Coba' Cenotes

Coba’ cenotes: a refreshing stop


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The cenotes of Coba are one precious gift from mother nature, still secluded and untouched.

Right after your historical tour in Coba here it comes the well deserved refreshing moment. On your way out of the ruins, you should keep driving around the lagoon in the same direction you came from, until you will see the signs to the Cenotes.

Coba' Cenotes

The road sign on the way to the Cenotes in Coba

It is a lovely road through the little village and into the jungle again, and you will be escorted by hundreds of yellow and white butterflies which sometimes bump into the car window making you feel like a serial killer; at least that’s the way I felt! Such a pity… After a few miles you will see the sign for the first two Cenotes: Tankach-Ha and Choo-Ha.

 Here is where you pay the fee and receive a ticket that you will need to show further on. Very organised!   Follow the indications until you get to the last cenote, Tankach -Ha. There, you can secure your stuff in the car and bring just a few belongings down the cenote, where you have some space to leave them. Remember to shower before entering and to show the guardian the ticket.

You can leave your shoes or flip-flops at the top and descend with just your bathing suit and a camera if you wish, barefoot. Watch out for the slippery stairs, go slow.

The first Cenote is Tankach-Ha, 20m deep. There is a platform with 5m and 8m jumps, from which you can test your courage and hurl yourself in. There is no danger since there are no rocks behind you, and once you try you turn into a child and continue jumping. Isn’t that what the vacation is for!?  Let me know how high you jumped and how that feels, because I didn’t take the leap (Shame on me).

Coba' cenotes

cenote Tankach-ha

Choo-Ha, the second one, closer to the entrance, has a different shape and a maximum depth of only 10m; you cannot jump from here as the ceiling is quite low, but it has a beautiful configuration with a stalagmite and stalactite sticking out in the middle of the water. It’s lovely.

Coba' cenotes

Cenote Choo-ha

The third one is Multun – ha, a bit further up the main road. Just follow the signs, and don’t feel lost if it seems like you never get there. It is a white gravel road in the jungle that leads you right to the entrance. Among the Coba’ cenotes, this one is the deepest, at 32m/90 ft., though there is no high platform to jump off, since the ceiling is quite low here, too. The entrance looks like a well, and it feels a bit scary to think you are so deep down into the earth. There are quite a lot of stairs but once you get down there it is a magical place, the cave is huge and there is a wide platform where you can leave your dry stuff while you swim in tranquillity and soak up the magic of the place. Swimming in those waters surrounded by rocks listening to silence is really soothing for the mind and the soul, especially if nobody else is there.

Coba' cenotes

Cenote Multu-ha


  • OPENING HOURS: from 8 to 6, every day
  • Fee : 110 mxn (6usd approx) per person for both cenotes (Multun-ha has a separate entrance and its fee is 65mxn per person, 4 usd aprox)
  • What to bring: swim suit, NO sun protection as you don’t need it, since you are underground
  • Before entering the cave you will be required to shower in order to get rid of any lotion or chemicals that you may or may not wear, this is in order to preserve the environment.
  • Keep the ticket you are given at the entrance because you need to show it to the custodian.

I hope you enjoy your swim and I’d love to hear from you! which one was your favorite?

How to get there


I always suggest to rent a car and drive around because you have the freedom to visit in your own terms, without having the pressure of the tight schedules that groups normally have. I love to drive around a place and find new corners to discover, for as long as I want.

If you are new with driving in Mexico, I have written a useful post with tips and interesting information that might be useful as there are a couple of things you need to know and need to be careful about.




  1. Ok, Mexico it’s now in our place-to-visit list. We’ll follow you in your fantastic adventures, thanks for your fantastic blog! 😀

    1. Author

      Thank you Ivan! I will be loading more and more information ! I hope they will help you to build your trip! you will love this country !

      1. Of course the will and we are pretty sure we will love Mexico, your pictures are amazing! This month we’ll travel in the opposite direction but South America is our dream (and goal!)

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