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38 fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta


Located in the Mexican state of Jalisco on the Pacific coast, the friendly city is known as one of the most important resort destinations in Mexico, and the top favorite among the gay community. This article will explain you why. 

There are so many things to do in Puerto Vallarta that in the two months I have lived there I didn’t have enough time to do everything.

However, I had the chance to live like local, trying different restaurants and visiting the surroundings and hanging out in the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta and having a ball eating in the best vegan food restaurants (for vegan food in Puerto Vallarta click here.

I was lucky also to live in Puerto Vallarta old town, at a walking distance from everything, including the beach.

In this article, you will find a long list of all the things to do in Puerto Vallarta, including what I haven’t done myself, also a brief personal history of the city, how to get to Puerto Vallarta and how to move around, including the best options to get from the airport to the city.

I left the “Where to stay in Puerto Vallarta” section on this other article for the sake of clarity.

And if you are concerned about whether it is safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta you can check out this article

I hope you will find it useful, otherwise please let me know if you are looking for some specific information that is missing. I’ll be happy to help.

Happy reading!



Every time I get to a city in Mexico there is always something to celebrate, and I don’t particularly like celebrations. I don’t like crowds and noise. I know, I am weird like that.

However, when was informed that I would have been in Puerto Vallarta for its 100 years anniversary celebration I felt kind of lucky for being here right for this special occasion, although, as you can imagine I didn’t participate actively, for the above reasons.

On Saturday, May 31st, 2018, to be precise, Puerto Vallarta celebrated its centennial anniversary as a municipality and its 50th as a city.

The whole city lighted up for an entire week, especially in the evenings, to celebrate the huge event. And I was there too, at least spiritually.

The abundance of food, multicolored (and noisy) fireworks, music and parades all along the Malecon, the busy pedestrian road by the beach that was all geared up for the special occasion.

For the same reason, my usual dog walks were carried out on the other side of the city, quieter and less noisy. But I was celebrating in my heart, with Puerto Vallarta, I swear!

Let me give you some historical insights.

The original name of what is now Puerto Vallarta was  Puerto Las Peñas, referring to the rocks emerging from the sea, that are now called “los Arcos”.

But let’s go a little further back in history.

Banderas Bay was discovered by the Spanish in 1525. The name Bandera was given because of the numerous flags carried by the indigenous populations, called Aztatlan, during their battles with the Spanish soldiers.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Vendors on the Malecon

The legend says that when 100 Spaniards landed to conquer the native people, they were carrying four big banners and the image of the Virgin Guadalupe.

As soon as they approached the shore they realized that the indigenous people defending their own land were 20.000 and thought they would never be able to defeat them.

However, something like a miracle happened.

When a frightened Spanish friar went down on his knees in front of the local population, the image of the Virgen Guadalupe was illuminated by strong rays of sunlight creating such an effect that the indigenous Azatlan, thought it was the manifestation of some magical power and, to the Spanish bewilderment, the natives  submitted immediately to them.

Since then, during the 16th century, Banderas Bay has been a pit stop for voyagers and sailors, and a hiding spot for pirates.

Sadly enough the Spanish conquerors enslaved the local indigenous to hard works in the mining industry, which was the main source of wealth. The poor working conditions and the transmission of illness reduced the local population by 90%.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

River Cuale from the Bridge

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, the main industry was the silver and gold mining around San Sebastian, Talapa, and Mascota, on the hills of the Sierra Madre.

The increase of the mining activities demanded more salt to process the precious metals. A young boatman took advantage of the increasing need and started his business importing large quantities of salt from the Marias Island into Playa los Muertos in Bandera Bay.

With the increase of business and prosperity, he decided to establish himself, his family and several companions in the area, calling it Puerto Las Peñas.

With the discovery of silver in the United States, the price of this metal diminishes and Puerto Vallarta needed to explore other economies.

That’s when agriculture flourished thanks to the rich soil of the valley of Ameca river in the area that is now called Nuevo Vallarta.

The abundant harvested products were shipped to other parts of the country by boat.

