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Where to stay in Bacalar – the complete guide to Bacalar hotels and homes

Deciding where to stay in Bacalar can be tricky with all the amazing hotels available. Let me help you decide what’s the best hotel in Bacalar for your budget and needs.

If you are deciding where to stay in Bacalar, you have landed in the right place.

As the pretty village of Bacalar is becoming more and more popular among tourists from all over the world, more hotels are opening and competing to offer the best service and the coolest atmosphere in harmony with Bacalar laidback lifestyle.

During my trip to Bacalar Lagoon, I have visited almost all the available hotels at the time and here I am sharing my review with you. I hope it helps to choose the right place for your perfect vacation in Bacalar.

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Bacalar top Hotels

Coming from Tulum before entering the town of Bacalar you will find these beautiful eco-friendly properties in the very same order


Lovely and simple casitas immersed in the jungle. It really feels to be completely one with nature.

The hotel rates include breakfast and they organize different activities.

There is a restaurant on the lagoon at a walking distance if you don’t feel like driving to town.

The access to the beach is facilitated by a comfortable pier and relaxing is guaranteed in the huge garden by the water.

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Cabañas eco romanticas Kuuk Kaail

While I was driving there I wasn’t really happy about the road, neither my car was appreciating the rough long pathway, although I was very impressed by the cute casitas facing the water.

They seemed spacious and comfortable with guaranteed privacy.

Kayaks are available for the guests’ use and a little restaurant close to the water for breakfast lunch and dinner.  

Really beautiful and romantic choice.

Probably the non-easy access is done on purpose to preserve privacy. I’d like to think that way.

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Rancho Encantado

Rancho Encantado is one of the oldest properties and most popular in Bacalar, with luxury cabañas spread around a thick forest, a restaurant by a long and comfortable pier from where you can safely jump in the fresh blue water.

I had delicious super spicy tacos in the Hotel Restaurant.

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Las Nubes

Being a new hotel I don’t really want to expose myself with a review because I believe they are adding up their final touches.

As far as I have seen, though, despite de luxury intentions,  I didn’t really like the taste in the decorations and adorns, as I found it too bulky and cold, not very much in harmony with the naturalistic environment.

But, as I said, just my personal opinion.

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Cabañas Kiin Yeetel Há

Such a cute lovely property in the middle of lush vegetation and overlooking the blue lagoon but not right on the water.

The managers are going out of their way to make their guests feel at home and make up the lack of direct access to the lagoon with their warm welcome and helpful suggestions.  

They have a deal with the guys at LOS RAPIDOS, which is actually one of my favorite places on the lagoon, so the guest can enjoy the freshwater without paying access to their facilities.

The rooms are really cozy and welcoming.

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Casa Lamat

Eco-chic cabanas on the water just before arriving at Bacalar. I really loved the rustic concept of the wooden cabanas. It is very simple and inspires an authentic feeling. The hammock on the piers are so inviting! a real relaxing option.

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Akalkì Bacalar

Akalki Resort is one of the most popular hotels and although it’s a little overrated, it ranks to me among one of the best places to stay in Bacalar. One of the first to bring in the ecologic concept.

A sort of icon in Bacalar. They have their own ecological sewage system so that the waste doesn’t end in the lagoon and leaves it clean.

They produce their own organic vegetables and plants for the restaurant and try to use local organic products for cleaning and wherever is possible.

They are very proud of their ecological awareness and practices. The hotel is stunning as well, in its simplicity, and very much in harmony with the natural environment.

They have overwater bungalows and waterfront cabañas with their own private balcony, a wooden yoga pavilion on the water as well and a spa with different kinds of treatments. The garden is immaculate and the location on the lagoon is one of the best.

I’ve stayed there a few years ago and I was happy to return for a visit and feel the magic of that place again.

The hotel also offers tours in the lagoon with their own sailing boat and they have a bicycle that you can use to ride around the property.

The only problem you will have once you stay there is that you won’t be keen to leave the property and visit the surroundings as you just want to relax and enjoy the great vibes and the beauty around you.

They also welcome yoga and healing retreats which sometimes are open to the public to participate. So you should check on their page for similar events and availability

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Hostels in Bacalar Down Town

The Yak Lake House (My favorite hostel in Bacalar) 

I was so impressed with this hostel that  I even decided to postpone my departure.  I felt so comfortable and at ease, and I was in the cheapest room category! The property looks brand new and very stylish, overlooking the lagoon which gifts you with amazing sunrises.

