The 15 Best Tulum Beach Clubs for Every Budget and Style in 2023

If you are planning a vacation in Tulum, I am sure that its spectacular beach will be your main playground and in this post, I will list the trendiest Tulum Beach Clubs so that you can choose the perfect place for you to spend a beach day in peace and tranquillity, or partying, depending on where you go and what you like.

Make sure you continue reading past the list of beach clubs to find more information about Tulum beach and other spectacular beaches nearby.

Tulum Beach access

The Most popular Tulum beach clubs: quiet areas

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular beach clubs in Tulum. All of them have something different to offer, depending on what you’re looking for. In that spirit, I’ll arrange this list going from the more relaxing beach clubs to ones with a lively, partying atmosphere.

Although they may seem a little expensive I believe it’s always worth joining a beach club versus a free beach because you will enjoy the comfort of their beach chairs and beds, the use of the toilet, and the world-class restaurants for which Tulum will almost never disappoint you.

Keep in mind that what you spend for the pass can be redeemed as a credit for the restaurant, so at the end of the day, there is not really much waste.

1. Ma’xanab Hotel

Minimum spend: US$50 (1000 Pesos) per person

Atmosphere: Relaxing, peaceful, and serene

Max'anab hotel restaurant - beach front
Photo © Ma’xanab Hotel

Ma’xanab Hotel prides itself on providing the very best that Tulum has to offer. 5-star luxury property and relatively new, Ma’xanab Hotel offers a very elegant and intimate ambiance.

There are no parties or crowds here; you can lie back and enjoy the tranquil vibes of the place.

The food and drinks here are a bit above the average but the tasty gourmet Mexican and international cuisine pays off.

max'anab beach
Photo @ Ma’xanab Hotel

2. La Zebra

Minimum spend: US$30 (600 Pesos) per person

Atmosphere: Relaxing yet vibrant and lively

La Zebra is a 3-star hotel that also acts as a beach club. The guests at the hotel can take advantage of their beach facilities without any extra charge.

This beach club thrives in its authentic Mexican vibes combined with the natural beauty of Tulum. La Zebra also offers some of the most authentic Mexican cuisines in the area, so be sure to try it!

Unfortunately, no pool access is included unless you’re a guest at the hotel. But with a beautiful ocean right next to you, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

3. Coco Tulum

Minimum spend: US$20-25 (400-500 Pesos) per person

Atmosphere: Luxurious and chill with great music

If you’re new to the area, the popular Coco Tulum is one of the most elite clubs in Tulum and the beach club to go to.

During the day, you can sun lounge in hammocks or beach chairs and enjoy the great food; you’ll honestly feel like you’re in a movie because of the gorgeous surroundings.

At night, the club offers a great partying scene featuring famous DJs from all over the world.

There are a lot of other activities available here as well, like spa, yoga, guided tours. You can even get around the minimum spend by politely asking at the reception to just let you pass through to reach the beach, though in this case you won’t be allowed to make use of the facilities here.

4. Cinco Tulum (North Beach)

Minimum spend: US$50 (1000 Pesos) per person on weekends (requires reservation)

Atmosphere: Authentic and natural

If your idea of a perfect beach club is to be closer to nature, Cinco Tulum is an exclusive beach club that combines an authentic Tulum vibe with the natural beauty of the area.

I highly recommend staying in Cinco’s cozy tents, even for a day or two. At night, the atmosphere here is just dreamy!

As a guest, there’ll be no minimum spend and you get to experience breathtaking views every morning when you open your tent flap; the free continental breakfast doesn’t hurt either.

Do be aware though that if you are not staying in the glamping, this beach club requires a reservation, even if you just plan to use the club during the day.

5. Dos Ceibas

Booking required

Minimum spend: US$50 (1000 Pesos) per person

Atmosphere: Simple, natural, and authentic

Dos Ceibas is a 3-star hotel that provides an eco-retreat for those looking for a break from their city lives. If you’re looking to spend your day here, you’ll first have to make a booking.

