orchids are another famous flower from Ecuador.

🏺 Why are Ecuadorian roses the best?

Ecuadorian roses are considered the best due to their longer and thicker stems and heads with larger buds and fuller blooms.

They also remain fresh for the longest period of time, with an expected vase life of 7+ days.

In short, Ecuadorian roses are unlike any you will find elsewhere in the world!

💐 What do rainbow Ecuadorian roses mean?

Ecuadorian rainbow roses are multicolored roses with vibrant petals, and their meaning is happiness and joy.

Their combination of petals with different colors creates a kaleidoscope effect that brings an immediate sense of joy and celebration.

This makes them the perfect flower to celebrate happy moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, or childbirth.

Conclusion: Ecuador National Flower

Ecuador’s national flower is just as fascinating as it is unique, and quite befitting for a country with so many colorful flowers, landscapes, cities, and towns.

The flower has a strong symbolic value as well as many great medicinal properties – and serves as one of Ecuador’s national symbols for its rich cultural and natural heritage.