Cancun Weather in February – Is It a Good Month to Travel?

If you are considering traveling to Cancun and want to know about Cancun Weather in February, this post will offer all you need to know about Cancun in February. Read on.

February brings us one more month closer to the driest weather in Cancun. The amazing weather of January continues in February, with the temperature turning a little less cold, fewer chances of rain, and pretty much no hurricane possibilities in sight.

It’s one of the best time to visit Cancun as it is one of the most popular months when it comes to fantastic weather in Cancun.

Beautiful beach conditions can be found almost every day, as well as nice weather for exploring the ruins and jungles.

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Cancun beach

The water temperatures are also comfortable enough for swimming and snorkeling. It’s also the reason Cancun sees the most amount of tourist activity during this time, and February is among the high Season months in Cancun.

Cancun weather in February at a glance

SUNSET HOURFrom 6:37 pm (Feb 1st) to 6:51 pm (Feb 28th)
SUNRISE HOURFrom 7: 24 am (Feb 1st) to 7:08 am (Feb 28th)

Sources: Time zoneHoliday weatherAccuweather

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Cancun weather in February – what to expect

Cancun is gorgeous during February.

You will encounter fewer overcast days, pleasantly warm temperatures, and excellent beach conditions.

Although it’s a little more humid as compared to January, you won’t have to worry about stifling weather. Rain showers are few and far between and usually don’t last for long.

With winter coming to an end and signs of spring showing up, you might need a light jacket or shawl for the nights. In the daytime, feel free to sport your favorite beach clothes without worrying about getting cold.

Cancun playa delfines

Temperatures in Cancun in February

Just a little warmer than January, Cancun’s temperatures in February average around 75°F/24°C and never go above 84°F/29°C. The lows are usually around 70°F/21°C.

Sunshine lasts approximately 9 hours of the day, making a trip to the beach quite enjoyable.

Underwater visibility is also quite nice during February and the ocean temperatures are a pleasant 79°F/26°C. It’s a good time to go diving or spend a day on the beach.

The overall weather is comfortable and warm, with a rare chance of cold Northern breezes.

Humidity and rain in Cancun in February

The third-driest month in Cancun, February only gets 5 days of rain.

The average rainfall is 44mm during these five days, but the chances of consecutive rainy days are next to none so don’t worry about your plans getting ruined by showers.

Humidity, on the other hand, rises a little higher in February and it might feel a tad bit airless compared with January weather.

But since it’s still a month before the summer temperatures of 80+ Fahrenheit start setting in, the heat won’t be any of your worries in February.

Cancun beach on a sunny day

Traveling to Cancun in February

With the off-season’s end along with the brief season of winter in Cancun, and the Spring Break around the corner, most of the tourist activity starts resuming. By the time it’s February, Cancun is bustling with tourists.

If you’re visiting mainly for the beaches and watersports activities that Cancun is so famous for, February is a great month for it.

It’s also around the time when hotel prices are the highest and your chances of finding a place are lower, so make sure you make a hotel reservation in advance.

Events in Cancun in February

Apart from the excellent weather, there are quite a few festivals that take place in Cancun during February. I’m listing the three major ones.

El Dia de Candelaria/Tamale Day

The Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple is a celebration in which figurines of Baby Jesus are dressed up and taken to the church by the locals.

The festival takes place at the very beginning of the month, usually on the 2nd of February.

Traditionally, tamales and atole are served at this festival.

It’s a very intimate tradition in Mexico, so you might want to get in touch with a local if you want in. Basically, it’s a festival that is connected with the January 6th celebration (dia de Reyes).

Whoever won the baby Jesus figurine in her Rosca the de Reyes is due to prepare Tamales for everyone in the group and threw a party.

So it’s not something that you will find in the street or bars. You need to know a local and ask for an invitation.

Cancun and lagoon beach

Island Time Music & Fishing Festival

Although Island Time Music & Fishing Festival is a six-day event on Isla Mujeres, you can participate if you’re visiting Cancun in February. Musicians, both international and local, come to this event to entertain audiences in each venue.

It’s a charitable event and all the proceeds of the festival go to the Yellow Schoolhouse for the education of special-needs children.


A week prior to the nationwide celebration of Ash Wednesday, the parades and parties of Carnaval start all over the city.

The celebrations are especially vibrant in the Downtown area of Cancun. During the whole week, you will find music and concerts. The most amazing parties are also found during this time.

Things to do in February in Cancun

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Best Tours in Cancun in February

Find out some of the specially selected best tours that you can do in Cancun in February.

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What To Pack for Cancun in February

Here is a short packing list of essential items for Cancun in February. As you notice I am including a light sweater cause it can indeed be chilly. I am also preparing a complete packing checklist for Cancun. Subscribe to Boundless Roads Newsletter to receive it.

✔️ swim suite

✔️ water bottle – important to save the environment from plastics and stay hydrated

✔️ sunscreen – (eco-friendly – but remember you cannot use it in Cenotes)

✔️ flip flops

✔️ beach towels (unless you are going to a beach hotel in which case you will be provided)

✔️ mosquito repellent (eco-friendly – but remember you cannot use it in Cenotes)

✔️ light sweater for cool nights

✔️ Go Pro for amazing pictures while diving and snorkeling

✔️ Phone waterproof case

✔️ Drybag for your belonging when you are on the beach and in the water

✔️ Beach bag

✔️ Sun Glasses

Cancun in February FAQ

Is it a good time to go to Cancun in February?

Because of the amazing weather in February in Cancun, it is one of the best times to visit Cancun if the perfect climate is what you are going after.

But that also means that’s the High Season, and therefore more crowds and higher prices for hotels.

But if you don’t mind and you make early reservations, you will have tons of things to look forward to, including all kinds of tours, events, and beach activities.

Is it too humid in Cancun in February?

Although the humidity isn’t as low as it’s in January, it’s not too high either. Usually, the humidity levels just return to the normal of 85% max and 74% min.

All things considered, February is a very pleasant month in Cancun and not too humid at all.

Is it warm enough to wear summer clothes in Cancun in February?

Definitely. Although it’s good to pack an article of warm clothing for when the temperature is in the lows (usually at night and around sunrise), you are bound to find pleasantly warm weather in Cancun during February.

Be sure to pack your swimsuit; the sea might be too cold for a swim, but your hotel’s pool will be the perfect temperature.

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