The restaurant in Dos Ceibas offers delicious food from all over the world, local cuisine included. You can also avail of other services here, such as massages, yoga sessions, and temazcal; you can even rent bikes or cars to go around.

6. Ziggy’s Beach Club

Minimum spend: US$50 (1000 Pesos) per person for adults, no minimum spend for children

Atmosphere: Laidback and lively

Ziggy’s offers a perfect mixture of relaxing yet lively. During the day, you can enjoy friendly service with a great ambiance; the beach beds under palm trees offer some of the most beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. At night, the club offers different events, in addition, to live music, for each day of the week.

7. Dune Boutique Hotel

Minimum Spend: $50 (1000 Pesos) – It’s best to enquire before. In case the hotel is operating in full capacity they won’t allow external guests, unless it’s only to access the restaurant, without the use of the beach club.

Atmosphere: Exclusive, natural, and comfy

Dune Boutique Hotel is a cozy and intimate 5-star hotel that is great at mixing luxury with natural and holistic experiences.

It offers quite a romantic atmosphere enhanced by the delicious food and drinks right in the restaurant. You can also access the restaurant for dinner to enjoy a romantic and quiet evening with your significant other and bask in the luxury.

8. Playa Paraiso Beach Club (North beach)

Minimum Spend:

They do not charge an entrance fee, the furniture is rented on the beach and prices range from 100 pesos to 500 pesos.

The minimum consumption of the restaurant is requested at some seasons, which varies depending on the beach chairs you are renting and ranges from $1000 pesos to $3000 per bed.

Kind of awkward I know, but that’s what it is.

They do not take reservations, it is on a first-come, so I recommend you to arrive early so you can ensure your space.

Atmosphere: Relaxing, comfortable

9. Casa Malca Beach Club

Minimum Spend: US$150-200 (3000-4000 Pesos)

Atmosphere: Luxurious, artsy, and comfortable

Casa Malca has quite an interesting history; it was previously owned by Pablo Escobar (yes, that Pablo Escobar). It’s now been acquired by Lio Malca, an art dealer from New York who decided to turn it into a unique luxury hotel.

The extravagant, and elegant, pieces of furniture, are nicely combined with polished cement structures and the finest amenities.

The beach club offers a luxurious experience to its visitors, complete with three different restaurants, serving three different types of cuisines: Mexican, Asian, and seafood and grill. It might be on the expensive side, but if you feel like splurging, this is the place where you should indulge.

10. Villa Las Estrellas Beach Club

Minimum Spend: US$17 (350 Pesos)

Atmosphere: Secluded, chill, and relaxing

If you’re looking to relax in a place that offers a feeling of seclusion and privacy, Villa Las Estrellas might be the one for you. You can lie down in a hammock or a beach chair, and it feels like there’s no one around for miles.

Despite its seemingly private and expensive ambiance, the place is very affordable and offers delicious food.

11. Habitas Beach Club

Minimum Spend: US$50 (1000 Pesos)

Atmosphere: Natural and tranquil

Habitas has somehow combined the natural vibe of the jungle with the beauty of the ocean, and it absolutely rocks!

This beach club is big on sustainability, and the open-air restaurant here serves authentic Mexican food prepared using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The food and drinks here are on the expensive side, but it’s completely worth it in my opinion.

12. Ahau Tulum Beach Club

Beach and facilities Access: US$100 (2000 Pesos) for adults, kids below 11 get free access

Atmosphere: Artistic and laidback

Ahau Tulum is a great example of art meets architecture. That’s why thousands of tourists flock to this iconic beach club every year.

The open-air restaurant in front of the Caribbean Sea offers great food and the ambiance is very relaxing.

Keep in mind, though, that the food you eat at its restaurant is not included in the minimum spend required to access its beach club services.

