Otavalo Ecuador beyond the Market - Boundless Roads

Otavalo Ecuador – Things to do beyond the Market


Otavalo is mainly famous for its Saturday Market, the biggest in South America, but there are many more reasons to visit this busy little town. I have spent 6 days here visiting its spectacular surroundings, lakes, waterfalls, mountains. If you love nature this is your place, and here I will tell you how to make the most of it.

Visit Taxco - The complete guide to Taxco - Guerrero - Boundless Roads

Visit Taxco, the magic town of Guerrero, Mexico: the complete guide

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Taxco is one of the most charming of the so-called Magic Towns in Mexico (Pueblos Magicos) mainly known for the beautiful silver handicraft sold all over Mexico and internationally. However, there are many more reasons why you will fall in love with this magic town and I will tell you all about it. Here you will find practical information on what to do and see in the charming historical center and the surrounding area, the best places to stay and where you can enjoy the local food.