The dormitories are clean and very practical, every bed with its own plug and a deem light. The bathroom is spacious and fancy. The lockers are very big and comfortable. A plus was at the extremities of the bed there is a net where you can easily hang out your stuff if you need to do some little hand washing.

Breakfast is included and it is very rich with fresh fruit, which they continue to refurbish before the recipients get empty, bread that you can toast and fresh marmalade.

You can also use the kitchen which, by the way, it is always kept immaculately clean. The staff is always very attentive and super nice and wifi is great. The property is also at 2 minutes walk from the main plaza, the restaurants, and the FORTE which you will want to visit. I couldn’t really find a fault. If you wish to have a private room you can always ask, if you are lucky to find one available.

Definitely, the best place to stay among the low budget accommodations.

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Hostal Tortuga

They have great access to the lagoon, with green mown and hammocks and it seems like a lovely place. I found the dormitories and bathrooms very basic though. They also have 3 private rooms as well.

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The blue Monkey and The Green Monkey

Same owner different hostels. I didn’t like them. I found them very shabby and poorly maintained, although the access to the lake is nice, I wouldn’t stay there when you can find better options at the same price. The private rooms in the green monkey are kind of cute, though, like mountain cabins.

The green monkey also organizes trips to Calakmul, if you are interested (see above chapter on What to do in Bacalar)

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Posada Lulu

It is what I would call shabby chic. The room walls are nicely decorated in gray and the beds made in wooden.

They also have private cabañas in the garden and they have lovely access to the water.

What I love the most is their attention to the environment and ecological practices. They also have a great vegan restaurant.

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Hotels in Bacalar Along the Coast ( Avenida 1)

Casa Caracol

This is one of my favorite among the little boutique hotels. Situate in a peaceful area of the lagoon almost by the end of the coastal road, the rooms are spacious with minimal but fancy decorations, almost all in wooden. The ones on the first floor can have a peak in the lagoon. You have access to the water through a beautiful garden and you can lay down on fancy beach chairs on a patio right on the transparent blue water. I find it one of the best properties in terms of quality/price.

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Los Aluxes 

This is one of the most known. I wasn’t particularly wowed by the rooms which I found just regularly nice and nothing fancy. Although they have beautiful gardens and elegant water facilities like patios, piers, and beach chairs. The restaurants are also known as one of the best in town.

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Club las velas

If you see it from the water you cannot miss for the colorful facade. They have chairs on the mown for sunbathing and a little pier for access to the water. The rooms are ok, but with a shared bathroom, just FYI. They also have a family room on the other side of the road with a private bathroom as well.

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Luxury Cabañas

The name of this property says it all, although it is not right on the beach, this hotel has a lot of luxury, in the design and decorations and the well-kept garden. The only thing that not everybody might like is that the bathroom area is all open, and I mean ALL open. They have a deal with the Club Vela, which is right in front ( see above) so you can use the facilities with no charge, although I would explore other beach clubs (Balneario).

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Casa Corazòn

This is a cute little property of 8 rooms. All are facing the lagoon although not all of them have a view. The bedrooms are minimal but cute and the pier on the lake is long and spacious with lots of hammocks where you can hang out and relax at the soothing view of the water.

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Hotel Laguna Bacalar

This is the oldest hotel in Bacalar and very popular for its stunning view from almost everywhere in the property, although I would chose room 6 from which you feel like you are suspended over the water.

Even if from the outside it looks quite tired, and I was expecting the rooms to be the same, I was pleasantly surprised to find very spacious rooms and fancily decorated. What adds to the overall value are the huge window-walls that allow you a full view of the 7 shades of the blue lagoon.

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Boutique hotels in town

Toto Blue

Simply beautiful and romantic. What gets my attention is the white and blue tiling on the floor, the elegant draping, and decorations in the rooms. This beautiful hotel definitely makes up for the short distance from the water. A jewel. The rooftop is also a plus for your evening chill out and drinks.

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Hotel Aires

The reception graffiti will certainly impress you with a homey feeling and the rooms will make you want to stay. Very simply decorated but with class and style. At a walking distance to the water and the plaza.

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Hostal y suites Pata de Perro

I couldn’t see the rooms because they were all occupied when I went there, but I received great feedback from a trusted friend who stayed there. The hostal has all private rooms some of them with shared other with an en suite bathroom. It’s located behind a very popular restaurant on the main plaza, with the same name.

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Azul 36

Such a cute lovely property that I have accidentally found walking around town. 7 lovely decorated rooms in a nice garden. The style is minimal and the dominant colour is blue so as to revoke the shades of the lagoon

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