The 36 Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala and Cute Cafes

A guide to Antigua Restaurants for every taste and budget

If you are traveling to Antigua, this guide to the best restaurants in Antigua Guatemala will be extremely helpful. It includes my favorite places and what my local friends have recommended.

In fact, if you are spending a few days in beautiful Antigua Guatemala, you will be literally overwhelmed by the countless eateries and cafes around town.

It’s really difficult to choose as they are all very appealing to taste and eyes, with their local and international menus and charming ambiance.

That’s why this post will help you eat your way around Antigua :).

Antigua Guatemala will still be your heart. It’s a fact. The former capital city of Guatemala is the most popular and sought-after destination in the country and the perfect place to use as a base for your hikes to the soring vulcanos surrounding the city but also to chill and enjoy the cultural scene.

In Antigua, there is a lot to appreciate, starting from the colorful market, the cobblestone roads, the colorful homes with their flowery bow windows, and the old crumbling churches.

But if there is one good thing that the European colonizers brought, is the marvelous architecture and the baroque style, creating spectacular palaces with charming courtyards and incredibly beautiful churches, or what remains of them.

Make sure you visit them among all the other amazing things to do in Antigua. And since you’ve got to eat while you are here, I thought I would share some of the great restaurants in Antigua, some of which can be considered the best restaurants in Guatemala overall.

Antigua street reflections

You will see how food in Antigua won’t disappoint you whatever kind of diet or budget you have.

As full disclosure, besides all the Antigua eateries that I have had the pleasure to try, I have also included some of the restaurants that have been recommended to me but I haven’t had the pleasure to try myself. I thought you may make good use of the information as well.

So without further ado, please find here below my favorite places to eat in Antigua, Guatemala, and all the best places according to locals and other travelers’ reviews.

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Top restaurants in Antigua

1. Panza verde

Panza Verde
Panza Verde breakfast – Photo © Panza Verde

Among all Antigua Restaurants, Panza Verde is the most elegant and a must-visit. It’s an experience that goes beyond the great food.

It’s an upscale venue for breakfast, lunch, and an elegant dinner in style. The spectacular setting in the courtyard of this historical colonial building makes it worth the splurge.

Make sure you check out the rooftop terrace. And if you want to pamper yourself you may want to decide to stay a couple of nights there in their beautiful historical rooms. Read More

While for breakfast there is a more laid-back ambiance to enjoy your fresh fruit and local dishes in the beautiful lush garden, during the night it becomes one of the top Antigua restaurants for fine dining.

Located on 5th Avenue a few blocks from Parque Central.

2. Pitaya

I had the best breakfast in Antigua at Pitaya, the sister property of Panza Verde, more laid back but still charming.

The beautiful courtyard is surrounded by plants and flowers covering the ancient walls of the building with colonial architecture.

I found it the perfect spot for a delicious breakfast. The kind staff will welcome you with a smile and a rich menu. Open for breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, Pitaya is not on the map for some reason, but it’s right next door to Panza Verde.

See location on Google Map.

3. Escalonia

Located in a spectacular garden, Escalonia is in fact a nursery garden where you can buy all sorts of plants and flowers, or also just walk around and enjoy the view and the scent.

But it’s also a great place to have breakfast and lunch surrounded by a manicured garden and at the soothing sound of a fountain.

They also have a small convenience store where you can find many natural products both edible and for your skincare.

Location 5a Avenida sur Final # 36 C

Insider tip – Make sure you purchase a local SIM card, so you will be able to use google map and find your way around and stay in touch with your family and friends or post your favorite dish on social media. Read my post to understand why it’s useful.

4. Thai wow

Thai wow entrance

Located on the same road and close to the above-mentioned restaurants you can find this Thai Restaurant. It has limited opening hours and that’s why I haven’t made it yet but it’s on my list because local friends recommended it. So if you go before I do, please, let me know what you think.

