Cancun Weather in December+Events, Things to Do, and Practical Tips

What’s Cancun weather in December like? If you are wondering and you want to learn more about Cancun in December don’t go any further. In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about it and more.

As a photography freak, I always check the weather before traveling to a destination.

Not that I can always rely on the weather forecast but at least I have an idea of what I will find in terms of climate but also vegetation and fauna.

That’s why I thought a series of posts about when it is the best time to travel to Cancun each month will help you plan your trip at the time of the year that is most convenient for you.

Also, I am based in Cancun so you will find in this post an insider guide on the city!

Cancun beach and lagoon drone
Cancun beach and Lagoon drone view

Cancun weather in December at a glance 🌞 🌡️ 🌤️

SUNSHINE HOURS8 hrsunshine hours in cancun
SUNSET HOURFrom 6h 04' (Dec1)
to 6h 16' (Dec 31st)
SUNRISE HOURFrom 7h 08 am (Dec1)
to 7h 24 am (Dec 31st)

Sources: Time zone, Holiday weather, Accuweather

Cancun weather month by month


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Cancun weather in December – what to expect

December is an amazing time to visit Cancun. 

It shouldn’t rain very often and while days are warm and perfect to spend time on the beach and in the water, nights are cooler and you can enjoy the breeze on your terrace or a walk on the beach without necessarily sweating all the time.

Skies are most of the time clear and sunny. 

In fact, December marks the beginning of the dry season which shall continue through March. 

Because of the scarce rain, water visibility is also amazing and great for snorkeling and diving 

However keep in mind that weather forecasts are never set in stone so it might happen that it rains, although it’s rare.

The temperature in Cancun in December

Average temperature in Cancun in December
Photo © Weatherspark

Although December is still one of the coldest months of the year, in Cancun it means that the temperature can go down to a whopping 23ºC( 80ºF) Bring your coat!

Just kidding of course!

Summer is still on and at its best. But you won’t be sweating like a pig and your nice haircut and make-up will stay on. 

In fact, humidity is “only” around 80%! I know you are saying WHAT!!? but it’s the lowest it can go in Cancun, so I’ll take it.

This time of the year is time for the North front, what the locals call “norte”,

a wind that is coming from the US and keeps the temperatures cooler. 

When it happens, temperatures can get down to 60F which is pretty low considering that homes have no heating and people has no coat. 

However, Mexicans from other parts of the country make fun of the people in Cancun because as soon as the temperature get a little cooler they dress up as if they are at the North Pole. 

We as a tourist will find that it’s the perfect kind of weather to do all the activities, including visiting the archeological sites without getting a heat stroke and enjoying all the watersport activities. 

If you are sensitive to cool seawater, you might feel it.

Cancun Playa Langosta

Humidity and Rain in Cancun in December

If you are concerned about hurricanes, you can relax and book your hotel in Cancun or your Airbnb right now.

Hurricane season ends in October so we can safely say that no hurricane is likely to hit Cancun in December.

However, you can indeed expect some rain.

Forecasts and history tell that Cancun can get from 6 to 8 rainy days in the whole month of December.

It doesn’t mean that it will rain for sure all day long for 8 days in a row, it might but it might not.

Also, it can be heavy rain or a passing shower. That can’t be predicted obviously. 

Humidity will stay between 81% and 75% but it will feel much lower compared to summer, trust me. 

For boat lovers, know that wind average speed will stay around 8 to 9mph.

Cancun precipitation in December
Cancun precipitation in December © Weatherspark

What happens in Cancun in December

As bonus info, I would like to share all the events that are hosted in Cancun in December.

This way it might help you decide whether it’s a good month for you to travel.

Mayakoba Golf Tournament

Mayakoba Golf Classic brings some of the greatest PGA Golf Players to the Riviera Maya.

It’s normally an event that takes place at the beginning of November but the 2020 edition has been pushed to the end of November and the beginning of December due to the COVID restriction.

Players and their families can enjoy not a week of entertainment besides the golf tournament in the spectacular Mayakoba Golf Course, created by the legendary and world-renowned Australian golfer Greg Norman.