However, you can eat at the beach club itself which has a variety of delicious dishes as well, and in this case whatever you eat and drink can be deducted from the entry fees. If you spend less you will just pay the difference.

13. Mezzanine Beach Club

Minimum spend: US$30 (600 Pesos)

Atmosphere: Authentic and secluded

Are you in Tulum and craving Thai food? If so, Mezzanine offers some of the best Thai food you’ll find in the area.

The menu here is very creative and the food is served in utensils made out of clay and wood. In addition, the minimum spend will get you access to the deck on the first floor, which offers spectacular views of the sea.

PS: If you arrive between 1PM-3PM, the margaritas are 2-for-1. I recommend giving it a try because the drinks here are delicious. They employ a world-class mixologist who really knows his stuff.

14. Ana y Jose

Minimum Spend: US$75 (1500 Pesos)

Atmosphere: Luxurious, natural, and relaxing

Ana y Jose is a 4-star hotel that’s popular for its luxurious accommodations and delicious food. The waitstaff here is wonderful, and the atmosphere is extremely relaxing in all the natural beauty.

It’s a bit on the expensive side but it’s one of the most luxurious beach clubs around, so you get your money’s worth with the amenities.

In addition to access to the beach, you can also access their delightful pools, go to their terrace (which offers great views of the ocean), and you get access to a whole range of spa treatments.

Party Beach Clubs in Tulum

Tulum is a town that’s famous for its party scene. If you want beach clubs where you can let loose and party, check these out.

15. Selina Beach Club + Mia Restaurant and Beach Club

Minimum Spend: US$40 (800 Pesos)

Atmosphere: Chill, vibrant, and comfortable

A modern, contemporary addition to the beach clubs of Tulum, Selina Beach Club, and Mia Restaurant have partnered up to offer one of the trendiest experiences you will find in Tulum. It’s famous for the innovative facilities it offers in the daytime, like coworking spaces, Instagram-friendly locations, and a relaxing vibe. In fact, it’s very much popular among digital nomads.

But things spice up here at night when the party scene begins, and that’s exactly why it’s on the top of my party beach clubs list. Partiers from all around the world come here for the extensive wine selection, delicious food, and all-night music.

If you are used to hostels, keep in mind that we are talking about Tulum beach, and although cheaper than other hotels on Tulum, Selina it’s still more expensive than the average hostel. And a bed in a dorm starts from 50USD + taxes.

16. Papaya Playa Project

Minimum Spend: US$50 (1000 Pesos) on weekdays and US$100 (2000 Pesos) on weekends, though they often waive the minimum spend requirement on the weekends

Atmosphere: Groovy, exciting, and fun

There’s a good chance you might have heard of this beach club. It’s one of the most famous beach clubs when it comes to party beach clubs in Tulum.

The accommodations include a beachfront bar, DJs, world-class mixology, mouthwatering foods and beverages, outdoor pools and spas, yoga classes, watersports, and many more things.

But the main attraction of the Papaya Playa Project is the weekend parties. They’re a blast, to say the least.

Tulum has become one of the hottest vacation spots in the world, in the past decade. Despite its popularity and a few unfortunate episodes of crime, it still retains its charm.

Tulum offers people an escape from the busyness of city life, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, exquisite hotels, and world-class restaurants.

Before moving forward you should know that although the beach is probably the most exciting of the Tulum attractions, there are many things to do in Tulum including the incredible Cenotes near Tulum that you absolutely cannot miss.

If it’s your first time in the area, this Tulum Travel guide will definitely help you find your way around and live like a local but make sure you include a day in a beach club in your Tulum itinerary.

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Note: Unfortunately, sometimes the beaches in Tulum get a lot of seaweed. If the beach is one of the main reasons you’re visiting here, make sure to confirm their current condition in advance before doing so, by contacting your hotel in Tulum and asking them how they are handling the situation.

