20 Delicious Negril Restaurant Options For The Best Jamaican Food

If you are planning a trip to Negril, Jamaica, you must go and check out the tasty Jamaican food. I lived in Jamaica for about 2 years and eventually went back multiple times for work. I enjoyed all the delicious food you can find on the street and in the local restaurants. In this post, I am going to share with you all my favorite Negril Restaurant options. And yes I have tried them all :).

Bear in mind that restaurants close relatively early in the night. Consider that normally the kitchen closes at 9/9.30 pm, even if the restaurants stay open to hanging out and for drinks until 11 or so (generally speaking).

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The place is not fancy,  but cozy, although a bit cold if I remember well. The food is amazing, especially the conch stake or conch bits. and the natural juices.

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It is a beautiful place in the middle of the jungle. It’s also a hotel where you can stay. in the beautifully decorated wooden cottages. The restaurant satisfies all kind of sophisticated palates, from meat eater to strict vegan. It’s definitely a place for foodies.

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Guide to Jamaican food - pure bliss - Boundless Roads
Jerck Chicken


Fabio is an Italian guy, a friend, who has lived in Jamaica for 20 years now and managed to built his own beautiful places, on top of the hill overlooking Negril. Cooking is its biggest passion, after his newborn beautiful daughter. You need to make a reservation in order to go there as it’s not like a regular restaurant. Its specialty is lobster and lobster pasta but he has always many surprises. I would suggest you go before the sunset to enjoy the amazing view.


This is a new place that I haven’t been able to check out. The beach is called alligator pond. You will need to pass Negril downtown in the direction to Savanna la Mar. It’s a lovely beach with a great restaurant known for the best Jamaican style fish. The fish is fresh as it’s a fisherman village and it comes straight from them.

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I loved to buy the jerk chicken from the vendors on the street. For me it is the best chicken. You can see them cooking in tanks cut in half and reversed on a sort of cart. You can choose between breast or leg and tights and it is served in an aluminum paper with a slice of bread and the jerk sauce on the side.


Its a little cabaña on the street by the beach 700 mt before getting to downtown on the right side. It offers delicious Vietnamese cuisine to eat there or take away and fresh natural juices.

Ackee and Saltfish – typical Jamaican dish


This is the new restaurant within the hotel tree house. It offers great sushi beside the authentic Jamaican cuisine.  Its located right on the beach and open for breakfast lunch and dinner. Laid back and informal ambient.

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Lovely restaurant on the beach, Kuyaba is also a cute little hotel. It’s good both for lunch and dinner and offers great Jamaican and international dishes.

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This is the real Jamaican place. It’s located on the beach road but on the opposite side of the road. It’s a very popular place among taxi drivers and locals who go there for a real Jamaican takeaway, but they have a lovely area where you can eat as well. The menu varies from jerk chicken to conch or goat, or fish.

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It’s a yellow shack on the road opposite to the beach famous for the best patties of Negril. Fried and a little heavy if you are careful to your diet, but totally worth it.

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Guide to Jamaican food - pure bliss - Boundless Roads
Stewed meat with dumplings and Cassava


This is the place to be for the night reggae concert, normally on Mondays but you will here a vendor walking all along the beach shouting whenever there is a concert in place. It’s the place of the Jerk chicken and pork. The best ever. served with festivals or fires. Top Jamaican jerk.

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New kids on the block (relatively) this restaurant is not only a great place to eat any time during the day open from 8 am to 12 am or so. In the evenings it turns into a cool place to hang out with lounge music, comfortable sofa’ and lounges where to meet people and listen to good music.

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I Love this place. it’s a shack on the beach and they made the most delicious Jamaican Patties. You’ve got to try it if you are on the 7 miles beach.

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The rock house has always been known as the posh place, and the most romantic place if you wish to impress someone takes them there. I used to go with my friends anyway and treat myself as well. The food is kind of Jamaican-international and is great but what you will love the most is the location. You will eat right on the cliff with a stunning view of the water lighted for the occasion. Sometimes sea turtles would show up for your amusement.

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The restaurant of the hotel mentioned among my luxury experience hotel list, is as good as the place that owns it.  The ambient is quite cozy and romantic. Located on the cliff it offers a perfect setting for a tranquil and fancy night out.

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I have always heard amazing things about this restaurant and I never made it there.

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Lovely laid-back outdoor bar. Most people use to go there for a drink and a chat but it is also a great restaurant with its own specialty such as the papaya boat and the rasta pasta, among my favorites.

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This beautiful terrace on the water it’s another great option for your dinner out on the west end. A laid-back atmosphere with Jamaican and international cuisine.

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The restaurant is lovely with beautiful pictures hanging on the walls and although it’s not right on the water, you still have a cozy, west-end Jamaican feeling. The cuisine offers a huge variety of dishes a blend between Jamaica and Italian. Definitely to try.

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Let me know what you had tried and what was your favorite. Also if I have missed anything, please share it with us in the comment below so also other readers can enjoy it.

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