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All you need to know about the spectacular Cenote Cristalino

Situated in the close surroundings of Playa del Carmen and at walking distance from the Cenote Azul, the Cenote Cristalino is also a spectacular place where to spend a day playing and jumping in its refreshing crystal clear waters. Hence the name.

Whether you decide to go on your own or with a group of friends, a boyfriend, or family, at the Cenote Cristalino fun is guaranteed but also relax and peace.

Among the Riviera Maya Cenotes this is another one that I would recommend.

Insider tip: as always I recommend to avoid Saturday and Sundays if you want to enjoy some alone time. Or with less people at least.

The Cenote Cristalino is not very big so space is limited. Just saying.

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How to get to Cenote Cristalino

The Cenote Cristalino is located on the Carretera Federal, the main road that runs along the Riviera Maya coastline from Playa del Carmen to Tulum (see the picture of Map), right beside the Cenote Azul.

You cannot miss it as there is a huge sign on the side of the road. See the map below.

What you can’t see on the map is that there are actually two entrances one that is on the same road to Kantun chi park and the other on the opposite side closer to the Cenote Azul.

The first one has also a convenient free car park available. If you get there by car, and you should, this is the best option.

As I always say, hiring a car in Mexico is the best choice because it will set you free to explore around at your convenience and stop anywhere you want with your timing.

You can also read The honest truth about renting a car in Mexico

I always like to explore the surroundings when I go somewhere and make more stops letting the road surprise me.

You cannot do it if you are in a taxi, let alone on public transportation.

Getting to Cenote Cristalino by public transport

Whether you are leaving from Tulum or Playa del Carmen, you can get to the Cenote Cristalino by Colectivo, a public minivan that is available 24/7 leaving from the main road in Tulum Centro (stop anywhere) or in Playa on Calle 2 between 10th and 15th av.

Tell the driver to drop you off by the Cenote Cristalino. It’s not far from the entrance.

Getting to Cenote Cristalino by Taxi

It’s always advisable to look for a reputable taxi driver, most of the times your hotel receptionists or home hosts know a few reliable people.

In any case follow the below advice:

  • make sure you agree on the price first, and other details, such as how long he’s willing to wait and such.
  • Also, it’s better to exchange phone numbers, just in case.
  • Pay him only after the service.
  • Make sure the price you agree is for the entire trip, not one way.

Since you are there you can also make the most of your time and visit the Cenote Azul, which is just a few steps away. It’s bigger and with a 3.5 platform from where you can jump headfirst if you dare. 😉

Cenote Cristalino price

Here below I am including a snapshot I took at the entrance with the price list and rules. It’s in Spanish so I am including all the information in this post anyway. So no worries. After reading this you will be prepared.

I guess the board with the Cenote Cristalino prices is self-explanatory but here it goes:

KIDS – 100 MXN
DIVERS – 200 MXN (mind that this is only the entrance fee, you will still need to pay the dive shop for the tank and equipment)
PHOTOGRAPHERS – 200 MXN ( I didn’t pay to take the pictures you see in this post, I believe the Photographer price is related to Photography sessions with models but some Cenotes would still charge you if they see you with a professional camera and a tripod. I was lucky this time)
MODELS – 200 MXN (for photography session)

Cenote Cristalino Facilities

After you park you are required to wear your mask before passing through the ticket office where you will be taken your temperature and given the gel sanitizer for your hands.

If you pass the “sanitary test” then you will be ready to enter the door to paradise, AKA the cenote.

You have toilets right at the entrance if needed, otherwise you can start climbing down to the cenote but not before passing by the showers.

Yes you need to shower before jumping.

Also remember no sunscreen or mosquito repellent is allowed.

By the cenote platform that runs around half the edge you can find life jackets and snorkeling rentals.

Mind that if you cannot swim you must wear the jacket for your safety and the others’.

There is a restaurant as well close to the showers.

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How to make the most of your time at the Cenote Cristalino

As I was mentioning, the Cenote Cristalino is not very big but it still has it’s charm and it’s structure is perfect for many shenaningans.

It’s water is crystal clear and perfect for some snorkeling.

If you love to jump there is a platform which has a height of 3.5 mt. Below the jump the Cenote has a 5 mt depth good enough for regular jumps, but head first are prohibited, for safety reasons.

But the best thing is a cave.

On the further end of the cenote, it’s not actually the end. There is a cave which is 20 mt long where you can swim and come up on the other side where the natural pool continues into a river.

You will still be on the surface, no diving.

However, if you wish to dive you can do so as well but will need to contact a local diving center to organize your cenote dive in the Cenote Cristalino for you.

Cenote Cristalino Rules

  • Shower before bathing
  • DO NOT use sunscreen and mosquito repellent or any other lotions before swimming
  • Use the life jacket if you cannot swim
  • Only jump from the allowed platform but NO HEADFIRST
  • Do not litter – take your trash with you
  • Respect nature in general
  • It’s not a rule but I would suggest you should avoid Sundays and Saturdays if you don’t like crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Map of the Riviera Maya Cenotes

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