Cafe' Galeria 1305

Cafe’ Galeria 1305 – Rey and Gonaesly: two hearts and a coffe’shop

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1305 Galeria cafe’ -The story of a very young couple from Cuernavaca who started a lifetime project together, their cozy coffe’ shop and their travel dreams…

The magic of Valle de Bravo cast spells on  many people from other parts of Mexico and the world,  who fall in love of this cozy little town, its art, stunning landscapes and delicious food and decide to move here. I was thinking about it too :). That is what happened to  Rey and Donaesli  a young couple who decided to get married and move here from Cuernavaca to open their cute little space and start their adventure together. I was fascinated about their story and energy that I thought I would share it with you with the hope to inspire you to move towards your own dreams. 

I was walking along the main road and found this little door with “GALERIA CAFE’ 1305” sign on it. As soon as I had the chance I walked in, curious to see what was hiding inside such little space. It looked like a regular house but the walls of the corridor were full of  art and funky decorations. I went up the stairs and I was suddenly embraced by  a flow of inspiring energy and beauty. The upper floor was made of two rooms very nicely decorated with wall gratifies of pastel colours and vintage style furnitures, coffe’ tables chairs and wall art made of  recycled wood . Everything was looked after in every single detail. 

Galeria cafe 1305

A few pieces of the lovely forniture in the cafe’ – On sale-

I love coffe shops so much and this one was one ideal place where I would have spent all day working. WIFI was perfect and it gave me the idea to write a guide of coffe shops in Valle de Bravo. With this in mind I asked the young couple if I could ask them some questions about the place to which they enthusiastically agreed. During the interview I just fell for their story. They have many dreams and projects and they talk about them as if they are already a reality. I love their attitude and energy. While Rey was talking I could just feel his drive and  positive mindset; his determination and enthusiasm was just contagious.  I really wanted to have their story in the VISIONARY SOULS section because I do believe they are. I hope it will inspire you to have many dreams as well and chase every one of them.

galeria cafe 1305

Another beautiful art work in the coffe shop

They met in Cuernavaca where she was a student of tourism and he was a gym trainer with gastronomy background. They decided to move somewhere else and open a coffe’shop where he could put his culinary experience into practice  while Donaesli would have the opportunity to use her  hospitality studies. 


She has always wanted to live in one of the Pueblos Magicos ( Magic Towns) and they decided for Valle de bravo for its beauty first and the vicinity to friends and family who where living there and could have helped with the business. 

They found this cute little  place, which is basically a house, exactly the way they wanted it. They both took care of the decorations and designed the forniture that was realized by his mum and partners together, while friends would help them with the paintings.

Galeria cafe 1305

One of the cozy decorated rooms

They wanted to create a homey space made in the respect of the environment . Therefore  they recycled old pieces of furniture and would give them a new identity and shape and a different meaning. So it was the table where I was sitting made out of a cable roll. Everything they do come out of environmental conscience and creativity. 

And so is the food. They originally wanted to make a whole vegetarian place but they confessed they needed to think about business and making it a financially sustainable place as well. Local people are used to eat meat and if they made a vegetarian only place they would have cut off a good portion of clients as valle de bravo is not a touristic place all year round and they needed and also wanted to rely on local customers as well and create a homey corner for them too .Therefore they chose not to sell red meat only, but offer a very eclectic menu to make every palate happy, and always choosing local products from the market. They strive to reflect in their food what they learn from travellers and their interaction with people. 

They have opened about 18 months ago and their are happy with their business, they enjoy getting to know the story of tourists and hang out with their local friends. The atmosphere of the place is really like a home open to everybody.  They love to give suggestion on where to go and visit the surrounding area and also get inspirations from travellers. 

They are so young and still so self-conscious and determined.  And  their dreams don’t end  in Valle de bravo, of course.  The want to explore the world and learn more from other cultures and people. As a chef, Rey want to explore more about the culinary world, so vast and diverse. 

They are now planning to travel to Europe next year with a work and study program. Eager to know and learn, they might want to  open another cafe’ somewhere else in the world. Sustainable and eco-friendly. 

I love their passion for what they do and what they are aiming for. I wish them all the success in the world and a happy journey together !

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