Vegan in Xalapa

Vegan Restaurants in Xalapa

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I decided to vist Xalapa last minute, because it was the closest city to the place where I would be house sitting and I recalled a friend of mine mentioning it was pretty. Besides I needed a place to stay that was cheap and quiet and  where I would have had the comfort to sit all day and work on this site. I didn’t read anything before. I just look up into airbnb accommodation and chose among the cheapest the one that seemed a good fit for me. 

Little did I know that I would literally fall in love for this cute big town even though I spent only 3 days walking around.

Here you can read about Xalapa. 

One of the things that surprised me the most and made me even more grateful about  the city was  finding  so many vegan restaurants, I have counted 3 but 4 but still it’s a lot for a small city in a  culture of meat eater. Here I will tell you where they are and what they offer. 

vegan restaurants in Xalapa

The sunrise I woke up too from my airbnb

Maybe 3 is not a huge number for you but considering that we are in a remote and non-touristic area in Mexico where a vegan or vegetarian are still looked at as weirdoes, 3 vegan restaurants is a lot. 

Beside, the fact that i have just bumped into them without even looking for them it adds up my amazement. 



A tiny cozy restaurant by the paseo de los lagos, on the road that leads you to the city historical centre, of which I speak in my other post on Xalapa .

The restaurant offers a variety of vegan dishes, from sandwiches to main dishes. The ambiance is cozy with a great attention to service. 

Unfortunately I was busy exploring the city and I didn’t really have the chance to enojy their terrace with beautiful views on the lake, as you can see in the picture below. 

Vegan restaurant in Xalapa

Photo courtesy of “Fenogreco”

Something that i had appreciated very much was that I asked a modification on my order as I didn’t want to eat the sandwich because it was late at night and I didn’t want to eat bread so I asked if they could serve whatever was inside the bread and give me the bread to take away…. I know I am awkward like that . And they have no problem with it, not even they made me feel as weird as I was feeling 🙂 . I loved that. So after eating delisciusly prepared mushroom and salad and a sweet  vegan chocolate I left happy with my bread in my bag. 🙂 

vegan restaurant in Xalapa

My sandwich without bread 🙂


vegan restaurants in xalapa

The entrance of the loving hut

I know, the entrance is nothing fancy and no promising at all, but  I saw this restaurant by pure chance in an unprobable road in a moment when I was starving and wondering what I could have eaten. It’s crazy how things manifest to you if you think about them in the right way. 

Anyway as soon as I saw the word vegan I was the happiest person in the world and climbed the stairs without thinking twice. The ambiace was nothing fancy or particularly wowing, but cozy and neat. I asked for the menu and they offered me the option of the buffet at a price of 80 pesos ( less then 4 euro) or the menu. Of course I opted for the buffet and it was the best choice. 

The chickpeas vegetable soup was very savoury and delicious but I was looking forward to try the stewed  soya “meat” that looked extremely inviting and the taste actually confirmed the appearance. I had two servings because it was superdelicious. It combined  with souteed  veggie mix, like broccoli, zucchini, carrots and others; simple and tasty, and of course you could make your own salad with a good variety of raw vegetables already cutted. I would say that for 80 pesos it was more than enough. 

vegan restaurants in xalapa

The buffet at the Loving Hut

Oh and they also included  an “agua de jamaica” drink which you could refill any time you want and a tea at the end of the meal.

I couldn’t have asked for more. 

They also have WIFI, in case. 

I went out of the restaurant so full I could barely walk, but my palate was extremely satisfied. 

Also I need to mention the service was top notch. 

Just a few days ago I realized that the loving hut is a chain located in many different cities in USA, I wondered how they chose Xalapa among other more popular cities in Mexico. But hey, I am glad they did. 🙂 


vegan restaurant in Xalapa

My vegan taco 🙂

I must say this is heaven for the organic raw vegan. It looks like a vegan jewelry and also the prices but all worth it. 

They place is extremely small with only 3 small tables  but the menu is large and very inviting. They have a huge variety of smothies, vegan deserts and vegan dishes. I just had one taco of course with mushrooms it was delish!! You can see it on the picture below. The side sauce was super spicy.

I loved the wooden decorations as well. However I was a bit disappointed by the service. Not that it was bad, but it was very cold, robot like. Not a smile not an extra word. It was a shame because I believe it is a very important part of a business especially in a vegan restaurant where I am expecting a loving energy, cozines and warm atmosphere. Anyway, the taco was good 🙂 


vegan restaurant in Xalapa

The lady  preparing my esquite

I was about to forget to let you know that in this part of Mexico we vegans and vegetarian can taste the so popular street food if you chose the  esquite, which is nothing less than boiled corn normally mixed with some herbs. or just plain. The original version is served with mayonese and cheese but you can ask to be served with the plain esquite. And if you like spicy you have a variety of “chile” to chose from… just keep in mind it’s really strong.


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