Where to Stay In Bacalar – The 17 Best Hotels in Bacalar

Deciding where to stay in Bacalar can be tricky with all the gorgeous hotels available. Let me help you choose among the best hotels in Bacalar for your budget and needs.

If you are looking for the best hotel where to stay in Bacalar, you have landed in the right place.

I have been to Bacalar three times and I always loved to check out new hotels, besides the ones where I was staying, so in this post, you will read my honest up-to-date review!

As the pretty village of Bacalar is becoming more and more popular among tourists from all over the world, more hotels are opening and competing to offer the best service and the coolest atmosphere in harmony with Bacalar’s laidback lifestyle.

During my trips to Bacalar Lagoon, I visited many of the hotels that caught my attention at the time and when I went back recently I checked out some of the new ones which I have added to this updated post with the hope to help you decide where to stay in Bacalar


Bacalar Hotels located outside the town

1. Akalki Hotel

Among all the Bacalar Hotels, Akalki is a sort of legend in Bacalar, one of the first hotels that have been built but also a luxury retreat where you can enjoy an all-inclusive package with an on-site restaurant, a world-class spa, water sport facilities, yoga classes, and an overwater bungalow.

The luxury boutique hotel offers garden view and lake views rooms and free private parking.

It’s one of the most popular and of course expensive places. It’s located just outside Bacalar on the way to Chetumal.

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2. Mia Bacalar Luxury Resort and Spa

I didn’t see this resort but I needed to include it in this list of the best luxury hotels in Bacalar because it’s indeed one of the most popular and gorgeous places. It’s relatively new and offers an elegant stay by the lake just outside Bacalar.

It’s also one of the most expensive properties but according to the guests’ reviews, it exceeded the expectations.

Their outdoor swimming pool is lined by comfortable chaises long for the guest to use, and if you are up for some extra pampering, the hotel spa is available for some relaxing body treats.

MIA Bacalar luxury resort spa offers the ultimate luxury experience in Bacalar.

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3. Ecotucan

Lovely and simple casitas immersed in the jungle. It really feels like being completely one with nature.

The hotel rates include breakfast and they organize different activities.

There is a restaurant on the lagoon within a walking distance if you don’t feel like driving to town.

Access to the beach is facilitated by a comfortable pier and relaxation is guaranteed in the huge garden by the water.

They have free WIFI in the on-site restaurant only, not in the bungalows

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4. Mi Kasa Tu Kasa Bacalar by Nah Hotels 

Another exquisite property on the lake Bacalar, located just outside town. Guests love the fine amenities, and elegant rooms, surrounded by a lush garden.

You will have access to the lagoon from a pier and pampering spa treatments are available upon request.

Guests particularly loved the outstanding service and the stylish rooms.

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5. Hotel Rancho Encantado

Hotel Rancho Encantado is one of the oldest properties and most popular in Bacalar, with luxury cabañas spread around a thick forest, and a restaurant by a long and comfortable pier from where you can safely jump in the fresh blue water.

I had delicious super spicy tacos in the Hotel Restaurant.

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6. Cabañas Boa Boa

This is one of my favorite properties in Bacalar and in my opinion one of the best hotels in Bacalar that has yet to be fully discovered.

I have visited the first time in 2017 and it was already super cute, but when I returned in 2022 I was even more pleasantly surprised by all the amazing changes I found.

They have upgraded the rooms and added more cabañas on the nearby lakefront land where all guests can enjoy swimming, kayaking, or laying in the sun by the lake.

The rooms are very special featuring stylish rustic decor, what I call laid-back luxury and some of them even offer spectacular views over the lake, as you can see in the pictures.

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7. Casa Lamat

Eco-chic cabanas on the water just before arriving at Bacalar. I really loved the rustic concept of the wooden cabanas. It is very simple and inspires an authentic feeling. The hammock on the piers are so inviting! and a real relaxing option.

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Habitas Bacalar

The 5-star hotel Habitas is probably the best hotel in Bacalar and the most exclusive. In fact, Habitas is a Mexican brand that has hotels in the top Mexican destinations and their Bacalar property is one of the newest addition.

Located on the beautiful Bacalar Lagoon in a very secluded place with private access the hotel offers a world-class intimate stay for the most demanding style-conscious travelers.

