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Vegan Restaurants in Guanajuato

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In my 2 weeks spent in the beautiful colonial city of Guanajuato, besides visiting museums, churches and walking around the colorful narrow streets, I enjoyed very much trying out the vegan restaurants that I knew of.

They were not a lot, but here is my review of the ones I have been. If you have tried other vegan restaurants in Guanajuato that I haven’t mention please feel free to let me know I will be happy to add them.

Happy eating 🙂


vegan restaurants in Guanajuato

The beautiful graffiti in the cozy room of Aguamiel

This tiny colorful space was one of my two favorite vegan restaurants in Guanajuato.

It’s actually vegetarian and vegan.

They have a very rich menu and a set menu of the day which changes every day.

Their vegan muffin is to die for. The juices as well.

The detail that I appreciate the most is the cat that walks around the room at his convenience and plays with you.

Beautiful company.

They also have a small library with some books that you can read there and others you can buy.


vegan restaurants in Guanajuato

The cozy terrace where I used to go and work while eating my delish vegan food

This is my other favorite restaurant, for the tiny terrace surrounded by plants and the great variety of vegan options.

The restaurant Escarola is located right in front of the Museo of Diego Rivera. 

It’s a regular restaurant but with interesting vegan options, among which, tacos, lentil soup, salads, sandwiches. It is open from 9 to 8 but in low season the tend to close around  6pm.


vegan restaurants in Guanajuato

I have found this restaurant by pure chance. It’s located in one of my favorite plaza in Guanajuato, plaza San Fernando.  You can check out things to do in Guanajuato in this post.

I was meeting with friends and after walking around we were attracted by the sign “papas horneadas” (Baked potatoes). As we climbed up the stairs we found this beautiful tiny terrace overlooking the city rooftops including the enlighted university building.

It was a magic atmosphere.

The Menu is really small and the only vegan option is the backed potato with vegetables.

You need to tell them not to put cheese in it.

It is a great option for a quiet night on a rooftop.


A vegetarian and vegan restaurant with Arabic menu, soup, falafel, tabulet, salads, juices. You name it. The restaurant is very small and always full of people cueing outside.

It seemed very popular. You cannot think to sit and work from there sipping your coffee.

You just eat and go as you would feel the pressure from the people lining up for a seat. 🙂


guanajuato - Boundless Roads

Cafe’ los Santos – to get a coffee’ on the bridge is a local must

Santo Cafe’ is one of the iconic places among the restaurants in Guanajuato. For some reasons I never went there. Yes I know, don’t even ask: it’s one of the weird things that I usually do when I travel, to miss iconic places.

I actually went one night but it was about to close.

It was a Sunday and it was 8 pm! bad luck. The restaurant beside a couple of chairs on that bridge has spacious rooms inside and offers a few vegan options on their menu.

I would definitely try it.




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