The 20 Best Restaurants in Jamaica

After 18 months spent in Jamaica, one of the top activities was eating out and trying all the possible local restaurants when I could find the most authentic delicious food. In this post, I am sharing what I consider the best Restaurants in Jamaica.

Jamaica is one of the most exciting Caribbean destinations, and I am not talking about the spectacular white-sand beaches and the deep blue Caribbean sea. Ok, that’s also part of the ultimate Jamaican experience. But Jamaica is more than that.

If you travel to Jamaica and don’t lock yourself up in one of the all-inclusive hotels, you go out and explore all the amazing things to do and places to visit, experience its culinary treasures and talk to the people you will discover a beautiful world of its own, and you will have an incredibly unique experience.

The Jamaican food is indeed one of a kind, it’s rich in flavor, and calories, it’s creative and delicious, and a very important part of the Jamaican culture. You can read my complete guide to the Jamaican food.

In this post, I will take you to the best restaurants that you can find throughout Jamaica, in the most popular destinations.

Restaurant on the clif
3-dive restaurant in Negril

The best restaurants in Negril

There are many restaurants in Negril and when I lived there I have explored almost all of them. Check out my guide to the best Negril Restaurant Options. Here I am sharing my top three.

Sweet Spice

The place is not fancy,  but cozy, although a bit cold if I remember well. The food is amazing, especially the conch stake or conch bits. and the natural juices. It’s located in the heart of DownTown on the way to Savanna La Mar.

If you hop on a taxi, just as for Sweet Spice and they will know where to take you. It’s a very popular restaurant among locals and tourists alike.

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Bourbon Beach

This is the place to be for night reggae concerts, normally on Mondays but you will hear a vendor walking on the beach shouting whenever there is a concert in place. It’s the iconic place of the Jerk chicken and pork in Negril. The best ever. served with festivals or fires. Top Jamaican jerk after Scotchies.

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Kenny’s place

Kenny’s place is not only a great place to eat but also to hang out, both during the day or at night. It’s open from 8 am to 12 am or so. In the evenings it turns into a cool place to hang out with lounge music, comfortable sofa’ and lounges where to meet people and listen to good music.

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Negril street food

Make sure you try the delicious street food you find along the beach road and downtown, from Jerk chicken to fish soup and many other specialties. It’s a must!

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Best Restaurants in Montego Bay


Scotchies is THE jerk place, the place to go for the best jerk in town. They have actually opened a second restaurant in Ocho Rios and will open one in Negril.

It’s really a special place and you cannot leave Jamaica without having tried this experience. Be it chicken, pork or fish, served with festival, breadfruit or fries. Also, the soup is delicious and very spicy.

The place is very laid back, self-service style and you can sit on the benches under the palapas.

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jamaican dish

The Pelican

Honestly, I have never been there. It’s the posh restaurant in Montego Bay. Been there for ages and still holds tight to its reputation. The place where you would bring somebody that you want to impress.

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The HouseBoat

I have never been here but I know it’s among the best in Montego Bay, literally on a boat. A world-class experience with a creative menu mainly based on fish. Guests rave about the outstanding service and the great menu choice and beautiful presentations.

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Pier One

A great restaurant, with incredible sea views as the restaurant, is right on the water and completely open-air. You can a great variety of international dishes. It’s also close to the airport, so if you have time to kill, this is the place to go.

But Pier One is also popular among party lovers, for long nights out with great music and dance.

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Sugar Mill

We are talking about the absolute best dining experience in Jamaica that I had the pleasure to have during one of my working trips. Sugar Mill is the signature restaurant of the prestigious Half Moon Hotel, one of the best luxury resorts in Jamaica. And the restaurant exceeds every expectation. If you want a world-class service and incredible Jamaican flavors in a romantic and elegant environment this is the place for you.

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conch fritter dish

Best Restaurants in Ocho Rios


After the huge success in Montego Bay, the iconic jerk chicken restaurant opened another restaurant in Ocho Rios, a few km before the town on the right-hand side of the main road. You can’t miss it. Same delicious food, same concept.

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Toscanini is one famous posh restaurant, but I have never been there. It’s Italian run by Italian and if it is very popular, one of the few high-end restaurants in the area.

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Another Italian abroad, what can I say. She’s been in Jamaica for ages and the food is really great, adapted to the local and international cuisine. What I love the most is the warm welcoming atmosphere and the funky style of the place.

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A very popular local place, with delicious Jamaican food. Located in the heart of Ocho Rios Downtown, This cozy restaurant earns a lot of praise from its local and international guests for the delicious local food, exceptional service, and cozy and colorful ambiance. Definitely to try, if you are around.

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Best Restaurants in Port Antonio

I need to tell you that all these places I am mentioning I haven’t been to, but I have asked local friends to live or used to live there in Port Antonio, just so you know the references are authentic 🙂


The Bush bar is considered the most upscale restaurant in Port Antonio, but also the one with the best culinary experience overall. In fact, the intimate cozy restaurant boasts an elegant and yet laid-back cozy environment with spectacular views over the ocean and surrounded by lush vegetation.

The attentive staff welcomes the guests and looks after them in the most exceptional way serving the most delicious Jamaican cuisine.

Every guest raves about this restaurant and the overall experience. This is a must if you happen to go to Port Antonio.

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jerk-chicken shack in Jamaica


Lovely Jamaican wooden house offers burgers of a different kind except for meat. A good place for lunch on the road for the best vegan experience in jamaica with local fresh ingredients.

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Soldier Camp Bar & Grill

If you love to explore off-the-beaten-path places, you should go and check out this restaurant. Tucked away in the lush hills surrounding Port Antonio the Soldier Camp is owned by an ex-soldier who goes out of the way to accommodate you with his amazing Jamaican cuisine.

Guests especially love the Curry coconut Shrimps! definitely to try. His menu is mainly based on Seafood but he also offers vegan and vegetarian options.

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Those were my favorite restaurants in Jamaica. Read more about Jamaica on my detailed local guides.

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