Vegan Restaurants in Europe

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Hey Veggie lovers! Welcome to our Veggies in Europe page! I have collected all the best posts from like-minded travellers who have explored the quaint historical European cities and wrote about their veggie-friendly food options. There is so much to see and know about such historical and yet futuristic places that having a useful guide on our favourite food will help us sparing time on research, although I reckon that finding out secret spot on our own is  always a great feeling.

Enjoy your reading!

PS. As you probably figure out, this is a work in progress as I will be constantly updating the post with new information as I find it.

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Veggies in Europe

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Kathi shares with us a full and comprehensive guide on how to stay Vegan while travelling in Scotland and  will teach us how easy it is, discrediting the most common perception that sees Scotland as a destination for meat eaters only. Here you will find  a general overview plus full detailed guides about Edinburgh, Glasgow and The Highlands region. You will learn a lot about  local dishes and how they can be turned into vegan treat without taking away their flavours and you will find  list of restaurants and tips on what to order. Click here for the full article


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Ashley made me want to travel to Galaway right now just for eating in those cool  and super rich vegan restaurants. She gave us a detailed list of the places she has visited, with useful information on opening hours and best dishes.

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Once again Ashley is super informative in her piece when she shares informations on local vegan restaurants of which she is so passionate about. It seems like Lisbone was a huge surprise in terms of vegan options as the city has been growing into a cosmopolitan hub in the last couple of years. According to the Author, you will find fun local restaurants in marketplaces, buffet restaurants and cozy little cafe’ that offer a huge variety of healthy vegan meals, mostly made with locally grown veggies. That I consider always a great plus. Check out the full article here

Jane and Stephen complete guide through Lisbon’s restaurant further confirm how the quirky vibrant city appears such  a positive surprise for Veggies. It is less easy to stay Vegan, Jane explains,  around farther places in Portugal where the plant base diet is still seen as a weird form of eating. Jane and Stephen are  also giving out a useful  printable guide with map of the 27 restaurants and precious info. Definitely not to be missed.

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Vegan Food Guide: The Best Veganized Food in Berlin

Photo courtesy of Randy @

I would expect that a multicultural and avanguard city such as Berlin would have offered such a great vegan option. However the  detailed descriptions that Randi from wrote on her post,  together with her pictures are just a mouth watering surprise. The read would make any meat eater want to turn into a vegan right away… and go to Berlin! Check out the post here 


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YES! this is exactly what we needed. It’s easy to find vegan food in such a multicultural and forward thinking city such as Berlin, but (because there is always a BUT), Berlin is also quite an expensive city, we know that. However Jane is showing us that it is still possible to eat well and vegan even if you are traveling on a budget.  Let’s see what she’s got for us. CLICK HERE to go to her post.


Kalena shows us how to get around  the  traditional Spanish and Catalan cusine in Barcelona,  finding our veggie way among the Jamon Serrano and pata negra,  proud icons of Spanish tables, from which is difficult to escape. Spanish culture in general is quite conservative in a way and asking in a restaurant to modify a menu can be quite disappointing. I was nodding while reading Kalena’s post. However she explains how to handle it, what we can eat from the menu without feeling worried and what are the few veggie friendly restaurants in the vibrant artistic city. Click here to go to the post.


Amelie takes us through the plant-based food wonders of REYKJAVIK, a surprising veggie friendly city. As the author,  I would have never expected to read such an enthusiasm in a country whose income is mostly  based on Stockbreeding. I was plasantly surprised to read about all the variety of artfully made veggie dishes, and the quantity of dedicated restaurants. Kudo to Iceland. It was on top of my to visit list already and I am now more motivated to go.  Click here to go to post 


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I was very positively surprised to read about  the quantity of Veggie-friendly restaurants in Rome, considering the conservative culinary traditions we have in Italy (I am Italian and I know it 🙂 ) Angela Corrias from is giving us a thorough review of all of them. Every restaurant comes with accurate description, address, opening hours and kind of food served, with Angela’s personal thoughts. I wholeheartedly reccomend to give it a look even if you are an omni eater as this site is THE guide through ROME culture, food included. I wish I have seen it before my visit to Rome.  Click here to check it out.

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