Location5th Avenida Sur #23

5. Como Como

Delicious laid-back but kind of pricy restaurant offering Spanish cuisine, in a beautiful garden or indoor.

Among all the delicious dishes, what I loved the most here was the Crème Brûlée, though.

Located right in front of the Convento de Santa Clara, one of the great sites to visit in Antigua – view on Google Map

6. Cafe’ teatro el sitio

Cozy ambiance in this Swiss restaurant. I know it’s a rare find cuisine, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the freshly made food, including ravioli and the signature dish, the fondue.

Location 5 Calle Poniente 15

7. Indian accent

Elegant upscale restaurant located in a beautiful historical building. If you are craving Indian food that’s where you must go.

Location – 5a Avenida Sur 14

8. Los tres tiempos

Los tres tiempos

Great colorful restaurant located in the courtyard El Arco, right by the Santa Catalina Arch. You can find outdoor sitting on the patio or on the rooftop space, but also in the cozy indoor areas.

The menu is friendlier to meat and fish eaters offering a variety of delicious local dishes but a few vegetarian plates too.

Check location on Google Maps

9. Sobre mesa

Located a few steps from Parque Central this tiny upscale restaurant offers a few sits indoors and a lovely courtyard. Great if you are craving some Italian dishes. It’s one of the most popular among the Expat community.

View Location

10. Héctor’s Bistrot

Hector’s Bistrot is another French restaurant in town, loved by locals and visitors alike. 100% French in a cozy ambiance.

I was told it was a tiny restaurant before where you had a hard time finding a seat. It’s now very spacious set in a beautiful courtyard.

The tables are located around a nice patio and you can appreciate live music during the weekend.

It’s one of the best places to hang out at night, not only for the delicious food but for the lively ambiance

View Location

11. Tartines

The highlight of this restaurant is the location. Although the entrance doesn’t look very inviting, just walk up the stair and get on the terrace.

You will enjoy great views as the terrace will be overlooking the crumbling and yet spectacular remains of the cathedral of San Jose.

The menu is quite varied and pricy but worth it, offering french and international cuisine. I had a delicious salmon filet.

Tartines is located right in front of SobreMesa – See Map

12. Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

Casa Santo Domingo
Photo © Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is one of the most upscale hotels in Guatemala and probably all of Central America.

Located in an ancient convent you will appreciate the spectacular architecture, the ruins, and the museums on the property.

The rooms are delightful and of course the food. The Sunday brunch is the most popular time to enjoy the hotel and its scrumptious buffet. Make time for visiting the museums and the property itself.

Reservation is not required but recommended.

View Location

13. Bistro Cinque

Here is another cute restaurant for a very romantic and very french dinner. Even if you are a solo traveler like me, you can treat yourself to some delicate French cuisine in this cute little place. Don’t let the word romantic intimidate you! 🙂

View location

14. Porque no Cafe’

Don’t be fooled by the name it’s more like an eatery than a coffee place. A tiny but cozy space with great vibes and nice comfort food, such as burritos, pizza, and such. Definitely to try.

View location on google map

15. Fermento

Fermento restaurant

Fermento boasts an exquisite outdoor space with vintage decor. The cuisine is a mix of international flavors. Vegan and vegetarian options are available. Great ambiance either for a family or friend gathering or to eat alone!

View location

15. Angie Angie

Not far from Fermento, Angie Angie is an Argentinian restaurant with a delicious menu and a delightful environment.

The artsy outdoor seating will be suitable for any occasion. All kinds of dishes are served, from great meat cuts to pizza, besides delicious creative drinks.

View location

16. El tenedor del cerro

El tenedor - museo del cerro entrance

El Tenedor is located on the hills surrounding Antigua in the private property that belongs to the luxury Casa Hotel Santo Domingo.

The place is mainly known for the expansive space dedicated to amazing expositions both indoor and outdoor.

In fact, you will see pieces of modern art scattering around the manicured garden. I haven’t tried the restaurant, but locals rave about its pizzas, and most of all the great location right in front of the vulcanos.

