Where to Stay In Tulum, Mexico in 2023 – The 19 Top Hotels, Best Areas + Pro Tips

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, this guide on where to stay in Tulum, Mexico, will help you choose the best hotels or homes in one of the most famous towns of the Mexican Caribbean.

These Tulum hotel reviews include the best boutique hotels and homes for different budgets and styles in the best areas of Tulum.

Whether you want to stay in Tulum Town or the beach area, close to the Mayan Ruins, you are traveling to Tulum on a budget or you are ready to splurge this guide has got you covered.

πŸ”₯ In a Hurry? Here are some quick tips on where to stay in TulumπŸ”₯

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Where to stay in Tulum: Beach zone

There is no doubt that Tulum is home to one of the best beaches in the Riviera Maya.

And in fact, the best area where to stay in Tulum is for sure the beach also called the “hotel zone” if you want to live the Tulum lifestyle, even though the downtown area has its own charm.

And, if you are particularly fond of Luxury hotels, Tulum certainly offers amazing options, especially on the beach with spectacular ocean views and jungle vibes, not to mention the easy access to the Caribbean Sea right at your door.

Pros of staying in Tulum Beach

Having Tulum’s white sand beaches right at your doorstep is priceless and the main reason why you would want to stay in a beach hotel in Tulum.

Also, the most beautiful and high-end resorts in Tulum are on the beach.

Cons of staying in Tulum Beach

Staying on the beach in Tulum comes with a price, literally. Luxury hotels on Tulum Beach range from 200 to 1000 USD in the high season. But it’s the only disadvantage.

Here below, you will find all the best Tulum luxury hotels in the beach area.

Top Beach Hotels in Tulum Beach Area

1. Be Tulum

Be Tulum hotel room
Be Tulum – photo Β© Expedia 

It’s probably safe to say that Be Tulum is one of the best hotels in Tulum in the beach area, for sure the one that most epitomize the Luxury Lifestyle.

Here you will find a magnificent blend of jungle style and sophisticated interior. It’s one of those places that makes you feel cool and fancy even on your worse day.

Impeccable service and private pools are among the guests’ favorites.

Among its luxury amenities and services, Be Tulum offers a world-class on-site restaurant, a luxury spacious room with air conditioning, and an outdoor pool.

Be Tulum is the perfect place to stay if you are ready to splurge either for a romantic getaway or if you want to treat yourself to a blissful solo trip.

The personalized service includes private transport from and to Cancun International Airport at an extra cost and a world-class wellness center.

It’s also one of the closest hotels to the Sian Ka’an biosphere.

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2. Casa Malca

casa malca room with a view
Casa Malca – photo Β© Expedia

Among the best places to stay on Tulum Beach, Casa Malca is definitely among my favorites.

Owned and designed by the New York Art Collector Lio Malca, whose important projects have included the launch of retrospectives at New York’s Whitney Museum, it’s no surprise in seeing such elegance and taste enclosed in the 41 rooms hotel.

The architects managed to merge different worlds, contemporary art with an overwhelming jungle, an outstanding beach, and the finest amenities, all in front of a sweeping turquoise sea. 

There you breathe a cozy, laid-back atmosphere, a luxury retreat to reconnect with your senses. 

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3. Nomade Tulum

Nomade hotel room with a view in Tulum
Nomade Tulum – photo Β© Expedia

Nomade Hotel in Tulum is a stunning creative hotel that boasts multicultural architecture in an elegant style.

You will be mesmerized by the beauty of every little detail of your room, not to mention the sophisticated restaurant with international flavors presented in artistically prepared dishes.

A special focus is given to vegan cuisine and healthy leaving, although no worries, your favorite cocktails will be served all day and night.

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4. La Valise

La valise
La Valise – photo Β© Expedia

The perfect love nest for a romantic escape, La Valise is a new “laid-back” luxury property that offers an exquisite private ambiance where the jungle literally meets the beach.

The interior decor includes local artisanal crafts made with natural elements. All suites are facing the beach with beds on the terrace for romantic nights stargazing at the sound of the crashing waves.

Although it’s a romantic hotel I would totally stay there on my own and get pampered.

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5. Sanara

Sanara Tulum hotel
Sanara – photo Β© Expedia

If you are looking for a sophisticated yet minimalistic place in Tulum, Sanara is your Tulum hotel on the beach.

Essentially chic, it gives a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

One of its main features is the refined gourmet vegan menu and the best yoga space ever, overlooking the stunning beach of Tulum; an ideal place to take care of yourself, both inside and out.

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6. Nest Tulum

Hotel Room in Tulum Mexico.
Nest Tulum – photo Β© Expedia

I fell in love with Nest Tulum just by browsing through their website and then I went to check it out personally. Their creativity merges modern architecture with local vintage pieces, lending a cozy yet elegant appearance to the atmosphere.

