San Bartolo

Hacienda San Bartolo – A hidden gem of Veracruz


I couldn’t thank my taxi driver enough for taking me to the Hacienda San Bartolo.


The patio and pools and stunning views of the Hacienda – that’s one of the most powerful energetic spot I have ever felt

That place is magic! I am sure it’s not only the best in Xico, but one of the most charming of the entire State of Veracruz. The room decorations show the love the owners put in this resort, such attention in each and every details, the colours combinations, the rustic and yet elegant cozy style and my favourite, the paintings on the wall had a motivational phrase on it.

But there is more to it. Once you enter you are wrapped into a boundle of good and positive energy. It’s a place where you will want to go and never go away from. Perfect for chill out and be with your own self or your beloved ones. It’s surrounded by a lush and green countryside and they also have their own waterfall that you can reach from the hotel at a 20 minutes walking distance. beside it is located also very close to the other main waterfal Texolo. The service is impecable, friendly and descreet at the same time.


Hacienda San Bartolo – One of the cozy rooms

I met with the manager, Norma,  a rare happy and kindhearted woman, in love with the place as much as me. We shared the same feelings we have for the hacienda San Bartolo and we felt like we have known each other for ever. I felt so blessed to be able to meet this likeminded passionate people and visit such a beautiful blessed place. 

Oh I forgot, they also have a massage room, a temazcal and a sauna, a smal swimming pool and a huge garden terrace overlooking the entire valley.
They have a nicely decorated restaurant serving local food, which unfortunately I didn’t have the pleasure to try. The tables are located under a porch overlooking a well attended private garden and pool. 

San Bartolo

The restaurant and the garden with Christmas decorations

The hotel personnel can help you organize your tours and make sure you have an unforgetable stay. 

The rates are very reasonable cosidering what you are getting from staying there. I totally reccommend it and I hope I will be able to go back myself 🙂 

DISCLAIMER- This is not a paid sponsorship. 

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