I got there on a cloudy day, lucky me, so I cannot confirm it. But it’s totally worth spending half a day there. If you get there by sunset on a clear winter evening, I am sure you will be able to appreciate a spectacular colorful sky! (please send me pictures if you do)

You will need a uber to get there.

View location

17. Calista

Calista is an artsy restaurant annexed to the hostel Adra. They serve a great breakfast with nice and creative presentations. They have a variety of dishes also for lunch and dinner. Definitely recommended.

View Location

18. Sabe Rico

Sabe Rico is one of my favorite Antigua Restaurants for traditional food, by far.

If you want to try some real Guatemalan cuisine, here you can get some of the best Guatemalan food. My favorite was the Caldo de Gallina ever, one of the typical Guatemalan dishes. So tasty.

The restaurant is set in a beautiful garden and the table are scattered around to guarantee some privacy. The menu is quite varied and includes vegetarian dishes as well.

There is also a shop that sells delicious cakes and chocolate chunks which you cannot resist. I couldn’t! 🙂

View location

19. Hobbitenango

Hobbitenango is one of those places that you think exists only in movies. Well, it’s real and it’s close to Antigua.

A trip to Hobbitenango makes one of the best things to do from Antigua and it makes a great day trip.

You should visit just to walk around the property, and see the little hooks with their round colorful doors and all the lush greenery around.

Take a swing in the air and pose on the giant hands sticking out of the mountains, but most of all have a meal at their restaurant. You won’t be disappointed I assure you.

Whether it’s for breakfast or dinner you will be delighted but the taste and sight. Presentations are just as good as flavors.

If you happen to be there on a weekend you could enjoy a full brunch package with a rich buffet. But I preferred to go on a less crowded day. It’s totally up to you.

View Location on Google Map

10. Caoba Farms

Caoba farms is another top favorite restaurant in Antigua, loved by locals expats, and travelers. How can you not?

The restaurant tables are scattered around lush greenery with flowers and tropical plants, right beside their own vegetable gardens from where they get their produce for the meals their prepare.

Everything is organic and directly from their organic farm to your table.

It’s open from Thursday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm but you should check on their website in case they change the schedule.

They also have a great convenience store with all sorts of goodies, and ready-made food, all super healthy and naturally made, including the backed items.

On Thursdays, you can find fresh sourdough bread right from the oven.

Saturday and Sundays the place is packed with locals who love this spot for their brunch. If you can find a table you can appreciate the festive ambiance and live music.

During the week it’s the perfect spot to relax and read a book while enjoying a delicious breakfast made with fresh produce.

They offer vegan options as well.

View Location

11. Pollo Campero (I am sorry)

I apologize because Pollo Campero is not exactly what you call healthy or delicate cuisine. However, if you are feeling like ditching your healthy diet you should try one of the locals’ most loved restaurants.

It is actually a fast-food restaurant, to be precise, the Guatemalan version of Kentucky Fried Chicken and, I guarantee you it’s even more delicious.

Maybe not for every day!

It’s so popular among Guatemalans that there is one big branch right in the most touristy street where the Arch is. You go figure!

View on map

12. Local Market

Antigua Local Market is quite popular not only to buy fresh vegetables and all sorts of stuff but also for trying traditional Guatemalan food.

In fact, in the local market will find a section with very cheap restaurants where you can try the most popular street food cuisine.

Vegan Restaurants in Antigua

13. Once Once

(pronounced “Oncae Oncae“)

My favorite vegan restaurant in Antigua Once Once has recently opened its doors in an old and very well refurbished courtyard. The menu is quite rich with delicious international dishes revisited and completely vegan.

You will be welcomed by 3 cute dogs, one, in particular, will be sitting beside you asking to be petted.

View on map

14. La Bruja

La Bruja is located in a beautiful ample courtyard – La Fuente – together with many other (delicious) restaurants lined by the arcades.

