The Unmissable Boho Chic Spots in Tulum – The Full 2023 Guide

Want to learn about the Boho Chic Spots in Tulum? You have landed in the right place!

From a lazy fishing village in the 70s, when Tulum was mostly a  destination for divers and backpackers seeking jungle adventures and beach life, it was not until the 80s that the blessed spot started to slowly conquer the hearts of a hippie crowd.

How can you not fall in love with a sweeping eternal beach,  fresh coconut, pristine turquoise sea, and beach shacks, all for you and very cheap? In this post, I will tell you all about the Boho Chic spots in Tulum and what it really means.

Now it is not so affordable anymore but despite its consistent growth through the years, Tulum managed to keep the same old feeling of a laid-back lazy town, where there is nothing else to do than live life, enjoy the breeze and become one with nature.

Tulum has been attracting a special crowd of bohemian eco-architects, eclectic wealthy entrepreneurs, millionaire art collectors, photographers, fashionistas, yogis, and artists of all sorts, who slowly shaped and crafted the hip exclusive place that it is now, or at least the hip side of Tulum.

What helped Tulum to keep its laid-back appearance and its funky vibes while growing its exclusive side?

That careless look hiding a fancy soul is exactly what makes Tulum so appealing.

For sure the fact that there are no big hotels, no brands or chains has a lot to do.

The place keeps growing along the infinite coast all the way through the biosphere of Sian Kaan and new hotels are showing up quite often, but each one with its own exclusive personality and character, embracing the jungle style, and eco-friendly practices and adding up to the beauty and artistic spirit of the Boho Tulum movement.

It’s a pleasure for the eyes and a treat for your soul.

Together with the bohemian trend comes a holistic attention to our body, as the temple of our spirit. As a matter of fact, it seems like everybody in Tulum just came out from a fashion magazine, and probably most of them are.

But even if you are not from the same crowd, you just can’t help but feel part of it, like a star in a starry sky.

Places like Casa MalcaNomadeSanara, and Azulik don’t only give you a room, but they provide a blissful experience, the Spas don’t offer you a massage, but a rejuvenating holistic treatment, the restaurants tickle your soul and cheer your eyes beside feeding your stomach.

Be it a romantic getaway, an adventurous escape with friends or a solo time, there you will find your magic place.

villas las estrellas tulum

Everything you are looking at, every single detail is carefully chosen for maximum sensory enjoyment.

There is also boho clothing and accessory lines world, most part of which is made in Tulum or, even better in the local indigenous villages of Mexico, and it seems that the voice is spread through the streets of NYC and Los Angeles, where they are setting trends and taking orders.

Because in “this” Tulum people care about cultural preservation and giving back to the locals and that’s what people want, to be part of a social cause while staying glamorous.

Authentic and organic are among the words that you hear the most, which seem to have turned on an unspoken tolerance for the outrageously inflated prices in a way that goes beyond acceptable for us, the “average people”, those who live in the real world.

But once you know how it is, you accept it, it’s Tulum, after all.

But money is not a concern for the graced-by-the-divine tribe, of the boho Tulum.

It’s not a plate of raw veggies that you are paying for, or the precious Indian rugs where you are sitting, the velvet drapes, the jungle-inspired rooftop, the vintage doors, the organic greens, the ancient pottery, or the “Medieval Persian Canvas”, it’s the entire whole that makes you feel like you have just been sprinkled with fairy dust and allowed in the magic realm of the boho tribe.

Nothing is left to chance, although they want it to look like that.

It’s an artful marketing gizmo that we all love so much and are happy to yield to.

If you want to join the Boho Tulum here is your directory of places where to hang out.

The Top Boho Chic Spots in Tulum: Where to Stay

1. Be Tulum

Be Tulum hotel
Be Tulum – photo © Expedia

Be Tulum epitomizes the Luxury Lifestyle. A magnificent blend of jungle style and sophisticated interior.

It’s one of those places that makes you feel cool and fancy even on your worse day. Impeccable service and private pools are among the guest favorites.

