How to get to Isla Blanca, a paradise for kiters … and beach-addicts


Isla Blanca is one of the most secluded and lesser known beach in Cancun. A paradise for kite surfer for the usual winds, also those who loves deserted beaches come and enjoy walks and a tranquil day in the sun.

How to get to Isla Blanca

So, the distance makes the arrival even sweeter, and it’s actually a pleasant drive from Avenida Bonampak, the second main road that crosses over downtown Cancun, where you continue driving until you pass the Caribbean University on your left, and suddenly see greenery on both sides of the road. This means you are going in the right direction. Here and there you will run into construction sites on your right, and lastly a roundabout at the entrance of a touristic complex called Playa Mujeres (not Isla Mujeres, so, don’t get distracted here). You will leave it behind you on your right and continue to drive on… Excited yet? You should be! You’ll come to another roundabout where you want to turn left  and continue for  4km on paved road (I used to go running there early in the morning, amazing sunrises, but anyway…that’s another blog post).

Next you’ll enter a dirt road so slow down, I know you want to get there but you need to take it easy as there are a good few pot-holes along the way. After another 4 km or so you’ll be there; on your right side you will see a few private houses and cabañas with restaurants where you could have a look. Sometimes the beach can be nice there as well, but as always tends to be the case, the best is saved for last. The sign there is deceiving, indicating ‘Welcome to Isla Blanca’. Take no notice, keep driving.

You will feel the car starting to skid a little. This is because you are literally on the beach, a sign that you have officially arrived to Isla Blanca. The road will end after you go through a gate, and that is where you can park, for just 30 pesos (not even 2 $) and your car will be more or less looked after.

If it’s early morning, weekend or any day of the week, you can park in the car park of the restaurant, the last resort, which we recommend. If it’s a Sunday, after 11am, you will most probably need to either park along the road to one side, or go past the restaurant and drive on towards the lagoon. Just beware of the tide since when it gets high you won’t be able to get back.

my first go pro picture

Let me explain… Isla Blanca, as you might have realized, is the last strip of land beyond Cancun, after which point there is only the ocean and no way around. Once you get there, on the right side is the beautiful blue sea and white sand, and on the left, there is a huge lagoon where tiny mosquitoes nest in peace… Watch out if you are normally a favorite target!

However, let’s return to paradise. By the restaurant, you can rent chairs and umbrellas for about 10 & per couple per day, otherwise you can walk forever (which I favor) and land your beach towel anywhere you wish. It’s a peaceful, relaxing and sunny walk if it’s something you like to do, or else you can just relax on the beach and have a swim. Water currents are pretty safe close to the restaurant, within 300 metres, but it is always better to watch out before venturing into the water,  as you probably know. Respect nature and nature will respect you.

Enjoy your day on the deserted beach!


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