Before talking about the Tulum Beach Clubs you should know more about the beach in Tulum and how it’s laid out.

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Cancun tulum transfert
tulum beach on a sunny day and blue sky

Disclaimer – Please note that the prices indicated in this post can vary. Therefore please make sure you check with the beach club beforehand.

Best Tulum Beaches

Although Tulum Beach is one long stretch of beach with just a couple of interruptions for rock formations, we can still mention some beach names that have been named after local attractions or features.

Also, Tulum Beach can also be neatly divided into two categories: north beaches, and south beaches both are amazing but definitely each one with a different ambiance.

South beaches are more populated with hotels and beach clubs and are thus more crowded. If you like partying, and bars, and want to get pampered in the best hotels in Tulum, you should pick the south beaches. But you can also find tranquil beach clubs here as well. You will see further down in this post.

The north beaches are closer to the ruins on a stretch of coast that is less developed with fewer restaurants and hotels and therefore it’s more tranquil and peaceful, except on weekends.

As you can see from the below map north and south beach are related to the road that connects Tulum Beachside with downtown.

About 5 km of paved road, with a cycling lane, for those who love to bike to the beach (it’s recommendable not to do it at night as it can be dangerous)

Update: As the latest news, they have just opened a second beach road that connects la veleta and downtown with the beach, less crowded and much faster, especially if you are staying at La Veleta or Aldea Zama.

Read also: Is Mexico safe to travel to right now?

Tulum beach map

North Beaches

Playa Ruinas

Do you fancy a beautiful beach mixed with archaeological sites? Playa Ruinas would be perfect for you. It’s situated within the famous Tulum Mayan archeological site and you can access it only if you pay an entrance fee.

It’s usually very crowded but, if there are no seaweeds, worth visiting. Make sure you go early to the ruins. It’s a completely deserted beach with no infrastructure, so make sure you bring water with you.

Playa Paraiso

The name of this beach translates to “Paradise Beach”, and with a name like that, you know you’re in for a treat. Playa Paraiso is also considered one of the best beaches in Mexico.

Playa Paraiso offers beautiful sights mixed with delicious food.

The beach clubs here are reasonably priced and won’t break your bank. However, because of its affordability, this beach can also get very crowded during weekends and the holiday season, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to visit here.

If you are ready to splurge you can also stay in the beautiful Hotel El Paraiso, right on that beach.

Playa Parayso
Photo © Hotel Paraiso Tulum

Playa Pescadores

Technically, Playa Pescadores is part of Playa Paraiso. But it’s beautiful enough to warrant mentioning it separately.

There are a lot of watersports activities on offer, which you can take advantage of while you’re visiting here. If that’s not your thing, you can also lie down and relax under the beautiful palm trees while enjoying scrumptious food and drinks.

Among the tours organized by the local fishermen (Pescadores), the best one is a snorkeling tour where they take you on the barrier reef right in front of the Tulum archeological site where you can also enjoy spectacular views of the ruins, besides exploring the unique underwater world.

Playa las Palmas

Playa las Palmas is a gorgeous beach situated close to Playa Paraiso. I recommend going here if you feel like taking a dip; the water here is clear and calm, the views are amazing, and the beach usually isn’t crowded.

South Beaches

It’s worth mentioning that, since the south beaches are mostly maintained by the beach clubs, the seaweed problem is less pervasive here because the clubs’ staff tries to remove the seaweed, when possible.

Playa South

Playa South is where the beaches are at their most vibrant, though you’ll also find them more crowded. The numerous beach clubs are basically hotels that allow access through the purchase of a pass, which ranges from 30 to 150 USD, depending on how luxurious is the hotel.

Although all beaches in Mexico are free and public, the easiest entrance to these beaches is through the hotels with the exception of a few public access points. Here below I will give you a list of the most popular beach clubs in Tulum.

