Where to stay in Tulum


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Tulum is the most popular and charming town of the Riviera Maya, with its spectacular never ending beach, fancy hotels, the boho culture, delicious and artsy restaurants and the busy “pueblo” down town.

And last but not least the magic mayan archeological site.

What was before a small fishing town has become the main attraction of the Yucatan peninsula for all the natural places to visit and the entertainment that it has to offer.

Family, couples, groups of friends, there is everything for any kind of trip and for every taste.

However, you will need to know a few important insider tips in order for you to enjoy it to the fullest and, most of all you need to understand where to stay in Tulum, which area is best for your vacation plans and the most enjoyable

This post besides offering you a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Tulum beach and downtown, will also help you to organize your vacation to the most charming town of the Riviera Maya

It was a pleasure for me visiting all the different hotels and appreciate their whimsical pieces of furniture and warm service.

Here, I have selected my favorite ones for you. I have classified them by category and location so as to make it easier for you to browse and chose your favorite place in Tulum.

Before moving forward though, I just wanted to give you the heads up if you are looking for all inclusive hotels in Tulum, these are not easy to find and not the best option anyway.

In fact, both in the beach area and in downtown Tulum, there is a huge variety of restaurants of all sorts, and you don’t really want to consume all your meal in the same place.

Part of the Tulum experience is also about the different dining options available. You can check out my guide of the best restaurants in Tulum, the coolest spot and cafe’, here.







  • November to April is the best time of the year to visit Tulum because it’s less humid and lower chance of rains, while September and October are the rainiest months. However I wouldn’t really bother. You never know with weather.
  • Most of the hotels and restaurants do not accept credit cards.
  • If you travel from December through April it’s better to book way in advance if you want to find availability.
  • Tulum it’s a great destination for family and couples or solo travelers. There’s everything for every taste and budget.
  • Surfers and kitesurfers in Tulum find their paradise.
  • A great vegan and healthy living community set the trend for amazing vegan restaurants and yoga studios.



The best area to stay in Tulum is for sure the beach, if you want to live the Tulum lifestyle, even though the downtown area has its own charm, I admit and I will talk about it in another post.

 In this section, you will find all the best Tulum luxury hotels in the beach area.


Azulik Eco-resort and Spa is the hit of the moment, the best place to stay in Tulum, and I have a feeling it is set to last for a good while, at least for the sophisticated travelers in search of an exclusive unique hotel. Its unique unrivaled style, besides its serious Instagram potentials, is paired with exceptional views of the turquoise beach and a topnotch restaurant menu. Among its features, it’s an adults-only beach resort and Mayan Wellness Centre. The rooms are bohemian wooden tree houses whose minimal decorations are made from Mexican royal ebony Khatalosh. The beach is private for the guest only and has a clothing-optional choice.

All have a private deck with outdoor day beds, seating areas and views of the lush jungle and the Caribbean Sea. You don’t have a TV in the rooms phone or electricity to let you connect only with nature. The spa is also one of the most rated in Tulum, offering their traditional Mayan therapies.

Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


Among the top luxury hotels in Tulum, Be Tulum is the one that most epitomizes the Luxury Lifestyle. A magnificent blend of jungle style and sophisticated interior. It’s one of those places that makes you feel cool and fancy even in your worse day. Impeccable service and private pools are among the guest favorites.

Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


Among the best places to stay on Tulum beach, Casa Malca is definitely among my favorites. Owned and designed by the New York Art Collector Lio Malca, whose important projects have included the launch of retrospectives at New York’s Whitney Museum, it’s no surprise in seeing such elegance and taste enclosed in the 41 rooms hotel. The architects managed to merge different worlds, contemporary art with an overwhelming jungle, an outstanding beach and the finest amenities, all in front of a sweeping turquoise sea. 

There you breathe a cozy, laid-back atmosphere, a luxury retreat to reconnect with your senses. 

Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

The top Boho Chic spots in Tulum


Nomade Hotel in Tulum is a stunning creative hotel that boasts a multicultural architecture in an elegant style. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of every little detail of your room, not to mention the sophisticated restaurant with international flavors presented in artistically-prepared dishes. A special focus is given to vegan cuisine and healthy leaving, although no worries, your favorite cocktails will be served all day and night.

Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


If I am being honest this is one of my favorite spots in Tulum. Something has to do with the special “vibes”, a special energy that you feel when you are there which adds up to the indisputable beauty of the rooms, the attention to every detail and the delicate taste in every aspect of the decorations and service. Not to mention the delicious cuisine that skilfully mixes the Italian traditions with Mexican flavors.  

Check rates & availability:  Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


A new fancy property with minimalistic architecture; essentially chic, it gives a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere. One of its main features is the refined gourmet vegan menu and the best yoga space ever, overlooking the stunning beach of Tulum; an ideal place to take care of yourself, both inside and out.

Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


I fell in love with Nest Tulum just by browsing through their website. Their creativity merges modern architecture with local vintage pieces, lending a cozy and yet elegant appearance to the atmosphere. A blissful place from where you can enjoy the immensity of the worldly Tulum Beach.

Read Nest Tulum reviews on TripAdvisor


Zamas Tulum is a romantic boutique hotel that will make you fall in love. The cozy rooms combine the simplicity of the raw polished cement with natural elements such as wood and decorative plants and pieces of local art and textiles as decorative details. The result is an elegant space where you can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the surrounding jungle and the sparkling sea. Some rooms are located just in front of the water right on the white sand.

Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Where to stay in Tulum

Alma Tulum


A relatively new property, cozy and elegant with a fully air-conditioned and great restaurant. The ceviche is the best!

 Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


An iconic and timeless venue on the beach of Tulum, it has become the hip place, frequented by the boho crowds from New York City and Los Angeles. It is mainly popular for their Italian restaurant but  I also love the decor of the rooms and the general vibes.

 Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Note: the featured picture is courtesy of Nomade Tulum.

Delek Tulum Hotel

The room at Delek Tulum Hotel


This beautiful new hotel is part of the Ahau Collections. I accidentally bumped on Delek Tulum while walking on the beach and my curiosity led me to walk to the reception and ask to see the rooms.

A smiling staff was kind enough to walk me around and showed the spectacular rooms. Honestly, I didn’t want to leave. The cabañas are built with local wood and nicely decorated with handmade wooden furniture in neutral colors that harmonically combines with the surrounding jungle.  

On top of a tower, guest can enjoy a lounge and a jacuzzi with spectacular views over the ocean. This hotel is indeed one of my favorites in Tulum

 Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Delek Tulum Hotel

Delek Tulum Hotel


The good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a hotel in the best part of Tulum to stay in. It is true that the majority of the hotels have outrageously high rates, especially in the high seasons, much higher than any other hotels of the same category and comfort in another destination. That is because Tulum grew its own reputation as a trendy cool destination where the raw material and vintage decoration have become the new luxury and fake cheap as I call it. Therefore few hotels offer to stay on the beach at a decent price, but I have found some for your and here they are.


This little jewel is a great option for your stay on the beach in Tulum. The beautiful individually decorated cabins are located in a tidy garden surrounded by palm trees and facing the blue sea. They include safe and mosquito nets. Very important.

This is an eco-friendly property that uses ecological sources of energy. The Mivida restaurant specialized in tapas has amazing reviews not only for the delicious specialties but also for exceptional service and view. However, you can find also great options for restaurants at a walking distance from the property.

 Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com| Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

The top Boho Chic places in Tulum


The eclectic architecture, blending Balinese doors with local wooden furniture, stone walls, and fine accessories, makes this hotel one of the best romantic hideaways. It’s located on a lovely stretch of beaches a little far from the heart of the Tulum beach life, but close to the Tulum Archeological site.

 Check rates & availability:  Hotels.com| Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


This is one of my favorites where I spend my day on the beach every time I go to Tulum. You will have the typical palapa roofs and includes hammocks and comfortable lounge chairs on the beach area. The rooms are spacious elegantly furnished and with either a beach or garden views. There is a restaurant on the beach that serves local and international cuisine.

 Check rates & availability:  Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


Of course, this list is not exhaustive at all, as there are so many options that it’s impossible for me to visit them all. However, I have made a selection for you by filtering by guests reviews and beach properties.

