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The 8 best day trips from Tulum

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There are so many day trips from Tulum that you can do besides basking in the sun on the spectacular beach and enjoying the views from your trendy beach hotel, trying the exceptional food, or shopping in the Boho Tulum.

Here below I am listing all the amazing visits that you can do while vacationing in Tulum.




  • November to April is the best time of the year to visit Tulum because it’s less humid and lower chance of rains, while September and October are the rainiest months. However I wouldn’t really bother. You never know with weather.
  • Most of the hotels and restaurants do not accept credit cards.
  • If you travel from December through April it’s better to book way in advance if you want to find availability.
  • Tulum it’s a great destination for family and couples or solo travelers. There’s everything for every taste and budget.
  • Surfers and kitesurfers in Tulum find their paradise.
  • A great vegan and healthy living community set the trend for amazing vegan restaurants and yoga studios.

There are so many things to do in Tulum that it can be overwhelming.

When they ask me “how long shall I stay in Mexico?” I say, I lifetime if you want to see everything.

In Tulum, you could stay a month or a lifetime without getting bored. With this list of things to do, I will try two to explain the kind of experience you will have in each one of the activities, with the hope to make it easier for you to chose which one suits best the kind of vacation you will want to do.

The final decision is totally yours but I really hope to make it sweeter. Tulum is known most of all for the ultra-photogenic archaeological site and for the bohemian life offered by the high-end eco-chic hotels and the phenomenal restaurants that will indulge all your senses.

In fact, besides the beautiful beach and the quaint little town, there is so much more to see and to do in the surrounding areas. So many natural beauties and historical places that make this already popular destination even more appealing.

So without further ado:

The best day trips from Tulum:

Tulum Mayan Archeological Site (Mayan ruins)

You reach the site just before entering the town, where you cannot miss the entrance on the left-hand side of the road.

However you also have access from the Hotel Zone, if you leave the car by the side of the road and walk to the entrance; either way, you would need to do some walking.  If you are going to visit during your stay in the hotel zone, this last option is the most convenient.

Payment is required at the ticket office right before the site, just 65 MXN (about 4 USD). The site is open from 8 am to 4 pm; however, it is possible to have access before or after those times by paying 220 pesos, about 15 USD per person. Bear in mind that for early access (6 to 8 am) it is necessary to book in advance, and there is a minimum requirement of 5 people. I believe it is totally worth it if you are a photographer or if you simply wish to enjoy the place without a whole crowd invading your pictures and your view.

Practical information on how to visit the Mayan ruins

Always take a bottle of water and sunscreen with you; sometimes mosquito repellent is advisable if you are sensitive to the annoying little creatures. I have to say that you will read this phrase very often, in almost all of my articles, since it is a ‘must’ in these high temperatures and humid regions in order to stay well-hydrated with water, natural juices, and fruit. Also, eat light, to keep you going for the day and able to tolerate the heat. Cover your head and USE your sunscreen and mosquito repellent (when it is not prohibited for ecological reasons), with natural ingredients if possible, like citronella essential oil or similar products.

Apart from that, you will love the Tulum site, even more so if you hire a guide who will explain a little about the history and the relationship between the Mayan settlements. I find it all very interesting and never get tired of exploring and listening to stories that sometimes seem like fairy tales, so far away from our reality and seemingly unlikely. I must say that many of these stories are hypotheses and approximate versions as there is little which has actually been proven to constitute the definitive truth. However, you can get a general idea of the historical context.

Coba Mayan archaeological site:  

Coba is a small town situated 30 km north of Tulum. It’s really laid back and authentic. The Mayan site is right there in front of the lagoon. You cannot miss it. While you are there, right after the site visit, I suggest you should cool out in the cenotes located just at a 10-minute drive. A refreshing beauty. 

Check out my guide to Coba ruins, and Coba Cenotes with practical information in detail. 

Punta Laguna

A natural reserve by a lagoon where knowledgeable guides will walk you around the jungle and show you the natural resources of the place an encounter with the spider monkeys won’t be missed and if you are lucky you might get the chance to see the howler monkey too. A tour of the lagoon and rappelling down a cenote are other activities you can do there. 

Read my guide to Punta Laguna


A busy but still lovely beach where you can swim with friendly turtles just a few arm-strokes from the shore. Certainly, an experience that I wouldn’t miss.  Read about Akumal beach on my complete guide to Akumal and Swimming with the Turtle.

Kaan Luum lagoon

An oasis of peace at just 10 km north of downtown Tulum, this beautiful calming mirror of water is waiting for you. You can check out my guide to Kaan Luum to know more about it, and also check out a few cenotes on the way to the lagoon.


Muyil is a small town just 20 minutes driving from Tulum (250 MXN, 15 USD, by taxi) where you can explore a couple of interesting sites which I really recommend. First of all the Archaeological Site is one of a kind, small enough to not to get tired, big enough to be able to enjoy and get a taste of the Mayan culture.

The setting is spectacular, just beside the main road but right into the deep jungle, ironically.

The same atmosphere. Really recommended. Read my complete guide to Muyil archeological site and the lazy river.

8 things you can do from Tulum
The archaeological site of Muyil 

Lagoon Tour

Right after jump into history,  you deserve a little relax and a refreshing deep into the Lagoon of the Biosphere of Sian ka’an and let your body float on a transparent river in between the Sian ka-aan Lagoon. it’s an experience that I would really suggest you should have.

Sian Ka’an reserve – declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1987, the biosphere reserve is one of the largest and diverse ecosystems in Mexico. There is so much to say about the Sian Ka’an and it’s an exceptional diversity of life, that  I need to dedicate a full chapter only to that. For now, I  leave you with the UNESCO site which will definitely fill you in with very interesting and accurate details.

Visit a cenote

There are so many cenotes around Tulum that they deserve complete attention, so I have created a list of the best cenotes to see near Tulum, how to get there, how much they cost, and much more tips. My favorite of all are Cenote Azul, Cenote Cristalino, and Cenote Taak-bi-ha.

I hope this has offered you useful tips for your next trip. And if you wish to know more, check back later on because I will add more activities and places right here! Enjoy!

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