Guests can enjoy a seating area by the lagoon, air-conditioned rooms with the use of free WiFi, and a private bathroom.

An à la carte breakfast is available every morning at the hotel at an extra charge

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Hotels in Bacalar along the coastal road

8. The Yak Lake House (My favorite hostel in Bacalar) 

The Yak hostel is among the cheap hotels that offer the best value for money, in my opinion.

The property looks brand new and very stylish, overlooking the lagoon which gifts you with amazing sunrises.

The dormitories are clean and very practical, every bed with its own plug and a deem light. The bathroom is spacious and fancy. The lockers are very big and comfortable.

A plus was at the extremities of the bed there is a net where you can easily hang out your stuff if you need to do some little hand washing.

If you want to book the private rooms you will need to do that way in advance because the hotel gets fully booked very quickly.

Breakfast is included and it is very rich with fresh fruit, which they continue to refurbish before the recipients get empty, bread that you can toast, and fresh marmalade.

You can also use the kitchen which, by the way, it is always kept immaculately clean. The friendly staff is always very attentive and super nice and wifi is great.

The property is also a 2-minute walk from the main plaza, the restaurants, and the FORTE which you will want to visit.

If you have a car, they have a free parking spot for the guests to use.

Definitely, the best place to stay among the low-budget accommodations.

Also for the remote workers out there, WIFI is great! a rare find in Bacalar 🙂

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Bacalar Los Rapidos
Los Rapidos

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9. Blue Palm Bacalar

Blue Palm Bacalar
Photo © Expedia

Gorgeous property located 2 blocks from the water in the heart of Bacalar town. The guests love the beautiful decorations of the spacious rooms and the exceptional service.

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10. Luxury Cabañas

Luxury Cabanas Garden
Photo © Expedia
Luxury Cabanas room
Photo © Expedia

The name of this property says it all, although it is not right on the beach, this hotel has a lot of luxury, in the design and decorations and the well-kept garden.

The only thing that not everybody might like is that the bathroom area is all open, and I mean ALL open.

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11. Hotel Tropic

Tropic Hotel Bacalar garden
Hotel Tropic Bacalar Room

This 3-star hotel is one of the hotels in Bacalar hotels where I stayed during my latest trip to Bacalar. The rooms are very nicely decorated with attention to all details. The staff is lovely, very friendly and attentive to all your needs.

They also include a small continental free breakfast in the rate from 7.30 to 9.30

They have their own pier to the lagoon with incredible views, which you can admire from the hammocks and comfortable chairs scattered around the garden and the piers.

I really loved it and I would come back the next time as well.

WIFI was ok!

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12. Hotel Laguna Bacalar

This is the oldest hotel in Bacalar and very popular for its stunning view from almost everywhere in the property, although I would choose room 6 from which you feel like you are suspended over the water.

Even if from the outside it looks quite tired, and I was expecting the rooms to be the same, I was pleasantly surprised to find very spacious rooms and fancily decorated. What adds to the overall value are the huge window walls that allow you a full view of the 7 shades of the blue lagoon.

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13. Hotel Sun-ha

Hotel Sun Ha Room
Photo © Expedia
Hotel Sun ha roof top
Photo © Expedia

I also stayed in this property on my latest trip and I loved it. The rooms are small but very well decorated and equipped with all the essentials.

They have a spacious roof-top terrace with spectacular views over the lake.

A full breakfast is served every morning on the patio downstairs. The staff and manager are very friendly and make you feel at home.

If you need to work from your laptop this hotel is not the best choice though, because WI FI doesn’t work well, but they said they are working on it.

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Boutique hotels located in the town of Bacalar

14. Toto Blue boutique hotel Bacalar

Hotel Toto Blue Room
Photo © Expedia

Simply beautiful and romantic. What gets my attention is the white and blue tiling on the floor, the elegant draping, and the decorations in the rooms.

This beautiful hotel definitely makes up for the short distance from the water. A jewel. The rooftop is also a plus for your evening chill-out and drinks.

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15. Hotel Aires

The reception graffiti will certainly impress you with a homey feeling and the rooms will make you want to stay. Very simply decorated but with class and style. At a walking distance of the water and the plaza.

