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NIZUC Resort and spa – the best luxury resort in Cancun

Checking in!”

I blurted this out, hopelessly trying to contain my excitement. The security guard at the gate smiled politely and, placing his right hand on his heart, warmly welcomed me to the resort.

He looked sincere and genuine, just like everyone else from the hotel we would meet during our stay, staff and management alike; although this act of salute was for sure  a mandatory habit learned during their rigorous professional training, you really have the feeling it is  truly heartfelt; to the point where after the first day I realized I was inadvertently lifting my right hand onto my heart, too. What would you know? Acts of courtesy are contagious!

I caught up with my friends who were already in the room. Stunning! We had been upgraded to a seafront guest room. It was beautiful and majestic, just like every corner of this property. The weather was not promising but who cared! We could have stayed in that beautiful room and chit-chatted all day, surrounded by bliss!  Everything in the room was just perfectly fitting, the massive doors, the high-quality linen, the paintings, and the rest of the decoration. Modern and classy, white, black, and wood. I could have stayed there all day, but we thought we should get out and explore the hotel areas and the beach, while it wasn’t raining. Now I am sure, among Cancun Luxury Hotels, NIZUC Resort and Spa is my top favorite.

It was so peaceful and … royal. We walked by the first beach, reminiscent of a natural swimming pool, where a few families were enjoying the beautiful calm water of the bay and some couples were resting in the private cabañas. Music was playing at the main pool bar, where people were socializing while chilling in the elegant black-tiled pool.

We opted for the adult-only area, much quieter and more isolated, and located just around the corner, a few steps through the tropical vegetation.

The restaurant and bar caught our attention with its lovely cosy lounge, cushioned sofa and the indoor seating, each table with a window facing the rectangular-shaped elegant infinity pool, and further away a fantastic view of the sea. (You can also see what I mean in the header picture – courtesy of NIZUC Resort & Spa)

I have to say I don’t normally love pools, I much prefer to stay by the sea; this one, however, looked so appealing to me that I really had to try it. It must have been the black tiles, elegant and immaculate.

Nevertheless, we went straight down to the beach, leaving the restaurant for one of the following nights, as it was said to be very special for a dinner option.

After chilling out on the beach chairs, by the sea, and catching up with the latest news, seeing that the sun wasn’t going to come out any time soon, we opted to head over to the Peruvian restaurant for our late lunch.

It was supposed to be a small lunch, just to tide our hunger over until dinner, but it ended up being a full meal, soothing not only our grumbling stomachs, but literally indulging all our senses. The presentation of the dishes, starting from the entree snacks to entertain us (while we chose our main course), was just a work of art; the menu choice was suitable for any type of foodist, even the “challenging” kind, the service was impeccable, and the flavour was even better than our now highly-demanding palates expected. At the end of the meal the surprises were not over, our friendly waiter walked over to us with a look that said “take a look at this,” deciphered only when he kindly posed the very well-decorated plate on the table…holding cute little chocolate truffles. The decoration lasted very little time, I must confess.  Besides the fact that it was courtesy of the house (which always seems to make everything taste better for some reason) those pieces of guilty pleasure were so delicious that we forgot any concept of diet cheating. In fact, as we later found out, this gesture was going to become a constant habit for all our meals at NIZUC. Who cared about the diet anymore? We managed to forget it for the whole two days of our stay, after all, we were in a sort of paradise, where everybody is beautiful and nobody puts on weight. That is the feeling you get when you enter Nizuc.

We then spent the afternoon on the other beach (there are actually 3 for your choosing), the one by the watersport, where huge beach cushions were awaiting us and total relaxation was guaranteed.

Our late dinner was at the fine Thai restaurant, elegant and beautiful, and located by a water garden, reflecting the plants and surrounding building; a fire lit up right in the middle. A tranquil Zen atmosphere surrounded us,  while we chatted the night away until we eventually moved onto the popular Havana bar in the comfortable square lounge, in the midst of the water garden.

We went to sleep relatively early, praying that the sun would show up the following morning, at least for a couple of hours, just to allow us to see those colours of the Caribbean Sea…

Perhaps he was at a party and didn’t hear our prayers, as the following morning the sky was totally covered. Never mind. We were at NIZUC, we would enjoy every single second of our weekend.

After a copious, delicious breakfast, we headed down to the beach and couldn’t resist the inviting water, no matter what the weather was like. I was very much attracted by the reef that you could spot from the shore. There was a sort of rock peeping out of the water, full of birds; pelicans, seagulls, and frigates, just sitting there, resting; telling me that there had to be some life underwater, around that rock. And off I went on my own, although the hotel offers guided snorkeling tours (I love to be on my own most of the time). And to my delight, I found I was right; after a good swim I suddenly spotted a flock of yellow fish, of the angel fish family , moving together or better said, letting the current move them along. Beautiful, brilliant and amazing! They were surrounded by other kinds of fish of all colours, some coral formations, and a little manta ray. I had such an amazing time snorkeling; I didn’t venture further but this was enough to be sheer joy.

Paddle boarding was also an option for the afternoon, which I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

This time I managed to get a friend to come with me, and we had the time of our lives even when it started pouring while we were in the middle of the bay. Even in this case, the kind water sports attendants were very helpful and willing to explain how to paddle as if we didn’t already know how to. I have to say I was very impressed by the kindness and genuine feeling I had from the staff and management.

You find impeccable service in luxury resorts, that goes without saying…or it should. To me, what distinguishes a Luxury resort from a Luxury experience is the genuine courtesy of the people who really make you feel like you are very welcome, but as a human being instead of just a paying client. That is rarer to find, and is what I believe to be the game changer, alongside the beautiful property, the high standard of amenities, and cuisine.  And it must be said that NIZUC is one of these places.

The best part (or one of the best) is the Spa “Espa”. I was told it is one of the most popular in Cancun, but it’s one of those things that you don’t actually believe until you try it, if you know what I mean. Besides, it is a very personal experience. I didn’t have any intention of going if I am honest, but my friend surprised me with a gift certificate for the spa circuit, while she was taking a full body massage. Both of us were ecstatic. The energizing treatment, where you alternate hot sauna and cold water, lasted 1 hour, it was regenerating, and one of the best we have ever experienced. My friend was also extremely satisfied with the treatment. You have real therapy experts there; a plus that is very much appreciated, especially when the weather is not exactly what you expected.

It was indeed a memorable luxury experience, an unforgettable place to spend my birthday with loving friends.

Photos of Header and Main courtesy of NIZUC Resort and Spa

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