The reality really exceeded my expectations.

A blissful place from where you can enjoy the immensity of the worldly Tulum Beach, although it’s a great choice for solo travelers, I would consider Nest Tulum one of the best resorts in Tulum for couples.

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7. Zamas Tulum

Zamas Tulum
Zamas Tulum – photo Β© Expedia

Zamas Tulum is a romantic boutique hotel that will make you fall in love.

The cozy rooms combine the simplicity of the raw polished cement with natural elements such as wood and decorative plants and pieces of local art and textiles as decorative details.

The result is an elegant space where you can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the surrounding jungle and the sparkling sea.

Some rooms are located just in front of the water right on the white sand.

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8. Alma Tulum

Alma Tulum hotel
Alma Tulum – photo Β© Expedia

A cozy and elegant boutique hotel on the beach of Tulum with a fully air-conditioned and great restaurant.

A kite-surf school is right beside their beach restaurant.

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9. Posada Margherita

An iconic and timeless venue on the beach of Tulum, it has become a hip place, frequented by the boho crowds from New York City and Los Angeles.

It’s one of the most unique boutique hotels in the hotel zone for its eclectic vintage style.

It is mainly popular for its Italian restaurant but I also love the decor of the rooms and the general vibes.

It doesn’t have a private beach because in Mexico there is no private beach per se, but if you are staying in the hotel or going for a meal you can use the cozy beach cabaΓ±as and beds.

10. Delek Tulum

Delek Tulum Hotel
Delek Tulum – photo Β© Expedia

This beautiful new hotel is part of the Ahau Tulum Collection. I accidentally bumped into Delek Tulum while walking on the beach and my curiosity led me to walk to the reception and ask to see the rooms.

A smiling staff was kind enough to walk me around and showed me the spectacular rooms. Honestly, I didn’t want to leave.

The cabaΓ±as are built with local wood and nicely decorated with handmade wooden furniture in neutral colors that harmonically combines with the surrounding jungle.  

On top of a tower, guests can enjoy a lounge and a jacuzzi with spectacular views over the ocean. This hotel is indeed one of my favorites in Tulum

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Delek Tulum Hotel
The room at Delek Tulum Hotel – photo Β© Expedia

Affordable & Chic Hotels on Tulum Beach

If you want to stay in the Tulum beach area but you don’t want to splurge, the good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a hotel in the best part of Tulum to stay in.

It is true that the majority of the hotels have outrageously high rates, especially in the high seasons when budget travelers will find better deals in Tulum town.

However, during the low and shoulder seasons you can in Tulum without spending a fortune, and if you are flexible you may be able to find better deals on the beach as well.

11. Punta Piedra Posada

Punta Piedra Posada
Posada Punta Piedra – photo Β© Expedia

This little jewel is a great option for your stay on the beach in Tulum. The beautiful individually decorated cabins are located in a tidy garden surrounded by palm trees and facing the blue sea. They include safe and mosquito nets. Very important.

The Mivida restaurant specialized in tapas has amazing reviews not only for the delicious specialties but also for exceptional service and view. 

However, you can find also great options for restaurants within walking distance from the property.

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12. Diamante K

Diamante Hotel room Tulum Beach
Hotel Diamante K – photo Β© Expedia

The eclectic architecture, blending Balinese doors with local wooden furniture, stone walls, and fine accessories, makes this hotel one of the best romantic hideaways.

It’s located on a lovely stretch of beaches a little far from the heart of the Tulum beach life, but close to the Tulum Mayan Ruins, which is located on the opposite side from the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, to give you an idea.

Both are unmissable places to visit in Tulum and are connected by the so-called beach road.

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Best hotels in Tulum DownTown

There is, in fact, another side of Tulum, which is the Tulum Town area, also called Pueblo.

It’s about 10 km from the beach (7 miles) but still really cool and offers more affordable places so that you can stay in Tulum during your vacation without breaking the bank.

Many more fancy restaurants and hip hotels are opening far from the beach either in the heart of town or a little more secluded in the surrounding jungle, which is even more appealing. 

Here I am offering some options.

Pros of staying in Tulum Town

πŸ‘πŸ½ Staying in Tulum Town is definitely cheaper compared to the beach

πŸ‘πŸ½ Also, you will have a more authentic experience of the local life as you live where locals live

πŸ‘πŸ½ You are closer to the surrounding Tulum attractions and points of interest

πŸ‘πŸ½ You have a lot of boutique hotels options that are cheaper or mid-range

Cons of staying in Tulum Town

πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ You are far from the beach

πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ It can be chaotic

πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ If you want to use beach facilities you will need to pay for a beach club

Where to stay in Tulum town

13. Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort – Adults Only

zenses hotel room

One of the best hotels in Tulum Town for a mid-range budget.