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16. Luxury boutique hotel La Galuna Bacalar

I found this exquisite new property while I was exploring around and I stopped by to check the room. Adorable.

The rooms are very spacious and stylishly decorated, equipped with fine amenities and a private bathroom with a plunge pool.

The breakfast, included in the rate, is served in the internal courtyard in front of an outdoor pool

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17. Hotel Eco Boutique Makaabá

Hotel Makabaa Bacalar pool aerial view
Photo © Expedia

This new place is more than a hotel, but is a holistic center where you can find a yoga shala with classes a restaurant for breakfast and late lunch/dinner, pools and hammocks, a vegetable garden, and malipona bees cultivation. They try to be as self-sustainable and eco-conscient as possible.

Makaaba bacalar room
Photo © Expedia
Makaaaba bacalar pool by night
Photo © Expedia

The rooms are very small, sorts of cubicles with a bed on top and bathroom downstairs, suitable for singles or couples that don’t mind narrow spaces.

Check rates & availability on Booking.com | Expedia.com

Cenote Esmeralda BAcalar
Photo taken by me with DJI Mini 2


Hotels in Bacalar FAQ

Now that you have decided where to stay in Bacalar let’s dive into some practical tips and answer some of the most popular questions. Also, if you want to learn more about what to do in Bacalar and other practical information you will love to read my complete guide to Bacalar.

Where should you stay in Bacalar?

If you are wondering which is the best area to stay in Bacalar, that depends on your priorities. If you like to walk around town and check out different restaurants at night, but you don’t have your own car, you may want to stay downtown.

Otherwise, if you love ultra-luxury and the tranquillity of the jungle, you may want to pick one of the luxury hotels in Bacalar along the coast outside the town.

Bacalar Drone View
Photo taken by me with DJI Mini 2

Is Bacalar worth visiting?

I love Bacalar and It’s one of the places I recommended the most visiting. Just by looking at the lagoon you will relax and unwind but there are also plenty of activities you can do if you like to stay on the move, like kayaking paddle boarding, or sailing, and there are many archeological sites in the surrounding area that you can explore.

I would rather have a car when visiting Bacalar though because you have the choice to explore around and discover beautiful less touristy corners, which are much more enjoyable.

Best Car Rental Deals w/ Free Cancellation, Compare & Save! | Discover Cars

Find the best car rental deals and explore around freely, at your own pace. My favorite way to enjoy a destination!

Does Bacalar have crocodiles?

It does, but they are not bothering swimmers. Unfortunately, they have been killed by jetskis and boats in the past few years.

Can you swim in Bacalar?

Of course, it’s one of the best things to do in Bacalar, but there are designated areas where you are protected from boats, jet skis, and crocodiles. That would usually be close to the shores, by the Balnearios (local beach clubs).

Cenote Azul
Photo taken by me with DJI Mini 2

Is Bacalar Lagoon polluted?

It used to be but it seems that right now it’s getting back to normal and you can safely swim in it.

Are there mosquitos in Bacalar?

Unfortunately yes there are mosquitos, especially in the rainy season from May through October, and even more, after it rained a lot.

Does Bacalar have Internet?

I have to say that although the WI FI situation in Bacalar has been improving there is still a lot of work to do. Some hotels offer a good connection but others don’t.

The best place where you will want to go for a good internet connection is La Kinta café, otherwise, The Yak Lake Hostel and recently, the hotel Makaaba claims to have the best WI FI in town but I haven’t tried it.

Where is the nearest airport?

Chetumal international airport is the closest airport to Bacalar and the front desk of your hotel can organize a private transfer if you don’t have your own car.

To Chetumal Airport, you only get flights from Mexico City and Cancun, though. For international flights you may want to get to Cancun and get transportation from there.

Things to do in Bacalar

I speak about the things to do in Bacalar in detail in my main Bacalar guide, however, I wanted to offer a brief snapshot here below:

✔ Take a sailboat tour

✔ Take a paddleboard tour at sunrise

✔ Walk around the town of Bacalar in the night and have dinner in one of the local restaurants

✔ Check out the fort of San Felipe in the center of Bacalar and enjoy the amazing lagoon views.

✔ Visit some of the nearby Mayan Ruins

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