The power of vulnerability

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This amazing work represents 12 years of study, research and investigation by the  now so popular social work researcher Dr Brene Brown who  dismantles the eradicated conception of vulnerability as associated to weakness.

Dr Brown explains in a hilarious  and entertaining narration how vulnerability is not only connected to fear shame or uncertainty but it is also the birthplace of joy, belonging, creativity, authenticity and love.

Therefore if we are ready to dismantle the armour that protect us from those negative emotion we open the doors to those experiences that will bring joy and fulfilment to our life .

So instead of associating vulnerability with weakness we need to look further and realise that it take courage to open up and dare  for the sake of our self fulfilment.

“The Power of Vulnerability is a very personal project for me,” Brené explains. “This is the first place that all of my work comes together. This audio course draws from all three of my books - it’s the culmination of everything I’ve learned over the past twelve years. I'm very excited to weave it all into a truly comprehensive form that shows what these findings and insights can mean in our lives.”

In fact one of the thing I love about this audiobook is that she speaks towards a real audience and brings hilarious examples of her personal life to which anyone can easily identify. It's 6 hours of good laughter and deep thinking. You will feel much better about yourself by the time you finish the audio, I promise.



Over the past twelve years, Dr. Brené Brown has interviewed hundreds of people as part of an ongoing study of vulnerability. “The research shows that we try to ward disappointment with a shield of cynicism, disarm shame by numbing ourselves against joy, and circumvent grief by shutting off our willingness to love,” explains Dr. Brown. When we become aware of these patterns, she teaches, we begin to become conscious of how much we sacrifice in the name of self-defense -and how much richer our lives become when we open ourselves to vulnerability.
“In my research,” Dr. Brown says, “the word I use to describe people who can live from a place of vulnerability is wholehearted.” Being wholehearted is a practice—one that we can choose to cultivate through empathy, gratitude, and awareness of our vulnerability armor. Join this engaging and heartfelt teacher on The Power of Vulnerability as she offers profound insights on leaning into the full spectrum of emotions€


”so we can show up, let ourselves be seen, and truly be all in.

(source of this text : Goodreads)