Cancun Marathon (first weekend of December)

Every year on the first weekend of December athletes from all over the world gather at the starting line of the Cancun Marathon to enjoy a flat and smooth terrain along the Boulevard Kukulkan for an absolutely beautiful scenic run.

The mariachi will sing you off you at your departure and welcome you at your arrival to celebrate your victory.

In December 2019 it was the 35th edition of the marathon. Probably the 2020 edition won’t be happening for the pandemic emergency, but you can check the official Cancun marathon website for updates.

Christmas week

Christmas in Cancun, is a very important event, an occasion to celebrate and have fun with families and friends.

Schools are closed and sometimes even parents get time off to spend with the family which means that the beaches are crowded and so are all the main touristic places. Just so you know.

If you don’t like to travel when it’s too busy and too many people around, you should avoid the last two weeks of December and the first week of January. Just saying.

Dìa de los inocentes o Dia de los santos (Aka April’s fool)

April’s fool falls on December 28th in Mexico and it’s called Dia de los Inocentes.

It’s compared to April’s fool because it’s a day for all kinds of practical jokes in order to moke Herode’s failed plan to kill the new king.

The tradition is based on a tragic biblical story. According to the Gospel of St. Matthew, when King Herod was warned of the birth of the new king, the baby Jesus, he sent soldiers to kill all boys under the age of 2 to maintain a hold on his kingdom. The children killed on this day are known as the “Holy Innocents.” Jesus escaped the slaughter because his parents were warned by an angel and fled.

Read the entire story

New Year’s Eve in Cancun

Like anywhere else, Cancun turns into a party city for the New Year Celebration, more than usual.

All the trendiest Clubs but also bars, restaurants, and each and every hotel will gear up to celebrate the new coming year, with lights music, alcohol, and food like there’s no tomorrow.

Locals use to gather in private homes with friends and families.

For those who love to party, though, Cancun is the place to be for New Year’s Eve events.

cancun nichupte lagoon and sea overview
Cancun Drone View of Lagoon Nichupte’ and the Caribbean Sea

Things to do in December in Cancun

👉Read the complete list of things to do in Cancun

Top recommended tours in Cancun in December

Isla Mujeres All Inclusive Luxury Catamaran & Snorkel from Cancun

✔️ Sailing adventure to Islas Mujeres from Cancun

✔️ Cruise down Cancun’s stunning Caribbean coastline, and stop to snorkel in the water

✔️ Enjoy an open bar and a gourmet lunch on your catamaran cruise

✔️ Visit the charming island of Isla Mujeres, and go by its must-see sights

✔️ Hotel pickup and drop-off is included

Note- Must be at least eight years old to go on this adventure

Tulum Ruins, Reef Snorkeling, Cenote, and Caves from Cancun 2022

✔️ Explore the Mayan Ruins in Tulum

✔️ Snorkel through a coral reef in the Caribbean Sea

✔️ Hotel pickup and drop-off are included

Chichen Itza, Cenote and Valladolid All-Inclusive Tour

✔️ Visit Valladolid, Chichen Itza (own expense), and Saamal on a daylong excursion

✔️ Enjoy time for souvenir shopping, photo ops at the sights, and swimming

✔️ Get great inclusions—sight entry, buffet lunch, and cuisine demonstration

✔️ Hotel pickup provided from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya hotels


Packing list for Cancun in December

Here is a short packing list of essential items for Cancun in February. As you notice I am including a light sweater cause it can indeed be chilly.

✔️ swim suite

✔️ water bottle – important to save the environment from plastics and stay hydrated

✔️ sunscreen – (eco-friendly – but remember you cannot use it in Cenotes)

✔️ flip flops

✔️ beach towels (unless you are going to a beach hotel in which case you will be provided)

✔️ mosquito repellent (eco-friendly – but remember you cannot use it in Cenotes)

✔️ Go Pro for amazing pictures while diving and snorkeling

✔️ Phone waterproof case

✔️ Drybag for your belonging when you are on the beach and in the water

✔️ Beach bag

✔️ Sun Glasses

✔️ Raincoat

✔️ Sun and waterproof Hat

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