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The 13 top life-changing and inspiring mindset books

I have put together a list of these mindset books that have changed and inspired thousands of lives for the best with the hope to help you find the one that speaks to you and help you set up for your own life goals.

All my life I have been attracted by the so called self-help books just because I believed deep in my heart that there was more to life than what I was seeing and living. I have been struggling almost all my life until I took a leap of faith and left Italy to chase my dream of traveling.

From then things started to slowly change for the good but the path to knowledge and freedom was long and challending, even while I was living the dream. Also because my dreams were constantly changing and expanding. So the more I reached out for, the more I was challenged.

I knew I needed to change if I wanted to live the life that I wanted. But I didn’t know how.

Something deep in my heart was telling me to continue along that path becsause I was on the right one and the books I was reading were showing me the way. Maybe not all of them but I could always found some take aways from all of the books I ready. Even from the most obvious. Sometimes, even from a novel. Reading in general is an open minding tool if you let them be, of course.

I learned that our reality is based on how we see the world, but because there is more to it, if we change our mindset and the way we look at things, we change also our reality. Therefore we have the power to change our world.

Isn’t it cool? Yes but it’s also scary. It’s much easier to live how we are used to than change our habids and mindset, like Joe Dispenza is saying in his amazing book, Becoming supernatural.

It may be a little too simplyfing and limiting. And it actually is. There is more to it and all the books I have read accross the years helped me develope a more expanded view of this concept.

It’s so difficult to change our believes and preconceptions and that is why I continue to buy books and read about the new scientific researches about how our mind works.

Girl reading by a lake - mindset books

Some of the information I read are mind blowing and difficult to believe, but I like to keep an open mind and embrace the possibility of a better world, our own and for people around us.

I could have never become a professional blogger if it were not for the mindset books I read that thought me to believe in myself, be consistent and be true to myself and my dreams, and much more.

Other factors concurred of course, I worked my a** off. But a change of mindset helped a lot in the process.

In those books I found the courage and the strenght to carry on and go against all odds and ignore the bad side of blogging because the good side was worth fighting for.

The mindset book titles that I am sharing here are not all the ones I have read, because I wanted to also share some books that inspired other successful digital nomads who also found their inspiration through reading.

Obviously the list should be longer but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with tons of books title. I made a selection according to my own criteria and I hope you will find something that resonates with you and what you need.

If not, no worries. They say the teacher shows up when the student is ready. Just enjoy the journey!

If you pick one of the books, Happy reading!

The top 13 mindset books that have changed the way we look at life

Do you think I have left out a life-changing title? Please get in touch. I will be happy to check it out.

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