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Francesca is a traveller and  a dreamer, but most of all a visionary.

After exploring the world she made another one of her dreams come true.

She landed on the beautiful  eternal  beach of Tulum, where she fell in love.

Because  she always falls in love and  never  with  regrets.

Because this is what you need if you want to make your dream a reality: you need to fall in love, passionately, madly, deeply.

And so she did.


When she arrived here, her backpack was full of many things:

clothes, of course, because she is a natural born stylish,

creams and toiletries of all sorts, because she loves to look after her model-like body and skin,

and an unmeasurable inspiration from all over the world, from the places she has seen, the people she’s met, the companions she’s been travelling with.

She doesn’t need to write it all down, because everything sits quietly  in her heart while she is  enjoying la vida loca in  Tulum town, spreading happiness with the beautiful smile of hers; sharing love, bonding into eternal friendships.

Until her heart couldn’t content all that anymore; she needed to leave space to more dreams and more travels. Something needed to be done.

So she turned all that pouring energy into beautiful beach clothing for women like her, fresh, strong, whole-hearted and free-spirited.


She designed everything by herself,  she chose her spot, decided and furnished the cozy set up, the colors, the accessories and everything else…

That is how Wanderlust  was born.

An outburst of creativity.

Her creations  contains all that joy, passion, love and most of all the confidence that every dream can become a reality, if you really believe in it, with all your heart and soul.

Even despite your blue moments, when it looks like you lose hope because  some external stuff gets in the way and tries to break the magic; or despite of all those silly  fears that our mind creates…

and with the awareness that those moments are necessary too, because they are the propellers that drives you through your limits and push you to the stars

Francesca’s boutique is a showcase  of a variety of clothing pieces, the majority comes from her creativity and they are made out of precious high quality  Italian cotton and linen or local fabrics that she buys in different regions within Mexico, while some others pieces come from different stylist that she accurately scouts during her travels.

In fact travelling is the leit motif of her life, an indispensable source of vitality and energy that she  can’t live without  and through which she continues to find inspiration for her boutique and her life.

Sometimes we are afraid of making our dreams a reality because we believe we will run out of dreams and we cannot live without them. But you know  that this will never happen, because when one dream comes true, it leave space for others and others and many more. Just like Francesca’s dream which  became  bigger and bigger and she is now about to open another boutique with a friend of hers, another creative dreamer, where they will showcase more art, style and much love, the love that they put in their works.

Never stop dreaming and most of all never stop working towards the life that you want! 


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