Check rates & availability: Hotels.com| Booking.com

Hotels in downtown Tulum

Here you can find the insider tips on the best hotels in Tulum town.

There is, in fact, another side of Tulum, which is the Down Town area. It’s about 10 km from the beach (7 miles) but still really cool and offer a more affordable Tulum stay without losing the charm. Many more fancy restaurants and hip hotels are opening far from the beach either in the heart of town or a little more secluded in the surrounding jungle, that is even more appealing.  Here I am offering some options.


hotels tulum

Photo courtesy Howlita

There are many cool places to stay in Tulum downtown and Howlita is one of them. Located in the heart of downtown Tulum, this little gem is the perfect solution for a budget vacation in style. The beautifully decorated rooms with fine finishings, great wifi connection are everything you wish for a pleasant stay. The location is at a walking distance from all the trendy bars and restaurants and the lovely pool is exactly what you need to finish your day chilling. Breakfast is also included.

Check rates & availability: Hotels.com  | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor



Situated at the beginning of downtown on the way to Boca Paila, the hotel zone, Prana is a cute little property suitable for couples and family alike. The comfortable and spacious rooms are finely decorated in wooden and turquoise color evoking the stunning color of the ocean. The delicious breakfast, included in your rate is served in the cozy restaurant by the pool, in the internal garden. Everything is looked after in every single detail, including the exceptional service. Among the services included you also have WIFI and bicycles.

Check rates & availability:  Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


tulum hotels

It is indeed a secret garden, literally.  As soon as you enter the wooden door, you get into a different world.  The cute spacious rooms surround the main patio,  an open-air living room, with gravel floor and wooden sofas’ among secular trees and bright green plants. The 8 recently renovated bedrooms are minimalists and yet very comfortable and practical, besides being nicely decorated. WIFI throughout the whole property and breakfast included in the morning served in the restaurant. Another great option for your stay in downtown Tulum and live like a local.

Check rates & availability:  Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


Tulum hotels

Wish Tulum welcome Photo Courtesy of Wish Tulum

Among the best hotels to stay in Tulum downtown, wish Tulum is among the newest. And an artsy addition that definitely deserves mentioning. Typical Tulum style, showing the finest creativity to make your stay magical. The vintage decorated rooms are spacious and comfortable, the big swimming pool offers a great option to the already wonderful beach. The fantastic location ad a few km from the archaeological site and downtown and a few extra km to the beach, which you can reach by bike, offered by the hotel at a minimal cost.

Check rates & availability: Hotels.com | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


Such a beautiful oasis in the middle of downtown, I would call it simple luxury tents in a spectacular garden. The tents feature a queen-size bed, cotton linen, a fan and each one is decorated with a different theme, from Africa to Italian or local, each of them with their own en-suite bathroom.  There is a Yoga Centre with daily morning and afternoon classes. They also have a restaurant,  Flow, that serves vegetables from the on-site Permaculture farm, homemade yogurt and kombucha ( very healthy and purifying local drink). There are a swimming pool and tanning deck with lounge beds and sun chairs next to the common living room.

Check rates & availability: Hotels.com   | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Holistika hotel

Holistika hotel


The new kids in the block, or in the Jungle I should say, Holistika couldn’t choose a better name for itself. The original hotel located right in the jungle outside downtown Tulum boasts Jungle style modern accommodations, budget dorm rooms or pretty private rooms, decorated with the Oh-so-chic! vintage-minimal style. But this is not it,  Tierra is their popular vegetarian restaurant attracting all the healthy clientele of Tulum and surrounding, and a Yoga saloon is available for rejuvenating yoga classes, and so many Instagrammable corners throughout the entire photogenic place. Definitely, a place that deserves attention during your Tulum vacation.

Check rates & availability:  Hotels.comBooking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


A cute little property for a comfortable stay at a budget. The lovely rooms are beautifully decorated each one with a different pattern, al facing a well-kept garden. Located at a few minutes from downtown and close to the main road that takes you to the beach, which is at about 3 km distance.

