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The best hiking gear from expert hikers

The beauty of hiking is about being in close contact with mother nature, appreciating breathtaking views, getting in touch with our deeper self, and also exercising in a bucolic inspiring setting. But if we don’t have the correct gear we can get uncomfortable and miss our focus. In this post, expert hikers share their best hiking gear item. Check it out

Hiking is a serious matter, especially if you are getting to high elevations and altitude and climate change abruptly. You need to make sure you have all the correct hiking accessories in order to be ready for any situation.

Therefore I have asked fellow serial hikers about their choice and they have shared with us what’s the most important travel gear that they cannot do without.

I hope you enjoy the reading and find it useful


by Elizabeth from Compass and fork – her favorite hiking gear are hiking poles

“I always thought hiking poles were for older hikers until we started hiking more in other countries as we traveled.  In some countries using hiking poles is the norm regardless of age.  And now that I use them I understand why.

A pair of hiking pole provides three benefits: it adds stability, spreads the weight (especially if carrying a backpack) to your arms and legs, makes you much less tired at the end of a hike (I think is due to using more of your body and breathing better as you are more upright walking).

My advice is to find a good lightweight pair of hiking poles and pack them for your next trip.”

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by Pierre from Anything under our stars

In the moody weather of Norway, nothing is certain. Even google can’t predict exactly how it is tomorrow. Living in this giant freezer, it is a mortal sin not to wear merino wool. Some people say wearing it in the summer is too much especially when trekking. But I beg to differ, the inevitable always happens when going up the mountains. Even tour guides suggest having it handy when hiking. The fabric is just perfect to keep you warm during the whole trip. So, why not opt for the regular wool or fleece?  Merino wool costs a bit more but it’s perfect for people who have hypersensitive skin like me. And I wouldn’t want to be scratching non-stop all over the place.  On the aesthetics side, it also fits seamlessly to your figure.  Top it up with a slick long-sleeve shirt and a good pair of pants. And your Instagram-ready. Hike with style with Merino wool! 

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By  Campbell & Alya from  Stingy Nomads

“We’ve done many hikes all over the world and in last two years, the hydration pack became one of our must-have hiking gear. It’s light, easy to pack in a backpack, takes little space and very handy on hikes especially when you walk uphill or hike in a very hot weather. We used to hike with water bottles and every time we wanted to drink we had to stop, take out the bottle, open it and then put it back. With a hydration pack, you don’t have this problem, you just grab a tube and drink while keep walking. Recently we did Fish River Canyon hike in Namibia and our hydration packs worked perfectly. It’s so hot in the canyon, between +30C and +35C and dry that you basically thirsty all the time and need to drink a lot. We stopped to fill our packs every now and then from the river and then just drank water through the tube. Same when you hike long uphill you get thirsty very quick and don’t feel like getting out and putting in your bottle every 5 minutes. Hydration pack works great for both short and multi-day hikes as well as for running; it’s easy to use, quick to fill up and empty.”

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by Sarah Carter & Nigel Dockerty from A social nomad blog, never hike without their MAUI JIM sunglasses

“I wouldn’t be without my Maui Jim sunglasses on a hike.  I’ve had laser eye surgery and also wear contact lenses, so my eyes are super sensitive to the glare of sunlight.   Maui Jim’s come originally from Hawaii, one of the most vibrant places on earth.  Lenses from MJ cut out 99.9% of glare – which tires eyes and obscures detail.

My MJ’s have hiked hundreds of kilometers on trails in New Zealand, they’ve explored National Parks in the USA, stood up to the red dirt in the center of Australia and even been to Everest Base Camp.  They’re as good in the snow as they are on the trail, so they’re my go-to ski sunnies too.  They’ve even sailed across the Atlantic with me.  I think they look great and they enhance colors and detail, so that even when I’m tired I’m seeing the best that the world can show me.

There’s a great support network, so when I scratch a lens in India, I just walked into the Chennai offices and they replace it free of charge!  Now that’s a lifetime guarantee I can live and hike with!”

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By Matilda from The travel sisters

“My favorite item to bring along on hikes is my LifeStraw Personal Water Filter which turns dirty water into clean water.  This genius item filters contaminated water and remove bacteria and parasites without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals.  It is small, light and portable and does not even require batteries. It allows me to drink safely from streams, rivers or other bodies of water so I don’t have to worry about making sure I carry enough water when hiking.  It is literally a lifesaver item – I never have to worry about running out of drinkable water in case of I get lost or stranded.”

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By Somnath from Travel crusade

I have always been particular about travel gears and I have chosen them suitably over the last few years. This has helped me in various ways, like climbing steep ascents easily, crossing water, slippery and muddy roads very easily without any hurdles. Two important decisions that I had taken last year was to change my clothes and dress for the trip and buying proper shoes. I used to go for hiking with sports shoes, but recently I changed it to a new one as per the recommendations are given to me by a close friend.  Wildcraft Hiking and trekking shoes which cost me around 72$ but is durable for long terms and easily portable. These shoes have helped me in crossing winding and slippery roads very easily.

Another smart choice that I have made last year was to change my hiking dress for any trip and events.I had chosen a light woolen and blue-colored dress for any planned trekking and hiking event. This has given me an edge and benefit of disregarding my previous dress which was made of pure cotton. I normally carry and wear it now for any occasion and event planned during any time of the year.

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By Scott & Hayley from International hot dish  best hiking gears is wool socks. Here below they explain why.

“When it comes to hiking and camping, I always bring wool socks along for the ride. This might seem a little odd when considering how hot feet get but I’ll explain.

Wool is a wonder fabric. It has so many benefits that make it worth its weight in gold. When hiking, wool wicks moisture away from the foot, keeping them dryer. And if your whole foot/sock is wet, wool will retain heat much better than cotton. And when you need to dry out your socks, wool dries faster.

But wait, there’s more!

Wool does a fantastic job regulating heat and can cool feel as easily as warm them up, depending on the weather. Wool is naturally fire resistant and it is incredibly durable, lasting much longer than cotton socks. Do yourself a favor and invest in a decent pair of wool socks, they’re a better deal and will last you for years to come.”

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