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2. Casa Malca

Casa Malca Tulum hotel
Casa Malca – photo © Expedia

Owned and thought by the New York Art Collector Lio Malca, whose important projects have included the launch of retrospectives at New York’s Whitney Museum, it’s no surprise in seeing such elegance and taste enclosed in the 41 rooms hotel.

The architects managed to merge different worlds, contemporary art with an overwhelming jungle, an outstanding beach, and the finest amenities, all in front of a sweeping turquoise sea. 

There you breathe a cozy, laid-back atmosphere, a luxury retreat to reconnect with your senses. 

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3. Nomade

Nomade Tulum hotel
Nomade – photo © Expedia

Oriental Rugs on the beach, cushions, and puffs at the restaurant might seem awkward but it’s Tulum, and they know what they are doing.

The Moroccan style is felt throughout the property, whether you choose the glamorous tent or the luxury suite, both perfectly designed and furnished with elegant oriental objects and the finest amenities.

The restaurant offers a visual experience besides the healthy food. In fact, they have a special focus on vegan cuisine and healthy leaving, although no worries, your favorite cocktails will be served all day and night.

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4. Sanara

Sanara Tulum hotel
Sanara – photo © Expedia 

A new fancy property with minimalistic architecture; essentially chic, it gives a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

One of its main features is the refined gourmet vegan menu and the best yoga space ever, overlooking the stunning beach of Tulum; an ideal place to take care of yourself, both inside and out.

A side note: It’s made for the yogis but you don’t need to be one to fall in love.

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Where to eat in Tulum: the trendiest restaurants

👉 Hartwood – prepare for a long line as they don’t take reservations and it’s always full. But apparently, it’s worth it. The setting is the typical Tulum boho style, with vintage wooden tables with jungle vibes but the food is what makes all the difference.

👉 Arca – You don’t want to miss the remarkable work of the eclectic international chef José Luis Hinostroza, who is also the co-founder of the restaurant. He has Noma in his curriculum. Just saying.

👉 Posada Margherita – This is my favorite one, if only for the peculiar character of the owners. The food is based on authentic homemade Italian flavors. The place looks rustic but feels chic, the owners too 

👉 Casa Banana – Argentinian Steakhouse with many other options. One of the old-time favorites in Tulum

👉 Macha mama’ – for a healthy breakfast bowl or a fresh smoothy break on your sunny day. On the beach road.

👉 Tierra @ Holistika – More than a restaurant, is a holistic retreat. You can actually check their menu here. (located in Tulum downtown)

👉 El Canaston – There is always that one place in a touristy town that seems just an average local place but it actually serves the best local food, and it becomes THE place. Well, that’s it. Must check it out for some all-star tacos. (located in Tulum downtown)

Yoga lounges in the Boho Tulum

Sanarà hotel – Wooden deck and glassed walls make sure the turquoise seafront view won’t distract you from your high-class yoga practice. There is actually no better location where to find yourself.

Holistika Tulum – a beautiful space in the Tulum Jungle, with yoga shala, pool, healthy restaurants, working space, and organic shop surrounded by a lush garden and boho chic decor. Located in the trendy neighborhood of La Veleta.

The nights in Tulum

👉 Gitano – although it’s also a restaurant, it’s definitely most popular among nightlife lovers, for after-dinner cocktails and music – one of the most vibey places in Tulum.

👉 Papaya Playa, besides being a hotel as well, is the most popular night venue, especially on the weekend and Thursdays but most of all it is known for the memorable full moon parties, which, for the records are held also when it’s not a full moon.

👉 Habitas  – I have already mentioned Habitas among the new hotels, but it’s certainly more popular for its interesting events, concerts, movies…

The best Spas In Tulum

👉 Jan Spa @ Be Tulum Hotel

👉 Mayan Wellness center @ Azulik 

Here you go! I hope you have enjoyed reading this concise guide to the Boho chic Tulum! Let me know if you have any questions, as usual. Happy to help.