Not even 2 years old, this hotel offers a spectacular spacious room in modern polished concrete with elegant touches and fine rustic-chic decor.

It’s an adult-only property that guarantees peace and tranquillity. Relax in your beautiful room, on the balcony hammock, or mingle with other guests by the pool in a lush garden, take some yoga classes, or splurge on the professional spa packages.

It’s one of those hotels that you never want to leave.

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14. Wish Tulum

Wish Tulum
Wish Tulum – photo Β© Expedia

Among the best hotels where to stay in Tulum town, Wish Tulum is an attractive choice.

Located on Tulum Beach road, which can be kind of noisy all day long, it becomes quiet at night.

Wish Tulum is a boutique hotel in the typical Tulum style, showing the finest creativity to make your stay magical.

The vintage-decorated rooms are spacious and comfortable, the big swimming pool offers a great option to the already wonderful beach.

The fantastic location at a few miles from the Mayan Ruins and downtown and a few miles to the Tulum beach, which you can reach by bike, offered by the hotel at a minimal cost.

It is also not very far from the usual pick-up place for all the major attractions including the Sian Kaan biosphere, Mystica museum, Tulum Mayan ruins, and the incredible cenotes.

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15. Harmony Glamping and Boutique Hotel (La Veleta)

Harmony Glamping and Boutique Hotel
Harmony Glamping and Boutique Hotel – photo Β© Expedia

Such a beautiful oasis in the middle of downtown, I would call it simple luxury tents in a spectacular garden.

The tents feature a queen-size bed, cotton linen, and a fan, and each one is decorated with a different theme, from African to Italian or local, each of them with its own en-suite bathroom. 

There is a Yoga Centre with daily morning and afternoon classes. They also have a restaurant,  Flow, that serves vegetables from the on-site Permaculture farm, homemade yogurt, and kombucha (a very healthy and purifying local drink).

There are a swimming pool and tanning deck with lounge beds and sun chairs next to the common living room.

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16. Holistika (La Veleta)

Holistika hotel
Holistika – photo Β© Expedia

A relatively new hotel right in the middle of Tulum Jungle and yet close to everything, Holistika couldn’t choose a better name for itself.

The original hotel located right in the jungle outside downtown Tulum boasts Jungle style modern accommodations, budget dorm rooms, or pretty private rooms, decorated with the Oh-so-chic! vintage-minimal style.

But this is not it, Tierra is their popular vegetarian restaurant attracting all the healthy clientele of Tulum and surrounding, and a Yoga saloon is available for rejuvenating yoga classes, and so many Instagrammable corners throughout the entire photogenic place.

Definitely, a place that deserves attention during your Tulum vacation.

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17. Era Hotel & Spa Tulum (La Veleta)

Built-in the authentic Tulum boho-chic style with vintage decoration in natural colors, polished cement and stones, and elegant linen and covers, this 4-star hotel offers a great place to rest after a day out exploring or to work if you are on a workstation in Tulum.

The amenities and services include a 24-hour front desk and concierge service, air-conditioning in the rooms and free WiFi.

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18. Coco Hacienda Tulum (Pueblo)

Hacienda Coco Tulum -The Garden
Hacienda Coco Tulum – photo Β© Expedia

A beautiful property built with the old haciendas in mind in an immaculate garden with beautiful rooms scattered around the property in between palm trees and ornamental objects.

Two swimming pools, a relaxation area, and a garden cafe’ make this cute jewel an oasis of relaxation right in the busy town of Tulum.

It’s located at the beginning of the new coolest neighborhood of Tulum “La Veleta”  and despite it’s right on the main road you won’t be disturbed by the traffic at all.

The rooms are very simple and elegant decorated in the fine Mexican style.

You can check out also the sister property on the beach Coco Tulum.

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If you are looking for very cheap accommodation in Tulum you need to look into hostels, click here to check out a related article.

Tulum Airbnb and amazing apartments

The apartment industry in Tulum has been booking in the past 5 years and you can find incredible homes for rent in the top locations in Tulum.

Here below are a couple of options but if you want to see more amazing apartments check out my selection of Tulum Airbnb and Aldea Zama stunning apartments.

19. Tropical sunroom | two min. walk to the beach

πŸ“ Tulum Beach Β· 2 guests Β· studio Β· 1 bed Β· 1 bath ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²

The fantastic studio is located at the far end of the beach road surrounded by a spectacular lush jungle at a two-minute walk from Tulum beach.

This beautiful romantic space is decored in the real Tulum boho style, with stone walls and ethnic wooden decorations in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Your hosts Daisy and Jose will do their best to make you feel at home.