Check rates & availability:  Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor


Strategically located in downtown on the way to the beach and to Coba, the beautifully decorated rooms are dedicated to the Mexican Icons Frida Kalo to Speedy Gonzales, the Virgin of Guadalupe and so forth. The creativity of the owners merges Mexican and Italian style: the results is a cozy and very familiar atmosphere In a great location close to everything.

Check rates & availability:  | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Hacienda coco Tulum

Hacienda Coco Tulum – The room


A beautiful property built with the old haciendas in mind in an immaculate garden with beautiful rooms scattered around the property in between palm trees and ornamental objects. Two Swimming pool, a relaxation area, and a garden cafe’ make this cute jewel an oasis of relaxation right in the busy town of Tulum. It’s located at the beginning of the new coolest neighborhood of Tulum “La Veleta”  and despite it’s right on the main road you won’t be disturbed by the traffic at all. The rooms are very simple and elegant decorated in the fine Mexican style.

You can check out also the sister property on the beach Coco Tulum.

Check rates & availability:  | Booking.com or Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Hacienda Coco Tulum -The Garden

Hacienda Coco Tulum


The  Condo offer is huge in Tulum and it’s been increasing dramatically in the last couple of years.  I have to say I am not an expert about Condo and have am just suggesting a couple that I have found during my research. If you are more into this type of accommodation, you should probably check among the multitude presented on booking.com site

Make sure you read through the property details and understand what is included and what is not. Remember also that taxes (or a portion of them) are always added up once you are at the property.



A little tacked away from everything this lovely condo is your home away from home in the beautiful and quaint Tulum . The new apartments offer a comfortable stay with their spacious ambients and fine and minimal finishing.  A lovely pool is also there for your relaxation days.



Condotel Maramaya

Another beautiful new complex for your choice to live like a local. Maramaya house has received a lot of praise from the past guests for the place itself and for the great service provided by the host. Located 5.5 km from Tulum Archeological Site,  1.9 km from Tulum Bus station and free private parking is provided. Of course, they also have an outdoor pool.

To explore more hotel options, you click here

If you are looking for very cheap accommodation in Tulum you need to look into hostels. In this guide, a fellow blogger Will Hutton will give you some great tips. click here to check it out.

If you are looking for options on where to stay near Tulum, click here

Book Your Trip: Practical Tips and Tricks

Book your accommodation

I use most of all Booking.com. I find it very convenient because it shows all kinds of accommodations, from hostels to villas to hotels. I love the layout of the site and the comments of the previous guests. And they always have great deals.

However, I always recommend to check out different sites and compare them. I come from the travel industry and I know for a fact that hotels agree from time to time with different tour operators to make special exclusive deals. So maybe one day you will find a great deal with Booking.com and the other day with Expedia or Hotels.com for the same hotel. So it is always worth checking them all. Of course, there are many other booking sites, but these are the ones I feel more comfortable with.

Now you have to know that Expedia and Hotels.com belong to the same company Expedia Group, together with many other sites, but they still display different rates as they have different targets. I know it sounds odd, but it is what it is.

Last but not least, always check the hotel web page because sometimes they have a better deal. Even better if you can call the hotel directly and ask if they have a special rate for those dates that you want to book. They might give you an offer in order not to lose a potential client.

I also check the reviews on TripAdvisor, both for hotels and tours. It doesn’t cost a thing and it helps a lot in choosing. You can also check their prices and compare them as well.

Book your flight

For flights, I use both Skyscanner and Expedia as well. The same rule applies: always compare. They are both good because they are aggregators which means that they compare prices from different sites and airlines. However, it’s always good to double check with the airline site directly.

Don’t forget your travel insurance

I couldn’t have one while I was traveling in Mexico because I am a resident there, but as soon as I left I did my insurance with World Nomads. After a research on the web and through friends I found World Nomads to be the most used and the most reliable when it comes not only to sickness but also missed flights, credit cards issues and so on. Whatever insurance you decide to get, that’s fine though, as long as you have one. I just can’t imagine being stuck in a place sick and miserable and not being able to get the necessary treatments because I can’t afford it, or having to ask my parents or friends to support me. That’s inconceivable to me. For me, it is super important and I can never recommend it enough.

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