Best beaches near Tulum

When it comes to beaches, your options aren’t only limited to Tulum. There are some of Mexico’s most famous beaches on the Riviera Maya that are really nearby that you can take a trip to.

Playa Akumal

No Minimum Spend or Entry Fee (parking costs 50 Pesos for the day)

Atmosphere: Charming, beautiful, and lively

You’ve already read about the powdery white sands and crystalline waters of the Caribbean that Mexican beaches are famous for, but Akumal Beach has something even more to offer—it has sea turtles!

The name of the beach means “Place of the Turtles” and many people come here to swim with sea turtles. If you visit at the right time of the year, you can also watch the sea turtle hatchings.

Apart from its sublime waters, sugary white sand, wide beach, and natural wonders, Akumal also has watersports activities, a colorful nightlife, and lots of bars and restaurants lined around its coasts, which are a plus.


Minimum Spend: US$10 (200 Pesos) OR US$2.5 (50 Pesos) entrance fee

Atmosphere: Pleasant, gorgeous, and tranquil

xpu-ha beach with people in the water

Xpu-ha is another beach with immaculate waters and white sands, but what makes it special is its unique location, peaceful atmosphere, and relaxing vibe. Since it’s situated between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, not many people make their way there.

It’s been one of the most beautiful beaches of the Maya Riviera even when it wasn’t very developed.

Now, with all the beach clubs, bars, and restaurants around it, it still remains a personal favorite for me because of its beauty and charm.

It’s a 2-mile stretch along the coast, and despite being developed, you can find empty spaces to lay down and unwind.

If you feel like socializing a bit, you can hit the beach clubs or participate in the watersports activities there.

Caleta Tankah

Beach Entrance Fee: US$15 (300 Pesos)

Atmosphere: Picturesque and touristy

beach on the riviera maya with direction sign

Just a few miles from the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Caleta Tankah Hotel features a lush beach that you can enjoy from the comfort of all its luxuries.

The hotel offers snorkeling tours and you can explore the nature around it as well. Apart from beach access, the hotel also has outdoor pools, a restaurant, bar, and rooms with stunning views of the sea.

How to get to the beach from Downtown Tulum

There’s only one road that takes you from Tulum downtown to Tulum beaches, you really cannot go wrong. There are plenty of options that you can use to get to Tulum Beach.

Tulum Beach aerial view
Tulum Beach – aerial view – taken by myself with DJI Mini 2 drone

Getting to Tulum Beach by Bike

Biking is a fun way to get around in Tulum and many tourists enjoy using it as well. Since the road leading to Tulum beaches is a very straightforward one, biking on it is a very enjoyable experience.

It’s also easy to find cheap bike rentals or if you stay for a long workation you can also think about buying one. You will be able to resell it easily when you leave.

Keep in mind though that in the night the road is not lit and it’s not recommendable also for safety reasons.

Read also about safety in Tulum on my Mexico-focused blog.

Getting to Tulum Beach by Car

Another very convenient way to get to Tulum beaches is renting a car which you can also use to explore the surroundings with short day trips from Tulum. You can safely drive around in Tulum and the road to Tulum beaches is very nice—all you need is a car rental and you can be on your way to your beach destination.

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If you don’t feel like biking or driving, hailing a registered taxi is always an option.

All you need to do is agree on the fare with the cab driver before you get into it and you will make your way to any of Tulum’s gorgeous beaches in no time. I need to let you know though that taxis in Tulum are not my favorite people. I believe they got greedy and tend to overcharge you, almost all the time.

So make sure you negotiate the price before hopping on a taxi. Or just rent a car. I swear, if you take about 3 taxi rides in Tulum, you will spend more than renting a car.

That was all about the beaches of Tulum and the clubs and hotels around them. I covered everything that I know of, from the best beaches to beach clubs, beach resorts, Tulum nightlife, partying, and the modes of transportation to get there. Hopefully, you will find my guide helpful and make the most of your trip to Tulum. Happy vacations!