Xpu-ha : best kept (no more) secret beach


Xpu-ha, Riviera Maya, Mexico – 14 years ago I was working in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) as a tour rep.

I must confess that the job had its perks, one of which was living in dream places and getting to know the destination as if you have lived there forever. 

In order to decompress and cool down, I used to go to Xpu-ha very often, when possible.

And it was the perfect cure. It was beautiful, unspoiled and had only one little shack where they made the best guacamole on earth.

Fast forward 14 years and  Xpu-ha is still indeed one of the best beaches in the area and even though they have developed more beach clubs and it is more populated, they have managed to preserve its charm and beauty.

No huge eco-unfriendly new hotels not too much development. Just a couple of beach clubs and a watersport center, which I reckon can be very much appreciated for the kitesurfing, paddle-board and windsurf lovers; and a beautiful boutique hotel, which I will talk about later on.

There are 2 entrances but I would recommend entering where you see the board La Playa ( see picture below). You pay a fee, per person, but if you eat at the restaurant and keep the received they will give your money back on the way out.

The restaurant is very simple and easy and they make the best ceviche mixto on earth, in a gigantic portion.

TIP: don’t eat the tortilla chips that they bring you, like in any typical Mexican restaurant because you will get full and you won’t have room for the ceviche! it is delish, and you want to finish your plate.

Of course, they have a very rich menu for other food options as well, if you wish.

You don’t need to stay on the beach facility right in front of the restaurant since you pay anyway extra cash and this is non-refundable. You can go anywhere on the beach, and if you don’t need beach chairs and umbrella you can lay down anywhere and without paying anything.  It is a very long stretch of beach I guess around 2,5/3 km from one end to the other and it is a lovely walk if you spend the day there.


It would serve as an amazing day out but if you decide to spend a couple of nights or more on Xpu-ha, there is an exclusive property that won’t leave you disappointed. On the contrary, probably, you will never want to leave.

THE ESENCIA – a pluri-awarded Small Hotel of the World brand, offers a true luxury experience, not only for the stunning beach location but especially for the uniqueness of the layout and exceptional service. It was previously the private home of an Italian duchess and under the new owners, it has been transformed into a modern elegant sophisticated hotel with high-end facilities and decorations and yet embedding its own history. The exceptional service also is a huge added value, taking your luxury experience to another level.

Click on the link if you wish to check availability and rates or book your stay.


As you can see there are many ways to enjoy the beautiful Xpu-ha, it is really up to you. One tip: if you are like me and don’t particularly enjoy the crowd, you should pick any day from Monday through Friday and leave the weekend for something else.

Enjoy voyager and let me know how it goes and I would really appreciate if you could share the information! thanks a million!


I always suggest to rent a car and drive around because you have the freedom to visit in your own terms, without having the pressure of the tight schedules that groups normally have. I love to drive around a place and find new corners to discover, for as long as I want.

Like for example, beaches like this one, which is difficult to reach by bus or taxi.

If you are new with driving in Mexico, I have written a useful post with tips and interesting information that might be useful as there are a couple of things you need to know and need to be careful about.

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