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There are luxury haciendas and then there is CHABLÉ,  above everything else.

Luxury haciendas

Presidential Villa Bathroom Karyn Millet Photography – Courtesy of Chable Resort & Spa

I have had the honor and pleasure to visit the outstanding newborn Chablé Resort and Spa which left me in total bewilderment with its charm, beauty, and class. Your stay there becomes more like a shamanic retreat where you can’t help but regenerate and reconnect with your true self. Peace, tranquillity, comfort are just the beginning of your life-changing experience, almost surreal. The stunning 38 casitas and 2 extensive villas conserve part of the historical buildings of the old hacienda, combined with the most modern and finest pieces of Mexican furniture and art, each one surrounded by a lush vegetation for your privacy and a full connection with mother nature. The restaurants are run by the world-class Mexican chef Jorge Vallejo, recently awarded #22 in the world. The spa is a unique world of holistic healing combining the old Mayan tradition with modern techniques and the finest natural products. And in perfect line with everything else is the exceptional service brought by the genuine and warm-hearted spirit and hospitality of the Yucatan people. Overall a truly mystical experience that will touch your heart for life.

The picture in the header also courtesy of Karyn Millet Photography for Chable Resort and Spa.

You can review their rates and availability here.

What’s the reason why I have started to write about  the Haciendas? They are my favorite kinds of accommodation in Mexico, as they merge luxury with history and culture creating a sophisticated and charming atmosphere. They speak about a country and people and show you their culture and traditions. Besides, they are immerse in Nature and they are the perfect place to rigenerate your mind and spirit.

If you wish to know about the origin of the Haciendas you can read this post

Here below I have tried to categorize the haciendas according to the service they offer, as some of them are only available as a restaurant others accommodation and others are just for you to visit and learn about the history.

If you are looking for the best haciendas in Yucatan you have landed at the right place.


Hacienda Sac chich

luxury haciendasBought and refurbished by an enthusiast American couple in love with Mexican culture and arts, this property is one of the most beautiful architectural work I have ever seen. Although the merit goes to the world famous and pluri-awarded architect Salvador Reyes Rios, there is no doubt that the owners’ creativity and personality has a lot to do with the charming touches and homey feeling you get when you step into this best kept secret property.  It’s just surreal. The first thing that youluxury haciendas notice when you arrive in the main area would be how the old hacienda feeling and the new modern additions and touches live harmoniously together creating a dreamlike atmosphere of elegance and coziness. The room’s decorations come from the most sophisticated Mexican fabrics and designs with a precise combination of colors.  More than a resort is literally your private home, as it is preferably rented by large groups or family or as a wedding destination for the logistic of the property. The “old” Hacienda is separated by the newer 2 bedrooms ultra modern house by a huge immaculate garden surrounded by beautiful towering royal palm trees. Entering into the modern house takes you to a different world. Surrounded by water lily reflecting ponds, the so-called Casa Sisal is made of hardwoods, limestone and an elegant and minimalist finish by the ancient Mayan technique called chukum. A private pool is a final touch.  

Hacienda Temozon


The fact that the Hacienda Temozon was a Starwood Luxury Collection property was a guarantee for an awesome, blissful experience. However, what we found there totally exceeded our expectations.  I had always dreamed of spending a weekend in one of the ever -popular luxury haciendas, and it finally happened – well, I made it happen with some friends!-

Click on this link to read more on this beautiful hacienda or click here if you wish to check rates and plan your stay.

Hacienda Santa Rosa

Luxury Haciendas

The Hacienda Santa Rosa   is another hidden treasure of the  Starwood Luxury Collection . Situated at an hour drive from Merida in the direction of Campeche, this beauty is much smaller and more intimate than the sister properties, with only 11 guest rooms, furnished with the finest local art with great attention on details and comfort.  It is the old private estate of a nobleman’s of the 17th century with has been refurbished with the rigorous intent to preserve the old architecture and everything that was possible to maintain from the original beautiful property, including the uniquely carved columns.  As you can imagine service is impeccable and very personalised so that every guest can enjoy their own privacy and at the same time be looked after by the genuine Mexican attention and  care. The breakfast is served  by the pool with botanical garden views or in the privacy of your own suite’s garden, while the bird chirping is all that you will here. If you love to explore, you will have the Biosphere of Celestún at an hour distance, going west, and on the opposite site, the majestic ruins of Uxmal and the other mayan city of the Ruta Puuc at another hour distance.  Click on this link to read more on this beautiful hacienda or if you wish to check rates and plan your stay.

Hacienda San Francisco de Tzacalha

TzacalhaI loved this property from the very moment I stepped into it. This hacienda is an individually-owned, huge estate, in the town of San Francisco, in northeast Yucatan, and is another beautiful example of how the past can be brought to life.

The original hacienda actually encompassed what is now the town of San Francisco, until the land was expropriated by the Mexican government, and given back to the peasants… click here to read more … or here if you wish to check the rates and make a reservation.