Common tables are located in the middle around a fountain where customers can eat together even though they are eating from different restaurants.

La Bruja serves delicious bowls and vegan or vegetarian burgers that you can build by putting together many different ingredients to your liking.

15. Samsara

Samsara is actually my number one favorite restaurant menu-wise. Their list of dishes is so rich and abundant that it takes half an hour to decide what you want to eat. The struggle is real.

But worry not because they are all extremely delicious (I have tried quite a few) and you can’t go wrong.

I love the Wok as a main dish and the Eye of Horus for a drink. Yummy!

I also love the atmosphere and the soft spiritual music. Very relaxing. The staff is also very kind.

View Location on map

16. Sat Nam

I managed to eat there only once because it has strange hours, basically, the owner opens when she wants so you’ve got to be lucky. I wasn’t particularly enthralled by the menu but I was served a lovely lentil soup a complimentary entry, which was a nice touch.

There are some Venezuelan specialties remade in vegan or vegetarian style. Worth trying.

View location

17. Wachuma

Wachuma restaurant

Is the cheap version of Samsara, same owners. Here you will find purely vegan dishes, while samsara is vegetarian. I had a great bowl but they also have so many variations of bowl, tacos, and other plates completely plant-based. It’s located beside the impact hub co-working space.

View location (just FYI the picture that you see on the map is wrong)

Coffee Places in Antigua

18. The Fat Cat

the fat cat

It’s so odd how such a tiny place can be so appealing. There is something about it that made me go back all the time to work while sipping a delicious cafe.

They also have great banana bread and simple breakfast and lunch dishes.

You can stay there and work as long as you want, but it’s nice if you get something to eat or drink every now and then.

View Location

19. Artista de Cafe

I love this place so much and as usual, I found out about it in my last month in Antigua. It’s a two-story space with comfortable seating areas and is great for working online.

They don’t have a rich food menu but as the name may suggest, you can find a great variety of coffee, especially made with different methods. Brownies and almond cake are great. (guilty as charged 🙂

Great ambiance and exquisite staff.

View Location on map

20. Cafe Estudio

Cafe estudio

I have to be honest Cafe Estudio stole my heart because that’s where I found the best coffee in Antigua (expresso). They also have great alfajores.

The tiny space is nicely decorated with a vintage feel. But they also have a huge roof-top terrace and sittings in the quiet courtyard.

View Location on map

21. Fernando’s Kaffe

It’s a locals’ favorite for a tranquil breakfast or brunch. They also make great coffee and chocolate which are sold in the in-house shop. Definitely to try.

View Location on map

22. Union Cafe

I love love love this place, especially the sitting in the garden where the walls are painted in beautiful graffiti which together with the lush greenery creates a cozy atmosphere. You can sit there and work all day, read a book or just chill while trying one of their delicious dishes.

View Location on map

23. El Viejo Cafe

Just like Fernando, this is another locals’ favorite. Also here you can appreciate a lovely courtyard where you can enjoy their delicious in-house-made pastries or any other local dishes either for breakfast or lunch. This is also where you can shop for different kinds of bread and ice cream.

View Location on map

24. Canela Antigua

Another courtyard where you can sip delicious coffee and pastry or other simple dishes while relaxing or working online. Not officially a co-working space but it could be.

View Location on map

25. La Luna de Miel

La Luna de Miel is a great place to sit-eat-and-go as they don’t allow to stay longer than one hour. I felt like I had to choke myself but that’s an easy task.

They are famous for their crepes, sweet or salted and they are indeed delicious. So you won’t really take long to finish up and because there might be more people who want to try them, it’s kind of fair to make room for them.

View Location on map

So, here is the end of the list of my top favorite restaurants and coffee shops in Antigua. I hope you will try them yourself and love them as much as I did. If you think I left anyone out that is worth mentioning please let me know. I’ll be happy to add your recommendations.

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