The growing importance of this fast developing town led to the creation of the municipality, precisely on May 31st, 1918, when Puerto Las Peñas was therefore renamed Puerto Vallarta, in honor of the Governor of Jalisco Ignacio Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

In 1942 the first flights from Guadalajara were established and the small fishing town was promoted through Mexico and the United States as “a primitive place for hunting and fishing”.

The buzz around the growing city continued to increase and started to attract different personalities among which John Huston the famous movie director who chose Puerto Vallarta as the setting of the movie The night of the iguana starring with none other than Richard Burton, Ava Gardner.

But what was under the spotlight was the love affair between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, who came to Puerto Vallarta to join him despite both of them had their own relationship with somebody else.

Their relationship at that time was a scandal and caught the attention of tabloids, so much that it could be considered the starting point of the modern stalking of actors and public figures by the paparazzi.

You can read more about the whole story here.

Needless to say that this event is marked in the history of Puerto Vallarta as one of the milestones of her growth and affirmation as a touristic destination, attracting people from all over the world.

That event and the subsequent buzz around the city, stimulated the quick implementation of the necessary infrastructures to welcome the hordes of curious tourists.

On May, 31st 1968,  Puerto Vallarta become officially a city and was granted the financial resources to build all the necessary infrastructure, bridges, highways and an international airport that now connects many cities from the United States and Canada.

Today Puerto Vallarta is the second major tourist destination in Mexico and hosts more than 4 million visitors per year, besides being one of the chosen destinations for American and Canadian expats who chose the city for their retirement, and digital nomads who chose the happy and laid back vibrant city for their long-term temporary home.



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A year ago, I embarked on this housesitting adventure as soon as I left for my lifetime journey across Latin America, and it has all the time, been a beautiful break from my traveling routine, bonding with new people and especially new furry guys, a bundle of unconditional love.

I needed it, more for the connection with the 4 legs ones than for the fact that I was saving on accommodation, as I eventually realized.

Besides, I could take some time to sit at the computer and update my blog while enjoying their company.

I couldn’t be happier; I was doing all the things that I loved.

I usually look for house sitting gigs according to the location, but I also plan my travel itinerary according to the housesitting opportunity.

I always try to find a balance between the two.

When I saw the post on house sitting in Puerto Vallarta, I didn’t hesitate a second. I knew Puerto Vallarta was in my plans but what made me want to have this sit so bad was the 20 cats and 1 dog I would be housesitting; it is a paradise for me.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Trying to have some work done while my favorite kitten is sleeping at my laptop.

One of the things I’d always dreamed of was to live with so many cats all together and like everything I have dreamed for has been magically materializing during my journey, even this one become a reality.

There is something special about cats, and being around so many of them and I believe is a kind of therapy. A happiness therapy.  Not that I was in need, but cats have magical power for those who can read them.

The time had finally come, and here I am now, enjoying the amazing company of the furry ones, many of them.

I have learned their names in a second.

Funny enough I tend to forget human names and remembers pets’ names more easily.

The doggy- girl Ushi is the sweetest dog ever, super obedient and tranquil. The cats are hilarious, all beautiful and each one with his/her own personality.

I could spend the entire day watching them play and never would I get bored. Luckily, they sleep a lot during the day, and that helps me get some work done without my biggest distraction. Although watching them sleep is also very entertaining.

A short video on my walks in
Puerto Vallarta


If the cats and dog crew was my biggest drive to apply for this position as a house-sitter, little did I know that I would have also ended up staying in a stunningly beautiful inn, located on the hills above the old Vallarta, at 10 minutes walk from the beach.

The house, Casa Malia, function as a bed and breakfast during the high season.

It’s a tiny little jewel in the most romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta, a fully furnished 4 bedroom house with kitchen facilities and a pool on a spacious terrace overlooking the small Cuale island and river.

The beautifully decorated rooms boast a harmonic fusion of Mexican and French style with some hints of worldly feeling.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Casa Malia

Benni, the French native owner is an eager professional traveler who has been all over Latin America, Asia, and Europe, as you can tell from the beautiful little decorative objects scattered around the house.

Despite the pets, the house is immaculate, and she makes sure to keep it sparkling clean for the entire time.

