Cancun weather in April: is it a good month for traveling?

April is Cancun’s driest month. It’s also one of the shoulder season months, so if you’re visiting for balmy weather and clear skies while on a budget, now is your chance before the hot and rainy months begin.

So the short answer is yes. April is a GREAT month for traveling to Cancun, and in this post, I will tell you all the reasons why. The weather during April is pleasant and carries a hint of summer in the wind.

You will notice a gradual rise in temperatures as compared to February and March, but not enough to make you uncomfortably hot.

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Cancun weather in April at a glance

SUNSET HOURFrom 7h 02' (April 1)
to 7h 12' (April 30st)
SUNRISE HOURFrom 6h 40 am (April)
to 6h 17 am (April 30st)

Sources: Time zoneHoliday weatherAccuweather

Cancun weather month by month


Cancun weather in April – what to expect

With the end of Spring Break, tourism activity starts to decrease a little in April. You will notice crowds thinning down as the month progresses. It’s also the month when prices start getting more affordable again after having reached peak highs in the high season.

But it doesn’t mean the weather instantly turns too hot for tourism activities. Despite getting mildly warmer, the temperature of Cancun is still good enough for jungle exploration and beach-going.

With the least amount of rainy days, April makes for the most enjoyable weather in Cancun.

Cancun beach on a sunny day

You will find manageable crowds and lower prices if you visit Cancun in April, along with enjoyable weather and comfortably warm temperatures.

It’s one of the best months to visit if you’re trying to save up some money without missing out on any of the picturesque beauty of Cancun’s tourist attractions and watersport activities.

Temperatures in Cancun in April

With summer around the corner, temperatures in April are slightly warmer and continue to rise.

But Cancun is still very much enjoyable, with mildly warm temperatures and sometimes hot afternoons, with only 3 of the days having highs in the 90s.

The ideal beach weather of March continues on in April without much change.

Daytime temperature is mildly warm at about 30C (82F), but with good breeze and sunny beach conditions to make visiting the ruins and jungles, as well as beaches, delightful.

Cancun beach umbrellas - Cancun Weather in April

At night, the average temperature falls to around 25.5C (78F), which makes nights of Cancun perfectly agreeable in April.

The highest temperature can go up to 32C (90F) but rarely ever goes beyond that mark, while the lowest is near 23C (73F).

Despite the slight increase in overall temperatures, the sea temperature during April still remains a perfectly nice 27C (81F), while the swimming pools of hotels and resorts also become warm enough for a dip.

Humidity and rain in Cancun in April

Being the driest month in Cancun, chances of rain are next to none during April. With an average of 27mm rainfall and only 3 days of wet weather in the entire month, the downpour is extremely light and doesn’t last for long.

Humidity increases a little in April and it might start to feel a bit muggy during it. But it only increases 2% or so and won’t affect your trip much.

Some of the days, it might feel a little hotter than it actually is with the April humidity and a touch of high temperatures of approaching summer combined.

Cancun Beach

Traveling to Cancun in April

April is an excellent month to visit in and around Cancun and explore its beaches, landscapes, and cenotes. With most of the tourists heading back home by now, you will find more places to lodge in, lower prices, and fewer crowds.

The weather in April is still pretty good for all the activities you can find in Cancun. Except for a few days of the month, it doesn’t get very hot despite the slight increase in humidity.

Ocean temperatures are still great with all the watersport activities ongoing.

April is the perfect month to visit Cancun if you want to cut costs, avoid crowds, and still find the good weather of High Season months on your trip.

The beach conditions are also great during April with no difficulty in finding your ideal spot for a sunbath or a swim in the water.

Events in Cancun in April

Even though Spring Break has come to an end and tourists are returning to their homes, there is still no shortage of events in Cancun during April. In fact, one of its most important events takes place throughout April. Let me tell you all about it and a few other big events.

Anniversary of the Founding of Cancun

A month-long celebration, the Anniversary of the Founding of Cancun marks the beginning of Cancun as a tourism hub.

A community of founders came together to plan the city and develop it around its wealth of natural wonders in 1970, and it’s been a tradition to celebrate that day in April ever since.

The celebration includes music, parties, parades, and exhibitions throughout Cancun.

If you’re looking to glimpse the culture and entertainment of Cancun in full bloom, April is the time for it.

Children’s Day

Although not celebrated as an official holiday, El Dìa del Niño is a day dedicated to children in Cancun. On the 30th of April, all of the city has special discounts, parties, and festivals going.

Educational institutes are also mostly off.

You’ll find lots of activity in the amusement parks and zoos of Cancun on this day.

Don’t forget to hand out confectionaries or toys to children if you happen to visit around this time.

Cancun hotel and beach aerial view

Holy Week

Holy Week comes in the beginning or middle of April and is celebrated nationwide in Mexico. It’s a very busy time in Cancun but most of the tourist services still remain open.

All you need to do is make early reservations if your trip to Cancun is during Holy Week and you will have no trouble enjoying a memorable vacation there.

Keep in mind though, that if during the month of April you will find great deals, this is not the case for Holy Week.

The two weeks around Easter, in fact, is when you will find the highest rate and the crowdest places. Something to keep in mind when you book your vacation

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The most popular tours in April in Cancun

It’s always a good time to explore, but make sure you stay hydrated and use sunscreen in Mexico because it’s really hot and it can affect your health and compromise your vacation! And we don’t want that!

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What To Pack for Cancun in April

Here is a short packing list of essential items for Cancun in February. As you notice I am including a light sweater cause it can indeed be chilly. I am also preparing a complete packing checklist for Cancun.

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✔️ swim suite

✔️ water bottle – important to save the environment from plastics and stay hydrated

✔️ sunscreen – (eco-friendly – but remember you cannot use it in Cenotes)

✔️ flip flops

✔️ beach towels (unless you are going to a beach hotel in which case you will be provided)

✔️ mosquito repellent (eco-friendly – but remember you cannot use it in Cenotes)

✔️ light sweater for cool nights

✔️ Go Pro for amazing pictures while diving and snorkeling

✔️ Phone waterproof case

✔️ Drybag for your belonging when you are on the beach and in the water

✔️ Beach bag

✔️ Sun Glasses

Grab your Cancun packing checklist

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    Cancun weather in April FAQ

    Is it too hot in Cancun in April?

    Most of April is filled with agreeable temperatures and good weather. Only a few of the days in this month have hot afternoons but chances of those are scarce.

    It’s still not summer so both highs and lows feel pleasant and the average temperature is quite enjoyable.

    Moreover, sea temperatures are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other watersport activities during April.

    Is Cancun too crowded in April?

    Depending on when Holy week falls, crowds aren’t an issue when it comes to traveling to Cancun during April. People are usually off to their homes by this time and only a moderate amount of crowds can be seen.

    You will find plenty of space on the beaches as well the ruins, and more than enough lodging options during April.

    But if you’re planning to visit during the Holy Week, make sure to make an early reservation because otherwise, you won’t find any space.

    Cancun beach

    Is it a good time to go to Cancun in April?

    April is one of the best months to visit Cancun, especially when you’re traveling on a budget. Prices for hotels and resorts are lower as compared to the previous months, crowds are also thinner, and the weather is still pretty good for everything you want to do during your trip—be it visiting the ruins, chilling on the beach, or exploring the jungles, cenotes, and ocean.

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