Cancun weather in March: everything you need to know

If you are planning a trip to Cancun and want to know about Cancun Weather in March, this post is for you. I will tell you everything you need to know about traveling to Cancun in March.

After February, March is the second driest month of the year, which makes it the perfect time to travel to Cancun for those of you who get skin issues like acne breakouts and whatnot because of the high humidity in other months.

Expect rain once every week at most, and when it does occur, it’s only light showers that pass very quickly.

The skies are usually very clear, and you’ll get more than 10 hours of sunshine on average. The days heat up a tiny bit when compared with February, but it’s not very noticeable.

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Cancun weather in March at a glance

SUNSET HOURFrom 6:51 pm (March 1st) To 7:01 pm (March 31st)
SUNRISE HOURFrom 7:07 am (March 1st) to 06:41 am (March 31st)

Sources: Time zoneHoliday weatherAccuweather

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Cancun weather in March – what to expect

Cancun’s weather in March is perfect for tourism. You’ll be able to experience that first-hand because the city is bustling with visitors and tourist activities.

The days are clear and great for sunbathing on a beach – especially because of the breezes that keep you cool – going to a beach club for the day, or just exploring many of Cancun’s attractions.

There’s slightly more humidity compared to February, but the weather is still comfortable.

The water temperature doesn’t change from February, so swimming at the beaches or while snorkeling is very enjoyable. As for the nights, they’re very comfortable with the average temperature hovering around 23C (75F).

cancun hotel zone aerial view - Cancun weather in March

Temperatures in Cancun in March

The temperatures do continue to rise during March, but it’s usually not very noticeable. Some years, you might get 1 day in March where you get temperatures of more than 90F, but it’s a rare exception and not the rule.

During the day, you can expect around 26C (79F). Nights are slightly chilly, with lows of 20C (68F), so you might want to pack some long sleeves; don’t worry, though, the average temperature during the nights is 23C (73F).

Humidity and rain in Cancun in March

Expect humidity to be quite low. Technically, it’s slightly more humid than February but you won’t feel it most of the time.

As for the rain, there are only 4-5 days of rain on average during March; you should expect one rainy day per week.

Those rain showers don’t last very long and the sky clears very quickly, so don’t worry about having to cancel any plans.

The average rainfall during the whole month of March is 40mm, which is slightly lower than in February.

Cancun at sunset

Traveling to Cancun in March

Tourism in Cancun is at its peak during March, especially due to spring break. There are thousands of students and holidaymakers who flock to the city and there are parties and events every single day in March.

Will it be crowded? Yes; you should expect it to be crowded almost everywhere.

But, on the plus side, you won’t have any problems finding an event. Those of you who want to party can find plenty of venues going on everywhere.

Those of you like me, who want to enjoy your time in peace and quiet, will still be able to find places with a subdued atmosphere.

It’s worth mentioning that March is the last month of the year when you’ll get near-perfect weather with plenty of sunshine. So if you want to enjoy Cancun at its best, January through March is the best time to visit Cancun.

Events in Cancun in March

As I mentioned earlier, there are a ton of events going on in Cancun during March. I’m going to cover some of the major ones below.

Cancun waves

Inception Music Festival

Remember those spring break parties I wrote about? Inception Music Festival is the biggest spring break event anywhere in the world.

The festival starts at the start of March and lasts 30 days. Day or night, you can find the music festival’s parties in some of Cancun’s hottest clubs and beaches.

During the day, these parties usually happen on one of the city’s beautiful beaches.

Nighttime is when the club scene starts, and each event is an audio-visual marvel. If this sounds like your type of scene, be sure to check out the details of this event on the inception fest website.

Wine and food festival

The foodies among you will love this festival. Wine and food festival happens twice a year in Cancun; the first time in March and the second time at the end of the year. This festival lasts around 5 days.

I can’t tell you the exact dates because they vary from year to year. You’ll have to visit the wine and food festival website to confirm.

During this festival, you’ll get food competitions, winemaking (and tasting) events, celebrity chef dinners, beach parties, and lots more.

Spring Equinox at Chichen-Itza

Chichen-itza sunser

Chichen-Itza is one of the 7 wonders of the world. At Spring Equinox, usually on March 20, there’s a party to celebrate the start of spring.

You can also witness quite an amazing event during the afternoon when the sun casts the figure of Kululkan (the serpent god) at the side of the Chichen-Itza pyramid.

If you don’t want to deal with the crowds just to witness this spectacle, you can visit here 2 days before or after the actual Equinox event and you’ll be able to enjoy it “sans the crowds”.

Laser sailing event

International Laser Class Association (ICLA) conducts a sailing event in the latter half of March, which people from all over the world travel to attend, including sailors and boat enthusiasts. During the last two weeks of the month, you can see watercraft of all sizes sailing the shores of Cancun. Even if you’re not into sailing yourself, it makes for a great sight.

Best tours that you can do in Cancun in March

Suggested things to do in Cancun in March

  • Go to Chichen-itza and Valladolid
  • Go paddleboarding on the Nichupte’ lagoon
  • Take a day trip to Tulum
  • Check out the best cenotes near Cancun

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What To Pack for Cancun in March

Here is a short packing list of essential items for Cancun in February. As you notice I am including a light sweater cause it can indeed be chilly.

✔️ swim suite

✔️ water bottle – important to save the environment from plastics and stay hydrated

✔️ sunscreen – (eco-friendly – but remember you cannot use it in Cenotes)

✔️ flip flops

✔️ beach towels (unless you are going to a beach hotel in which case you will be provided)

✔️ mosquito repellent (eco-friendly – but remember you cannot use it in Cenotes)

✔️ Go Pro for amazing pictures while diving and snorkeling

✔️ Phone waterproof case

✔️ Drybag for your belonging when you are on the beach and in the water

✔️ Beach bag

✔️ Sun Glasses

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Cancun in March FAQ

Is March a good month to go to Cancun?

Yes! March is a great month to visit the city, as evidenced by thousands of tourists who choose this month to visit here every year. The weather is perfect with low humidity and plenty of sunshine, and there are exciting events happening all around.

Don’t be intimidated by the crowds if you want some peace and quiet, though. You’ll find plenty of places where you can go to have a great time.

Is the weather too humid during March?

As March is the second driest month of the year, you don’t need to worry about humidity in Cancun during March. The weather is as perfect as can be from January until the start of April.

What kind of clothes should I pack when visiting Cancun in March?

March is generally warmer than February in Cancun, but not by much. Days are warm enough that you can get by with summer clothes. That being said, do be aware that temperatures during the night can drop to as low as 20C (68F), so you might want to pack a couple of long-sleeves.

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Book your trip to Cancun

Well now that you know how is the weather in Cancun in March, you are ready to book your trip.
Check out my Cancun travel tips to help you organize your travels. Enjoy!

Top tours to do in March

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Chichen Itza All-Inclusive, Buffet Lunch, Cenote, Tequila tasting, Valladolid

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