As a traveler myself, this would be the perfect ideal place for me should I want to choose Puerto Vallarta as a place for my next vacation. Tiny, elegant, comfortable, very well located and with lots of furry ones around. It couldn’t get any better.

Although I can offer you suggestions on other beautiful properties in Puerto Vallarta, which I have personally checked out, Casa Malia still remains my favorite choice.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

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Why should you trust my suggestions on the things to do in Puerto Vallarta: have I tried them all?

Before leaving, Beni, the owner,  left a booklet with her collection and notes of all the things to see in Puerto Vallarta, places of interests, best restaurants and all the tips from a local who has been here for 5 years and enjoyed the city fully. The same booklet that she hands to their guests so that they can find their way around easily.

Besides, Beni would introduce me to all her local friends who are going out of their way to make me feel at home and give me all the best tips to visit Puerto Vallarta inside out, the best tours and hikes so that I can make the best of my time here.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

The views during my walks

When I house-sit, I don’t normally like to leave the house if not for walking the dogs, and that’s for 3 main reasons. One is that I want to take advantage of the tranquility and time to work on my blog, read and do my online courses, two, I don’t like to leave the pets too long alone in the house, and last but not least, I want to fully enjoy the pet’s company.

In this case, since I have had a full month here, I decided to take advantage of all this precious information and plan my visits, trying to find a fair balance between browsing around and spending time with the pets.

Also, I have stayed a little longer after Beni is back from her trip so that I can visit more remote places where a full day visit is required.

While I was planning my trips, I thought I would share in an article what I consider unmissable things to do in Puerto Vallarta. And so here it is. I will then explain more about each of the activities, restaurants, places and so forth in other different articles once I experience the activity myself if I actually manage to do it.

I thought you should know everything the locals suggest to do and not be limited to what I do myself.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads


Finally, we get to the point:If you are looking for Puerto Vallarta travel tips here is my 2 cents.

First of all, you need to choose one of the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta, to stay comfortable and enjoy your vacation fully. I believe that choosing the right hotel for you is one of the most important elements of your vacation experience.

This is why I have visited and selected what I believe are the best hotel solution. There are many beautiful all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Vallarta, but considering the huge variety of restaurants in town, you can also opt for one of the stunning boutique hotel options.

Then you will see that there is so much stuff to do in Puerto Vallarta. Therefore I have chosen the following activities and things to do and see, which are to me the most interesting, I hope it will be useful to organize your trip.

#1 Walk on the Malecòn

Do it early morning when the sun is not hitting so strong and you can enjoy the gentle breeze while meeting other early raiser walking their friendly dogs or jogging.

#2 Hike to the Mirador  Cerro de la Cruz (in the Map here below)

At the sunset would be better, to take one of the most stunning pictures of the entire bay. SAFETY TIP: make sure you check out if there are other people either local or foreigners tourist walking up. If you see it’s too deserted don’t go. It’s always safe to avoid isolated places. For other safety tips, in general, you can check out this full article.

#3 Watch the sunset

Watch the sun disappearing at the horizon beyond the sea at the heavy sound of the waves crashing on the shore, while taking your evening stroll on the Malecon, before o after dinner.

#4 Enjoy the food

Enjoy the rich local food displayed on the inviting stalls of the Malecòn at night, especially the shrimp sticks and the Tejuino, a local drink.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Playa Muertos

#4 Admire the sand sculptures

Check out the sand sculptures on the beach by the Malecon and the rock sculptures as well. So much patience is required to make them. I couldn’t even try it.

#5 Check out the artisan market

Walk around the tourist market on the Cuale island, check out funny T-shirts, beautiful local colored dresses, local amber jewelry, paintings and manufactures.

#6 Swinging bridges

Enjoy the swinging wood pedestrian bridges connecting the Cuale island with the rest of the city.

#7 Check out the art galleries

Check out the beautiful art galleries scattered around the Zona Romantica and in the old Vallarta.

