The 7 Best Restaurants in Quito

There are so many restaurants in Quito that it was impossible for me to check them all out also because I was cooking almost all my meals. But here I want to share my favorite 7. I hope this post offers some good tips for your Restaurant choice.

Since the first 3 weeks, I was living in an apartment and cooking my own food I didn’t really explore the restaurants. But when I went back the second time I did a lot of eating out and although most of the time I returned to the same restaurant I managed to check a few out. Here I am telling you my favorites. You can check them out also in the below map.


A fancy restaurant in the busy Plaza Foch in the heart of La Mariscal neighborhood. The restaurant offers gourmet Ecuadorian food and it’s quite popular as fine dining. I went try the ceviche and although it was really delicious and nicely served it didn’t make a meal. I was still hungry after my dish which was supposed to be the main course. So if you are not traveling on a budget it’s definitely a place to try.

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Vista Hermosa

This fancy restaurant in the middle of the historical center is quite popular for its huge terrace and its spectacular views over the city. I went there one night and it was raining so I ate inside. It was nice but not so wowed. The food was great and although there was not a lot of choices I chose a seafood plate which was delicious and satisfying. Definitely to try. Prices are higher then average.

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Cafe’ Mosaico (My favorite among the restaurants in Quito)

Because I am obsessed with views, Cafe’ Mosaico was one of the places I really wanted to visit and it was no mistake. I have to say I risked it to get there on foot. If you are going from the historical center and you want to cut through the small lanes, that is not a good idea at all.

I was told afterward that the neighborhood is generally safe but if you stay on the main roads, which I didn’t because it would have taken me forever to reach the cafe’.

So you should get a taxi just to be on the safe side.

Anyway, I arrived safely, but short of breath (because of all the stairs I had to climb and because the road looked creepy and I was scared). The place is really cute with a nice terrace overlooking the entire historical center of the city. It’s definitely a great place to have lunch or dinner. The food is awesome too and they have vegan and vegetarian options. I had a vegetable curry and was so spicy that I cried my eyes out but super delicious too.

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Honey Coffe’

This cute cafe’ is full of inspiring wall graffiti and delicious snacks and breakfast. The coffee’ is great too. WIFI is not so good if you were thinking to go and work from there. I had to move, unfortunately, after I enjoyed my breakfast, savory and very nicely presented.

Rio Intag

This is just a cafe’ situate at La Floresta. They don’t have much choice if you want to eat, but it’s a cozy and fancy atmosphere. I stayed an entire morning to work and enjoyed it.

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El Maple

This is where I have had the majority of my meals. Cozy atmosphere, great wifi, awesome vegan and vegetarian food with lots of choices. Why should I have gone anywhere else? Well, yes for the sake of experimenting but when you have lots of work to do and find the perfect spot you just feel lazy to look for others.

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Delicious vegan restaurant right under the Guapulo viewpoint, with a great variety of vegan dishes and spectacular views.

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