I had the pleasure to meet the owner Mr Richard Nichols who, together with his wife, bought the old property a few years ago and restored it with much love and passion and made it the great location that is today. Quoting Mr Nichols “It is a live creature that requires constant care and interaction plus it catalyzes within you , as an inhabitant, constant creativity and activity. It needs feeding, taking care of, and cuddling”. And this is what they did in order to restore it and transform it in the magic place you will see as you walk around the property.  Huge spaces, lots of green and flowers, gorgeous suites and great service, it’s the ideal location for weddings and celebrations of any kind. Or if you just wish to have your own piece of paradise to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, you can rent a suite or a full apartment with private chef. You can contact them directly through their website in order to make your reservation or just enquire about the property.



Haciendas hotels

This cozy little property offers the perfect affordable luxury experience, in the silence and tranquillity of the outskirts of Merida. The boutique hotel hacienda Ticum, offer 13 lovely bedrooms, from the fancier and more sophisticated suites, to the simpler and yet finely decorated ripios. All of them scattered around  the beautiful and immaculate garden and closed to the relaxing swimming pools. The fine restaurant of the property, located by the reception offers different menus for breakfast lunch and dinner. There is also a lovely patio closed to the smaller pool where to sip your cocktail or coffe’ while enjoying the sound of silence in this magic atmosphere. The hacienda is also strategically located closed to the Mayan archaeological site of Ake’, 30 minutes from the city of Merida, which you cannot miss, and the towns of Cuzama’ and Homun, famous for their amazing and diverse Cenotes. If you wish to know more about the hacienda Tucum, you can check their web site here, where you can check about the others properties in the heart of Merida.


luxury haciendas

The Hacienda Viva Sotuta de Peon is a beautiful extensive Luxury property, the only  fully operational hacienda Henequenera of all Yucatan. Guests can enjoy a real  experience of the transformation process of Henequen, from the plant to the fiber, and from the fiber to the finished product. You will also have the opportunity to see the old machinery that has been  fixed and brought back to life,  the old main house were the original owners used to live and it is now a museum, a mayan house and last but not least, a real cenote, another symbol of the region  that has been discovered within the property and now available for the guest to experience.  You will be carried around by the old truks pulled my mules, the way it used to be in the ancient times.

Luxury haciendasThe tour of the property is available for both the guests of the hotel and the external visitors who are welcomed at a  price. The tours take place in the morning  at 10 am or in the afternoon at 3 pm. It is necessary to make your reservation. For those who wish to stay, you will not be disappointed. You will enjoy the comfort of the nicely decorated rooms, distributed within an immaculate gardens, the huge pool, and two restaurant of your choice will offer a sophisticated combination of fine dining and traditional dishes to conquer the finest palate. Please go and let me know how much you loved it. To know more and check the availability click here



Luxury haciendas This stunning  property  from the XII century has survived from the turmoil of the Henequen dispute of the late XIX history and has been rescued from the rage of time and transformed in a fine dining restaurant showcasing the best of the Yucatecan cuisine. Beside the restaurant the surrounding area is open and free for visits and enjoyment. Take a walk around and admire what has remained of the old colonial building, the anphiteathre and the swimming pool, At the entrance you can also make an interesting stop at the museum where you can browse through the stunning works made out of the Henequen and  meet local artisan who will show you how they are mastering this traditional craft. You can also see what remains of the old machineries, ancient books, old photographies and so forth. In order to get there you need to take the Carretera Merida Uxmal and look for Abala at km 176.5. You could also make your reservation through their website   Bon Apetit! 



haciendasYaxcopoil is considered one of the largest and most important haciendas who reached its apogeo during the boom years of the henequen cultivation and was as well destroyed with the time and the political and economical changes and reduced to only less than 3% of the original size. You will not believe it as it is already quite a large property. Nowadays the hacienda is conserved and open to the public as a museum where it is possible to admire some pieces of the original furnitures, the main house and the beautiful extensive gardens and don’t forget to look at the tiles, still original and one of a landmarks of the splendour of those times.  You will also be able to visit the machines used to process the heneken. When you arrive at the entrance you will be asked to pay 70 pesos (4 usd) which will go to the maintenance of the beautiful premises. I would recommend to ask for a guide, who will be able to show you around for about an hour and explain in good details all the history about the previous owners, the heneken processing, and the life in the Hacienda as it was in the old times.


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I always suggest to rent a car and drive around because you have the freedom to visit in your own terms, without having the pressure of the tight schedules that groups normally have. I love to drive around a place and find new corners to discover, for as long as I want.

Especially where these haciendas are located it’s difficult to reach them by bus, unless you ask them to provide a private transport to pick you up.

But personally I would rather drive.

If you are new with driving in Mexico, I have written a useful post with tips and interesting information that might be useful as there are a couple of things you need to know and need to be careful about.

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