#8 Free art walking tours

Take a free walking tour of the art sculpture on the Malecon. This is available only in winter, from October through May, the high season. The interesting art sculptures are made by the famous Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante. If you happen to be in Guadalajara you can also check out his amazing gallery. I was just there and I was almost crying before such beauty.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Sunset from the Malecon

#9 Enjoy the beach

Enjoy the beautiful beaches located all along Bandera Bay and beyond it.

#10 Free walking tours among the highlights of the city

The free walking tours where you can get the real feeling of the city, its history and what makes it so charming. At the time I am writing this post the schedule is every Thursday and  Wednesday at 9 am or at 12 am and every Saturday at 9. The tours in the mornings are different from the ones in the afternoon. Departure time in the municipal office in front of the PUERTO VALLARTA colored sign on the Malecon. You can confirm your schedule at the Puerto Vallarta Tourist office in Calle Hidalgo, closed to the Church of Guadalupe.

# 11 Visit the nearby towns

Check out Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan by bus and it’s beaches

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Arriving at Quimixto

#12 Visit the famous Yelapa beach

Visit Yelapa village and its beach by water taxi from Boca de Tomatlàn or from Playa Muertos.

#13 Enjoy a day on Quimixto beach

Visit Quimixto by water taxi from Boca de Tomatlàn.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Walking around the city center

#14 Have a fancy dinner

Having dinner at Casa Isabel with an amazing view over the stunning Banderas Bay.

#15 Have lunch at Conchas Chinas

Having lunch or brunch at Lindomar restaurant in Conchas Chinas, a beautiful neighborhood south of Puerto Vallarta. There is a beautiful walk by the beachside or you can get a cab/uber

#16 Explore the historical center

Walk on Calle Matamoros and enjoying the view of the city especially during sunset.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Walking around calle Matamoros

#17 Have a little hike on the beach

Walk on the beach to Playa Concha China south of Playa de Muertos.

#18 meet the dolphins swimming freely in the ocean

Going Dolphin swimming in Banderas Bay – this is the only dolphin swim that I could recommend because dolphins are wild and actually swimming on their own in the open sea.

They haven’t been born and raised in captivity and therefore totally free. The only downside is that they won’t guarantee the encounter. But it’s worth a try. The cost of the tour is 85 USD but on the slow season, they make discounts. Tour include bird watching, snorkeling gear, biologist guides who will lecture on dolphins and marine life of the bay. You can check their website here for more information.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Swimming with Dolphins

#19 try the local street food

If you are a meat eater, you cannot miss the following spots for best street food ever (as I was told by locals who eat meat, I don’t):

  • Street vendors in Lazaro Cardenas- they also seem to have the best sauce in town
  • Going to Pancho Takos in #162 Basilio Badillo street ( closed on Sunday – open from 6.30 pm, always crowded).
    Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

    Pancho Takos

#20 Get to know the traditions from other regions

Watch the Tlapantla flyers (voladores) on the Malecon. A tradition from Veracruz state brought in Puerto Vallarta.

#21 follow a weird tip

Enjoy the view of the towering green mountains around Puerto Vallarta better seen from Costco Parking lot. (who would have thought that?).

#22 stay healthy and support the locals

Eat fruits and vegetables freshly cut by a beach or street vendors, but make sure it’s Mexican way, with salt, lime and a sprinkle of chile pepper.

#24 Try local specialties

Have a Marlin Burrito. I just went to the best one, suggested by my local friend, Mr. Burger (on the map) and had my vegan burrito (they clean the grill before cooking it after meat and fish). But that’s also a great place to eat the Marlin or shrimp burrito.

#25 Listen to local concerts

In high season (unfortunately I’ll miss it) you can enjoy free night concert every Fridays in Lazaro Cardenas park at sunset.

#26 Take a fancy trip to Punta de Mita

Take a day trip to Punta de Mita and enjoy the beautiful beaches there including La lancha. I will talk more about it on a separate article. (you should rent a car for this trip in order to enjoy it fully and stop at all the beautiful beaches you find along the way).

#27 Expand your boundaries

Visit the trendy places of San Pancho and Sayulita.

Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Sunset in San Pancho

#28 Don’t miss lunch at Cafe’ de Olla

Enjoying the best chile relleno (a typical Mexican dish) at Café de Olla

#29 Splurge in a fine dinner in one of the iconic place of Puerto Vallarta

Having dinner at Hacienda Sant Angel on the Mariachi night or on Sunday brunch. Or any other night, it’s a fancy treat.

#30 Visit the botanical garden

The newly renovated place has been considered the second most beautiful in North America. Definitely worth the visit.

#31 Challenge your adventurous spirit

Taking a bike tour Rogelio and Brittany from Ecoride . Beni recommends them a lot for their itinerary through non-touristic places.

#32 Join a local adventure tour

Take one of the power walking tours with Sylvie a very interesting French/Italian/Canadian lady who has lived in Puerto Vallarta for 15 years and knows Puerto Vallarta inside out. She also plays in a rock band and has herself a sweet dog and 3 cats.

#33 Immerse yoursel in nature

Join a Bird watching tour

#34 have fun exercising

Enjoy the beautiful bay while exercising your core-stability on a paddleboard.

#35 Taste new flavours

Pick one of the mouth-watering food tours , which takes you along all the best street food stalls in Vallarta.

#36 Go Vegan

Or, if you are vegan like me, check out all the vegan restaurants in town or pick one from this guide that I am going to release as soon as I have tried them all.

vegan restaurants in Puerto Vallarta - Boundless Roads

Pinche Vegano – Delicious Vegan Restaurant

#37 Get pumpered!

Have a soothing massage. One of the things I have noticed while walking around the city is the enormous quantity of Massage therapies offered and at a very reasonable price. Pick the one that inspires you the most and get yourself pampered! hey, you deserve it!

#38 see the unmissable spots

Take a tour of the world famous Isla Marietas.

I believe I have covered it all.

Do you think I am missing something? please write on and I will be happy to add it.

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta now!!



International flights arrive directly in Puerto Vallarta from different cities of Canada and US and from Europe as well.

Among all the airlines to Puerto Vallarta you can find Air Canada, Air Transat, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and many more.

Here below I am giving you all the city with the respective airline (source www.puertovallarta.net)

From the airport, you can either book a private transportation to your hotel or transfer to the Central de Autobuses (bus station) and catch a bus to Sayulita (1-hour distance)

CANADA Direct flights
Calgary Air Canada – Air Transat – WestJet Airlines
Comox WestJet Airlines
Edmonton Air Transat – West Jet Airlines
Kelowna Air Transat
Montreal Air Transat
Regina Air Transat
Saskatoon Air Transat
Toronto Air Canada – Air Transat
Vancouver Air Canada – Air Transat – WestJet Airlines
Victoria Air Transat
Winnipeg Air Transat
U.S.A. Direct flights
Atlanta Delta Air Lines
Chicago Aeroméxico – American Airlines – Frontier Airlines – United
Cincinnati Delta Air Lines
Dallas-Fort Worth American Airlines
Denver Frontier Airlines – United
Detroit Delta Air Lines
Houston United
Kansas City Frontier Airlines
Lansing Frontier Airlines
Los Angeles Alaska Airlines – Delta Air Lines– Interjet – United – Volaris
Memphis Delta Air Lines
Minneapolis/St. Paul Delta Air Lines – Sun Country Airlines
New York Aeroméxico – Delta Air Lines – United(Newark/Liberty)
Phoenix US Airways
Portland Alaska Airlines – American Airlines
Rockford Frontier Airlines
Saint Louis, MO Frontier Airlines
Salt Lake City Delta Air Lines
San Diego Alaska Airlines
San Francisco Alaska Airlines – United – Virgin America
Seattle Alaska Airlines – American Airlines
Helsinki FINNAIR
London Gatwick Thomson
<Manchester Thomson
MEXICO Direct flights
Cabo San Lucas Aéreo Calafia
Guadalajara Aeroméxico – Interjet (starts July 17, 2014)
La Paz Aéreo Calafia
Mazatlán Aéreo Calafia
Mexico City Aeroméxico – Delta – Interjet – Magnicharters VivaAerobus – Volaris
Monterrey VivaAerobus
Tijuana Aeroméxico – Volaris
Toluca Interjet

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