This is Isabella. I am the one who writes mostly everything you read on this website.
Thank you for being here and welcome to my Mexico page!
I have lived and work 9 years of my life in this beautiful country which I consider home.
I was based in Cancun and I know almost every inch of the Yucatan peninsula.
When I left my job to travel through Latin America, I dedicated one entire year to Mexico only, exploring all its amazing and less beaten destinations and secret jewels.
It fills my heart now to be able to share everything I know with you and guide you through your own journey.

I know how tiring and time consuming it is to organize and a vacation especially when you are overwhelmed with work and daily routine.
If this resonates with you, well, your struggle is over.
You have landed on the right page!

I can’t wait to help you craft your itinerary and answer all your questions with my thorough guides.

In this section of my site, specifically dedicated to Mexico, you can find all the information you are searching for, itineraries, restaurants, the best hotels and so forth.
Whether it is for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, a trip with friends or solo travel, here you will find what you are looking for.
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popocatepetl and cholula

What should you expect from this page about Mexico?

This is a brand new section of the website. When I realized I reached something like 100 posts about Mexico, not to count all the other hundreds I have in mind and will be released during the next months, I thought I should restructure the entire site and give Mexico its own well deserved space. In this way, you, my dear reader, will be able to seamlessly navigate through all the posts about Mexico and easily find what you are looking for. I really pour my heart and soul into this site, because I love to share all I know and most of all I love to help you to have the most amazing experience in my adopted homeplace. Trust me, it’s not always easy as there are so many details to think about. It’s a constant race against time to make sure it’s always optimized and up to date. I hope to be close to doing a good job and if so please let me know, if not, do let me know as well. I am open to suggestion as I strive for perfection. 🙂

Watch my videos on Mexico (but please don’t laugh!!)

Ok, I know I really suck at making video, but I swear to God I am learning and I will be also be buying a tool that prevents shaking of the camera, because this is my major issue.

I hope you will enjoy these videos anyway, in the meantime I will go practicing! 🙂 It’s my promise to you.