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What to do and where to stay in Cobà

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Coba’ is a small town, mainly known for one of the most interesting  Mayan archaeological sites from which it gets its name, or vice-versa. Only a few know, however, that you can find other special spots worth visiting around the area that will make your trip even more fulfilling.


The small village of Coba’ is located about 1 hour inland from Tulum, which makes it a very easy one-day tour from the quaint popular beach destination. If you are coming from Playa del Carmen or Cancun it is a bit more remote, but you can still do it; just plan that the following day you will want to stay and chill on the beach, to recover! Of course, if you are on a driving tour it is in the perfect location for you to build into your itinerary, with this MUST STOP included. Once you arrive in Tulum, at the first traffic light you turn right. You will see the big green sign to guide you. 

Once you arrive at Coba village you will be welcomed by the calming and soothing view of the lagoon, around which they have built a nice wooden promenade. A lovely walk to spot crocodiles; just mind the hot sun.

All along the shore, you will see simple local restaurants and local arts-and-crafts shops, where you can refill your belly and chill while looking at the peaceful lagoon, before heading off to the next stop. There is a nice t-shirt and tapestry shop which I am very fond of because it shows the creativity of local boys who are making their living out of their own art. Their paintings represent Mayan art and I believe it is a lovely and original souvenir to bring home, besides helping the local communities.

What to do and where to stay in Coba - Boundless Roads


Coba archaeological sites: right in the middle of the town

I have written extensively about in this post. You will learn what’s the best way to enjoy it, how much it costs and how to get there.

Check out the nearby cenotes

A few people know that in the proximity of the archeological site you can take a plunge in 3 cenotes. They are all amazing: Cenotes of Tankach -Ha and  Choo-Ha and  Multun – Ha, about 3 km away. They are very easy to reach and in this post, I am telling you all about it. 

Visit Punta Laguna

This hidden treasure of Yucatan is definitely a must if you love nature. The expert local guides will take you for a walk in the jungle to look for the spider monkey and if you are lucky, the howling monkeys. You can also check out a cenote and have a boat ride in the lagoon. Find out more about it in this post.


As I mentioned, Coba’ is an easy one-day tour from Tulum, but if you wish to take it even easier and explore the countryside you may decide to stay here for a couple of nights; especially if you find such a beautiful luxury property as Coqui Coqui, right on the lagoon a few steps from the ruins,  you will certainly  find an excuse to stay for a couple of extra day just to relax in the romantic and elegant hideaway, enjoying the stunning view of the sunsets and being  carried away by the soothing sight of the lagoon at your feet. The only risk is that you will never want to leave.

What to do and where to stay in Coba - Boundless Roads

Photo courtesy of Coqui Coqui hotel

For more options on where to stay in Cobà follow this link.

This is a general overview of Coba’ and surroundings. In order to know more detailed information,  click on the places of interest listed above and it will take you to further readings and pictures.



If you prefer to join an organized tour you can choose among many options. There are in fact many tours that combine different destinations, for half days one full day.

They almost always come with a guide which I find useful when you are visiting an historic place and in general to know about the local culture and society.


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