The place is equipped with a kitchenette and working space and guests say the WIFI is excellent, which is surprising news as generally in this remote area it’s cranky.

It’s one of the cheapest and nicest places I have ever seen in Tulum, great value for money even if you don’t have a sea view.

πŸ‘‰ Check rates and availability on Booking.com | Expedia | Hotels.com

20. Zereno studio

πŸ“ Aldea Zama – Tulum Β· 2 guests Β· 1 bedroom Β· 1 bed Β· 1 bath ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²

Spectacular spacious studio, beautifully decorated in a bohemian style, with premium linen and world-class amenities, and artsy objects.

External patio with a cotton-made hammock to relax surrounded by lush tropical greenery.

πŸ‘‰ Check rates and availability on Booking.com | Expedia | Hotels.com

First time in Tulum? here are my top Travel tips


βœ” Take a stroll on the Tulum beach

βœ” Visit Tulum Archeological site

βœ” Spend a relaxing morning in a Cenote

βœ” Splurge in one of the top luxury beach hotels

βœ” Enjoy top dining options


β–Ί November to April is the best time to visit Tulum because it’s less humid and has a lower chance of rain, while September and October are the rainiest months. However, I wouldn’t really bother. You never know about the weather.

β–Ί Most hotels and restaurants do not accept credit cards.

β–Ί If you travel from December through April it’s better to book way in advance if you want to find availability.

β–Ί Tulum it’s a great destination for family and couples or solo travelers. There’s everything for every taste and budget.

β–Ί Surfers and kitesurfers in Tulum find their paradise.

β–Ί A great vegan and healthy living community set the trend for amazing vegan restaurants and yoga studios.

Tulum Beach hotel aerial view
Tulum Beach aerial view

Is Tulum Safe?

The short answer is yes, It is safe to travel to Tulum, but some common sense is due. So just follow some tips I share in my massive guide on safety in Mexico and you will be just fine. (There is one specific section dedicated to Tulum safety).

Is it better to stay in the city or on the beach in Tulum?

It really depends on your budget and the type of vacation you want to have. Staying on Tulum Beach is the quintessence of a Tulum vacation if you are staying in one of the top Tulum hotels mentioned above.

Falling asleep at the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and waking up with your feet in the sand is just incredibly relaxing. However, it can be expensive.

Staying downtown is also not so bad as you can find amazing places to stay, Airbnb, and cute boutique hotels in amazing areas such as Aldea Zama where you are close to great restaurants and cafes, and other attractions.

Is it worth it to stay in Tulum?

It is indeed! Tulum is one the most popular and charming towns of the Riviera Maya, with its spectacular never-ending beach, fancy hotels, delicious and artsy restaurants, and the busy “pueblo” downtown, not to mention unique Mayan ruins located right by the turquoise Caribbean waters.

If you see Tulum now for the first time it will be hard to believe that only 20 years ago it was just a small fishing town with a spectacular deserted and undeveloped beach and a few houses and restaurants.

In the past 10 years, Tulum has become the main beach destination of the Yucatan peninsula with an incredible array of natural places to visit, including lagoons, nearby cenotes, and natural protected areas like the Sian Ka’an biosphere, exquisite beaches resorts, and Beach clubs.

However, you will need to know a few important insider tips for Tulum in order for you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Is Tulum safer than Cancun? Is Tulum safer than Cabo?

The three destinations are some of the most touristy destinations in Mexico and are relatively safe. Episodes of crime happened in the past, unfortunately.

But in general, if you follow any general safety rules that you would follow anywhere such as avoiding getting involved in drug-related issues, don’t get wasted, especially if you are alone in a club, don’t drink tap water.. and many other simple rules that you can read in my how to travel safely in Mexico post.

What’s cheaper Tulum or Cabo?

I believe those are two pretty expensive destinations compared to other Mexican places where you can go.

But I would safely say that Cabo is quite more expensive than Tulum in many ways from Hotels, tours, and transportation.

You can still travel to Tulum if you are on a budget. If you wish to learn more you can check out my detailed post Cabo vs Tulum.

How long is the ride from Cancun to Tulum?

From Cancun to Tulum there is about 120 KM depending on where you go. From Cancun Airport to Tulum it’s approximately 75 minute ride.

Below is my favorite company for any transfer from Cancun to Tulum or anywhere in the area.

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Read also How to get to Tulum from Cancun to learn about other options.

Where to stay in Tulum: final thoughts

I hope this post helped you clear your mind on where to stay in Tulum during your visit. If you have a budget I would totally spend a few days on the beach to live the best Tulum experience.

You can even consider splitting your stay between Tulum Beach and the town to get the feel of both worlds.

Whatever you decide have a great time in Tulum!

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