Tips and Tricks for a veggie-friendly healthy diet

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Keeping a veggie friendly healthy diet while on the road is not an easy task. Here I will share with you tips for many experienced veggie-travellers including myself. Together we will help you to achieve your healthy goals.

PS. Please mind that this is a work in progress so I will continue to update the page with more cities. 🙂 

Olga Maria from  wrote a great piece on which destinations are more  vegetarian friendly than others and why.  I enjoy reading it as she mentions historical facts and cultural reasons on  why they are more suitable for plant based food lovers. You will be surprised to see some countries that you wouldn’t even  think they made it  to the bottom on the list, the Brits  first 🙂  Click here to read post.

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I cannot agree more with Sophie, Author of the blog when she says:

“Keeping your diet balanced and getting in enough nutrients, while still having a good time and trying new foods, will sometimes be difficult but it’s so worth it. And it’s extremely vital to keep your body in top shape with the right vegan diet, as it can wreak havoc on your system if you don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients.”

Let’s discover what are her 8 precious tips that she kindly shares with us.  Click here 

Meat Floss And The Vegetarian: My Unplanned Affair

Miky from The Barefoot nomad

shares with us her funny story on how she discovered she’s been involuntatily cheating on her  vegetarian diet, or, better said, how she’s been cheated on by the Asian bakeries. It’s a funny story and very useful at the same time .. just so you know when you are travelling in asia. Watch out for the meat floss!!!  

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Our friend and vegan advocate Ashley wrote a super helpful guide on how to eat vegan in every restaurant. Most of the time we don’t want to miss social opportunities to hang out with friends and relatives who are not vegan and we cannot impose on them our eating preferences. Therefore, what to do? Check out Ashley smart tips on how to go about it. 

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Kathi is the author of this comprehensive guide on how to stay vegan while we are travelling. We all know how challenging it can be and for the newbees you will find out very soon. This article will be extremely helpful as it covers the majority of the foody situations that we most probably find ourselves in while travelling, and how to deal with them. Her extensive travelling experience covers many different countries with the most variety of food habits. However we will soon realize that there is a common  approach that you can use in all the most diverst context. I am sure you will enjoy the reading. Click here to read the post.

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