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Why go vegan – many answers from different minds

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The Why go vegan section includes posts from many different vegans in the world who are showing us multiple reasons why we believe in a vegan diet for a better healthy living.

There are many different reasons and they all make a point. We don’t want to get sick, we want to look beautiful we love animals … and they all take us to one way of achieve it, go vegan. 

Elsewhere the paper notes that vegetarians and vegans (including athletes) ‘meet and exceed requirements’ for protein. And, to render the whole we-should-worry-about-getting-enough-protein-and-therefore-eat-meat idea even more useless, other data suggests that excess animal protein intake is linked with osteoporosis, kidney disease, calcium stones in the urinary tract, and some cancers. Despite some persistent confusion, it is clear that vegetarians and vegans tend to have more optimal protein consumption than omnivores. ” 
― Jonathan Safran FoerEating Animals

Why go vegan I wish I had written this post, honestly. I can totally relate with all it is written, although my shift from omni eater to vegan was a bit more abrupt at first.  Jane from myfiveacres.com goes through her 5 reasons why becoming vegan was the best decision she has ever made. And trust me they are all very good ones. There is also some reading advise and a couple of receips which I am going to try very soon. Go to the post by clicking here

raw vegan

Photo courtesy of Wiki Media – Flax seeds deydrated bread with spinach and other delish

Hey this is me, Isabella, the author of Boundless Roads. I wrote this post about my first aproach to a vegan lifestyle, Actually Row vegan, what were the benefits I found, and why I gave up… and of course why I am all back into it with all my heart and soul… and belly. Go straight to the post here

Josh and Sarah from Veggie Vagabonds. Picture is courtesy of theirs.

Josh and Sarah are the veggie vagabonds and will explain in this very comprehensive article the reason why we  should all be vegan. The points they make are very easy to understand and they range from ethical reasons to healthy ones. There is no chance of arguing that. It’s a very simple and good read with great points that will help you to explain your friends why you decide to follow the plant based diet 🙂  Here is how they start off:

“Switch to a vegan diet and become enlightened… OK, maybe not straight away but it’s a start! Going vegan will have nothing but an incredibly positive impact on your life, the world and all that we share it with. If like me you’re rubbish at decisions, give your brain a rest from all the pressure of picking and choosing – read this post and realise that there’s no decision to be made, the only way is the vegan way!” Go to the post =>

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