The top Boho Chic spots in Tulum

The ummissable boho chic spots in Tulum – A Full Guide

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In the Boho Tulum hotels don’t only give you a room, they provide a blissful experience, the spas don’t offer you a massage, but a rejuvenating holistic treatment, the restaurants tickle your soul and cheer your eyes besides feeding your stomach. If you want to live the Boho lifestyle, this is your directory.

vegan restaurants in Guanajuato

How to stay vegan and healthy while traveling in Mexico

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Keeping a vegan diet when you travel is a very difficult task especially when you are out all day to explore. When you aim to eat vegan and stay healthy it’s all another story, it’s a job in itself. I will explain how I do it and what are the vegan choice in a meat-eaters culture as Mexico.