Escape from the touristy and land in Paradise: EL CUYO

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Sometimes we are attracted to a beautiful place because everybody is talking about it and we feel the urge to see it in person and to leave our footprints as well. Fair enough! But most of the times, once we get there we realise that the less beaten surroundings are just as beautiful, if not more. Forgotten places, with less comfort but  with your own private beach. That is actually my priority! What’s yours?

“By having good memories on every place you just visit,
you are building paradise in your own heart and your life.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

I have always been intrigued by that name I was reading on the map “El Cuyo” but never dared explore. I was too busy checking out more remote and fancy places, until I heard it was the new paradise for kite surfers and therefore it was getting more attention not only from surfers themselves, but also from investors who smelled the business opportunity.

So I got curious (not by the investment part) and as soon as I had the opportunity, I went with some friends to check it out.  And this is what I have found.


The pelicans on the pier.

The pelicans are the undiscussed guardians of the pier. Together with Frigatebirds and ducks lay still on top of the balustrade or the light stands with their careless look, or they just ignore you as if knowing that you wouldn’t do any harm.

CUYOThe beach is endless, it stretches all the way from Holbox (south) to Rio Lagartos (north), el Cuyo being in the middle of the two more popular sites.  You can walk forever and find no one, and feel totally safe. At least this is how I felt.

TIP: Probably this one in the picture is the only half shelter you will find on the entire beach. Maybe a few more palms, I honestly don’t recall, so in case it is your first exposure to the sun and your skin is not really prepared, you should come equipped either with your own umbrella or with a lot of sunscreen, even if it is cloudy.

Really, it’s not the caribbean sea, but don’t you think that those colours deserve a WOW !? Riding the kayak or going on your paddleboard has never been so easy on such calm waters.


ehm… well, not much to learn other than, enjoy the beach and be respectful!

That is the way to the pier from where you can watch beautiful sunsets and also have access on the beach to the right (where I went) or to the left.

Sunset from the pier

It’s so peaceful around that you never want to leave the beach. The accommodation offer doesn’t leave you so much choice. The options are limited and with one exception of a  boutique hotel on the beach, the others are a couple of modest properties in town or private houses. I don’t really have anything special to suggest if that you should  just go there and chose what you feel like the best solution for you. Unless you go on Easter or Christmas holiday you should be able to find a place (DISCLAIMER: I said “You should” 🙂 )

Probably the only restaurant in the destination

As for the culinary offer, although it has improved from the past years,  it’s still very modest and this is the only restaurant we have found open for breakfast and lunch. It is closed for dinner that you can have in one of the local “loncherias”. La Conchita was really good and with quite a choice in the menu, but the dinner places are a little more limited. Just make sure you have  a good lunch! 🙂

On Sundays they announce to sell what is the equivalent of an home made stewed pork,  on the street. So from 7 am you will see a lady with a huge Soucepan ( a sort of cauldron ) selling this local delicacy. Although it looked delicious, I am not a big fan of meat of any sorts, let alone  at 7 am, but it looked as if she had a lot of fans. It might be a good option to get into local food.

Flamingoes on the way to El Cuyo

On the way in and out of El Cuyo you will drive on a beautiful road between lagoons and if you are in the right season this is the show you will get. Make sure the driver doesn’t get distracted. 🙂


El Cuyo is situated in between Chiquila’ ( from where the ferries to Holbox island leave) and the biosfera of Rio Lagartos and belong to the same protected area. It’s a Santuary of birds, especially flamingoes and a paradise for nature lovers. You can also reach Rio Lagartos from a dirt beach road, which is totally accessible even though very narrow. I will try it soon and let you know how it goes.


Here is some pictures I took from a walk around town to portrait the local taste in houses, it may seems a little tacky but it fits perfectly with what it is.  I hope you’ll enojy it. And if you have any comments or question please feel free to write in the space here below.

Need directions?

A random house – it is actually one of my favourite


A little detail of the beach

The beach – just like a caribbean beach-

Pelicans: the guardians of the pier


The beach: a different perspective


Kayaking has never been so easy @ El Cuyo

Random house- colourful street art!

Another view of the pier

Unfortunately the unhealthy drink is broadly consumed in Mexico. But i loved the contrast of colours and the composition.

Direction: Holbox

El Cuyo

The pier at sunset


Although it will be easy to find on google map or any road map, please be aware that sometimes you can loose the signal. It’s a no-brainer though. From Cancun on the way to Valladolid, you will see the sign along the road on where to turn right.
Here is the map for your perusal.


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